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  1. Solitude Island Nov. 2019

    Island Focus Protocol Islands are handled specially! You must take EXCEPTIONAL care getting to this focus and there are specific things you need to get into fleet! FIRST: Use a High Sec to High Sec wormhole to travel here! IF YOU GO THROUGH LOW AND NULL YOU WILL MOST LIKELY DIE! This is NOT covered by WTM. People selling bookmarks are likely a scam, it is best to scan your own! This island travel is dangerous! Know what you are doing. Due to security (for yourself) the dockup will not be listed anywhere. You need to find this yourself. SECOND: Only OPTIMAL hulls except the Leshak are allowed (Vindi, Nightmare, Mach, Basi, Scimi) Basi has little to no use in VGs so will not be used until the end of the influence grind. Damage Hulls are preferred. THIRD: Nearly all of the focus is done in VGs meaning very few logi lots of damage ships! This is also why we require optimal hulls. Bring your normally HQ fit ships however go to 'THE DUB' mailing list and look at the "VG fits with HQ rigs" section. Bring the modules necessary to change to the VG fit from your HQ fit. You can just use T2 for everything except webs if you don't want to bling. LASTLY: This island is a special circumstance! If you do not have the correct fit and the correct hull you will unfortunately not be able to make it into fleet. THIS IS A DANGEROUS SITUATION! Know what you are doing and bring the correct stuff or you will regret your decision! This is not advised for beginner pilots! We need to remove this focus to spawn one in a better High Sec area so that we can run them as we do normally. As the goal is to down the focus we are trying to move quickly rather than farm isk so we will be moving with that in mind.
  2. Hey! This is a notice for line pilots because I was asked a few times in fleet today. We've moved the Vylade's kill priority on a few waves so don't be surprised by some new tagging. Also go ahead and check the HHH guide as it was updated to primary the Vylade on these few waves. Thanks! HHH Guide
  3. In honesty tho its the exact same setup as most VG squads he just took it to another level with some extra strategies and a good computer.
  4. It is true I was there.