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  1. This is actually a really good advice! Thank you, I will try it for sure!
  2. Hi everyone, As the topic title (and the Rolling Stones) says, after some time that I'm running incursion sites with WTM, I would like to introduce myself. I'm Mark Demartini ingame, Vindicator pilot that tries to suck as less as possible (and I'm not always successful in that) Unfortunately, despite of the 50/60 sites i already ran (THANKS FOR THE ISK!!! ), sometimes I still have tunnel vision and miss something (a classic is to forget to assist my drones to HHH). I'm trying to improve... I have to make my compliments to WTM: is a really nice community where the newbies and the veterans can co-exist. As I put myself in the first category there's a lot to learn from the seconds Special mention to FCs and Logis (guys what you do is frakking awesome!). I really would like to start to take some role eventually (probably first step would be HHH, isn't it?), but I'm still afraid to mess up. I don't care about my name on MOTD I just would like to be more useful than I am now I don't want you to have fun of my written English any longer (Italian here ) so I will cut it short! Thank you guys, I hope to stick around for a long time! Marco