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  1. Have i been banned from WTM?

    Nope not banned
  2. Bastion Marauders

    With the recent changes to the Bastion Modules for Marauders, Warp to Me will be changing our policies regarding Marauders and their Fits. Golem At this time WTM is removing the Golem from our accepted Ships list. The Golem will no Longer be accepted into WTM fleets, with or without Bastion. Other Marauders The Vargur, Kronos, and Paladin will be moved into the Optimal Ships category (For upgrade policy Purposes). All Marauder pilots will be required to be approved prior to flying in WTM fleets, this will include a skill check and a training period. Skill List: Requirements for Bastion Pilots: All Pilots must have Blue Pill running at all times. All Pilots/Fits must have >1m cap life with all modules running. The Empty Highslot on each fit should be fillled with an offline module (or online if it fits), see guides for suggested modules. The listed fits are at a minimum, module downgrading is not allowed. Guides: Kronos Paladin Vargur Approval Program: - Once pilots have all the required skills and the ship(s) purchased and fitted, they may apply via the Bastion Application - After the skill check is completed, pilots will be contacted by a member of council with specifics of the training program. - Pilots will require 2 sign offs from Bastion Badged Commanders before they will be able to freely fly the ships. - Pilots will not x-up with the bastion ships until they have these 2 sign offs unless they have a time scheduled to work with a Bastion Badged Commander and with FC permission. - Pilots may swap ships after joining if they have a Bastion Badged Commander to work with and FC permission.
  3. Warp To Me Vanguard Fleets

    The way that Warp to Me runs Vanguard Fleet is going to be changing! Going forward, all Warp To Me Fleets (Including Vanguard) will be xing up using the Warp To Me Waitlist. When going to X-up ensure that you are x-ing up for the fleet that you are wanting to run. There will be multiple tabs on the waitlist if we are running multiple fleet types (Headquarter, Assault, Vanguard). When you X-up it will prompt you for the Type of Fleet you are wishing to Run. Vanguard Fleets will be running different fits from HQ fleets (Assault Fleets run the same fits as HQ). You can find Vanguard fits in the Vanguard Section of the Fitting website.
  4. Is there a process to appeal a ban?

    Sure message leadership and they will discuss it
  5. T3 Logistics (Loki)

    Line Pilots are now allowed to fly T3 Logistic Cruisers. Currently, only the Loki will be accepted into fleets. In order to Fly a T3 Cruiser, a pilot must first prove that they are a capable Logistics pilot by earning the Trusted Logi badge from a WTM Line Commander. Once a pilot has the Trusted Logi badge, they may apply to fly T3s. The application includes a skill check and some questions regarding the differences between flying T2 and T3 Logi. Pilots who are approved will receive an “Approved T3” badge from a Certified Trainer on Teamspeak. Only those with the badge are allowed to fly T3s. Please ensure you are connected to the WTM Teamspeak when you x-up your T3 so the FC can confirm your badge. Approved T3 Logistic Pilots must always x up with a Logistics Cruiser V Basilisk in addition to the T3 and be willing to switch as needed. Rep Application: T3 Logi use 8 Medium Remote Shield Boosters vs the T2 Logi’s 4 Large Remote Shield Boosters. The medium reps have a much shorter optimal range (7km vs 32km), and less repping power per rep than the Large but the additional modules (8vs4) allow the T3 logi to outrep T2 logi at any distance. When applying reps, 1.5 medium reps are equivalent to 1 Large Rep; so, in a situation where you would normally apply 2 large reps, you want to use 3 medium reps. T3 cruisers get large bonuses to Overheating: the Offensive subsystem skill increases the benefits of overheating by 50%. T3 pilots therefore should expect to use heat far more liberally. Anchoring: For the TPPH and NRF it is not really necessary to do anything different than T2 Logi (orbit Booster at 10km). For the TCRC, enter as normal and set up orbit on Booster. Once the tower bash starts, orbit a ship closer to the tower (a Leshak is recommended). T2 vs T3 Benefits: T2 logi bring utility to the fleet in the form of Combat Caps, Remote Sensor Boosters and Remote Tracking Computers. T3 logi do not bring any utility. T3 logi rep harder than T2 logi. T3 logi are also more tanky than their T2 counterparts; therefore, they can more freely use their reps. Getting aggro in the T3 is not as dangerous as a T2 logi. Skill Requirements: T3 cruisers require extensive skills to perform at their best. All of the following skills are mandatory for T3 pilots. Ship skills: Strategic Cruiser IV Subsystems: Offensive V Core V Propulsion IV Defensive I Engineering Capacitor Management V Capacitor Systems Operation V CPU Management V Hull Upgrades IV Power Grid Management V Shield Emission Systems V Thermodynamics IV Nanite Interfacing IV Navigation Navigation V Acceleration Control IV Afterburner IV Evasive Maneuvering IV Fuel Conservation IV Shields Shield Management V Shield Upgrades IV Tactical Shield Manipulation IV Targeting Advanced Target Management III Note: in the event that you lose a T3 ship and therefore a subsystem skill level, you are not permitted to fly a T3 again until your skills meet the requirements specified above. Other Rules and Regulations: All Tech III Logistics ships must use 8x Pithum A-Type Medium Remote Shield Boosters. All Tech III Logistics ships must be 6 rep stable. All Tech III Logistics ships must use Tech II Afterburners, at minimum; MWD’s are not permitted. All Tech III Logistics ships must meet or exceed 75% in all shield resistances without Command Bursts. All Tech III Logistics ships must be capable of reaching 50,000 Effective Hit Points (EHP) without Command Bursts. The Loki requires the Dissolution Sequencer subsystem. Fits: T3 Application
  6. Assistance Joining In-Game Channel

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