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  1. Rejecting FC Fit alteration

    R&R is based on a fitting where the pilot has all level 5 skills, as listed in the document. It is understood that each individual pilot, when using the in game fitting tool most likely will not meet those numbers in the R&R as most of our pilots do not have perfect skills. All of that is accounted for in our fits. Looking at this fit you are in a weird place between an standard and optimal fit based on our current doctrine. Part of the reason you need an additional EM mid slot is that the rigs do not match our doctrine. The (2) Large Core Defense Field Extender I should instead be (2) Large EM Shield Reinforcer II. It is more efficient to fill the Vindi EM hole with rigs and provide more utility with webs. I am not sure what the FC asked you to replace, but the current standard fit is quite a bit different than the old meta. Depending on your number of hours, the FC may have been expecting to see a 3 web vindi to match our upgrade policy. The rig/mid slot combo is one I certainly have not seen in a long time.
  2. IT's The Great Giggity, Talidar!

    The event can be found in the waitlist and on the discord (actual discord event).
  3. Booster Guide

    Booster Guide
  4. Lost badges D:

    I did it for you this time.....BUT....I recommend looking into getting a my teamspeak account and syncing your id. That way you don't keep loosing all of the badges when you reset your computer
  5. Lost badges D:

    I could only find the hunting rabbits. But that one should be added back.
  6. Lost badges D:

    Should be done.
  7. Lost badges D:

    Should be done.
  8. Warp To Me Rookie Refitting Guide Alpha Pilots are exempt from this guide until such time that you are Omega. Please prioritize getting your Omega to get the most out of your ship and skilling. Until that time, for our hulls that are dual prop, remove the MJD and replace it with an extra utility mod. How to refit using a Nestor? It is helpful to add the Nestor pilot to your watchlist to see when they are on grid with you. In your hud settings, ensure that Display Empty Slots is enabled. Make sure you are within 5,000m of the Nestor. If they are too far away, Keep at Range 1,000m the Nestor. Open your ship's inventory window. Drag the module you wish to replace from your ship fitting slot to the inventory. Drag the module you wish to put on the ship from you inventory to the now empty slot. You have now refit your ship! When do I refit? A True Creation Research Center (TCRC) is easier and faster when our DPS and snipers all have MJDs (Micro Jump Drives) to jump to the tower. When we land on the gate before we enter, generally a Nestor will be on the gate. The FC will instruct you to refit. Before you go into to either an Nation Rebirth Facility (NRF) or a True Power Provisional Headquarters (TPPH), you will want to refit back to your standard fitting. A Nestor should be waiting on that gate as well. What do I replace for my MJD? Tech 1 and Faction battleships should keep all tank modules and MWD (Micro Warp Drive otherwise known as a propulsion module or prop mod) fit at all times. The MJD replaces utility for a TCRC. Hyperion: Stasis Webifier Tempest: Tracking Computer Vindicator: Stasis Webifier Other Accepted Battleships: A utility mid (Web, Tracking Computer, Tracking Link, Target Painter) Marauder Optional Utility Refits Marauders have some other optional refits. Refer to Marauder Fit Changes for NRF and TPPHs and Bastion Marauders for more information.