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  1. Logi Tactics And Wisdom, Found this: Helped me \m/

    Bump Too! Dont forget, there is a wealth of info on the WTM forums, and if you've flown a logi before, reading them, will help. This video is great, especially the 2nd part.
  2. Logi Tactics, Tips, and Tricks

    Bump, and id suggest reading all the comments too, especially Davonious
  3. Banned from ingame channel

    @Cpt Snickerdoodle I am confident my friend, That my associates are havin' a sit'down, to dicuss bus'ness. In which regard, I am positive: your Muscle' will be most welcome, to slap the sansha's, in the next focus. Make sure you fly smaht, and make it to the next focus in one piece. Good luck, and good Fortune. I look forward, to teachin' the sanshas a lesson, about respect. And i hope to see you there too. -VVR \m/
  4. How I spot gankers in system quickly

    Thanks for spreading wisdom to newbrows Mad Ani. Tpph towah bash? Without drones out D= Lol. Again thx
  5. Raw convo about DDD

    Bump. This Wisdom is brought to you bye: Niki Las Vegas , Nigal Los Angeles, Warp To Me Incursions, and Viewers, like You. \m/
  6. WTS T2 Mostly Faction Fit Vindi

    Your Selling your Vindi!?? (No worries, im just playing) I may be interest'ed in the Vindi, if no one bites at it, I might make an offer, neither' of us will refuse
  7. DPS Wisdom, Tips and Tactics

    ^It would be my pleasure, and will continue to do so. *Added Niki Wisdom, and Nikis patented Simple ammo Rule. As well as betta'h Picture. Final note: Not sayin i was waitin' for it ..[over a year]. But dam: a Niki pat-on-the-back? : Humbled. "Annd we'll be back after this short break: Stay tuned for More Details." \m/ <3 \m/
  8. DPS Wisdom, Tips and Tactics

    Add: "Coming Soon to a thread post near you:" Narrator Voice* " a world, of walls of text. where headaches, claim more capsuleers, - than sansha. A group of Incursioners ... WILL RISE." DpS School: "Now You See: Now You Do" where all those words, come together in Form! NOW IN COLOR! In partnership with WTM Incursions, "the VvR Show: Sansha Slappin Adventures" on WTMI 96.6 TS and audio preformed by THX (I wish) Available this Summer! tickets, given away at select locations. reserve your tickets now, by UpVote/Likes. [but seriously: Ill be making a Video and/or Gifs hope to be out soon, or summer the latest. Title subject to Change] P.S The origional Post is Updated constantly. Dont forget to look at Sliding, and new section under webs<3 Good Luck and Good Fortune \m/ WTM \m/ -VvR
  9. Best alpha batleship

    Yep. Vindi, even with meta IV guns and Alpha skills, it is the Superior BS. Annd imho: the Most fun you can have flying a BS (I had one from missions when i came into Incur as an alpha toon, with it: i didnt stay alpha long) Ohhhh and as alpha, with a vindi, when you switch to omega, and train up skills, it is an endorphin rush watching the DPS go up \m/
  10. WTS Vindicator with Abyssal Mods

    I am interested. When i have time id like to go over the details with you @Henry Garraway shoukd be within the next 24 hrs
  11. WTS Basilisk

  12. Just a Hello from Newbro Nemrod

    Lol Yessir. Congratulations on your Vindi!!! \m/ Annnd no worries friend! Take your time learning (i am a slow learner too) I know first starting off can be a little overwhelming, (I actually lost my 1st Vindi my 2nd night of incursions, 3months of missioning to get it) - but dont tell anyone that ;] So have no fear friend! You're in a welcoming community committed to Fun, and Improving our skills playing Eve - alll while making isk for nice new toys. Speaking of which: since you've shown Initiative: and actually took the time to find "DPS wisdom+Tactics" and Foshkey's: "Short Range DPS pilot" annnnnd got yourself a brand new vindi --> on Behalf of VVR, and the WTM community: I shall contract you a True Sansha Stasis Webifier, (15k Range). Send a Message to "Victor Victor Rothwulf" in game mail - So i can make sure i get the name right in Contracts. Welcome again to WTM! \m/
  13. Just a Hello from Newbro Nemrod

    Welcome @Nemrod Dreamwalker! I see you are a blaster Pilot/brawler. (My favorite) i hope you're having fun with it :] Also: if you have any questions about being a DPS ship, do not hesitate to ask! I met you last night during a tower bash, and i see you have the makings of a great DPS pilot. Keep having fun with WTM, and *lemme know when you have skills for the Vindicator. - You're on my Radar (good side) looking forward to flying with you in fleets! Good luck and goos fortune \m/ -VVR
  14. Nichs Abyssal Shop

    Any faction level sinks im down. The really nice ones though i cant afford #poorsTho'
  15. Nichs Abyssal Shop

    I'll buy!