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  1. Scimitar Upgrades

    Sig amp is a quality of life improvement for logi pilots more than anything. I like dcu on influence fits and my snowflake ones too. Most of a scimitar's tank is in its tiny sig and higher base speed. It's biggest drawback is it's lack of buffer. Avoiding aggro is its best defense, but a dcu can be a nice touch if unavoidable (like high influence). There are some niche fits that combine dcu and pds for a more tanky setup, but the drawback being cap stability. Scimitar's in general are some of my favourite ships to fly
  2. Proposed pulse mare positions

    AAA isn't a command role, its just an anchor, most experienced people are anchoring themselves. Listen to your FC first always, but AAA should be worrying about themselves, if someone is harassing you like this again, let FC or another commander know.
  3. Proposed pulse mare positions

    This is actually the optimal positions for all sniper ships. Our AAA anchor spots are mainly for logi rep range and not optimal shooting ranges. The NRF anchor is actually a 2 parter. You burn another 50-60km parallel to the beacon for the last wave. Each spot puts you about 40km from your targets. For pulsemares it puts you right under your falloff. If you really want to get up in optimal ranges you would need to anchor almost like a leshak, but that would require some extra coordination with your cap buddy. Or a cap stable fit.
  4. mobile depot for sniper?

    Depot in a nightmare is not uncommon. Usually it's for swapping your cap modules around for utility. We actually advise all nightmares to carry one and a tractor beam in case we need someone to mtac when no machs are available. MWD swap isn't a bad idea, you just need to make sure you are refitting and ready by the end of the site. If you find yourself forgetting maybe reconsider, we don't really want any delays in people getting to the next site, maybe the occasional ammo run is the exception. Just don't mess with your tank modules or swap to any banned modules, or you may find yourself booted from fleet.
  5. Scimitar Upgrades

    Sometimes you just have isk to burn.
  6. Scimitar Upgrades

  7. Scimitar Upgrades

    This fit was actually removed from acceptable with the Surgical Strike patch.
  8. Scimitar Upgrades

    It basically comes down to cost versus performance. Bling AB are nice but they don't add enough to make them wanted on the majority of fits. I would only really recommend adding a dcu for influence where your resists matter a little more. A scimitar's tank mostly comes in its tiny sig and its speed, with great base resists in EM and Thermal to get away with much less. I personally believe a scimitar's greatest tank is simply not getting aggro in the first place, something a basilisk doesn't always have the luxury of. This takes a little experience and situational awareness to pull off though.
  9. Updating the guides

    He mentions it. We should look about having an updated part for logi tho. Optimal basi add one passive em scimi add another invuln or dcu? Not sure what the right call would be for the guide.
  10. Drugs Guide (Unofficial)

    Then pop an overclocker ds9 and make that basi burn!
  11. Updating the guides

    That's what I've always done. Knowing when and where to stop your ship is a helpful skill to learn. Helps for stopping in front of romis to catch them burning, or stopping at your anchor spot and adjusting to avoid bumps.
  12. Updating the guides

    Focus on getting there, separating your ammo out then dropping the can, tractoring it, grabbing the mtac, getting it to the transfer array, then dropping it. Then you can drop drones, considering you are right next to the tower at this point. For someone who has never done it before, they should just focus on doing their job first.
  13. Updating the guides

    Hmmmmm, :thinkingface: I think you meant fed navy ogres. Also as good as that headline looks, maybe something that doesn't have sentry drones? It should be machariels preferred, if none available, nightmare can do it if they refit beforehand. They should wait to do that until they have dropped the first mtac, think Priorities.
  14. Drugs Guide (Unofficial)

    Depends on supply, yeah. Having it last longer helps too. Right now its about 14mil in Amarr.
  15. Drugs Guide (Unofficial)

    ah yeah, you right. I haven't used the synth boosters much, I usually use improved mindflood for logi, where the reductions aren't relevant.