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    WTM Upgrade Policy What is the policy and what does this mean for me? WTM Incursions welcomes new pilots to come try out incursions with us, and we have provided several affordable options for entry-level battleships that let you get into fleet without breaking the bank. However, over time we ask that you invest in making yourself and the fleet more effective, which includes getting set up in a ship that is well-suited for incursion running. Our list of Optimal ships includes the Vindicator, Nightmare, Leshak and Logi. If you aren’t flying an optimal hull yet, then we ask that you upgrade to an optimal hull with a proper fit (which can be found on our fitting website) within 30 in-fleet hours. Based on average fleet earnings, this should give you more than enough income to fit up a ship as well as helping towards covering your monthly Plex costs. After upgrading into an optimal hull, we ask that you begin training into Tech 2 guns for your preferred ship type. You will have 4 months of time frame or 90 in-fleet hours. Based on average fleet earnings this should give you enough time to train the skills naturally or earn enough to purchase skill injectors. If you are already flying an optimal fit, thank you! We recommend that you continue to upgrade your ship with better damage mods, tank mods, and implants. Feel free to ask questions in WTM Incursions on how to become better! Why: We want to run incursion fleets the best we can and in order to that requires investment from you! Many veterans have already invested in themselves and in fleet without this policy, however, some pilots have decided that sandbagging is okay. It’s not! For this reason upgrading is a requirement. This all sounds great but I ___ (been busy) and haven't upgraded yet, can I still join fleet? Yes! You can still x-up with any ship that meets our fitting requirements. However, out of fairness the FC may skip over you if there is limited space in fleet and others waiting in line who are following the policy. We understand that life can take some crazy and unexpected turns so please speak to a member of Command Core if you feel that you have exceptional circumstances. Thanks for improving yourself, improving fleet, and for flying with us! See you in fleet!
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    Hey guys! Just wanted to share my POV about the Leshak, and provide a basic guideline about how you should fly this beautiful snowflake in a WTM fleet. So here goes nothing! Disclaimer: a lot of time passed and a lot of things changed in EVE (nowadays i feel like every other week something huge is changing) since i wrote this. So while most of it is probably still useful it has become just a little bit outdated by now, for example FC might ask you to shoot something different... Currently i dont feel like updating it. Maybe it will change in the future. Who knows. GENERAL TIPS: With every guide the first general and golden rule should always be: "USE COMMON SENSE, PLEASE!" So there you have it. Its not hard. You just have to think a little bit Second golden rule is: "ALWAYS LISTEN TO YOUR FC!" Maybe there is something unusual thing going on and fleet needs to react and adjust. Please do so! For example i will probably do unusual things nowadays when im FC The Leshak is not a "DPS", neither a "SNIPER" ship. Its a snowflake. If you want to fly it, then please fly it properly. Basically you will need to anchor yourself all the time, not following AAA or VVV around. Most of the times you need to shoot out of tagging order, something different. I really do expect all my Leshaks to actually put effort into flying their ships as long as they are in my fleet. Getting The Precursor Battleship Level up to 5 is super important. Its an amazing bump to your efficiency. For real. I mean sure, weapon spec to 5 is nice too, but you can leave it temporarily at 4 in order to train Battleship Level 5. Its way more important! Always try to use the Occult ammo. You should use Mystic only when you enter a pocket and you are burning into position, or if you are finishing a wave and you are prepping for the next one but still removing the remnant of the wave. Veles gun is actually better than T2 gun even if you have weapon spec 4. And its not that expensive. T2 gun is however better at spec 5. WTM does allow Veles gun, but bear in mind you have to have at least weapon spec 1 and you have to be able to use T2 ammo in order to fly with WTM. This ship is all about its weapon spool-up. You should aim to shoot a single ship continuously as long as possible, preferably with Occult. Its basically a guessing game: you need to guess the ship that normally would die last on the grid. And shoot that ship. When it dies you just simply reset the game. Exceptions: - Spawn Trigger Ships: you need to exclude those from this game for obvious reasons. - Outuni Mesen: if there are 3 on the grid (or 2 and FC says so) at the same time then they are just too dangerous to completely ignore them in a shield fleet. Even if you are a Leshak. So they come before the game. Don't be scared to break the spool-up of the Mystic if you know you can shoot with Occult around 20 times or more after the switch on the same boat. Don't be afraid of burning as much as you want. This ship has mad cap stability. Use it! Keep at range 15 km on your main target is a really easy way to keep the spool going until they go poof. Especially if they are burning somewhere. If they are 20 or more km away, that's where you can start worrying about breaking the spool with Occult. I'd suggest to adjust your position if they are more than 20 km away. You should always shoot something. There is no excuse to ever stop shooting with this ship. You have everything in order to do so: You can switch ammo instantly, you can always burn whenever you are not in range cuz you have the cap for it and you have a ridiculously short cycle time. Jack of all trades. In my opinion utility high slots are less important for the Leshak in a WTM fleet. So if you are missing some fitting space (PG or more likely CPU) you can try to adjust your fitting by using up less on the high slots. Nevertheless if anyone feels like stuffing one or maybe two remote armors to utility highs feel free to do so! The ship indeed has a bonus for it. Just be careful about the tight CPU fitting limit. But more importantly as a Leshak you should never broadcast for cap if you are not neuted, so please dont cap yourself out with them! Overloading: in case of contest you can easily continuously overheat your single gun during almost (if not) the whole site! You can train relevant skills for better results of course, but just try it out! Experience your personal limit with it! Just don't burn out your gun pretty please. In "NRF" site (see below) depending on fleet comp and fleet numbers you always want to adjust your targets. I know. This is actually "hard". But after a site or two you will get a good feeling about your fleet. If snipers need help, you shoot sniper targets. If DPS needs help, you shoot DPS targets. Its not a big deal if you make a mistake with this, don't worry. As long as you are shooting, you are good! But properly adjusting yourself for fleet needs with a Leshak means shorter site time. I will write a few examples later on. With multiple Leshaks in fleet you guys can communicate with each other and try to not shoot the same target. Remember: the longer the spool the shorter the site time! Altho' be careful to not flood voice comms. Maybe its best to just use Fleet Chat. Example: "s4" means you are shooting (spooling) on tag 4. Of course this is getting harder with more Leshaks in fleet. I do understand that but again as long as you are shooting and try your best, you are good. Expect damage agro! If you are doing everything correctly with proper skill set and good fit then don't be surprised that damage agro lands on you. It means you are doing your job and being pretty good at it! So anticipate some agro switch on your ship, be on the lookout and please broadcast on time, like everyone should! Taking fleet roles with the Leshak is not the best idea. - You should never try to MTAC (lack of agility, gun range problem, but most importantly possible niarja jam which can ruin your and your fleets whole day). - You should probably not try to AAA (you dont have enough range to shoot properly). - You should not try to DDD or HHH (lack of webs). - You might be able to VVV in it, but its not really optimal to do so (lack of agility now even more so after nerf). - You already have a unique role in fleet. Its called "Leshak"! SITE BY SITE GUIDE: I'll try to give you examples here. Mostly just presuming you are the only Leshak in fleet. Sometimes you have to adjust your targets depending your fleet as i wrote above. I'm sorry this is not a sandbag ship, you actually have to use your brain, not just your eyes Hey now! Don't blame me! You chose to fly it. True Power Provisional Headquarters (TPPH) First pocket: Usually you start Mystic on Outuni and burn to Occult range of the second tagged Osti (in most fleets it should be tag 5). When you are there immediately switch to Occult and shoot it until its dead. - If fleet is really light on numbers, then you do the same, just Occult the Outuni and then Occult the healthiest Osti! -If fleet is really fast, you can just start with Osti! Second pocket: Burn to the second Osties and spool on them. - If fleet is sniper light you should burn to 2nd Antem and Occult it. If you are super-sniper light then i guess you need to shoot the Mara as well before Antems. Remember: do not burn much while shooting the Mara, cuz it ruins your tracking. - If fleet is low on numbers then kill Mara and then Occult the second Osti. -If fleet is really fast, you can just start with Osti! Third pocket: - First wave: Spool on Osties. When there are only 2 Osties left (or when FC says) burn to your one and only anchor spot which should be 80 km from beacon and 20 km to the left from the tower (exactly where the last VVV spot is). Important!!! Don't shoot the last tagged Osti (usually tag 9 or Z). If super-sniper light you might need to help out with killing the Mara at the beginning of this wave. - Second wave: Start with the second to last Osti tag. Again, its important to not shoot the last, wave trigger Osti (9 or Z)! After it goes poof you can help out with killing Romies or just spool on something that you think is best (except the wave trigger). If fleet is light on numbers you should primary the Intaki and then go business as usual. - Third wave: Spool on Osties, then whatever is left. You should try to even kill the very last frig on grid if that's the only thing preventing you from tower bash. After tower spawns Occult it, drone it and enjoy your bio! Nation Rebirth Facility (NRF) First Wave: Burn to Ostis and kill them. When you can, switch to Occult! When it dies find the next best thing to spool on. When there is only 2 Battleships left (or when FC says so) burn to your first anchor spot: 90 km from beacon, 50 km to the right from tower. Just about 20-ish km from AAA. The goal is to be in Occult range of the spawning Yulais. - If light on snipers then you might need to help out with Vylade(s) or even with Mara(s) as well. - If light on DPS then change your anchoring to roughly around DPS anchor spot cuz you gonna shoot Osties next wave! Second wave: Occult Yulais! Preferably backwards, but you should start shooting them even if there are no tags yet. Remember, spooling time is everything for this ship! When Yulais are dying shoot whatever is left and burn to next DPS anchor spot (you can look for VVV guide or for the actual on-site VVV for help). - If fleet is light on DPS or sniper heavy then you should shoot Osties backwards in this wave. Third wave: Occult Yulais first, then whatever is left! If there are only 3 ships left on grid you should start burning to VVV last anchor spot. Rough positioning is enough (say +-5 or 10 km doesn't matter) Fourth wave: This is when it becomes a little bit tricky. you can easily find yourself out of position in this wave. Don't worry about it too much. Unless fleet is light on numbers you should primary either Osties (DPS need help) or Yulais (Snipers need help). - Stay about 30km to AAA to ensure you are still in logi range and Occult Osties or Shoot Yulais with whatever ammo you can reach them. - If fleet is DPS light or you have faith in Snipers to finish the job without you then you should simply shoot Osties backwards with Occult of course. - If fleet is low on numbers you should shoot Outunies, then Intakies. After that Osties. Remember: never stop shooting until payout, please! True Creations Research Center (TCRC) After entrance spool on Outunis and start burning to the tower. Be careful to not be completely out of logi range due to early burning! In all fairness that's actually pretty hard to achieve in this site. Nevertheless you should better check! After Outunis died Occult the tower ASAP and never stop until it blows up. You should sit next to Vindicators nice and close, zero on the Tower for reasons you can find in one of my posts in this thread. In case of jam you re-spool on the tower and cry silently (F). When tower hits 50% hull lock up the warp disrupting ships (usually just Schmaels and Auga). At 20% hull you should recall drones and start to align to your FC's broadcast. After tower start shooting the "scrams". When "scrams are clear" and your FC tells you to warp you leave the site with the rest of the battleships. Be super careful in this site! Chances are if you are doing everything correctly, then at some point there will be a huge agro switch onto you! On-time broadcast is essential to stay alive in a TCRC! The Kundalini Manifest (MOM) After entrance you start burning to the Kundi and start shooting The first tagged Outuni if present. If not then the first tagged Arnon. If there are no Outunis and no Arnons then i guess you can try to shoot the Bombers while you are burning to the Kundalini. Do Not Bump It Pretty Please! Should keep at range 15 km! When you are in Occult range you start spooling on it ASAP. Its really important, because your ship is literally designed for something big, like this. In case of jam you start to shoot the Kundalini again. You never stop shooting it until its dead. And then enjoy the payout. ADVANCED TIPS: I would like to point out that you already spent a huge amount of ISK to get this ship into WTM. So while you are at it you should probably go all the way and do the bling properly. Pimp it out as much as possible! This of course includes Abyssal Rad Sinks (at the very least 23% increase or more), and Augmented Ogres! T2 Rad Sinks are pretty bad and Factions are super expensive. So your best bet is a nice Abyssal Sink. The only modules not really important in this ship are the utility high slots. In case of a contest you can go really crazy with overheating your gun cuz this ship can actually take it. A lot will depend on you when it comes to a TCRC contest! Try to shoot the tower as soon as possible and try to overload all the way! Be careful tho', you really don't want to burn your gun out. You can equip a Mobile Depot and a local Sensor Booster with ECCM Script into your cargo hold. When it comes to TCRC tower bash after burning into position you can drop the Depot, switch your MWD to the SeBo and try to resist those Niarja jams. BE AWARE! You need to refit again switching back the MWD when the tower is at 50% hull. Also don't forget to scoop your Depot before you start aligning out! A lot of possible mistakes come with this, so you need your A-Game, or don't even try it. You can go full-on nuts and get several guns into your cargo hold and just switch them when they are close to burning out. Only possible with a friendly Orca/Nestor around or at the very beginning of a TPPH tower bash with an earlier deployed Depot. This way you don't have to go to a Citadel every time you overheated your gun. You can paste the utility high modules, but the gun would be too expensive. Never stop thinking about what else you could do to improve! I'm pretty sure there are plenty other tips and tricks with this ship, but i should probably stop for now. My personal take on recommended implants (disclaimer: it's not going to be cheap, but it also won't be "ultra-high end"): High-grade Ascendancy Alpha (player market) High-grade Ascendancy Beta (player market) High-grade Ascendancy Gamma (player market) High-grade Ascendancy Delta (player market) High-grade Ascendancy Epsilon (player market) Eifyr and Co. 'Rogue' Warp Drive Speed WS-618 (available in Concord LP Store) Ogdin's Eye Coordination Enhancer (player market) Inherent Implants 'Squire' Capacitor Management EM-806 (available in Concord LP Store) Inherent Implants 'Lancer' Gunnery RF-906 (available in Concord LP Store) There is really no useful implant here for a shield Leshak so far, only an armor buffer: Inherent Implants 'Noble' Hull Upgrades HG-1006. Would not really recommend to buy this for a WTM fleet. Hoping for a weapon +6% damage sometime in the future but i doubt its happening. Updates: 1. Leshak's tracking is not as good with t2 ammo as it was when i originally wrote this. Shooting a frig with t2 ammo is actually painful now. 2. Thankfully there are more Leshaks nowadays in fleet than just 1 or 2. So in NRF you might want to think about splitting in-fleet Leshaks between Yulais and Osties.3. Logies are recommended to bring light combat drones now, so at least one remote armor repper would be pretty cool and recommended on each Leshak. Okay... This has gotten much bigger than i thought it would. Sorry about that. If anything else comes to my mind i will adjust / remove / add things if and when i feel like it. Feel free to share your own thoughts below!
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    Hey guys. I had a random convo on Slack the other day asking me to give out my POV about the DDD role. As per usual it triggered me (in a good way this time) and i got drawn into the convo more and more, turning it into one of those hour-long teaching moments of mine. It is a really raw copy-pasted format and kind of "niki-blunt" . But maybe it turned out to be something sharing worthy. If its useful for you then im glad. But im not really looking for anything else with this topic. I just wanted to share. Without further comment here is the convo itself: Anonymous [6:12 AM] You're probably offline atm, but any advice / suggestions on DDD after tonight? niki [6:13 AM] could you copy your fit here Anonymous [6:20 AM] [Vindicator, Vindication] Damage Control II Domination Tracking Enhancer Domination Tracking Enhancer Abyssal Magnetic Field Stabilizer Abyssal Magnetic Field Stabilizer Abyssal Magnetic Field Stabilizer Abyssal Magnetic Field Stabilizer 500MN Abyssal Microwarpdrive Pithum B-Type Adaptive Invulnerability Field Abyssal Stasis Webifier Abyssal Stasis Webifier Pithum B-Type Adaptive Invulnerability Field Neutron Blaster Cannon II Neutron Blaster Cannon II Neutron Blaster Cannon II Neutron Blaster Cannon II Neutron Blaster Cannon II Neutron Blaster Cannon II Neutron Blaster Cannon II Neutron Blaster Cannon II Large Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer I Large Hybrid Burst Aerator II Ogre II x5 Null L x5180 Nanite Repair Paste x500 Void L x10036 Agency 'Pyrolancea' DB3 Dose I x17 niki [6:21 AM] so whats the abyssals strength and % ? i mean range and strength % Anonymous [6:21 AM] what do you mean range? niki [6:22 AM] web range and web strength Anonymous [6:22 AM] the webs are 15.5km each and 82.7,81.4% web niki [6:22 AM] the web Anonymous [6:22 AM] (on the vindi, of course) niki [6:22 AM] gal bship 5 or 4 ? Anonymous [6:23 AM] (base strength is ~63% each) gallente 5 niki [6:23 AM] 15+ kms and 60+ % webs are pretty awesome to ddd with. and minmatar bship level? Anonymous [6:23 AM] only 3 =/ niki [6:23 AM] yeah so 2 things first and foremost get faction (cal navy is the most common to use) antimatter its better than nul whenever the frigs are closer than 20 km and its always better than void if its frig shooting 2nd thing get minmatar bship to 4 at least 5 would be better ofc also needless to say gunnery support skills and blaster spec is important too Anonymous [6:26 AM] all support at 5, blaster spec 4 niki [6:26 AM] thats pretty good... obviously all relevant skills on 5 would be best with the suggested implants included as well for vindis. that is the high-end. Anonymous [6:26 AM] (just bumped min BS to 4) niki [6:28 AM] gameplay wise i split my guns 4-4. if you kill one maybe you can spare 4 guns for the next which is a huge deal. webbing 2 different frigs shoot 1 until it dies shoot the other one but meanwhile start webbing a 3rd cuz you need the webs to actually apply. essentially you always need 1 more frig to be already webbed so you can instablap it or close to doing so. dont forget to always fill your locks thats actually one of the biggest mistakes a battleship can do. specially true for DDD. you can tell that you are doing a good job if you always feel like you are racing with yourself. guns vs webs. a close race. Anonymous [6:29 AM] ok. I've tried doing that in the past, but I've worried about wasting the drone effort, with them continually chasing new targets. but then, the drones are just bonus anyway... niki [6:29 AM] forget the drones. they dont exist. Anonymous [6:29 AM] ok niki [6:29 AM] just trust in yourself. you can do it without drones. and if you train yourself then after a while it doesnt matter if you dont have any drones. in some fleets you actually will lack light drones anyway. relying on them is a mistake imo. they are just a little extra/bonus. Anonymous [6:30 AM] tonight, I did have my guns split, but I wasn't leapfrogging targets. I was staggering webs and guns though, so I'd have a new half more often niki [6:30 AM] try to not burn too much around . just some cuz it ruins your tracking. Anonymous [6:30 AM] right I did notice that niki [6:31 AM] if the frigs are not on the way where you are needed to go and more than 20 kms away then just stop, load null and hope for best. if you are not moving your tracking is much better. sometimes ppl will pull the frigs away. if its temporary then dont even switch to null cuz in 20 seconds they are going to burn back anyway. if you feel like its gonna be more than 20-30 sec then switch to null. if the frigs are actually on your way then try to burn just 1 cycle and then slowboat and stop when they are in webrange the drones are actually helpful when you cant reach out with webs and you are shooting with null cuz then it takes ~10+ sec to kill 1 frig you can try to overheat web if you feel like you are behind on the schedule and you need just a few extra kms to reach out. webs dont burn out easily and just a few paste is enough to rep them while in warp Anonymous [6:34 AM] ok niki [6:34 AM] and they stop overheating after the frig dies anyway TPPH all first waves i'd burn 1 cycle to exitgates or anchorspot . then slow down and if you are in webrange stop NRF is easiest site as DDD just gotta make sure you have a good tempo in first 2 waves TCRC is an interesting site you can try go greedy kill schmaels before you reach the tower but its actually hard to complete . and also sometimes you need to switch to niarjas anyway or just try to kill niarjas only, burn into position and then try to schmael at the tower. somewhere in between is still fairly easy Anonymous [6:38 AM] yea, I was doing something in between tonight on the TCRC niki [6:38 AM] in tpph i always try to kill schmaels first cuz its easiest to web the first few frigs before aggro switch, and schmaels are hardest to kill as far as frigs go also forget about acronyms if you cant reach some frig with webs, always target the one that you actually can. webs are ensuring you gonna kill that frig really really fast if its not webbed its gonna die significantly slower. so range is more important than some "shooting order". except ofc if FC wants to bounce from site then scrams are priority. if i can choose freely cuz a lot of frigs are in range and we are not bouncing i prio webbers whenever i can (1st schmael 2nd renyn) cuz it helps the fleet the most. but obviously niarja must die first, no matter what. Anonymous [6:40 AM] right niki [6:40 AM] but yeah antimatter is a great help. nowadays i do 8k null 10k anti the rest void in vindi shoot antimatter most times, null if you need to constantly kill frigs more than 20 kms away . void is okay in tpph last wave and nrf 3rd 4th wave cuz you shoot only very few frigs in those. you have tons of time and you will probably be on top of them and you can web them anyway. and in those waves you will shoot cruiser or bship too Anonymous [6:43 AM] ok niki [6:43 AM] in tcrc i usually switch to void after all the schmaels are dead and im just chilling shooting tower and looking for respawner niarja niarja is a really easy frig to kill. Anonymous [6:44 AM] yea, the niarja blap easy niki [6:45 AM] tough frigs order : schmael >>> eystur > renyn >>> tama >>> niarja hardest to easiest to kill. (not a shooting order ofc, lol) Anonymous [6:46 AM] ok thanks for all this. I'll keep at it. hopefully I have more opportunities to take DDD =P niki [6:49 AM] no problem its fun. i actually enjoy ddd in tpph. otherwise its a pretty boring site. but i still really enjoy doing even that one if i can snatch ddd Anonymous [6:50 AM] yea. it was fun to race the rest of the fleet niki [6:56 AM] oh and always ask for 2xtracking . if they offer a 3rd ask for 1 range. but 1 tr 1 opti is not as good as 2xtr no matter who says what. Anonymous [4:17 PM] ok. one other question is if there's ever anything other than frigates that the DDD shoots before frigates? Like does the DDD follow full fleet calls for the Arnon/Outuni in TPPH 3rd-3rd, the Mara/Vylade in NRF 3rd and Outuni in 4th, and the Outuni in TCRC? I'm pretty sure the HHH does follow those calls (right?) but what about DDD? niki [5:07 PM] for DDD tpph 3rd 3rd shoot 2nd outuni then frigs . nrf 3rd mara(s) then frigs , nrf 4th if there are 3 outunis. then the 3rd outuni . TCRC niarjas are more important to shoot than the 2 outuni. if niarjas are down you can shoot 2nd outuni if you want but fleet should be pretty close to kill them. HHH : TPPH 3rd 3rd you should shoot second outuni then vylade then leftovers. NRF 3rd you should shoot mara(s) then vylade. NRF 4th vylade , except if there are 3 outunis. then the 3rd outuni first. TCRC you should not have any drones assigned, so you are just a vindi, not HHH. shoot in order. Anonymous [5:10 PM] ok, cool UPDATE: After Surgical Strike Patch Void is more powerful. If you are confident with your tracking (better be close to 20 at least) you can try to use Void more often to blap them frigates. At the moment (2020 May) I am usually bringing 8k Null, 5k Anti and the rest is Void to fill up cargohold to max. But you know... im pretty confident :smirkcat:
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    If you're new, and you get in my logi wing, I'll say these things to you. Even if you've read this post, I'm gonna say them. Also, yes, that's how long it takes to say this stuff in voice; those speed runs through "Fox In Socks" finally paid off. -- Logi have four jobs: join your logi chat and do what they tell you, move, rep people who broadcast for shield, and basi's have to keep the cap chain going. Setting up As soon as you join fleet, hit the link in fleet MOTD to join basi-chat or scimi-chat. Say "Hi," give your Logistics Cruiser level and how many links/resebo's you have. Join and say hi even if you don't have any links, don't make me hunt you down and ask. Add AAA to your watchlist. If you're a basilisk, add your cap buddies. If your logi-chat gives you link or resebo targets, add them too. Make sure your fleet window's open. You'll need the "My Fleet" tab to find us for the first time, then switch to the "History" tab so you can see shield broadcasts. Move! The instant you land in a site, find your AAA in your watchlist and orbit him at 10km. Turn on your prop mod. Stay like this forever. First exception to this rule: In the first two rooms of a TPPH site, find the EXIT gate, and orbit that at 500m. When any battleship gets up next to the gate, switch your orbit to the battleship. Second exception: at times, the FC will send an "align" broadcast. Align and turn your prop mod OFF. This always happens at the end of a TCRC, and occasionally at other times. Rep people. Lock up every person who broadcasts for shield asap. Every last one, all of them, no exceptions. Use your judgement as to how much rep to drop on which people. Some folks just have a troll frigate nibbling them, some get the whole room. Try not to run all four reppers at once. It attracts aggro and makes you slow to help a new person when Sansha change targets. Stagger your reps. Don't drop several reppers on a person at once, do it like "REP one thousand REP two thousand REP". Cap chain Basilisks always cap up. Cap the person who's immediately above you in the user list of basi-chat; if you're the top of the list, cap the guy on the bottom. Basilisks ABOVE a basi with Logistics 4 also cap down. If the number next to your name in basi-chat MOTD is RED, you're above a L4 basi, use your second transmitter to cap them. Send cap to your cap buddies on gates! We hang eighty billion isk worth of battleships off that cap chain, testing it is important. Basilisks with a free cap transmitter send cap to fleet. Watch for cap broadcasts. If you have a free transmitter, type the first few letters of the guy's name in basi-chat, lock him, and start capping. If somebody types "FRED" just as you were planning to cap Fred, you can either find another cap target or just type "+" to say "I'm capping him too." If we get more cap broadcasts than we can handle at once, send each person three or four cycles of cap and move on to the next one. If you get neuted out or jammed, you can't send cap, and your friends have to deal with that. Tell basi-chat by typing "NNN" (for neuts) or "JJJ" (for jams.) Type "-NNN" or "-JJJ" when the effect ends. Some people also type "WWW" when they're webbed. If the basi you are capping gets neuted out, jammed, or blown up, deal with it by using your second cap transmitter to send cap to THEIR cap buddy. Sometimes this gets complicated and the LC has to tell people where to send their combat caps; when this happens, listen and do what they're telling you. Sites - Each site we do has a particular moment that gives the logi fits. Know them. TPPH - In the third room, on the third wave, there are three Arnons (which jam) and two Outunis (which neut). All combat caps go to the Outuni's target. NRF - The fourth and final wave contains 1-3 Outunis. All combat caps to the Outuni target! After 20-30 seconds, back off to two reps on the person getting hit, because in 45 seconds the entire room switches to a new target, all at once. TCRC - The instant you land, lock up AAA and start repping him. Two seconds later, we get attacked by Outunis, Deltoles (which do EVERYTHING) and Niarjas (jams). Aggro goes everywhere, half the fleet broadcasts for shields, and at least one basi gets neuted out or jammed. If a Scimitar takes aggro during this part, throw armor bots at them immediately, the room can alpha right through their shields and well into armor. Finish your coffee before we go in, please.
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    Hello Everyone, Due to the current situation that’s going on in the world, people in the medical field are putting insane hours to fight the Covid-19 virus. To show our appreciation, we would like to gift all of the medical staff that fly with Warp To Me 1 month of omega (500 PLEX). The current list of people I know that work in the medical field as doctors,nurses,etc… are: Docz Izumi Noc Please reach out to Thrawn Lannister if you work in the medical field aswell and ISK Maintenance will send you one month of OMEGA aswell Thank you again for everything ISK Maintenance Managment
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    Warp To Me Guide du débutant Introduction Bienvenue dans Warp To Me Incursions! Nous sommes très heureux que vous ayez choisi de faire des incursions avec nous, mais comme vous pouvez vous y attendre, il y quelques points à voir avant de rejoindre nos fleets. S'il vous plait, lisez ceci attentivement et vérifiez que tout est correctement configuré avant de tenter de rejoindre une de nos fleets. Warp To Me Incursions Canal Notre canal est la base principale des opérations et le hub central de notre communauté. Rejoindre un canal. Si vous n'êtes pas dans le canal in-game Warp To Me Incursions vous devez le rejoindre ! Pour rejoindre un nouveau canal vous devez ouvrir votre menu des canaux de discussion. Si il n'est pas déjà dans votre Neocom, vous le trouverez en ouvrant le Menu des Options Eve. ( Le E géant au dessus du portrait de votre personnage ) et naviguez dans les menus jusqu'à Social puis Channels. Une fois le menu ouvert, écrivez simplement "Warp To Me Incursions" dans la boite de saisie puis cliquez sur Join. WTM Prérequis Warp To Me Incursions est un environnement convivial pour les nouveaux joueurs. Dans ce sens, nous vous demandons de ne pas parler de politique, de religion ou de tout autre sujet sensible dans notre canal. Si vous suivez simplement notre Règle n°1 : NE SOYEZ PAS CON, vous n'aurez aucun problème. Message du jour. (MotD) Le MotD du chat Warp To Me Incursions est la source de toutes les informations utiles dont vous aurez besoin. En haut, vous trouverez les liens importants pour WTM. Nous vous recommandons vivement de rejoindre nos forums dès maintenant. Au dessous de ces liens, vous trouverez une liste des leaders, officiers et fondateurs WTM actuels. Puis nous avons nos canaux auxiliaires, chacun des vaisseau optimaux pour nos fleets, contenant des recommandations pour les fits et implants. Si vous êtes intéressé par l'un de ces vaisseaux, vous devriez rejoindre leurs canaux respectifs. Puis nous avons la position actuelle de la fleet. Incursion indique la constellation dans laquelle nous nous trouvons. HQ indique le système dans lequel se situe le HQ de l'incursion. Dock-up indique dans quelle station NPC vous devriez docker durant cette incursion. Notez que ce dock est, la plupart du temps, le plus proche du système HQ ( des fois dans le système HQ, des fois à un ou deux jumps si une station NPC n'est pas disponible ) Status indique l'état actuel de la fleet. Lorsqu'il est sur Forming ou Running, la flotte recherche activement de nouveaux pilotes ! Si vous veniez à perdre la trace du MotD, vous pouvez le rafraîchir à tout moment en cliquant sur la roue ( dans votre fenêtre de conversation ) -> cliquez sur Reload MOTD ( la première option ). Paramètres Avant de rejoindre une fleet Warp To Me, vous devez changer quelques paramètres qui ne sont pas réglés par défaut. CSPA Le CSPA est une taxe obligatoire lorsqu’un pilote essaye de vous contacter par conversation privée, mail ou fleet invites. C'est une tentative de la part de CCP pour prévenir le spam des nouveaux joueurs. Par défaut, cela est réglé sur 0 isk ( 2,950 isk auparavant ) mais vous devez vérifier que cela est réglé sur 0 isk. Les commandants de fleet ne vous inviterons pas à moins que le CSPA ne soit réglé sur 0 isk dans les options mail. Tags Une forme efficace de communication que nos fleets commanders utilisent sont les Tags, pour savoir quelles cibles engager. Par défaut, cette colonne n'est pas visible dans votre overview. Pour ajouter la colonne, ouvrez vos paramètres d'overview et naviguez jusqu'à l'onglet colonne. Cochez la colonne Tag puis glissez la en haut de la liste. De plus, si vous n'avez pas d'overview configurée pour voir les Sansha et les sites d'incursions, il est vivement conseillé d'en demander une sur le canal Warp To Me Incursions qui est spécialement conçu pour les incursions ou d'en créer une vous-même dans les paramètres d'overview. Les vaisseaux Sansha sont listés sous NPC > Pirate NPC. Les sites d'Incursion sont listés sous Celestial > Beacon Alertes Audio Nous vous recommandons de régler les Alertes Audio pour votre vaisseau. Ces alarmes ne sont pas relayées mais peuvent sauver votre vaisseau si vous êtes distrait en fleet. Pour régler vos alertes audio, ouvrez les paramètres en bas à droite de votre HUD et cliquez sur "Configure Ship Health Alert Settings". Dans ce menu, reglez votre Shield alarm à 95% ( le régler plus haut risque de bugguer et de ne pas lancer l'alerte ) et votre capacitor alarm à 30%. Paramètres de diffusion. Avant de rejoindre une de nos fleets, il y a certains paramètres dans votre fenêtre de diffusion qui doivent être réglés Pour changer vos paramètres de diffusion vous aurez besoin d'être dans une fleet. Le moyen le plus facile consiste à cliquer droit sur votre nom dans un canal de discussion puis de sélectionner "Form fleet with ... " Cela va créer une fleet où vous serez seul. Une fois dans une fleet, cliquez sur fleet settings puis naviguez vers le bas jusqu'à broadcast settings ( paramètres de diffusion ). Dans ce menu, assurez vous que les diffusions suivantes sont cochées. Need Capacitor, Target, Warp to, Align to, Need Shield, et In Position at. Vous pouvez cocher toute autre diffusion que vous voudriez voir apparaître mais les précédentes sont le minimum requis. Vous remarquerez que sur la droite de vos paramètres de diffusion se trouve de petits carrés que vous pouvez utilisez pour donner un code couleur à votre historique de diffusion. Changer les couleurs de votre diffusion pour des couleurs de votre choix la rendra plus facile à identifier dans votre historique de diffusion. Ceci est important si vous êtes dans un vaisseau logistique ou pour facilement distinguer les diffusions d'alignement ( align to ) et de saut ( warp to ). Finalement, retournez sur la fenêtre de flotte, tout en bas, vous devriez voir une série de boutons de diffusion.Si vous ne voyez pas ces boutons, assurez vous de cliquer sur les deux petites flèches en bas à droite de la fenêtre. Une fois la fenêtre déroulée, il devrait y avoir un symbole dans le coin en bas à droite. Cela devrait ressembler à des flèches pointant dans les quatre directions cardinales; le message au survol de la souris devrait indiquer " Scope : Everyone ". Si ce n'est pas le cas, continuez de cliquer gauche jusqu'à ce que ce soit le cas. Et enfin, assurez vous de quitter votre propre fleet lorsque vous ajustez vos paramètres ! Nos FCs ne seront pas capable de vous inviter si vous êtes déjà dans une fleet. Même si elle c'est la votre. Sécurité et paramètres de duel Les pilotes de Warp To Me ont un large éventail d'occupations lorsqu'ils ne volent pas avec nous. Il est donc très important que nos pilotes s'assurent que leur paramètres de sécurité soient toujours défini sur Green ( vert > activée ). lorsque vous rejoignez nos fleets. Il y a eu beaucoup de cas où des pilotes ont oubliés et ont accidentellement attaqués d'autres membre de la fleet, perdant ainsi leur onéreux vaisseau incursion au profit de CONCORD. Si votre sécurité n'est pas réglée sur Green, cliquez simplement sur le cercle en haut à gauche de votre HUD et sélectionnez "Enable Safety". Vous devez aussi régler votre compte pour qu'il refuse automatiquement les invitations de duel. Lorsque vous rentrez en duel, les logis sont incapable de vous rep à cause des timers de combats et des tags. Pour éviter de rentrer accidentellement en duel, vous pouvez bloquer les invitations qui apparaissent à l'écran. Depuis le menu de paramètre du jeu ( touche échap ), allez dans General Settings, et au milieu de la première colonne, cochez la case de la section dueling pour bloquer les invitations. Paramètres des Drones Lorsque vous êtes en fleet Warp To Me, vos drones doivent être réglé sur Passive et Focus Fire. En fleet, vous allez prêter vos drones à d'autres pilotes, et ces réglages aideront ces pilotes à contrôler vos drones. . Communications (TS3) Les fleets Warp To Me Incursions utilisent TeamSpeak 3 comme premier moyen de communication. Nous exigeons que chaque pilote ait teamspeak configuré avant de rejoindre une fleet, soit connecté et écoute le FC lorsqu'il est en fleet. Si vous êtes un pilote malentendant vous êtes toujours bienvenue pour voler avec nous ! Informations de communication L'adresse du serveur TS3 pour les fleets WTM peut se trouver sur la liste d'attente après que vous ayez posté votre fit ou dans le MotD du chat de fleet. Cela n'a pas d'importance si vous n'avez pas de micro mais vous devez être capable d'entendre le FC et les pilotes avec leur teamspeak en mute (reconnaissable à leur icone ) seront signalé. A but d'identification, assurez-vous que votre pseudo TeamSpeak corresponde à votre nom in-game, sans les tags d'alliance ou de corpo. SI vous utilisez un micro il doit être réglé en "Push-to-talk". Cela se trouve dans Settings > Options > Capture > Push-to-talk. A partir de là, vous devez maintenir une touche (comme choisie dans les options, touche contrôle par défaut) pour activer votre micro et parler. S'il vous plait, ne mutez vos hauts-parleurs lorsque vous êtes dans le canal "join this". Le mot-clef "Check" est utilisé pour indiquer la fermeture des communications libres sur TeamSpeak. En d'autres termes, arrêtez de parler lorsque vous entendez "Check". A but légal et de sécurité, nous ne permettons pas la diffusion ou l'enregistrement des communication sous aucune forme que ce soit. Pour les permissions et plus d'information sur la diffusion, veuillez contacter votre FC. Rejoindre une fleet. Bien sûr, en lisant ce guide, vous cherchez à rejoindre une de nos fleets! Sans doute la partie la plus importante de ce guide. Ici nous verrons comment vous trouver un vaisseau et comment rejoindre une de nos fleets avec celui-ci. Ships & Fittings Pour voler dans nos fleets vous avez besoin d'un vaisseau fitté ! Non seulement ça, mais un fit qui corresponde à nos critères minimum. Ces critères et suggestions se trouve sur notre page des fits dédiés (forum), mais également sur le MotD du canal WTM. Pour qu'un FC puisse vous envoyer une invitation, vous devez posséder un fit valide qui atteint nos exigences minimum. Si ce n'est pas le cas, alors un FC vous assistera pour atteindre ces exigences. Toutefois, occasionnellement, nos FCs font des erreurs et permettent des fits non valide que d'autre FCs pourraient refuser plus tard. Ce n'est pas parce que vous avez été pris la dernière fois que votre fit est correct. Sachez également que nos Commandants volontaires sont là pour vous aider! Posez vos questions dans le canal WTM et les commandants en charge (et peut être quelques pilotes expérimentés) font aideront toujours avec vos fits ou toute autre question. Pour plus d'information, lisez le forum dédié aux règles et à la régulation ou contactez un officier ou un membre du commandement. Le Gestionnaire de liste d'attente. WTM est une communauté HQ, cela signifie qu'il ne peut y avoir qu'un maximum de 40 pilotes sur le grid avant que le payement ne soit minoré. Nous devons donc parfois faire attendre nos pilotes qui seront toujours invités selon le principe "premier arrivé, premier servi" selon les besoin de la fleet. La gestion de l'attente des pilotes se fait par le site web de liste d'attente. Le lien vers ce site se trouve toujours dans le MotD de notre canal. Toutes les invitations en fleet ( à part quelques exceptions ) se font par le gestionnaire de liste d'attente, donc pour nos rejoindre vous devez savoir comment vous en servir ! Lorsque vous vous enregistrez sur le site, vous vous retrouverez sur la page X-UP form avec quatre colonnes en-dessous : X-Up, Logi, DPS et Sniper. X-Up liste ceux qui ont posté un fit et qui attende l'approbation du FC actuel. Une fois approuvés, ils sont réparti dans les colonnes appropriées (Logi, DPS ou Sniper). Lorsque des places se libèrent, les premiers de ces listes seront invités à rejoindre la fleet. Comment X-Up ? Assurez vous de ne pas être à plus de 3 jumps avant de X-Up. Les invitations peuvent arriver vite et nous ne souhaitons pas faire attendre la fleet pour les pilotes qui sont à plus de quelques jumps. "X-Up" est un terme ancien qui signifie poster votre fit pour approbation et invitation potentielle. Voici comment "X-Up" : Dans le client eve, aller dans la fenêtre Ship Fitting. En bas à droite, il y a un bouton Save, cliquez dessus. Une fenêtre de gestion de fit va s'ouvrir avec un bouton Copy to Clipboard en bas, cliquez dessus. Aller sur le site avec la liste d'attente. Si vous ne voyez pas la liste X-Up, cliquez sur le bouton vert X-Up en haut de l'écran. Dans la grosse case de texte, en dessous de fitting, faites Ctrl+V ou cliquez droit et sélectionnez Coller. Notez que vous pouvez entrer plusieurs fits ! Si vous êtes Logi, entrez votre niveau de skill Logistics Cruiser lorsque demandé. Si vous jouez Rokh/Rattlesnake, entrez votre niveau de skill Caldari Battleship lorsque demandé. Cliquez sur Enter On Waitlist. Votre fit est maintenant ajouté à la liste X-Up pour approbation. Une fois votre fit approuvé, vous serez déplacé en haut de la colonne d'attente de la file correspondante en fonction de votre rôle :Logi, DPS, ou Sniper. Lorsque des pilotes sont invités dans la fleet, ils seront retiré de la liste, vous déplaçant ainsi vers le haut. Lorsqu'une place se libère et que vous êtes en haut de la liste, vous obtiendrez une invitation ! Notez qu'une invitation en fleet est valide durant 60 secondes. Le gestionnaire de liste d'attente possède un certain nombre d'outil pour vous notifier cette invitation, incluant un poke sur TS3 et un lien de notification qui jouera un son lorsque l'on vous invite. Si vous ratez l'invitation, ne vous inquiétez pas! Le FC vous invitera à nouveau à la prochaine vague d'invitation. Malgré tout, si vous ratez trois invitations d'affilé, le FC peut vous retirer de la liste d'attente et vous devrez X-Up à nouveau! Trouver une fleet dans l'espace Pour votre propre sécurité, nous nous assurons que tous les pilotes ont acquis les bases avant de nous rejoindre sur le grid. Si c'est votre première fois en fleet avec WTM, informez en le FC lorsque vous êtes invité en fleet. Ils vous aideront à revoir quelques points et vous diront où aller. Diffuser Pour que vous puissiez communiquer efficacement avec la fleet, vous devez apprendre comment diffuser proprement. De plus, vous devez être capable de voir les diffusions, tout comme les commandant qui les utilisent pous les communications. Envoyer des diffusions. Il y a trois modes de diffusions principaux que vous devez connaître: Shield, Capacitor et In Position. Les boutons pour ces diffusions se trouvent toujours en bas de votre fenêtre de fleet. Si vous ne voyez pas cette série de boutons, cliquez sur les deux petites flèches en bas à droite de la fenêtre de fleet. Vous devez diffuser pour du Shield lorsque les Sansha commencent à vous cibler. Représenté par les boites jaunes autours des icônes Sansha. Une perte due à une erreur de timing pour le Shield est considéré comme non remboursable par le SRP. Vous devez diffuser pour du Capacitor si votre capa tombe en dessous de 30% ou lorsque vous êtes ciblé par un Outuni Messens. Nous avons réglé une alarme pour ceci précédemment. Ne diffusez pas pour du capacitor si il y a des Outunis sur le field et que vous n'avez pas l'aggro. La personne qui à l'aggro en a besoin bien plus que vous à cause du danger que représente les neutralizers des Outunis. Vous devez diffuser In Position si vous n'avez plus l'aggro ou que vous n'avez plus besoin de capacitor. Lorsque les icônes des vaisseau Sansha qui étaient en boites rouges repassent en boites jaunes, vous n'avez plus l'aggro. Lorsque votre capacitor remonte au dessus de 70%, vous n'en n'avez plus besoin. Si vous diffusez pour les deux et que vous n'avez plus besoin d'un des deux, diffusez In Position, attendez une seconde puis diffusez à nouveau pour celui dont vous avez besoin. Ex : vous avez l'aggro d'un Outuni, vous diffusez à la fois pour le Shield et le Capacitor, L'Outuni meurt, vous avez plus que 70% de capacitor, mais vous avez toujours l'aggro. Diffusez In Position, attendez une seconde puis diffusez pour du Shield. Voir les diffusions. Vous devez toujours avoir l'onglet d'historique ouvert dans votre fenêtre de fleet pour voir les diffusions. Pour les communications du FC, il y a deux diffusions principales : Align to et Warp to. Align sont des ordres d'alignement d'un point dans l'espace. Cliquez droit sur la diffusion puis Align to. Warp sont des ordres de saut vers un point dans l'espace. Cliquez droit sur la diffusion puis Warp to à 0 km. Ne warpez pas avant de recevoir l'ordre vocal du FC. Si vous volez dans un vaisseau logistique, vous devez vérouiller chaque diffusion de Shield. Cela se fait facilement en maintenant le raccourci de ciblage puis en cliquant sur la diffusion. Pour plus d'information sur les vaisseaux logistiques, lisez notre guide du débutant Logi. Raccoucis de diffusion. Nous vous déconseillons d'utiliser les raccourcis à cause de leur fiabilité, alors que les boutons de la fenêtre de fleet sont 100% fiables, et nous voulons absolument que nos pilotes utilisent les boutons de la fenêtre de fleet plutôt que les raccourcis. Toutefois, si vous utilisez les raccourcis à vos propres risques, augmentez la fiabilité en vous assurant de ne pas avoir de fenêtre active (cliquez dans l'espace) avant d'appuyer sur un raccourcis. De plus, vérifiez que votre diffusion s'est correctement affichée en regardant l'historique de diffusion. Si vous ne voyez pas votre diffusion, les logis ne la verrons pas non plus. Notez qu'utiliser cette méthode ne rend pas les raccoucis 100% fiables. Utiliser les raccourcis n'est pas une excuse pour justifier une erreur de duffusion dans les temps. Si cela devient un problème, nous vous recommandons d'utiliser uniquement les boutons de diffusion. Rôles Les membres de la fleet ont certains Rôles, depuis le DPS standard jusqu'à des rôles plus spécialisés comme les Anchor ou le FC. Dans cette partie, nous couvrirons les rôles basiques et ceux plus spécialisés, qui devront être ajoutés à votre watchlist. Rôles Basiques Il y a trois rôles basiques dans lesquels vous serez automatiquement groupés: DPS courte portée, Sniper longue portée et Croiseurs Logistiques. Pour les logis, vous volerez en Basilisk ou en Scimitar prodiguant des réparations à la fleet. Les DPS et les Snipers sont la partie offensive de la fleet et vous êtes répartis en fonction des armes embarquées sur votre vaisseau. Les cibles sont assignées en fonction de votre rôle en tant que DPS ou Sniper. Snipers longue-portée Projectile Artillery Cannons et Beam Lasers Les cibles sont notés par des lettres : A, B, C, ..., H, I Ne tirez jamais sur la lettre J gardez le AAA à 5,000 m. DPS courte-portée Hybrid Blasters, Pulse Lasers, Porte-Drone, et tous types de Missiles Les cibles sont notés par des chiffres et ces trois lettres : 1, 2, 3, ..., 9, X, Y, Z gardez le VVV à 5,000 m. Croiseurs logistiques Orbitez à 10 km du AAA Lisez notre Logi Rookie Guide Si il n'y a plus de tags correspondant à votre rôle, engagez alors les autres. Ex : Les DPS engagent les chiffres puis les lettres, les Snipers engagent les lettres puis les chiffres. N'engagez JAMAIS le tag J. Il sert à désigner une cible qui mettrai toute la fleet en danger s'il était détruit. Tirer sur le tag J est une raison valable pour être kické de la fleet ! AAA et VVV sont des rôles spécialisés assignés à des memblres de la flotte. Comment trouver votre AAA/VVV sera expliqué dans la prochaine partie. Roles Spécialisés de la fleet. Certains pilotes de la flotte ont des rôles spécialisés. Ces rôles incluent FC, LC, Anchors, Drone Bunny, MTAC et Boosters et sont assignés par le FC de la fleet, mais sont principalement assigné par volontariat. Si vous êtes intéressés par ces rôles et que vous êtes volontaires, des guides se trouvent en cliquant sur les liens ci dessous ou dans le canal fleet. Nous essayons toujours d'enseigner ces rôles et si vous voulez devenir FC ou maître Logi, le mieux pour attirer notre attention est d'apprendre ces rôles dès que possible! FC: Fleet Commander - Donne les ordres à la fleet, soyez sûr d'écouter! CCC: Cap Chain Coordinator - Responsable de la chaîne de capacitor des Basi. AAA: Sniper et Logi Anchor - Si vous êtes Sniper, gardez le à 5,000 m; si vous êtes logi, orbitez le à 10 km. VVV: DPS courte-portée Anchor - Si vous êtes DPS courte-portée, gardez le à 5,000 m. Si aucun HHH n'est présent, mettez vos Heavy Drones en assist sur cette personne. DDD: Drone Bunny - Mettez vos Light Drones en assist sur cette personne. HHH: Heavy Drone Bunny - Mettez vos Medium et Heavy Drones en assist sur cette personne. MTAC: - Accompli un travail spécifique dans les sites TCRC. Drones Que faire avec vos drones, nous allons voir ça. Light Drones sont en assist sur le DDD Acolytes, Hobgoblins, Warriors etc. Medium & Heavy Drones sont en assist sur le HHH Ogres, Berserkers, Geckos, Hammerheads etc. If you have multiple flights of different size, lighter is usually better, except for tower bashes. Si vous avez plusieurs groupes de différentes tailles, les lights sont généralement préférable sauf pour les tower bashes. Vous mettez vos drones en assist en cliquant droit sur vos drones dans Local Space > Assist > Watchlist > [Nom du pilote] Un pilote ne peut avoir que 50 drones en assist sur lui/elle. Si le DDD ou le HHH sont pleins, alors mettez les en assist sur le VVV. Watchlist (liste de surveillance) La watchlist est un outil très important pour chaque pilote. Pour faire apparaître cette watchlist, cliquez droit sur votre anchor dans le MotD de la fleet (sous Fleet Roles, AAA/VVV en fonction de votre rôle), allez dans Fleet > Add to Watchlist. Cela devrait ouvrir votre fenêtre de watchlist, placez-la à un endroit accessible. Vous pouvez également glisser-déposer d'autres noms dans cette liste et il est recommandé que vous ayez au moins votre Anchor, le Drone Bunny et le FC. Depuis cette fenêtre, vous pouvez facilement cliquer droit sur le nom puis garder à distance > 5,000 m ou tout ce dont vous avez besoin. De plus lorsque vous réglez vos drones en assist, cela ajoute un sous menu à la watchlist qui vous permet de les manipuler facilement. Programme de remplacement de vaisseau ( SRP ) Warp To Me offre un programme de remplacement de vaisseau (SRP) à ses pilotes. Le SRP est comme une police d'assurance qui couvre la perte de votre vaisseau si ce n'est pas votre faute. 15 Million - jusqu'à 6 Milliard Examples (mais non limités à) de perte SRP-able: Erreur du FC (parfois les FC se trompent) Erreur de Logi Examples (mais non limité à) de perte non SRP-able: Erreur de diffusion à temps. Prendre une gate sans la permission du FC (appelé "leeroying") Se faire CONCORDed (soyez sûr d'avoir réglé votre safety sur vert) Avoir des killrights ou des wardec en cours ( prenez soin de vérifier avant de rejoindre la fleet ) Les ganks sont couverts tant que vous suivez les ordres du FC. Pour faire court, si vous suivez à temps les ordres du FC et la diifusion, votre vaisseau sera couvert. Notez que vos vaisseaux doivent correspondre à nos critères minimum pour être couvert par le SRP. Votre payement SRP vous couvre du moment où vous payez jusqu'au prochain Down Time (DT-1100 heure du serveur). Vous pourrez quitter et revenir autant de fois que vous voulez durant cette période sans avoir à repayer le SRP à chaque fois que vous rejoignez la fleet. C'est pas beau ça ? Bien, comment s'inscrire ? Envoyez simplement le montant de couverture (15M) à la corpo in-game au nom de "WarpTo SRP". Cette corporation sera linkée dans le MotD de la fleet. C'est la seule corporation officielle de SRP de WTM et la seule que vous devez croire. En cas de doute, vérifiez le nom du CEO > Sparta Epic Cyno. " WTM ne peut être tenu responsable des scammers, toutefois si l'un d'entre eux apparaissait, reportez le à un officier WTM ou à un membre du commandement. [v4.1]
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    Hello all; Good Luck and Fortune to'ya. I am hoping Vindi Vets and DPS Vets add some of their wisdom on top of this, and please take the liberty to correct anything as they see prudent. I fell in love with WTM culture of newbro friendly, ISK faucets of fun: I started this thread to remark on some of the things i picked up and allow info to be spread to newbro's (including me'self) As DPS, whether your in an Optimal Ship, or a Starter: remember the fleet counts on us: being efficient in removing dangerous DPS tags from the field, as We are the Sword of the fleet. Our DPS targets are chosen with Wisdom behind it. The faster we Pop the Sansha, the faster our fleet will be in a safer state. I hope to stay on topic by sticking to Maneuvering, Web calls, and general info ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Maneuvering ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The VVV Anchor should always be on your watchlist, easy right? But what happens when FC calls tag 1+2 outini/auga/deltole and you have no anchor in the pocket? BURN BABY BURN! 'Keep At Range' on the primary/Tag1 (Turn on your MWD) You do not need to be attached by the hip especially at the beggining of a room (*exeption TCRC) remember almost all FC's want Focus fire 1-X so you will generally be in the same place as the anchor anyhow. As a Blaster ship, you must get close to the enemy Sansha to hit them effectively. So in every beggining of each room, You should be anchoring(K.A.R) on your DPS Tags. This insures optimal range, and maximum potential damage application. **Pay attention to how many DPS tags are left, as you Should be Keeping at Range on your VVV-Anchor when DPS tags are low, or when FC calls for DPS burn to anchor spots* This applies in 1st rooms where the sancha are already on field, tags are up, and DPS is warping in: What I do 1st (example TPPH turn left go fast) i am spam 'E+Click' on tag 1 and as soon as i see warp meter ~40% i hit my MWD to start the burn. Then start locking your tags, i find im already hitting max speed just as the rest of the tags come in -Just remember the closing rate is fast! don't Bump nor overshoot your target (~20k out kill your MWD) and keep spamming that keep at range so you do not 'bump the targets' If your not still burnin' you can actually start to "keep at range"(E+click) to Tag 2, IF T2 is within 10k and IF Tag one(T1) is webbed.. this will help you apply more dps to T1 as you slowboat to T2(tag two) Get familliar with the Keep at range mechanic, as you get more experienced you'll notice how to apply more efficient DPS, and help the fleet and you make more ISK/hr as well as BE safer. - Eve University has a great thread on Transversals, angular velocity, and general gun dynamics, as a blaster you could benefit greatly from checking it out <https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Turret_mechanics> --------- Sliding: aka "Using Momentum"------- So: In reference to landing in a pocket (aka Taking a Gate with FC's authorization) avoiding painful Mathimatical Calculations, what if i told you, that there is a way to use the warp speed you had to burn towards Sansha after you take an accelleration gate? Im not kiting you, it is possible. As you play, start to pay attention to your velocity Bar, especially while beginning to warping/ landing from warping. After awhile, you'll notice that the "Warp Bar" (The velocity bar that has WARPING shown across) enters warp at a certain point, (75%-90%) and exits warp, at about (40%) (Thats why we have you aligning full speed to quicken the warp) and although thats usuful, Im focusing on Landing from warp. * Id suggest to you to pay attention to when your ship Exits 'WARPING' (Aproximately 40% ) you'll notice it switches from saying "Warping" to the regular display (100m/s for example) ** This is the exact server tick/time that your ship is free to Move/aproach/keep at range, activate modules, lock targets, recieve links etc. if you desire it. And i would say you do! Why?? Because it allows you to carry that momentum! It is a lot easier for your ship to Burn to Max velocity from 100m/s vrs from a dead standstill. You "slide" from out of warp. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Webs------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Precall webs always. Every Situation 2 webs are needed when Sansha start their burn. Remember, you can limp away with 1 kneecap, if you lose 2 kneecaps? "You're goin' NoWheahr'!" In TPPH's, NRF's - when you Land&Slide, call Your Webs! You have all that time to burn towards them, so VVV will probably web tag_1, there are all the others out there, So call them! this will give plenty of time for your fellow pilots to grab the rest. So break the sansha's kneecaps and start shooting em in the face, the rest of the DPS train will come along following 1-> X, and they shall not have to travel far because you webbed that sansha down. [<3 Imelda <3] Webs help the whole fleet, especially DPS squad; in the pre-spawned pockets, down to when your VVV brings you to the next spawn, you want as many DPS targets webbed down as possible. - don't call webs after you web them imho -i would suggest precalling webs, it allows your fellow DPS to not waste time switching web targets wasting precious cooldown seconds. Be aware and know what will be in web range, and what will not. If your gonna lose a web on something, call it. WTM culture will not mind if you were mistaken, if you call "6 got away" it may allow another dps to try and catch it. Foshkey wrote an excellent article that includes pictures) regarding BS that need webs that are doing 100m/s or more. Dont forget if BS are webbed, go for them cruisers (Rommi's usually) as well, and help the HHH out. Remember when the FC calls for 'DPS burn your anchor spots' turn your MWD on and keep at range on your anchor (Be aware not to bump any objects (Tower, Rocks, etc), the fleet and your VVV needs Your blasters and webs ready and in range for the next wave.* again Spread those webs! Precall, and if there are no tags yet, STILL WEB. You can coordinate what you have webbed when the tag numbers appear. If you have a tag that is just outside web range, remember you can -Overheat your web- to reach out and stop them (To Sansha: "whear you Goin'?!!") And if your K.A.R on that one trying to get away, you should be within standard web range within 1-2 overheat cycles (so you dont damage your Mid slots too much) Remember to be shootin' some'thin ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Tips------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Unlock Tag J if FC/LM calls one on the field, make sure you are not shooting it. Vylaids DONT NEED WEBS (Fiona helped me know that) as the Vylaid has no Propulsion module. Put that web to good use on some'thin else If you are HHH: and Vylaide is your Primary: 1 web on Vylaid will help Heavy Drones apply damage bettah While your webbing, remember to keep focus fire on your DPS Tags 1-X Don't chase after Trigger Tags (tag 9's OR tag Z's (TPPH last room))when the rest of the dps targets are killed. You should be K.A.R on your anchor when there are 2-3dps tags left. Remember Shoot in order. In a TPPH Final Room, Tag 9's Or Z's Ostingales are the Trigger for the next wave. It is important that tags before the trigger are killed first. * If the final Osti's are killed before the rest, there is a good chance You and your Fellow DPS members will not be waiting in ambush for the Next Wave spawn. ---Split your Guns 4/4 and stagger them, you will not regret it. You will apply more DPS, get armor shots without trying, and not waste volleys when Sansha's Pop. You can do this by holding shift, and dragging and dropping your gun group modules to the next module slot. It will start 7/1 and the next it will be 6/2. Get it to 4/4 and you will notice a difference. And dont worrie! You can always regroup them on tower bashes if you like seeing full damage ;] Precall Your Webs! Remember to shut your MWD off when you are done manuevering. Tactical Overlay Helps me out in maneuvering around the field the Default hotkey is (Ctrl-D) You can also find a Press-button Bottom left of your Capacitor GUI. -- then use HoldQ+LClick, (1st Lclick is direction, second LeftClick is elevation.) Keep and mind: listen to your FC! If the FC calls full fleet Arnons + Outini, or DPS Auga Outini Deltole Start locking them! When FC calls primaries : lock the primaries and then lock the rest of your DPS tags when the numbers arive. Remember to keep focusing fire. Just be aware if you accidentally lock a sniper target to Unlock them. You want to help your DPS squad crush your targets. Hotkey for Unlocking a target (CTL+SHIFT : CLICK) No worries about burning to final tag when there is another spawn to come, as it is much more important to be in position for the next wave/Room. (Except the end of the NRF) Your 2 types of ammo will almost always be Long Range (NULL/Faction Tungston, or Short range(VOID/Faction Antimatter. Try to pay attention to how far your targets will be, and Load the Appropriate ammo for the Task at hand. Remember it takes 5 seconds to reload *Niki's simple ammo change rule: " i always tell ppl with blasters: -if its more than 15 km away, change to long range -if its less than 10 km away, change to short range (hopefully this will be the case most of the times) -if its between 10 and 15 km just keep shooting with whatever you have loaded currently. This is good to follow until you get so experienced that you can figure out the exceptions yourself." [<3Niki<3] \m/ Try grouping your guns in a 4/4 setup, and stagger them on your DPS tags (in order), this will allow maximum amount of DPS/less cool down Active Brawl. Imho it is Much more fun and engaging than simply latching onto your VVV and not letting go. Remember: You must listen to your FC, as some things change, and WTM commanders are trained to see things you dont, coukd it safety situation, or a more efficient way than S.O.P (All written things are subject to change of the current Voice FC ) I have a blast flying with WTM (pun intended) these are just tips i gathered from learning, they'are not manditory (exception: for DPS burn to your anchor spots, be with your VVV) But they certainly go a long way to helping fleet, as well as yourself to have fun, safe fleets. I apologize in advance for any typos, as this was done from mobile device. Good luck n Fortune, I shall see you in Fleet! --VVR P.S Whether you are a Hyperion, rohk, or vindi -* if you have blasters*- and have any questions or would like to know more feel free to message me me in game mail, or give me a poke on TS "Victor Victor Rothwulf" - Me' door is open if im around. And I will find the time. \m/ "Make them sansha's go No-whear!" \m/
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    Hi everyone, As the topic title (and the Rolling Stones) says, after some time that I'm running incursion sites with WTM, I would like to introduce myself. I'm Mark Demartini ingame, Vindicator pilot that tries to suck as less as possible (and I'm not always successful in that) Unfortunately, despite of the 50/60 sites i already ran (THANKS FOR THE ISK!!! ), sometimes I still have tunnel vision and miss something (a classic is to forget to assist my drones to HHH). I'm trying to improve... I have to make my compliments to WTM: is a really nice community where the newbies and the veterans can co-exist. As I put myself in the first category there's a lot to learn from the seconds Special mention to FCs and Logis (guys what you do is frakking awesome!). I really would like to start to take some role eventually (probably first step would be HHH, isn't it?), but I'm still afraid to mess up. I don't care about my name on MOTD I just would like to be more useful than I am now I don't want you to have fun of my written English any longer (Italian here ) so I will cut it short! Thank you guys, I hope to stick around for a long time! Marco
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    Ladies and Gentlemen; A rather large bear hug and thank you to all those who have expressed their sympathies for this. Mother was a vibrant human, if she did not like you she made it known as the opposite was true as well. Made friends wherever she was. When a stroke hit her, some years ago, her health was a roller coaster. 44 years as a wife, 43 years as a mother or two boys and young at heart individual. Time has been rough on me and my father this past week but the timing could not have been better as it was World Pride in NYC and throughout the world when she passed on and that is the memory that will make me smile...That She Rode Off Into The Blue, Riding A Rainbow. Again, Much Gratitude to everyone that sent well wishes through here or ingame. The energy is still being felt as one writes this. Remember: Keep smiling and look forward as the memories are in the past to guide us toward the future. ~Talidar
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    Warp To Me Logi Rookie Guide Introduction Welcome to being a Logistics pilot for Warp To Me Incursions! This is a guide for flying Logistics Cruisers (Basilisks and Scimitars) in our fleets. If you haven't already, please read our Rookie Guide. Joining Fleet First, you need a ship! Please view our fittings webpage for our current fits for Logistics. Once you have a ship, please read our Rookie Guide or go to our Waitlist Manager to learn how to join our fleet. Fleet MOTD Once you're invited to fleet, take a look at our Fleet MOTD, containing very important information. Most importantly, note the Basi & Scimi Chat Links. Please join your respective channel, as those are used for communication purposes among your fellow Logi pilots. The MOTD will contain other bits of information, including Current System, TS3 Information, SRP Information, and the current specialized Fleet Roles. Of these fleet roles, note your AAA. CCC, DDD, Booster(s), and your FC. Add these people to your watchlist. Orbit the AAA at 10km The CCC manages the cap chain for the Basilisks DDD is the light drone bunny and receives priority remote links in TCRCs. Boosters provide buffs to the fleet, and act as the backup anchor for logi. Logistic Channels These sections will cover what to expect in your respective Logi channels (Basi chat or Scimi chat). Feel free to read only the section that pertains to you. Basilisks This is the chat channel that allows the Basilisk pilots to manage their cap chain to ensure cap stability and fleet safety. Upon entering this channel please state your logi cruiser level and the amount of remote sensor boosters you have fitted (if any). Once added to the cap chain you will check to see who you will be capping and who is capping you. Cap chains are needed to keep Basi pilots stable. You will use one or two of your cap transfers in the chain, depending on who is around you: Logi 5 Pilots need only one incoming cap transfer From the pilot below Logi 4 Pilots need two incoming cap transfers From pilots above & below Cap chains are always put in the order of names in the chat channel, and we always cap up to the person above us. If the LC has not had a chance to update the cap chain, use the chat window to determine your up cap. Pilots with a blue number before their name sets one cap transfer on the pilot above. The other cap transfer fulfills cap requests by the fleet, aka "combat cap". Pilots with a red number before their name uses both cap transfers One on the pilot above. One on the pilot below. A pilot who is above a Logi 4 pilot in the chain needs to cap up and down, not just up. This list also wraps around. For the pilot at the top of the cap chain, the person at the bottom is 'up'. For the pilot at the bottom of the chain, the person at the top is 'down'. Using the example image, here are the details. Pilot A is blue as he has a Logi 5 below him. He will be capping up to Pilot E (Top to bottom). Pilot B is red and will be capping up and down as he has a Logi 4 pilot below him. Pilot C is blue as he has a Logi 5 below him. It doesn't matter that Pilot C is Logi 4. Pilot D is blue as he has a Logi 5 below him. Pilot E is red as he has Pilot A below him, who is Logi 4 (Bottom to top), so Pilot E caps up and down. After Basi Pilot names in the cap chain, there may be Remote Sensor Booster (ReSeBo) Targets. Most of the time, this will either state DDD or Up. DDD: Set the ReSeBo on the DDD. Up: Set the ReSeBo on the Basi Pilot above. Scimitars This is the chat channel that the scimitars use to manage their Tracking links to ensure they are given out with efficiency. Upon enter this channel please state the amount of links you have and who you are linking. If you are not linking anyone ask for someone to be assigned to you. Otherwise link with the default priority: Drone Bunny 3x links (2x Tracking and 1x Optimal, unless otherwise requested) HHH (Range) VVV (Range) Blasters (Range) starting with Vindicators. Leshaks (Range) Any remaining links, double up on Vindicators. Using the example image, here are the details. Scimi Pilot A has 0 links. Scimi Pilot B has 3 links and is giving them to Pilot 1/2/3. Scimi Pilot C has 2 links and is giving them to Pilot 4/5. Scimi Pilot D has 2 links and is giving both to the DDD. Watch List As a Logi pilot, you should make use of your watch list, as it is a quick reference for locking, orbiting, or watching members. To add members to your watch list, right-click on their name, go to Fleet > Add to Watch List. You should add the following pilots to your watch list. Basi Pilots Up Cap Down Cap (if necessary) AAA DDD FC Boosters (if different than the FC) All Logi Squad Members Newbros / Aggro Magnets Scimi Pilots Pilots you are linking (if necessary) AAA DDD (if not already a link target) FC Boosters (if different than the FC) All Logi Squad Members Newbros / Aggro Magnets Entering Site Logi ships should try to avoid taking the initial aggro to reduce their risk of death. This means that in general you should be aligned but wait until you see a few battleships in warp before you activate the gate yourself. You do not want to be the only target on an otherwise empty grid with no backup. Upon entering a site, there are a number of things that you should do. As a general overview: Orbit the AAA with your Afterburner on (this stays on at all times) Lock up your Cap buddy (Basi) or Pilot you be linking (Scimi) Lock up all Shield Broadcasts Apply staggered reps to pilot taking aggro Orbit the AAA Once you land in site, get moving! Right click the AAA in your watch list and select Orbit > 10km. Always ensure you are orbiting the AAA with your Afterburner on. This will ensure that you are in the right spot as the AAA will take you where you need to go, and having the AB on will ensure your speed stays up so you can maintain your speed tank. Lock up your cap buddy or link buddy Once you have landed and are have set your orbit around the AAA, lock up your cap buddy and apply cap to set the cap chain (Basi) or lock your Link buddy and give tracking links (Scimi). These tasks need to be done each time you land in a room, and in the case of the Basi, it is imperative to fleet safety that this is done immediately upon landing in room. Lock up all Shield Broadcasts It is imperative that you lock all shield broadcasts every single time. The broadcasts will appear in the broadcast history window and can be color coded (as shown in the example image). A simple way to lock is hold down your lock hotkey and click on the broadcasts. Once you have them locked you will perform a threat assessment. In normal circumstances, you will lock up the person taking damage and give them 2 shield reppers. Try to stagger your reppers by about a second. This will ensure a steady stream of reps landing on the target. Giving 2 reppers will ensure that the person taking aggro is getting enough shield without endangering your own ship due to aggro. Be ready to switch the reppers off of one target onto the next once the aggro switches. Site Details TPPH - 3 rooms. First room has an Outuni (Neuts). Second Room has low DPS. Third Room has 3 waves. Second wave has High DPS and Deltoles (Paints). Final wave has an Arnons (Jams) and Outunis (Neuts). NRF - Multiple waves. Relatively low DPS throughout until the final wave. Final wave has 1-3 Outunis and 1-3 Deltoles. Heavy Neuts and Paint with a very hard switch. TCRC - Very High DPS at the start of the site, including Outunis (Neut) and Deltoles (Paint). The Outuni victim will need cap, and afterwards, Deltole victim will need cap. The Delotes will hard switch onto a new target shortly after the Outunis are killed. Deltole Target Painters are very dangerous when applied to Logi. At the end of the site, Logi stay behind with FC until all other Battleships are off grid and FC will call for Logi to warp. [v2.3]
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    Since Oni started a wonderful thread over in Logi Tactics, figured to start up the same here, except in the form of a giant wall of text. Introduction I. Love. DPS. My very first ship I've ever flown in incursions (long long ago) was the Navy Domi, back when sentry drone boats were a thing. The garde/blaster combo was something I had to get used to, as my only PvE experience was AFK lvl4s with a sentry boat. I very quickly gathered the isk to buy my first Vindicator, which I instantly fell in love with. Nothing beats the space shotgun in satisfactory annihilation of my enemies. Now, nearly 3.5 years later, my main ship is still the Vindicator. I've tried nearly every other ship that we allow in fleets, even a few that aren't allowed just to test a few things. But nothing will come close to my love for the king of DPS. After these years of passion and experience, here are my tips in being an effective DPS pilot. The Vindicator Behold, the King of DPS in all its glory. Loaded with Void Ammo, this thing skyrockets to 2155 of sheer, raw DPS. Nothing even comes close, even my beloved Kronos. Even that rattlesnake claiming to dish out just as much applied DPS. For tower bashes, it is the equivalent of two blaster rokhs, nearly two hyperions, two nightmares, or nearly three machariels. This is what a true king looks like, and that is your goal. However, it's really expensive. That's ok. You'll get there. In the meantime... The Starter Vindicator, starting out at ~1600 DPS. You want to get into this ship as soon as possible. Keep in mind the guns can be swapped out for Meta 4, but you should be getting T2 guns ASAP, as that is the most significant increase in DPS. All in all, this fit isn't that expensive, relatively speaking, sitting at ~400m. That is insanely cheap compared to how much DPS it pulls when compared to any of the starter ships. That's roughly 14 sites, easily doable in an evening of incursion running. Get this ship as soon as possible. You won't regret it. Now, the upgrade path is as follows: Meta 4 Guns to T2 Guns T2 Magnetic Field Stabilizers to Faction Add another web, by doing either: Upgrade invuls to dual Pith C or better, change thermal rig to EM, drop EM amp Upgrade invuls to single Pith B or better Get a damage rig (Burst Aerator or Collision Accelerator) Upgrade invuls to dual Pith B or better Drop the two Large CDFEs Upgrade Drones Optimal setup is 2x Geckos, 2x 'Augmented' Hammerheads, 1x 'Augmented' Hobgoblin T2 Tracking Enhancers to Faction Drone Damage Amplifiers The Webifiers The most unique thing about the Vindicator, other than its raw, powerful dps, is the ability to fit webs and use them effectively. Baseline, these slow sansha ships down. Doesn't seem all that special until you realize everything this does for us. First, you have to realize that the range of the Vindicator's blasters is god awful, especially with short range ammo. For you to apply effective DPS, you want every target to be within 10km, and stay within 10km. Vindicators can reduce the speeds of ships up to 90% with the strongest faction web, effectively rendering them motionless. This also means that you have a better chance to hit them, as your and everybody else's turrets don't have to track that much. Now, this is where the term "Spreading Webs" comes in. Time for some simple math. Two targets moving at 100 m/s. Is it more effective to web each target, or put 2 webs on the current target? Let's say your web effectiveness is 80%. When applying a single web, the target's speed is reduced to 20 m/s. Apply another web, and the speed is reduced to 4 m/s (actually more than that due to diminishing returns). The difference between 20 m/s and 4 m/s is not that significant, meanwhile the other target is running away at 100 m/s, and will be out of the 10km range in less than 90 seconds. Sure, you might have killed the current target faster, but now the next target is out of range and you apply less DPS. Here's a simple rule for spreading webs: If a battleship is moving over 100 m/s (denoted by the Velocity column in your overview), web it down. If a battleship you have webbed is moving less than 20 m/s (unless you have 90% web effectiveness), remove the web and put it on a different target. When looking at the variations of webs, there are two faction webs that are used by the vast majority of Vindicators: Fed Navy and True Sansha. The differences are this: Federation Navy: less range (14km), more webbing power (90%) True Sansha: more range (15km), less webbing power (82.5%) Keep in mind we have boosts to increase the range of webs, so the True Sansha one can go out to nearly 21km! In deciding between these two, it's mostly player's preference, though we encourage True Sansha due to the range advantage. The Implants To unlock your true potential of a short range DPS pilot, you have to invest in some 6% implants. Remember that 2155 number that optimal vindi spits out? With max skills and implants, you can push that to 2357. This is the true cap for our vindicators, without going purple (fitting officer mods). Here's what I run for my implants (literal copy&paste from the Implant Guide): SLOT 1: Genolution Core Augmentation CA-1 Primary Effect: Boosts perception by 3. Secondary Effect: Gives a +1.5% powergrid and capacitor bonus SLOT 2: Genolution Core Augmentation CA-4 Primary Effect: Boosts memory by 3. Secondary Effect: Gives a +1.5% ship agility and armor hit points bonus SLOT 3: Genolution Core Augmentation CA-3 Primary Effect: Boosts willpower by 3. Secondary Effect: Gives a +1.5% ship velocity and shield capacity bonus SLOT 4: Genolution Core Augmentation CA-2 Primary Effect: Boosts intelligence by 3. Secondary Effect: Gives a +1.5% CPU and capacitor recharge bonus SLOT 6: Inherent Implants 'Squire' Capacitor Systems Operation EO-606 Gives a reduction in capacitor recharge time by 6% SLOT 7: Ogdin's Eye Coordination Enhancer Gives a boost to Tracking Speed by 6% SLOT 8: Inherent Implants 'Squire' Capacitor Management EM-806 Gives a capacitor capacity boost of 6% SLOT 9: Eifyr and Co. 'Gunslinger' Surgical Strike SS-906 Gives a boost to all turret damage by 6% SLOT 10: Zainou 'Deadeye' Large Hybrid Turret LH-1006 Gives a boost to all large hybrid turret damage by 6% Now, you do you want to run the complete Geno set, because each implant boosts the effectiveness of all other Geno implants. However, if you're a low SP pilot, I would recommend running with +5 implants for now (the improved set). Once you're at the point where you're training gunnery/drone skills to V, then you can start popping those out and replacing them with the Geno set. The other slots are rather self-explanatory, except maybe all of the cap implants. Keep in mind the Optimal Vindi is not cap stable, nor should it be. Cap stable means it deals less DPS. However, this implant set gets it really, really close, to the point that I never broadcast for cap except under Outuni aggro. It's a nice thing to have. These implants are expensive, yes, but keep in mind you can buy these from the Concord LP market, at 250m isk & 250k LP. Furthermore, you get to keep these implants all the way until you are podded. I've had these implants for over 3 years at this point, so they last a very long time. The Tactics Your rivals are the Snipers. You must beat them in every wave. Compete with them, challenge them, as they challenge you to kill all targets before they kill theirs. They may not admit to this rivalry, but it is very real as a DPS pilot. But here's the truth: they don't have to work as hard. You do. But that's where the fun comes in. Here's what you have to do: MOVE. You have a microwarp drive, use it. Any time you're out of range of the anchor or the next spawn, light it up. Get to position. The key difference between a good vindi and a fantastic vindi is positioning. The VVV anchor mostly helps with this, but I actually encourage you to move yourself. Yes, that's right, I'm telling you to unhook yourself from the anchor, and be free my little bird. Or rather, my death-dealing shotgun with wings. Be free. You are free to burn after out-of-range ostingeles, as long as you're in position for the next wave (and within Logi range). When I'm just in fleet, not doing any FC roles, I almost never keep at range on the anchor, and burn to all of the positions myself, burn after the ships myself. Not only will this help with your range, it'll help you learn the positions for the VVV anchor. If the role opens up, then you certainly have the confidence to take up the role. I'm not saying the VVV is a bad thing, I'm just saying the truly good vindi pilots are those who unshackle themselves from the VVV. Edit: As Spudzy pointed out, best if you stick with your anchor if you draw aggro. Now, there are some cases in which you won't apply much DPS by burning to one target, smacking it with void, burning to the next target, smacking it with void, etc. This is where Null comes in. Beginning of TCRC, first wave of NRF, first two rooms of TPPH, I'm running Null. You'll apply way more damage to targets consistently 20km+ out of range. It's only a 5 second reload time, utilize both ranges of ammo where it is applicable. In terms of drones, you should almost always assist them to the VVV (or HHH if there is one). Exception to this is beginning of a TCRC, where the DDD needs those drones to kill schmaeels (only if you have lights/mediums). If you are the VVV, assist your own drones to another random vindicator. Two options as the VVV in what to shoot: Main targets or cruisers. The FC won't mind which and either one is effective. And then let me talk about targets. Here's the deal. If there is an Ostingele tagged 5 that is 60km away, and then an Ostingele tagged 6 that is 20km away, which one should you shoot? Most FCs won't mind if you shoot 6 in this case, because it's obvious that you can apply more DPS. If you're in my fleet, I actually want you to do this. However, keep this within reason. If an Outuni is 30km away and an Osti is right next to you, you should still shoot the Outuni, due to its threat. Conclusion Remember what I said: The snipers are your (friendly) rivals. Don't let them win. Use these tips to give yourself an advantage over the snipers. They're a bunch of lazy brats that complain about cycle times anyway. Seriously though, there is nothing more satisfying than running up to a target, blasting them with void, and watching their shields melt under your power. You'll impress FCs and Logi by drawing aggro all the time, maybe even earn yourself an Aggro Magnet badge in the process. So be free, my death-dealing shotgun with wings, and show the sansha the true meaning of Ridiculous DPS.
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    What is this? Upgrade Raffles will be held about every weekend for one of the following ships: Vindicator, Leshak, Nightmare The Raffle will cycle through hulls in the above order. They are FREE to enter. Please read the entire form before submitting it. The winner will be contracted the prize before the next raffle. Unless stated all prizes will be located in Jita 4/4 Can I donate? Yes! If you would like to donate or sell at a discount, please mail Blobert Jenerik in game. Current Raffle (March 5th) https://forms.gle/zwVAiqvyhS9Q2B6M9 Past Raffles https://gyazo.com/d8e1ebf48d6009598cc9dba18826c07d https://gyazo.com/6a82c3dc5ebda59bd4edb4b87690c1b6
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    I think it's much simpler this time, and less is being discussed? Exactly what Toh Kay said. I believe we have Beryl on board with implementing 'something' (likely something like TyCoe's tracker) into the waitlist. He was just waiting for a commitment to method (calendar time / x-ups / fleet hours) and target of tracking. I think (I could be missing something) that the current discussion topic is primarily "what the limit should be". It sounded like fleet hours was the most favored, so we just needed to pick a number. I saw 20 fleet hours first, countered with 40, but it sounds like 30 fleet hours might be a comfortable middle ground. So, for a stake in the ground: 30 fleet hours, tracked automatically by the waitlist via the mechanism used by TyCoe's tool? ... I was going to say just use reactions for 'votes' but it seems we can't actually negatively react on this forum (probably for the best overall)... so lets say... React to this post with "Like" ( <3 ) for "agree with those parameters", or "Upvote" (up arrow) for "bump to more discussion" ?
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    I absolutely hate your poll options. It is perfectly possible for me to show you why this fit won't work, but your "no" option assumes that the only reason I would say no is because I refuse to look at it. We have a billion tools and testing methods to prove out fits. Please do not assume we are unwilling to evaluate. Doing so is likely to just anger the most valuable people to your cause.
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    We are changing our standard initial meatshield for TCRC entry to be our Booster ship. AAA will enter with the rest of the fleet but on landing will STILL shoot the tower to consolidate aggro. This should reduce losses dramatically in TCRC's. Follow FC instructions while running!
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    Hi, I'm still alive. Really miss you guys, just been having a tough year looking for work. I hope to get back into the game in the next few months and rejoin the community and make memes videos and climb the ladder up again... If some of you would like to become friends, contact me , add me on steam, or something, message me ! I'll be on eve as soon as i finally get a job. Sorry for disappearing like that. I made some great friends in wtm and loved chatting and gaming with you. great community. I hope you guys are all still playing. #sexynasi4ever
  17. 5 points
    This weeks incursion was my first while playing Eve. i thought it was going to be an awkward experience full of elitists and asshats from what some had told me of anything to do with incursions. I'm glad i don't listen to people that often and judge things by personal experience. I want to thank The FCs and all the members that made the experience feel like i was coming home to an old corp. Very professional and calm crew running the show. I learned a lot and i earned a lot. I am looking forward to learning and earning a lot more. Definitely an experience that has me watching the chat to see the next incursion open. Thank you all.
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    So 4y ago i had the distinct pleasure to write a mail congratulating our own @Izumi Uchiya on being accepted into med school. Today i get to one up that. Izumi has graduated from med school and has done all of us proud. Izumi is my oldest friend here in warp to me. He is my go to guy when i need advice, help with math, or just a flat kick in the ass. For those of you who may not know him, of all the active Logi Masters only i have been a commander longer, but hes had a consecutive 5y of activity and i took a few months off once or twice. There is not a single document within our logi program that doesnt have his finger prints all over it. Mine are the fingerprints that are orange and smell like cheetos. He has been an officer and is currently a special advisor to council and our logi branch head. I for one know he would really appreciate some congrats from all of yall. Sandman Logan3 Master Trainer
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    It's counterproductive to go to a "central" spot in a region when you jump to another clone. Usually it's faster to go from system A to system B directly than to go from system A to system C, and then from C to B, right? If you try to be "organized" about this, you're doing that exact thing. Where you place clones depends on how many you have. When I had two, I kept one on the "Amarr side" of things and one on the "Gallente side." At three, it was one Amarr, one Gallente, one Caldari. At four, one in each empire. When I quit... I have six sets, iirc. Ashab/Rens/Dodixie/Caldari/Kador Prime/Khanid, approximately. By the time you've got that many clones assembled, you have a fair idea of what the boundaries for each one are; there aren't that many hisec focuses.
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    So , some Germans always has Problems to understand the english newbro speech so maybe this will help them . I just translate the english guide as best i could/sometimes using translator and correct the missing parts . When it is not allowed to Translate or something else(bad formating) , just delete that post , it will be ok . Einführung Willkommen bei Warp To Me Incursions! Wir freuen uns sehr, dass Sie an der Teilnahme von Incursion mit uns interessiert sind, aber wie Sie vielleicht verstehen, müssen Sie einige Dinge wissen, bevor Sie sich unseren Flotten anschließen. Bitte lesen Sie diesen Leitfaden gründlich durch und überprüfen Sie, ob alles richtig eingerichtet ist, bevor Sie versuchen, sich einer unserer Flotten anzuschließen. Warp To Me Incursions Channel Unser ingame Channel ist der wichtigste Treffpunkt der Gemeinschaft Beitreten des Channels Wenn Sie sich derzeit nicht im Ingame-Channel Warp to Me Incursions befinden, müssen Sie diesem beitreten! Um einem neuen Channel beizutreten, müssen Sie Ihr Channel-Menü öffnen. Wenn es sich nicht bereits auf Ihrem Neocom befindet, finden Sie dieses, indem Sie das Eve Settings Menu (Giant E über Ihrem Charakterportrait) öffnen und dann in den Menüs auf Social und dann Channels navigieren. Wenn sich das Menü geöffnet hat, geben Sie einfach "Warp to Me Incursions" in das Textfeld ein und klicken Sie auf join. WTM Vorraussetzungen Warp To Me Incursions ist eine spielerfreundliche Community. Daher bitten wir Sie, in unserem Channel nicht über Politik, Religion oder andere sensible Themen zu sprechen. Wenn Sie einfach unsere Regel Nr. 1 befolgen: SEI KEIN ARSCHLOCH, dann haben Sie keine Probleme. Mitteilung des Tages (MotD) Der "Warp To Me Incursions Chat" MotD ist eine Quelle für den Großteil der Informationen, die Sie benötigen werden. Oben finden Sie wichtige Links für WTM. Wir empfehlen Ihnen dringend, noch heute unseren Foren beizutreten! Unterhalb dieser Links finden Sie eine Liste der derzeitigen Leitung, der leitenden Angestellten und der aktiven Gründer von WTM. Dann haben wir unsere Hilfe Channels, einen für jedes optimale Schiff unserer Flotten, der Empfehlungen für Ausrüstung und Implantate enthält. Wenn Sie gerne diese Schiffe fliegen, sollten Sie dem jeweiligen Channel beitreten! Dann haben wir den aktuellen Standort der Flotte. Incursion gibt die Konstellation an, in der wir uns befinden HQ gibt an wo sich das Hauptquartier befindet Dock-up gibt an, an welcher NPC-Station Sie während dieses Incursion andocken sollen. Beachten Sie, dass dieses Dock-up die nächstgelegene Station zum HQ-System ist, meistens im HQ-System selbst, aber manchmal ist sie ein oder zwei Sprünge entfernt, wenn das HQ-System keine NPC-Station hat. Status gibt den aktuellen Status der Flotte an. Wenn er auf Forming oder Running gesetzt ist, sucht die Flotte aktiv nach neuen Piloten! Sollten Sie einmal den Überblick über die Informationen in einem MOTD verlieren, können Sie diese jederzeit aktualisieren, indem Sie auf das Zahnrad/Getriebe-Symbol (in Ihrem Kanalfenster) klicken -> klicken Sie auf MOTD neu laden (die allererste Option). Einstellungen Bevor Sie einer Warp To Me Flotte beitreten, sollten Sie einige Einstellungen ändern, die nicht standardmäßig eingestellt sind. CSPA CSPA ist eine obligatorische isk-Gebühr für jeden Piloten, der versucht, Sie zu kontaktieren, sei es durch private Gespräche, Post oder Flotteneinladungen. Dies ist ein Versuch von CCP, Spam an neue Spieler zu verhindern. Standardmäßig ist dies auf 0 Isk eingestellt (früher waren es 2.950 Isk), aber Sie müssen trotzdem überprüfen, ob es 0 Isk ist. Flottenkommandeure werden Sie nur dann zur Flotte einladen, wenn CSPA in den E-Mail-Einstellungen 0 Isk ist. Tags Eine effiziente Form der Kommunikation, die unsere Flottenkommandeure verwenden, sind Tags, um zu zeigen, auf welche Ziele geschossen werden soll. Standardmäßig ist diese Spalte in Ihrer Übersicht nicht sichtbar. Um die Spalte hinzuzufügen, öffnen Sie Ihre Übersichtseinstellungen und navigieren Sie zur Registerkarte Spalten. Markieren Sie die Spalte Tags und ziehen Sie sie nach oben. Sansha-Schiffe sind unter NPC > Piraten-NPC aufgeführt Incursion Sites sind unter Celestial > Beacon aufgelistet. (Als Tip , lasst euch einfach ein Vorgefertigtes Overview ingame verlinken ) Audio Warnungen Wir empfehlen Ihnen dringend, Audio-Warnungen für Ihr Schiff einzurichten. Auf diese Alarme ist kein Verlass, aber sie können Ihr Schiff retten, wenn Sie während der Flotte abgelenkt werden. Um Ihre Audio-Warnungen einzurichten, öffnen Sie das Einstellungsmenü in der unteren rechten Ecke Ihres HUDs und klicken Sie auf "Schadensbenachrichtung konfigurieren". Stellen Sie in diesem Menü Ihren Schildalarm auf 95% ein (noch höher, und es kann sein, dass er stört und nicht ertönt) und Ihren Energiespeicherwarnstufe auf 30%. Übertragungs Einstellungen Bevor Sie einer unserer Flotten beitreten, gibt es bestimmte Einstellungen im Verlaufsfenster Ihrer Flotte, die eingerichtet werden müssen. Um die Übertragungs-Einstellungen zu ändern, müssen Sie sich in einer Flotte befinden. Am einfachsten ist es, in einem Chat-Kanal mit der rechten Maustaste auf Ihren eigenen Namen zu klicken und "Flotte bilden mit..." zu wählen. Dadurch entsteht eine Flotte, in der sich nur Sie befinden. In einer Flotte, klicken Sie auf Flotteneinstellungen und navigieren Sie dann nach unten zu den Broadcast-Einstellungen. Stellen Sie in diesem Menü sicher, dass die folgenden Broadcasts markiert sind: Brauche Energiespeicher, Ziel, Warp auf, Ausrichten auf, Brauche Schild und In Position am. Alle anderen Broadcasts, die Sie sehen möchten, können Sie ebenfalls markieren, aber diese sollten das Minimum sein. Sie werden feststellen, dass auf der rechten Seite Ihres Menüs für die Sendeeinstellungen kleine quadratische Menüs vorhanden sind, die Sie zur Farbcodierung Ihres Sendeverlaufs verwenden können. Wenn Sie die Farben Ihrer Übertragungen in Farben Ihrer Wahl ändern, können Sie sie im Register Verlauf leichter identifizieren. Dies ist besonders wichtig, wenn Sie sich in einem Logistikschiff befinden oder um leicht zwischen Ausrichten auf und Warp-to-Sendungen zu unterscheiden. Schließlich sollten Sie wieder im Flottenfenster ganz unten eine Reihe von Schaltflächen für Übertragungen sehen. Wenn Sie diese Schaltflächen nicht sehen, stellen Sie sicher, daß Sie auf die beiden kleinen Pfeile unten rechts im Fenster klicken. Sobald das Fenster expandiert ist, erscheint in der unteren rechten Ecke ein Symbol, das Sie durch Klicken auf die beiden kleinen Pfeile in der rechten unteren Ecke des Fensters erreichen. Dies sollten Pfeile sein, die in alle vier Richtungen zeigen und die, wenn der Mauszeiger über die Anzeige "Umfang" bewegt wird: Jeder" anzeigt. Wenn dies nicht der Fall ist, klicken Sie mit der linken Maustaste darauf, bis es der Fall ist. Achten Sie schließlich darauf, Ihre eigene Flotte zuverlassen, wenn Sie Ihre Einstellungen angepasst haben! Unsere Fcs können Sie nicht einladen, wenn Sie bereits in einer Flotte sind, auch wenn es Ihre eigene Flotte ist! Als Tip : Farbige voreinstellungen könnt ihr auch von anderen mitspielern erfragen und das Setting übernehmen , die anderen einstellungen müßt ihr aber unbedingt machen . Sicherheit und Duell-Einstellungen Warp To Me-Piloten machen eine Vielzahl von Dingen in EVE, wenn sie nicht mit uns fliegen. Daher ist es sehr wichtig, dass unsere Piloten sicherstellen, dass ihre Sicherheitseinstellungen immer auf Grün (aktiviert) eingestellt sind, wenn sie sich unseren Flotten anschließen. Es hat viele Fälle gegeben, in denen Piloten vergessen haben, versehentlich ein anderes Mitglied der Flotte angegriffen haben und ihr teures Angriffsschiff an CONCORD verloren haben. Wenn Ihre Sicherheit nicht auf Grün steht, klicken Sie einfach auf den Kreis oben links auf Ihrem Hud und wählen Sie "Sicherheit aktivieren". Sie sollten Ihr Konto auch so einstellen, dass Duell-Einladungen automatisch abgelehnt werden. Wenn Sie an einem Duell teilnehmen, können die Logi Sie aufgrund von Flaggen und Kampf-Timern nicht Reparieren. Um zu vermeiden, dass Sie versehentlich in ein Duell eintreten, können Sie die Duell-Einladungen blockieren, so dass sie niemals auf Ihrem Bildschirm erscheinen. Gehen Sie im Einstellungsmenü (das Sie mit der Esc-Taste aufrufen können) auf Allgemeine Einstellungen und in der Mitte des mittleren Abschnitts. Markieren Sie einfach das Kästchen, um Duell-Einladungen zu blockieren. Ebenfalls unter Allgemeine Einstellungen, Abschnitt im Weltraum, stellen Sie das automatische Zielauffassung wieder auf 0 Ziele ein. Dadurch wird sichergestellt, dass Sie nicht automatisch Logi und andere Piloten aufschalten, die Sie während des Kampfes aufschalten. Drone Einstellungen Wann immer Sie sich in einer Warp-To-Me-Flotte befinden, müssen Ihre Drohnen auf Passiv- und Fokusfeuer eingestellt sein. Sie werden Ihre Drohnen einem anderen Piloten assistieren, und diese Einstellungen helfen diesem Piloten, Ihre Drohnen zu steuern. Comms (TS3) Die Warp To Me Incursions-Flotte verwendet TeamSpeak 3 als unser primäres Kommunikationsmittel mit der Flotte. Wir verlangen von jedem Piloten, dass er TeamSpeak eingerichtet hat, bevor er sich der Flotte anschließt, und dass er mit dem FC verbunden ist und ihm zuhört, während er in der Flotte ist. Please download it here. Wenn Sie ein hörgeschädigter Pilot sind, sind Sie trotzdem willkommen, mit uns zu fliegen! Bitte lesen Sie unseren Leitfaden here. Communikations Informationen Die Server-Adresse für den Warp To Me TeamSpeak finden Sie auf der Warteliste, nachdem Sie eine Ausrüstung gepostet haben, oder im MotD des Flotten Kanals. Es spielt keine Rolle, ob Sie ein Mikrofon haben, aber Sie müssen die FCs hören können, und Piloten, deren TeamSpeak stumm geschaltet ist (gekennzeichnet durch ihr Symbol), werden benachrichtigt. Stellen Sie zu Identifizierungszwecken sicher, dass Ihr TeamSpeak-Name mit Ihrem Namen im Spiel übereinstimmt, ohne Firmen-/Allianz-Tags. Wenn Sie ein Mikrofon verwenden, muss es auf "Push-to-Talk" eingestellt sein. Dies finden Sie unter Einstellungen > Optionen > Aufnehmen > Push-to-Talk. Von dort aus müssen Sie, um zu sprechen, eine Taste gedrückt halten (wie in den Optionen gewählt, Standard ist Strg), um Ihr Mikrofon zu öffnen und zu sprechen. Bitte schalten Sie Ihre Lautsprecher nicht stumm, während Sie sich im Kanal "join this" befinden. Das Schlüsselwort "Prüfen" wird verwendet, um das Schließen der offenen Kommunikation auf TeamSpeak anzuzeigen. Mit anderen Worten, hören Sie auf zu sprechen, wenn Sie "Check" hören. Aus rechtlichen und Sicherheitsgründen erlauben wir kein Streaming oder Aufzeichnen von Kommunikationen in irgendeiner Form. Für die Erlaubnis und weitere Informationen zum Streaming wenden Sie sich bitte an Ihren FC. Beitreten der Flotte Wenn Sie diesen Guide lesen, möchten Sie natürlich einer unserer Flotten beitreten! Da dies wohl der wichtigste Teil des Guides ist, werden wir darüber berichten, wie Sie sich ein Schiff besorgen und wie Sie mit diesem Schiff in eine unserer Flotten einsteigen können! Schiffe & Ausstattung Um in unseren Flotten zu fliegen, brauchen Sie ein ausgerüstetes Schiff! Und nicht nur das, sondern ein ausgestattetes Schiff, das unseren Mindestanforderungen entspricht. Diese Anforderungen und Einbauvorschläge finden Sie auf unserer Ausrüstungsseite, die auch immer im WTM-Chat MotD zu finden ist. Wir erwarten auch, dass Sie alles, was auf Ihr Schiff passt, aktiv nutzen. Das bedeutet, dass Ihre Geschütze feuern, Raketen starten, Drohnen ausfahren und Prop-Mod an sein sollten, wann immer diese Aktionen angebracht sind. Vor allem ist es entscheidend, dass Ihre Schildhärter aktiv und gestaffelt eingesetzt werden, wann immer Sie sich im Weltraum aufhalten. Damit ein FC Ihnen eine Einladung schicken kann, müssen Sie ein gültiges Schiff haben, das die Mindestanforderungen erfüllt. Ist dies nicht der Fall, wird der FC Ihnen bei der Anpassung helfen, damit Sie diese Anforderungen erfüllen. Gelegentlich kommt es jedoch vor, dass unsere FCs Fehler machen und ungültige Ausrüstungen zulassen, die später von anderen FCs angesprochen werden. Nur weil Sie beim letzten mal eingeladen wurden, bedeutet das nicht, dass Ihre ausrüstung korrekt ist. Seien Sie sich auch bewusst, dass unsere freiwilligen Kommandeure für Sie da sind, um Ihnen zu helfen! Stellen Sie Ihre Fragen im Warp To Me Chat, und außerdienstliche Commander (und vielleicht sogar einige erfahrene Piloten) sind immer bereit, Ihnen bei allen Fragen zu Ihrer Ausrüstung oder anderweitig zu helfen. Für weitere Informationen lesen Sie bitte unsere Rules & Regulations oder kontaktieren Sie einen Offizier oder ein Mitglied der Führungsebene. Wartelisten Manager WTM ist eine HQ-Gemeinschaft, was bedeutet, dass wir eine maximale Anzahl von 40 Piloten in unseren Flotten haben können, bevor wir reduzierte Auszahlungen erhalten. Das bedeutet, dass wir den Leuten manchmal sagen müssen, sie sollen warten. WTM hat und wird immer nach dem Prinzip "Wer zuerst kommt, mahlt zuerst" im Rahmen der Flottenbedürfnisse einladen. Wie wir mit den wartenden Piloten umgehen, erfahren Sie auf unserer Wartelisten Manager. Den Link zu dieser Website finden Sie immer in unserem Kanal MotD. Alle Einladungen an die Flotte (mit wenigen Ausnahmen) werden von diesem Wartelistenmanager durchgeführt, also müssen Sie wissen, wie Sie unsere Flottemanager benutzen können, um sich unserer Flotte anzuschließen! Wenn Sie sich auf der Website anmelden, wird Ihnen das X-Up-Formular und vier Spalten weiter unten angezeigt: X-Up, Logi, DPS und Sniper und Leshaks. X-Up sind diejenigen, die ihre Ausrüstung gepostet haben und auf die Genehmigung des aktuellen FC warten. Nach der Genehmigung werden sie in die entsprechende Wartespalte (Logi, DPS oder Sniper/Leshak) verschoben. Wenn Plätze in der Flotte frei werden, werden sie durch die Plätze ganz oben in diesen drei Spalten ersetzt. Wie man sich anmeldet (X-Up) Bitte stellen Sie sicher, dass Sie nicht mehr als 3 Sprünge vom Dock-up entfernt sind, bevor Sie sich Anmelden (X-UP) Einladungen können schnell kommen, und wir wollen die Flotte nicht dadurch aufhalten, dass wir auf Piloten warten müssen, die mehr als ein paar Sprünge entfernt sind "X-Up" ist ein alter Begriff, der bedeutet, dass man seine Eignung zur Genehmigung und potenziellen Einladung bekannt gibt. Hier erfahren Sie, wie man das macht: Gehen Sie im EVE-Client zum Fenster Schiffsausrüstung Auf der rechten unteren Seite befindet sich eine Schaltfläche "Speichern", klicken Sie darauf. Es öffnet sich ein Anpassungsverwaltungsfenster mit der Schaltfläche In die Zwischenablage kopieren am unteren Rand, klicken Sie darauf. Gehen Sie zur Website der Warteliste Wenn Sie das X-Up-Formular nicht sehen, klicken Sie oben auf die grüne X-Up-Schaltfläche Drücken Sie im großen Textfeld unter Fittings Strg+V oder klicken Sie mit der rechten Maustaste und wählen Sie Einfügen. Beachten Sie, dass Sie mehrere ausrüstungen eingeben können! Wenn sie Logistik fliegen, geben Sie Ihr Logistics Kreuzer-Fähigkeitsniveau ein, wenn Sie dazu aufgefordert werden. Wenn Rokh/Rattlesnake, geben Sie Ihr Caldari Schlachtschiff-Fähigkeitsniveau ein, wenn Sie dazu aufgefordert werden. Click Enter On Waitlist Ihre Ausrüstungen werden nun in der Spalte X-Up zur Genehmigung in die Warteschlange gestellt. Sobald Ihre Ausrüstung genehmigt ist, werden Sie an das Ende einer Wartelistenspalte verschoben: Logi, DPS oder Sniper, je nachdem, welche Rolle Ihr Fit hat. Da die Piloten an der Spitze zur Flotte eingeladen werden, werden sie von der Liste entfernt, wodurch Sie an die Spitze befördert werden. Sobald ein Platz in der Flotte frei wird und Sie an der Spitze stehen, erhalten Sie eine Einladung! Beachten Sie, dass Ihre Flotteneinladung 60 Sekunden lang gültig ist. Der Wartelistenmanager verfügt über eine Reihe von Tools, um Sie über diese Einladung zu benachrichtigen, einschließlich eines Stups auf TS3 und eines Benachrichtigungslinks, der einen Ton abspielt, wenn er eingeladen wird. Wenn Sie die Einladung verpassen, machen Sie sich keine Sorgen! Der FC wird Sie bei der nächsten Einladungswelle erneut einladen. Wenn Sie jedoch drei Einladungen hintereinander verpassen, kann der FC Sie von der Warteliste entfernen und Sie müssen erneut X-Up durchführen! Finden der Flotte im All Zu Ihrer eigenen Sicherheit stellen wir sicher, dass jeder Pilot die Grundlagen beherrscht, bevor er zu uns an den Start geht. Wenn Sie zum ersten Mal in einem WTM fliegen, informieren Sie bitte den FC, wenn Sie zur Flotte eingeladen werden. Sie werden einige Themen besprechen und Ihnen sagen, wohin Sie fliegen sollen. Übertragungen Damit Sie effektiv mit der Flotte kommunizieren können, müssen Sie lernen, wie man richtig sendet. Darüber hinaus müssen Sie in der Lage sein, Verlauf zu sehen, da auch die Kommandanten sie zur Kommunikation nutzen. Übertragungen senden (Sehr sehr wichtig bitte genau lesen) Es gibt drei Hauptsendungen, die Sie kennen sollten: "Schild", "Energiespeicher" und "In Position". Die Schaltflächen für diese Übertragungen finden Sie immer am unteren Rand Ihres Flottenfensters. Wenn Sie keine Reihe von Sendeschaltflächen sehen, klicken Sie auf die beiden kleinen Pfeile in der unteren rechten Ecke des Flottenfensters. Sie sollten für Shield senden, wenn die Sansha das erste Mal auf Sie zielt.Dies wird durch gelbe Kästchen um die Sansha-Symbole angezeigt(auch genannt Yellow Boxing you).Ein Verlust aufgrund einer nicht fristgerechten Übertragung für Shield wird als nicht-SRPable-Verlust betrachtet. Sie sollten nach Energie senden, wenn Ihr Energiespeicher unter 30% fällt oder von Outuni Mesens ins Visier genommen werden. Wir haben dafür bereits früher einen Alarm ausgelöst.Fragen Sie nicht nach Energie, wenn es Outunis auf dem Feld gibt und Sie keine Aggro haben. Die Person, die Aggro hat, braucht es wegen der gefährlichen Outuni-Neutralisatoren viel dringender als Sie. Sie sollten In Position senden, wenn Sie keine Aggression mehr haben oder keine Energie mehr benötigen. Wenn die Sansha-Symbole von gelber Box zu roter Box zurück zu gelber Box wechseln, haben Sie keine Aggression mehr. Sende in Position Wenn Ihr Energiespeicher größer als 70% ist, benötigen Sie keine Energie mehr. Sende in Position Wenn Sie beides angefordert haben (Schield und Energie), und brauchen eines davon nicht mehr, senden Sie In Position, warten Sie eine Sekunde und senden Sie, für was immer Sie brauchen. Als Beispiel : Sie benötigen Schield und Energie weil Outuni Mesen auf Sie schießt . Nun stirbt der Outunie Mesen und sie brauchen keine Energie mehr >70% , so Senden sie In Position und eine Sekunde später Schield . So wissen die Logis das sie keine Energie benötigen aber weiterhin Schield. Übertragungen sehen Sie sollten in Ihrem Flottenfenster immer die Registerkarte Verlauf aktiv haben, um die Übertragungen der Flotte zusehen (Sehr wichtig). Für die FC-Kommunikation gibt es zwei Hauptübertragungen: Ausrichten nach und Warp nach. Ausrichten von Sendungen sind Befehle zur Ausrichtung auf einen Punkt im Raum. Klicken Sie mit der rechten Maustaste auf die Sendung und Ausrichten auf. Warp-Sendungen sind Befehle, sich zu einem Punkt im Raum zuwarpen, meistens zum nächsten Standort. Rechtsklick auf den Broacast und Warp to at at 0 Warpen Sie sich nicht vor der FC-Befehle über Sprachbefehle(Teamspeak) gibt Wenn Sie ein Logistikschiff fliegen, sind Sie verpflichtet, jede Schildübertragung aufzuschalten. Dies geschieht am einfachsten, indem Sie den Hotkey zum Aufschlaten gedrückt halten und auf die Sendung klicken. Weitere Informationen über fliegende Logistikschiffe finden Sie in unserem Logi Rookie Guide. Übertragungs Hotkeys Wir raten von der Verwendung von Hotkeys aufgrund der Unzuverlässigkeit ab, während die Flottenfenstertasten 100% zuverlässig sind, und wir wollen unbedingt, dass jeder neue Pilot die Flottenfenstertasten anstelle von Hotkeys verwendet. Wenn Sie jedoch Hotkeys auf eigenes Risiko verwenden, erhöhen Sie die Zuverlässigkeit, indem Sie sicherstellen, dass kein Fenster aktiv ist (klicken Sie in den Zwischenraum), bevor Sie den Hotkey drücken. Vergewissern Sie sich außerdem, dass Ihre Sendung durchgegangen ist, indem Sie im Fenster Flottenverlauf nachschauen. Wenn Sie Ihre Sendung nicht sehen, sehen die Logi sie auch nicht. Beachten Sie, dass die Verwendung dieser Methode die Hotkeys nicht 100% zuverlässig macht. Die Verwendung von Hotkeys ist keine Entschuldigung für eine nicht rechtzeitige Sendung. Wenn dies zu einem Problem wird, empfehlen wir, einfach die Schaltflächen des Flottenfensters für die Sendung zu verwenden. Flotten Rollen Es gibt drei grundlegende Rollen in unserer Flotte, in die Sie automatisch eingeteilt werden: Kurzstrecken-DPS, Langstrecken-Scharfschütze und Logistik-Kreuzer. Logi ist selbsterklärend, Sie fliegen entweder einen Basilisken oder einen Scimitar und stellen der Flotte Reps zur Verfügung. DPS und Scharfschützen sind der offensive Teil der Flotte, und Sie werden je nachdem, welche Geschütze Sie an Ihrem Schiff angebracht haben, klassifiziert. Welche Tags Sie anvisieren, hängt davon ab, ob Sie als DPS- oder als Scharfschützenschiff klassifiziert sind. Lange Reichweite genannt Snipers Projektilartillerie und Laser Ziele sind beschriftete Tags:: A, B, C, ..., H, I Schieße aufkeinenfall auf Tag : J AAA auf 5.000 m Reichweite halten das ist dein "Anker" wichtig Kurze Reichweite genannt DPS Hybrid Blasters, Drone Boats, and all types of Missiles Ziele sind beschriftete Tags: 1, 2, 3, ..., 9, X, Y, Z Reichweite halten 5,000m auf VVV das ist dein "Anker" wichtig Logistics Kreuzer Umkreise auf 10 km den AAA sehr Wichtig Lies gegenfalls unseren Logi Rookie Guide Wenn keiner Ihrer Tag-Typen auf dem Raster bleibt, dann schießen Sie den anderen. D.h. DPS schießt Zahlen, dann Buchstaben, Scharfschützen schießen Buchstaben, dann Zahlen. Schießen Sie niemals auf die Markierung J. Damit wird ein Ziel bezeichnet, das, wenn es getötet wird, die Sicherheit der Flotte gefährden würde. Das Schießen auf die Markierung J ist ein triftiger Grund sie aus der Flotte zu werfen AAA und VVV sind spezialisierte Rollen, die den Mitgliedern der Flotte zugewiesen werden. Wo Sie Ihren AAA/VVV finden, erfahren Sie im nächsten Abschnitt. Spezielle Flotten Rollen Bestimmte Piloten innerhalb der Flotte haben spezialisierte Rollen. Zu diesen Rollen gehören FC, CCC, Anchors, Drone Bunny, MTAC und Booster, die vom FC der Flotte zugewiesen werden, aber meistens auf freiwilliger Basis. Wenn Sie Interesse an diesen Rollen haben, lesen Sie die Leitfäden und melden Sie sich freiwillig! Die Leitfäden finden Sie durch Anklicken der Links unten oder im Flotten-Chat. Wir sind immer bereit, diese Rollen zu unterrichten, und wenn Sie jemals Flottenkommandant oder Logi-Meister werden wollen, ist es das Beste, unsere Aufmerksamkeit auf diese Rollen zu lenken, wann immer es möglich ist! FC: Flottenkommandeur - Erteilt der Flotte Befehle, hören Sie unbedingt zu! CCC: Cap Chain Coordinator - Verantwortlich für die Organisation und Aktualisierung des Basi Cap reinfolge AAA: Sniper & Logi Anker - Wenn Sie ein Scharfschütze sind, halten Sie eine Entfernung von 5.000 m ein; wenn Sie logi sind, halten Sie eine Umlaufbahn von 10 km ein.. VVV: Short-range DPS Anker - Wenn Sie ein Kurzstrecken-DPS-Schiff sind, halten Sie eine Entfernung von 5.000 m ein. Wenn die anderen Drohnenhäschen voll sind, schicken Sie Ihre zusätzlichen Drohnen zu dieser Person. DDD: Drone Bunny - Weisen Sie Ihren leichten Drohnen zu dieser Person. HHH: Heavy Drone Bunny - Weisen Sie Ihre mittleren und schweren Drohnen zu dieser Person. MTAC: Führt eine bestimmte Aufgabe in der TCRC-Seite aus. Dronen Was machen Sie mit Ihren Drohnen? Dieser Abschnitt wird genau das behandeln. Leichte Drohnen weisen sie der Rolle "DDD" zu Akolythen, Hobgoblins, Krieger usw. Mittlere und schwere Drohnen weisen sie der Rolle "HHH" zu Oger, Berserker, Geckos, Hammerhaie usw. Sie assistieren Ihre Drohnen, indem Sie mit der rechten Maustaste auf Ihre Drohnen im lokalen Raum klicken > Assist > Watchlist > [Pilotenname]. Ein Pilot kann nur 50 Drohnen assistieren lassen. Wenn der DDD oder HHH voll ist, dann assistieren Sie dem VVV. Beobachtungsliste Die Flottenbeobachtungsliste ist ein sehr wichtiges Instrument für jeden Piloten. Um diese Beobachtungsliste zu starten, klicken Sie mit der rechten Maustaste auf Ihren Anker im Fleet MOTD (unter Fleet Roles, AAA/VVV je nach Sniper/DPS), gehen Sie auf Fleet > auf Beobachtungsliste setzen. Dies sollte Ihr Beobachtungslisten-Fenster öffnen und es irgendwo zugänglich machen. Sie können auch andere Namen anklicken und in diese Beobachtungsliste ziehen, und es wird empfohlen, dass Sie zumindest Ihren Anker, Drohnenhasen und FC in Ihrer Beobachtungsliste haben sollten. Von dort aus können Sie ganz einfach mit der rechten Maustaste auf den Namen klicken, auf einer Reichweite > 5.000 m bleiben oder was immer Sie tun müssen, um zu verankern. Wenn Sie Drohnen assistieren, wird außerdem ein Untermenü "Beobachtungsliste" hinzugefügt, so dass Sie auch Ihren Drohnen leicht helfen können. Schiffsersatzprogramm(SRP) Warp To Me bietet seinen Piloten ein Schiffsersatzprogramm (SRP) an. SRP ist wie eine Versicherungspolice, die den Verlust Ihres Schiffes abdeckt, wenn der Verlust nicht Ihre Schuld ist: 15 Million - Up to 6 Billion Beispiele (aber nicht beschränkt auf) für SRPable-Verluste: Fc Fehler Logistik Fehler Beispiele (aber nicht beschränkt auf) für nicht SRP-fähige Verluste: nicht rechtzeitiges zu senden für schilde Benutzen eines Tores ohne FC-Erlaubnis (genannt "leeroying") Being CONCORDed (Bitte stellen Sie sicher, dass Ihre Sicherheit auf grün eingestellt ist) Ein Killright oder wardec haben (bitte kümmern Sie sich um diese, bevor Sie der Flotte beitreten) Ganks sind gedeckt, solange Sie den Befehlen der FCs folgen. Kurz gesagt, wenn Sie den FC-Befehlen folgen und rechtzeitig senden, wird Ihr Schiff gedeckt sein. Beachten Sie, dass Ihr Schiff unsere Mindestanforderungen erfüllen muss, um von SRP gedeckt zu werden. Ihre SRP-Zahlung deckt Sie vom Zeitpunkt der Zahlung bis zur nächsten Down Time (DT-1100 Serverzeit) ab. Sie können die Flotte verlassen und während dieser Zeit so oft wieder beitreten, wie Sie möchten, ohne dass Sie bei jedem Beitritt zur Flotte eine Rückzahlung leisten müssen. Klingt ziemlich gut, nicht wahr? Nun, wie melden Sie sich an? Schicken Sie einfach die gewünschte Deckungssumme (15 Millionen) mit dem Namen "WarpTo SRP" an das In-Game-Unternehmen. Dieses Unternehmen wird mit der MOTD-Flotte verbunden sein. Dies ist die einzige offizielle WTM SRP Corporation und die einzige, der Sie vertrauen sollten. Im Zweifelsfall überprüfen Sie den Namen des CEO auf "Sparta Epic Cyno". WTM wird nicht für Betrüger verantwortlich gemacht, aber wenn einer auftaucht, melden Sie ihn bitte einem WTM-Offizier oder einem Mitglied der Geschäftsleitung. Nachtrag wie man zur Flotte kommt ohne zu "sterben" Wenn ihr das erste mal mit WTM fliegt und ihr eure Newbro Rede erhaltet sollt ihr früher oder später zur flotte aufschließen und wie das Funktioniert verstehen viele am anfang nicht. Deswegen hier noch 1-2 Sätze dazu / der ablauf ENG/Deu wie die meisten FC es dir vermitteln Warp to your FC but dont take any Gate - Warpe zu deinem FC aktiviere aber KEIN GATE Warp to your FC again until you have Natural Phenomena Error - Warpe noch einmal zu deinem FC wie zuvor(manchmal auch 3-4mal), du solltest nun ein Fehler bekommen Natural Phenomena error Ask for Gate status , only when you have Natural Phenomena Error - Also nur wenn du diese Fehlermeldung hast , bist du am richtigen Gate . Und dann fragst du im chat oder Voice : Fc Gate status (nur diese 2 wörter) . Er wird dir dann sagen Green = du kannst Gate nehmen oder Red = nicht benutzen frag in 30 sec noch einmal. Wichtig Wichtig Wichtig : Wenn du dir nicht sicher bist ob du am richtigen gate bist , warpe immer wieder zu deinem FC egal wie oft(hier kannst du nie was falsch machen), bist du diese Fehler meldung erhälst .
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    I am sorry, but waiting for a me to be a commander (hoping I become one), making a proposal and waiting weeks for these guides to be updated, hurts me physically and mentally. I am unsure at this point as the guides are being worked on, but I am in awe that some are not updated yet. Clearly there are a lot of mistakes that need to ironed out, pictures are missing, typos and incursions in general having progressed, that these guides need serious updating. Below I have linked all of my own guides, as I do believe newer guides that have been made are fairly up to date. The reason I am posting this here is so that anyone can have some imput, this post eventually be moved or deleted and remade somewhere else. In general Typos removed, edited or rebuild proper sentences Shorten the guides, remove useless crap All pictures have a permanent home now and hopefully won't be removed anymore NEW GUIDE: Drugs guide This isn't an exact write up for every guide, just a general edit Updates: 15-5-2020 Added Malcolms suggestions Typos New Drop Those Drones guide headline picture Machs are the preferred MTACs. Added Flametounges changes too 14-5-2020 Added 2 implants to the implant guide Added pictures to the Drop those drones guide Wrote more about drones you should use Anchoring Guide Room 1 and 2 Everyone should be burning towards the outgate to go into the next room. For the final room, check the picture below. Room 1 VVV (and DPS): Burn towards the targets and web everything down. Priority: Auga, Outuni, Ostingles. AAA (and Snipers): Burn towards the outgate, shooting the Vylade. Room 2 VVV (and DPS): Burn towards the targets and web everything down. Priority: Auga, Deltole, Ostingale, Romi. AAA (and Snipers): Sit still, kill the Mara and then burn. In the progress of updating the NRF picture. It's too zoomed out and all 3 DPS anchor spots can have a better overview of their respective anchor positions. TPPH and TCRC pictures are fine as they are. The new NRF picture, hopefully it's ok. Leshaks should ofcourse be included into the anchoring guide. Room 3 TPPH: (This should include Leshaks) Burn towards the tower, spool nearby Ostingles. Then, follow the VVV anohor. (There is a position below the VVV, but you will most likely get Arnon aggro, get jammed and lose DPS) NRF Burn behind the AAA anchor, about 90 to 95km off the beacon. Burn left 50/55km, above the VVV anchor. After that you can burn around the 4th wave into the sniper targets. Incursion Guide Picture missing The blue color is horrible and hard to read, this should be changed to something more readable. I think adding the "A site spawns 7 minutes after the beacon despawns" in there somewhere would be nice. Outuni gets taken out first, but sometimes it's the Auga and Arnor first, this should be edited. Niarja isn't as bad as I wrote it to be, can be toned down. Vylade doesn't boost? Change it. Deltole doesn't web. Advanced Incursion Tips Pictures Missing First Picture, Staggering Second Picture, Overheating Are you THE VVV? EWAR Call out your webs in fleet chat or on voice Not really EWAR, but call out spools as well Link the skill Frequency Modulation and Sensor Compensation skills somewhere for more information. Overheating Explain how to overheat, shift click a module or SHIFT + HOTKEY (Example, SHIFT + F1) Capacitor Guide Picture missing Yeah I know, it's a big picture, but it perfectly shows how your capacitor is recharging and why we use the 30% to broadcast for cap. Rest looks good I guess, I would make some minor changes to the color and overall look of the guide. Influence guide Pictures Missing Unsure how the current influence fits are now. With maybe changes to WTM and the recent patch there might have been changes to add more tank. Remove the "Except Apocalypse Navy Issue - does not have an available midslot." Rest looks ok I guess. Drop those drones (Drone Guide) Pictures Missing HEADLINE Light Drones Acolyte II If you can't field Acolytes II, go for Imperial Navy Acolytes Hammerhead II If you can't field Hammerhead II, go for Federation Navy Hammerheads Ogre II If you can't field Ogre IIs, go for Federation Navy Ogres Unable to find the images I used to use and only able to find really big drone pictures. Remove them? DO NOT USE INTEGRATED DRONES If you have money and want to risk it, you can buy "Augmented" drones Drone Settings picture Obviously there is something wrong with the code on the recommendations for the drones. Most drone suggestions are in the fitting list anyway. I suggest removing all text and just giving the suggestions for the drones Battleships: 5 x Heavies Ogres recommended Augmented are best, but expensive. Logistics: 5 x Lights Acolytes recommended Scimitars can bring hull bots Again, don't buy Integrated, they are not allowed. Implant Guide Guide looks good, remove all prices, Bling already shows high cost. One small edit, add a capacitor slot 6 for the logistics Inherent Implants 'Squire' Capacitor Systems Operation EO-606 Cap Recharge Time Reduction -6 % 2nd option: Eifyr and Co. 'Rogue' Navigation NN-606 Velocity Modifier 6 % Drone Bunny (DDD) Remove all recommended ships for the DDD Vindicator is the optimal ship 4/4 stack your guns, put 4 guns and a web on seperate targets. Full fleet shoot XXX is debatable and should be revised. Only when contested, you should just follow the tags below. What should I shoot? NSTER For example, the first room of the TPPH, you don't shoot the Outuni. Removed the Outuni and make it NSTER./ TPPH 1st room Schmaeels, Tamas then Renyns TPPH 2nd room Is fine TPPH 3rd room3 Wave 1 1 Eystur Then Tamas Then the rest of the Eysturs REMOVE ROMIS Wave 2 is fine Wave 3 Include Vylade Leftover frigates Vylade Romis NRF Wave 1 is correct Wave 2 is correct Wave 3 First Maras (Use your resebo) Then Frigates Then Romis Wave 4 1 Outuni > go for Frigates, Vylade then Romis 2/3 Outinies > Go for last tagged, then Eysturs, Vylade, then Romis. Skill Guide WORK IN PROGRESS Remove the Rokh and the Maelstrom Skills for the Hyperion Minimum Vindicator Optimal Vindicator MTAC Guides Machariels preferred, Nightmares are secondary MTACs if no Mach is around. Add a clear picture of the MTAC factory and Shield Transfer Control Tower. Tone down the wall of text, make the guide simpler and add general tips Requirement: Have a Tractor Beam fitted Whenever you take a TCRC gate, FC will say full fleet take gate, you wait about 5 seconds, so you won't get webbed. MTAC should burn immediatly to the MTAC factory. Within 20km of the MTAC factory, turn off the MWD, drop a can with 1 ammo and tractor it. (DO NOT SHOOT YOUR OWN CAN) Put the MTAC from the MTAC factory into your can. (The MTAC is too big for your ship, therefor you have a can) Move the MTAC from the MTAC Factory to the Shield Transfer Control Tower. Then go back to the MTAC factory, wait for another MTAC and keep doing it until the tower is dead. After the tower dies, you are allowed to warp off. (This is because you can get stuck on the collidable structures) General tips Focus on the first MTAC first, then the rest, like shooting the tower (if at all) and putting your drones on the tower. Do not shoot the tower while burning towards the MTAC factory, you might get aggro. Pulse your MWD towards the Shield Transfer Control Tower for the first MTAC, this means activating it and immediatly de-activating it. Right after you pulse it, set your speed to 200 to 300, so you get a little bit of speed, no super boost. Pull your drones a bit earlier, so you are able to warp off earlier as well. 50% hull should be good enough. Contest tips If you are taking the gate later, look out for contests. Tell the FC and immediatly take the gate. Pre heat your MWD and burn towards the MTAC factory immediatly. It's imperative you get the first MTAC and ask the FC when to drop it. It comes to FC strategies on contests when to drop the MTAC. The first MTAC is the most important one, but if you don't get it, it's fine. Don't stress. If you didn't get the first one, try to get the second one and ask the FC when to drop. These should be all the updates to the guides. Thank you for reading. Thanks for @Mu Linfei for helping me with some of the edits.
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    As outlined in this CCP devblog, with the upcoming structure changes on May 26 unfueled structures will lose their defensive times and will not have asset safety if destroyed. As a result, we will be removing most of our dormant structures in anticipation of the patch. Please take this time to remove all assets from Warp To Structures structures before May 24th. Any ships, modules, etc left in structures at that time will be placed in asset safety and require a fee and wait time to recover. Any pods left in structures at that time will unfortunately be automatically destroyed. When the system warrants it, we will endeavor to online a Warp To Structures structure in the current focus. When online and listed in the WTM Incursions' MOTD, this can be treated as a normal player station with all the same associated risks. After the focus is finished, you will have 72 hours from the time the new focus spawns to remove your assets from the structure before it is taken down. As mentioned above, once deanchored after the 72h grace period, the structure will place ships, modules, etc in asset safety and destroy any remaining pods. We are happy to provide our citadel service free of charge, however we cannot take responsibility for any assets that are forgotten or lost. Warp to Structures is owned and operated with the full endorsement of WTM Incursions. Please feel free to contact Officers or Leadership with any concerns.
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    Foshkey's Tips with Incursion Travelling From years of experience and not losing a single ship to gankers Tip #1: Don't AFK. Don't Autopilot. Don't do anything that will leave your ship in space. Whenever I hear about somebody losing their ship to ganks, 9/10 times it's due to AFK or not paying attention. If a ganker sees your shiny vindicator sitting in space on a gate, or warping in at 15km and slowboating towards the gate, you will become a target. Gankers are capable of planning in advance and are extremely experienced in judging general routes, even from incursion to incursion. It doesn't take a genius ganker to figure out where that vindi is going by looking at their journal. Tip #2: Avoid known ganking systems (Niarja, Uedama, etc.), especially at prime time. Every time we have a new move up, I check my possibilities of routes. This is only really concerning going from amarr to minmatar space, but there is generally a route that goes through Devoid that is probably the most quiet route known in eve, and it only adds 3-8 jumps most of the time. Anyway, point being, check your routes, check your time. If you have to go through Niarja at 19:00, three options: wait until a more quiet time, reroute, or bite the bullet. ---------------------------------------------------------------- If you follow those 2 tips, you will not lose your ship to a ganker 99% of the time. So, most people don't even change their fits. If, however, you want to cover as much of that 1% as possible, I'll keep on going with these tips. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Tip #3: If you're going to refit for tank, refit for hull tank. Easily the most cost effective way to brick tank your ship is to fill your lows with DCU II and Reinforced Bulkheads. That alone will probably demotivate a ganker if they see that on your ship. Tip #4: Inertia Stabilizers / Nanofibers / Warp core stabilizers are worthless I've heard all the brags from the pilots claiming their battleships can go into warp in 4 seconds. Cool. How about that 2 second lock time of the disrupter pilot? Furthermore, it takes all of a single day to get a trial account to get a 2 second lock timer and fit a warp disrupter. If your vindi is a target, and they discover that you have warp core stabilizers, they're just going to log in more alts if they really want you. And nothing motivates a ganker more than a potential kill. Inertia Stabilizers and Nanofibers should only be used for cutting down on travel time, not avoiding ganks. Tip #5: The absolute safest way to travel between incursions is with a bowhead. There are many others like it, but this one is mine. If you're going to ask for a bowhead fit, you'll see some sort of variant of this. Now, putting your vindi in a bowhead with that fit is much, much safer than just flying the vindi. Why? Check out that EHP. 530k. Do you know how many catalysts are needed to take that down? 40-50. The Talos number is something like 25, maybe 20 if they have really good skills and T2 fitted. Another thing that may be confusing is that MWD. Believe it or not, that helps your warp faster than loading the bottom row up with inertia stabilizers. There's a slight trick with huge, industrial ships, that if you initiate warp, cycle your MWD once, you'll actually warp at the end of the cycle. Neat. So, standard pattern I go here is: Initiate warp, F1, F2, F3, F1 (MWD, Invul, Invul, MWD). This will turn on your tank and get yourself warping as soon as possible. Tip #6: Scout ahead I wouldn't recommend this if you don't have an alt. I have a convenient setup where I move my bowhead, orca, and vindi with my 3 characters. The orca and vindi always go on ahead, and since they're the cheaper stuff, they're convenient scouts to check out local before my bowhead gets there. Tip #7: If you're really concerned about losing your stuff, get a webber alt. I personally have never done this for moving between incursions (only really done it with my jump freighters), but I know people who do. Something to get your bowhead warping even faster than the MWD method is to web the shit out of it from a corp member. And there you have it. Follow these tips and you too will never have to worry about those dreaded gankers
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    ...but you realized that u never put the out this whole time
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    Site doesnt matter (NRF or TPPH is the perfect time to read the guide and understand it anyway), it also doesnt matter if you think we already have enough ppl for the role or not. What matters is this: FC tells you to read a simple guide and perform a simple role, and you dont even want to bother trying then there is no room for you in fleet. There are plenty who wants to actually try instead of you, just not enough room for them. Truth is, i asked for a 2nd MTAC for quite a while (even before the contest) and specifically asked machs to do it. No one did. After about 15-20 minutes of continuously asking without names. I decided to start to sort out the situation 1 by 1 , looking at machs. Told you to read the guide and do the MTAC if we get to a TCRC. Not even trying to do this is just not an option in my fleets. Its actually really infuriating, when people are not even bothering to actually play the game and the role they are supposed to in a group activity which requires group effort Once again this was nothing personally against you, I did this multiple times in the past and will do it in the future, calling out pilots and asking them to X-up in fleetchat to make sure they are actually listening. It happened before you, it happened after you. You not remembering/hearing/not being there for it doesnt mean it did not happen. If you are not able to participate on the level that is expected because of real life or something else going on it is absolutely fine. Just dont expect to get paid like everyone else who are actually trying.
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    Hey all my name is sushi shimi in game. I was extremely nervous to fleet up and try this out. I was super surprised at how the fc's and members mentor and explain everything. This is a great community that I wish I could've been a part of from the beginning. That being said Im hooked and I plan on being super active. Thanks again.
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    o7 If you are serious about being a Line Commander for WTM, there are a few things to prepare for. This guide is going to step through some of them but it is not intended to be all inclusive. This is designed for the average case. As an Resident [R-badge], you will be required to display traits of a good Commander that are observed and recorded by Line Commanders [L-badge]. If they are convinced that you can do what is required of you in certain area, that Line Commander will give you a sign off. Once you complete the Line Commander Program you will be able to apply for the Training FC program. This guide will not promise you an edge on getting sign-offs but this will give you an edge on the application. Character Skills and items Skills to fly an optimal battleship and a Logi 4 Cruiser. You should be able to fly an optimal battleship. Any one of the 4 optimal battleships is acceptable. T2 guns is recommended (you will need T2 guns to complete the line commander program) You should be able to fly a Logi 4 Logistics Cruiser Either Basi or Scimi (You will require Logi 5 to complete the Line Commander Program) Listed in the Rules and Regulations [R&R] are some skills and implants you will need if you want to fly a booster. Commanders are allowed to fly Boosters (if approved) but it is not required. Experience You need to be active in the community Fly in fleet You need commanders who know you to endorse your ability to perform well as a fleet member. To improve your chances, fly at least twice a week for a month, ideally in different time zones with different Commanders. Volunteer for Roles Having a Vindicator comes in handy here. With a Vindi you can volunteer for three different roles DDD, VVV and HHH Volunteer a lot even if you don't know the role or are horrible at it. You'll get better and look good for trying. Be known for flying well and being active The more you fly; the more you learn. Being a Commander in WTM is all about good habits, learning how to fly better and knowing where to find information. There is a culture you need to pick up. It takes time. Learn to love the best parts You are gonna need the isk to buy ships, mods, rigs, implants and/or skill injectors. When you become a Resident, you are gonna need to dedicate a lot of time to the program, both in and out of fleet Set aside time. Like 4-8 hours a week Don't apply to be a Resident if you have serious time commitments that are really demanding. We get it, Real Life comes first, but to learn and do well you need to be able to spend the time and energy. Attitude WTM has a wide range of commanders. By and large we are respectful and decent folk. You are going to be expected to be as decent as a representative of the community. Chances are you are not going to be the best thing to hit incursions since Vindis and Leshaks right away, but that is ok. Come to WTM to fly, have fun, and learn. When you become a full badge, stay in the fleets to have fun Becoming a Resident does not mean you get to do whatever you want and act as you wish. WTM is a community. It is built around being new pilot friendly and being about the line pilot experience.
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    The guy that run alone in multibox. How do he run HQ alone is he inhuman? I know VG can be run alone only 15 but 40 toons? Please enlighten me.
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    One more year in the books. This past week marks our 6th year and as far as public communities go this is pretty big and we owe it to each and every one of yall that choose to fly with us and on behalf of the Warpto SRP Corporation i sincerly thank each and every one of yall. I would like to take a moment and personally thank @Sparta for being one of the founders that makes this shit show possible. Yes i say that with a giant grin on my face not only because this is my chosen content but for giving me a home and a family that means just as much to me as my RL family. For those of yall that are not aware sparta has recently decided to take a few steps back and retire. Hes has passed management to me of our SRP corp and in game channels. Im still settling in on this job and making it my own but our anniversary is going to be big. I have asked one of our commanders to help and be the SRP Corps represenative and act as our loot fairly. That individual will be making their presence known in fleet and doing some random giveaways as a thank you for helping make this place special. And we are just getting started. To give yall an idea we will be starting with some upgrade modules for logi and battleships alike and doing our best to make sure we spread the weath across as many time zones as possible. As the next couple weeks pass we are going to be stepping it up and going with bigger upgrades, hulls, maybe even some fit hulls and finishing off with something big i havnt decided yet. These will all be in fleet prizes. If your not in fleet, you cant win. So again, on behalf of myself and every single commander here, or has ever served here, Thank you. Yall make this worth doing. Sandman Logan3 Warpto SRP Update 4/2/2019: As an update my loot fairy is working their way thru 3b worth of upgrade mods there has also been 2 vindis and a months plex given away.
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    Yesterday Maximus Atreide and his gf's world got rocked and they litterally got out of the day with the clothes on their backs when their home caught fire and burned down. We have already shared it with the commanders and if you are so inclined there is a gofundme opened for them. If you chose to donate make sure and leave a comment from wtm, toon name, or the like. For those that want to do something but cant do that, i talked to sparta about the srp throwin a few plex his way to keep his account training while they rebuild their lives from scratch and i told him i would match him 3 months worth. If anyone would like to chip in on top of this you may contract me plex (any quantity not just 500) and i will add that on top my my 3m in a week or so. its times like this when this community comes together and does its best work. Sandman WTM Leadership
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    This is blobert deciding to help WTM out with a convenient place fore people to dock in HQ systems with repair functions and a clone bay. it is under wtm name and corp. no reason to be rude about somebody helping out commanders and line pilots. You don't have to dock there if you choose not to. We will still have the typical station docks as well.
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    yeah, Stellaris with the eve mod so you can pretend you are playing eve while servers are offline
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    The CCC, or "Cap Chain Coordinator" is responsible for setting the cap chain for the Basilisks and keeping track of free combat caps for the FC. CCC’s Duties are: Set Up and Update Cap Chain Assign Remote Sensor Booster Targets Inform FC about the number of Combat Caps Setting up the cap chain is straightforward. You transcribe the names from Basi chat in the same order they are on the right of the chat window . Then put the Logi level to the left of each pilot's name. The color (combat cap status) of each pilot depends on the person below them. By default, that number is blue. However, every Logi 4 pilot needs a second permacap from the person above them, so above every Logi 4 pilot make the number for that person red. Also remember that the list wraps around, top to bottom; if the Logi 4 is at the top of the list, the person at the bottom is red. In the example Abrahm is a level 4 pilot, so we set the person above him to red. Since the list wraps around, that person is Tywin Maulerant, who is correctly set to red. There are no other Logi 4 pilots, so the remaining pilots are blue. Remember that for any Basilisk, your red/blue status has nothing to do with your own Logi level, but that of the Basi below you. At some point the cap chain may break down for some reason. This may happen when a Basi is stuck on a gate, died in the middle of a site, DC’d, or is being jammed for a prolonged period of time. Whatever the reason, the fix is the same: Step 1) Don’t Panic Step 2) Find out who is unstable: this can be done by doing a stability check in Basi chat. Write a line like "==========Stability Check=============". The Basi pilots will type ‘s’ for stable or ‘-s’ for not stable. Step 3) Fix the issue- they are either unstable because their incoming permacap from below is gone or they are an Logi 4 pilot who is now missing a cap from above. Step 4) If all else fails have the whole chain send 1 cap up 1 cap down while the issue is resolved until a new chain can be made. If at any point in the process of sorting out the cap chain issues you have a pilot not responding to you, feel free to call them out on comms to check basi chat. If a Basi is jammed, "Cap Around" them and have the person below them put a combat cap on the person above the jammed pilot. If a Basi is being neuted, they should type 'NNN' in BasiChat, broadcast for cap, and have their cap buddy put their combat cap on them as well as the standard cap chain permacap. Do not broadcast for cap if there are Outunis neuting other targets. The CCC also needs to be able to tell the FC how many combat caps the fleet has. This is as simple as counting the number of pilots sending a single cap to the chain. You can count either the ‘5’s or you can count the Blue numbers; both options work. Finally, the CCC needs to assign remote sensor boosters to targets. The first priority is the DDD. During a TCRC, the DDD should receive 2-3 resebos with Scan Resolution scripts to assist in locking the Niarjas. After the DDD has sufficient remote sensor boosters, the rest of them go to Basi above you in the chain ("Up") with Scan Resolution scripts. In a TPPH or NRF, all remote sensor boosters should go Up in the chain. In this picture you can see words to the right of the name of each member in the Basi chain that has a remote sensor booster. These words specify their respective remote sensor booster target. You’ll notice that 2 of the names have “DDD”, the other remote sensor boosters say “UP”. This is because the CCC has determined that 2 remote sensor boosters should go to the DDD and the rest stay in the basi chain. If possible, you should choose to have BLUE names put their sensor booster on the DDD (that is, pilots providing combat caps). This helps minimize the number of locks required by default, freeing up more locks for reps. While CCC there are a few ways you communicate with other logi. For the most part, Basi Chat should be your primary means of communication, Following that, there is Fleet chat for non-emergency issues, and if you cant fix the issue on either of those, call out on comms. Please do not make changes to the MOTD beyond updating the Cap Chain and Remote Sensor Booster targets. Thank you for helping the daily operations of WTM!
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    https://community.eveonline.com/news/patch-notes/patch-notes-for-eve-online-citadel Devs added the ability to move to a point in space. Hold Q and click in space to do this.
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    Anchoring Guide Anchors are special positions a person is heading towards or following, to get the maximum DPS out of the fleet and having everyone at their optimal ranges of the Sansha or the respective tower. The AAA has the job to get the snipers into their positions and it’s also the person that Logistics orbit on. The VVV has the job of getting the DPS ships into their positions. These anchoring spots have been tested several times, as I was not sure about the distances. They are correct, follow them and you will have no trouble anchoring on all three sites. TPPH Room 1 and 2 Everyone should be burning towards the outgate to go into the next room. For the final room, check the picture below. Room 3 AAA: 1. Burn straight left of the tower. 2. Height should be somewhere around the middle of the tower. (60km off the beacon) 3. 20 to 25 km off the tower. VVV: 1. Make a wide turn (as show in the picture) so everyone can shoot the Ostingeles. 2. Burn towards the first anchoring spot. (2nd wave) 3. Height should be above the tower. (90km off the beacon) 4. About 20 km off the tower. NRF The most difficult VVV anchor. AAA isn’t that difficult. Check picture for exact references. AAA: 1. Burn straight towards the initial spawn of the Sansha, keeping the same altitude. Stop around 65km off the beacon and 45km off the tower. VVV: 1. Burn straight slightly right of the tower, between the mushroom (Sansha Deadpsace Outpost) and the smaller sansha tower (Sansha Starbase Control Tower). (60km off the beacon, 20 off the tower) 2. After the 2nd wave is almost killed, go towards the 3rd wave. (85km off the beacon, 20km off the tower) 3. After the 3rd wave is almost killed, go towards the 4th wave. (80km off the beacon, 45km off the tower) TCRC This is the easiest positioning for both AAA and VVV. AAA: 1. Burn straight towards the tower (turning off your MWD as soon as you start taking aggro), keeping it at about 30km range. 2. Agress the tower to consolidate aggro. (This means that you will get all of the Sansha ships to agress you and keep fire away from other pilots) VVV: 1. When the FC tells you to Burn straight towards the tower, keeping it in your optimal range. DDD: 1. Burn towards the Drone Bunny spot. DDD Guide
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    When a fleet is full of cap hungry pilots...I try to assign 2 to each combat cap basi. The idea is each basi constantly stops back and forth between the 2. On outuni or any other cap request... all basi immediately swap. For outuni.... the cc is rdecycled on fc outuni wave speech. When the basi listen and comply.. the number of cap bc dwindles to near zero......... I want to say amongst all the other issues the last 7 weeks is pilots not inposition from cap bc.... and most frustrating..pilot bc for cap after basi have been serving cap the entire site.. even worse.. they ASK for cap while im actively capping.
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    Greetings fleet mates, o/ You asked, I listened. Faction rolled Entropic sink. 26.6% https://mutaplasmid.space/module/1032530782532/ 6.5B PM me for details. Pimp unstable Syndicate DCU https://mutaplasmid.space/module/1032489053302/ 2.B even. Chow.
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    I would also like to say that this was not announced in the best way and apologize for that. Getting people to upgrade had been discussed via proposal and what not for awhile now and nothing was going anywhere. Blobert and I felt something needed to happen so we decided to announce this change with out much discussion into detail and how it would work. This will still be voted on at the next meeting however we wanted to clarify things with you guys, hear your questions and comments, and nail down some more details. We really do just want whats best for the community. With that being said, discussion within council has been productive and have agreed that tracking the time that somebody has been in fleet would be the best way to implement this. 20 hours in fleet is more than enough time to upgrade into an optimal hull even in a slower fleet. I have spoken to beryl asking if it was viable to add this feature in the waitlist. He says it's possible but will take some work to do but he likes the idea and once we nail down exactly what we want to do he can start working on it. The other option is we can more easily track how many times a pilot is removed from the waitlist after being found in fleet. We agreed that if the pilot flies for an hour each time they enter fleet or even just 2 sites per fleet, 20 times getting into fleet would be a good number. Sorry for the wall of text but we feel that the system of tracking hours or number of times entering fleet is more fair and accurate than a set length of time. Hopefully you guys feel the same way and this clears up some issues. TL:DR track hours or number of times in fleet instead of 4 week cap for everybody.
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    @Victor Victor Veritas coming from you, that is high praise indeed! All I did was give the vindi pilots some in the moment advice and encouragement. Hopefully some of it stuck and we all get better. See you all in fleet real soon I'm sure
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    I am pretty sure that every single commander and linepilot would be thrilled if you would FC another Praxis Funfleet @Juan Carlos Minjita
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    post dog pics in the topic!!!!!! We will start off with one of my dog
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    My girl posing <3 doggos
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    Guess I'll have to dissapoint you then @niki lasvegas
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    Leshak has been approved today and will go on the WL shortly. It has a few restrictions, on top of our standard rules (damage control, 70%/100k, etc): Must Field T2 Weapons Must use 3 Tracking Enhancers Will be categorized as a sniper on the WL. You can expect to need upgraded invulns and 3x tank rigs to hit the requirements.
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    The corp is owned by me. Ive put up one sparta has put up one. Blob asked to assist so he joined warp to me inc corp and put up 2 or 3. Its like everything else around here. Its voluntary.
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    Damage Control II Reinforced Bulkheads II Reinforced Bulkheads II Adaptive Invulnerability Field II Adaptive Invulnerability Field II Some kind of MWD for the align trick if you dont have a webber alt. If you have a webber alt, more tank, like a T2 EM WARD FIELD. Capital Transverse Bulkhead II Capital Transverse Bulkhead II Capital Transverse Bulkhead II
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    Share your stories about why you love WTM and why you fly with us! I'll start: I was a few months into the game and one day I logged in to a new chat channel saying some scary stuff about how CONCORD can't protect me. Being the good capsuleer that I am, I offered my (mostly) T1 fit scythe for the good of the cause. Instead of being laughed at someone from WTM helped me refit my mission ship (a Maelstrom) and get into fleet. Everyone was super helpful explaining the acronyms and that I was supposed to be shooting letter tags instead of numbers. I made a boatload of ISK and it was the largest fleet I had ever been a part of. I was hooked! Fast forward a bit and now I'm an FC inviting new folks from local and helping them out. I have the skills and shiny to fly with pretty much any community I please, but I stick with WTM because of the PILOTS and the atmosphere. I'm here to help new folks and have a fun fleet and I plan on sticking around for a while! What's your story? Rykki (The bestest FC ever.... just don't tell the others, they'll get jealous)
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    where are Tobacco Synthetic Coffee Exotic Dancers, Female Janitor
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    Most of my story is vague and I can't remember most of it. I started playing EVE in 2009 and for a long time I just did high sec missions and mining. After 2 years of being off of EVE, I started playing again and somehow I found incursions. Can't really remember how I found WTM, but the first time was a lot of fun. The ship I was flying was a Scorpion Navy Issue. After that I just focused on incursions all the way, just because of Warp To Me. I like the people that fly with us and I love the people that we work with to make Warp To Me great again. (pun intented)