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  1. Incursion Leshak

    Just to be clear, t1 ammo is still not allowed for the leshak (or any ship) at this time. If you have data/experience to share then by all means. I myself would like to see it further explored for the leshak, at least until it gets faction ammo added.
  2. Incursion Leshak

    Also niki made a pretty thorough guide to anchoring and tactics for the leshak in general that I would suggest reading.
  3. Incursion Leshak

    You want to at least stay within 60km of the booster, the logi can still apply reps pretty well at 50-60km, anymore than that will make them have to over rep. But during the last wave not too big of a deal. Just wait till the outunis are down to burn out far. I personally will stop by the sniper anchor to gauge what spawns and who needs my help the most, sometimes dps needs the help more. And as always listen to your FC
  4. WTB scimi

    I have a scimi you can have for free, but it's in minmatar space. It's standard fit with logi 4 refit. Just let me know if you're interested and I'll put up the contract for you.
  5. He uses cascading windows and fleet warps. He told me himself. You can see it being done in the video posted as well.
  6. Logi Tactics, Tips, and Tricks

    What you described is my preferred method of staggering. You have enough time between cycles to reassess most of the time. So I do what I like to call cartwheels with staggering, cycle on(2-3reps) then cycle off/cycle on till I'm staggered sufficiently, then reassessing as they get stable.
  7. [Idea] Cap Stable Basilisk; yah or nay?

    This is/has been looked at, the main issue right now is the deadspace reps and it's market stability. There are some meta/t2 repper versions but they have other issues
  8. Logi School

    I will be hosting a Logi School next Friday, 4/26 at 2200 EVE Time in whichever focus we are in.
  9. Leshak Tactics

    Regarding high slots, would it be a decent idea to put an offlined cyno and entosis link next to the disentegrator to act as a giant heat sink? I don't understand heat dispersion as much I'd like, would this make any difference then having the slots empty?
  10. WTS x3 Bulkhead Bowhead

    Yeah, I'll grab it when I get home later today. I'm usually on 1700-2100 eve time. Think I might use it to seed standard logi ships in the current focuses.
  11. WTS x3 Bulkhead Bowhead

    I'll take it, contract it to Malcolm Galora in game at the price you listed and I'll get it when I get on later this morning.