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  1. Implants and Guns

    Nice. Hit up a Commander next time you are in fleet and on TS for badges.
  2. Hello

    Mastery level 5 is pretty nice, that logistics cruiser level is where the real magic happens. Welcome to WTM! Look forward to seeing you in fleet.
  3. Drugs Guide (Unofficial)

    oh yeah that's a thing.
  4. Drugs Guide (Unofficial)

    Drop for DDD is really good, especially the improved/strong varieties. In HQs the velocity and shield buffer drawbacks can be a pain tho.
  5. Scimitar IV with a Remote Tracking Computer

    lol i love the enthusiasm. with a pith c hardener you can drop the second one, and with faction relays like you said help too. With an implant and good mods and secondary skills you can push a logi 4 scimi to 3 links and be 3 rep stable, but logi 5 makes it a whole lot easier making 4 rep stable and 3 links pretty simple.
  6. WTM Upgrade Policy

    Current policy doesn't require optimal fits... yet. Post was moved and tagged to avoid confusion.

    Interesting, that you can edit subsequent comments, but not the first post. Oh well.

    Do you see that option under the post?
  9. Blobert's TPPH Basi Experiment

    There's a sort of rhythm most established logi pilots get into the habit of, chain/links up, orbit+prop mod, then just working through broadcasts. Doing stuff out of the ordinary like this kind of breaks the rhythm. It's not a bad idea, logi 5 pilots can get away with a lot of stuff like this, but I can't see this as being standard practice. Someday I still dream of chainless basis
  10. Logi Agro

    Logi taking a switch is mostly situational, first waves when the battleships are not in postion to do damage a logi will likely take the switch. Most of the time we bug the logi is when they take initial aggro via taking the gate too soon, or by running too many reps. Promoting good habits should be advisable, reminding logi to cycle down reps at the end of waves, waiting a few seconds before taking a gate, using only as many reps as you need to keep someone stable, being ready for the switches. Reinforce the ideas, keep them engaged, all that jazz.
  11. niki's shop

    niki shop and eliz shop collab? cornering the market? @Mu Linfei shop doesn't stand a chance
  12. Fun Fleet, of sorts: "Where No Man Has Gone Before". 7-24-20, 1600h.

    2020.07.24 17:30 Insurance 73,219,921 ISK 1,050,864,307 ISK Insurance paid by EVE Central Bank to Malcolm Galora covering loss of a Oracle 2020.07.24 15:17 Insurance -21,965,976 ISK 977,644,386 ISK Insurance paid by Malcolm Galora to Secure Commerce Commission for ship Here lies... (Insurance RefID:1033898647736 All according to plan
  13. Fun Fleet, of sorts: "Where No Man Has Gone Before". 7-24-20, 1600h.

    Slow rider fleet I believe the last room has long range spawns, so we will need some sort of sniper boats. Maybe some ships can have rails?
  14. niki's shop

  15. niki's shop

    *stares into the shop window knowing I can't afford anything*