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  1. @Nemisis2k24 congrats! "You're going to love the way it flies. I guarantee it."
  2. New recruits thoughts...

    No worries! I used to do that a lot. Flame has an excellent suggestion, (crtl-d) is the shortcut for bringing up the tactical overlay, i also find that tactical camera helps alot. Speaking of shortcut/hotkeys: As a Vindi: I find my best friend is the 'Keep at Range Hotkey' which is (hold e + left click on target) it is great for preventing/reducing bumping inertia (because if you spam keep at range when you're close to bumping -your Vindi will 'veer' away) Practice using that K.A.R(keep at range) function, it is wonderful for Getting in the face of the Sansha/DPS tags, as well as your anchor. -- Now, the 'Target ' that you E+LeftClick could be an actual target that you have locked, could be something on your Overview (i like arranging it alphebettically) OR you can click someone in your Watchlist. K.A.R hotkey has many uses, from "Sliding" to "Brawling" to Anchoring on Anchor. Start practicing/getting used to the K.A.R hotkey, All things take a lil' muscle memory, so no worries- it took me a bit, but it was worth it all the way.
  3. New recruits thoughts...

    \m/ <3 \m/ fellow Vindi Pilot! Certainly glad you're having fun Flying in Fleet :] And it is awsome you have the drive to Improve your abilities, im sure you'll be BC fast in no-time! and with that drive you'll be Slappin' Sansha like Niki. Yeah, shields are nice because we can Overheat our invulns for a nice resistance bonus (Two reasons we have pilots 'stagger' their Invulns: In case of being Nueted out, or if you need to Overheat your Adaptive Invulns). And im sure you saw the Logi keep your Vindi from being scratched :] Welcome again! Good Luck and Good Fortune, look forward to having you in Fleet!
  4. I´m the (really) new one

    @Deleran Armeng welcome to the Fam'ly, on Behalf of 'This Thing of Ours', on this: the day of your Introduction. I Hope you've been enjoying your Experience with us so far; I wish you many more Fun, Exhillerating, and profittable times to come. WTM has a lot of people that will gladly offer more than just Wisdom and Advise on Incursioning, but many aspects in EvE. I see you've already taken the step on Joining us in the Forums 🤘♥️🤘 I know the forums were a huge help to me reading them on my spare time in RL. Also, dont hesitate to ask things not only Here, but in game and in TS as well =] Look forward to Slappin' Sansha with you, or saving fleetmates while they are doin' the Slappin' I look forward to having you in Fleet; Good Luck, Good Fortune, and Great Fun. Sincerely, and with a warm Welcome: -VVR \m/ <3 \m/
  5. Intro

    Welcome to this 'Thing of Ours' that is: the WTM fam'ly - cause when you're here, you're fam'ly. And may I humbly say: ...a Vindi, with two webs? Is one of the funnest 'things to fly. The joy it Brings.. when take out the Sansha's kneecaps, and slap the Sansha -with a lead pipe .. adding to the fun you find. I wish you good luck and good fortune; fun times, whilst teaching the Sanshas what happens when they dissrespect' the fam'ly. Which is now your fam'ly. With Respect and welcome -VVR \m/
  6. miss you guys

    Miss you too @Darthun, wish you Great Luck and Great Fortune finding yourself that RL isk \m/ "I may know a guy - who knows a guy, who needs a guy : that does not shy from doing "jobs" Alls it requires is a strong stomach, and hushed mouth. - ohhh, and not bein' easily intim'dated by the boys in blue." #classicSexyNasi
  7. DPS Wisdom & Tactics

    @Juan Carlos Minjita come back soon and fly with me/ in my fleet. You can host the DPS class again <3 P.S Hope You, The Mrs, Leo, and Jack are well<3
  8. Juan Carlos Minjita

    Congrats!!! Jack! Jack! Jack ! Jack! Welcome! The Greateat Luck, and The Greatest Fortune to you @Juan Carlos Minjita and your Family! #AdmiralDonJuanCarlosMinjita!
  9. A quick thank you

    Welcome to WTM Family @Destro! And sharing your first experience with slappin' the Sansha 'round I know i fell in love with WTM's culture of Newbro friendly, ISK Faucets of fun! Welcome to this thing of Ours, which is yours too now. -cause while your here, your Fam'ly Hope to see your Muscle or docter'in skills in fleet! while we send the' Sansha, a Message.
  10. DPS Wisdom & Tactics

    Sliding: aka "Using Momentum" Here is a helpful tip i shall eventually add to the Thread above. So: In reference to landing in a pocket (aka Taking a Gate with FC's authorization) avoiding painful Mathimatical Calculations, what if i told you, that there is a way to use the warp speed you had to burn towards Sansha after you take an accelleration gate? Im not kiting you, it is possible. As you play, start to pay attention to your velocity Bar, especially while beginning to warping/ landing from warping. After awhile, you'll notice that the "Warp Bar" (The velocity bar that has WARPING shown across) enters warp at a certain point, (75%-90%) and exits warp, at about (40%) (Thats why we have you aligning full speed to quicken the warp) and although thats usuful, Im focusing on Landing from warp. * Id suggest to you to pay attention to when your ship Exits 'WARPING' (Aproximately 40% ) you'll notice it switches from saying "Warping" to the regular display (100m/s for example) ** This is the exact server tick/time that your ship is free to Move/aproach/keep at range, activate modules, lock targets, recieve links etc. if you desire it. And i would say you do! Why?? Because it allows you to carry that momentum! It is a lot easier for your ship to Burn to Max velocity from 100m/s vrs from a dead standstill. You "slide" from outta Start practicing, now that you know what to look for you can! I gotta get to work now. o7 see you in fleet
  11. Dr Izumi Uchiya

    Congratulations Izumi. P.S (points to a dent in skull) should i be concerned about this?
  12. \m/ <3 \m/ Hey WTM<3 I Found this, while trying to soak up wisdom from all sources. Here are some links : Part 1 and 2. I know these videos helped me out greatly, to improve muscle memory efficiency, and i have incorporated it into how I play. I am thankful for all the wisdom/tips that are already posted all over the forum, as well as what has been shared with me in WTM, so I started this thread to help NewBro's and anyone else who wants to become a Logend; my'self included. We love Logi's, and In My Humble Opinion its 2nd place fun only to Being a Vindi with 2 webs <3. "Logi's are Legends" I <3 Logi If you have Tips to share! share them below! Without Further Ado Part 1: Part 2:
  13. Juan Carlos' P R A X I S fleet 25th May 1800

    + 1 to attend. Contemplating quitting my job to attend such a festivity. (Jk, but ill be there or Crash Trying) . .
  14. Garage Sale

    Ive only called armor shots, never experienced 1400's - could use Alpha Angel.. ..Tell me about the Mach
  15. DPS Wisdom & Tactics

    Thank you all, sincerely. And i actually wanted to kick it off by asking: and recognizing that There are a lot of variables to account for; asides from a TCRC, and a "full fleet arnons" (as i imagine webs will help the Snipers Tracking, as well as DPS') : -What is the concensus regaurding DPS skipping webs over T1(tag one) in favor of T2-T10 to prevent the higher tags from running away? -Or is it best to web All DPS tags T1-web limit, As the slower the sansha move the higher the applied damage which pops them faster. I figure there is a wealth of wisdom that somone has already tested it. Cause I am in favor at what pops targets/waves quicker. Thank you in advance for input.