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  1. [WTS] Entry/Alpha fit Apocalypse Navy Issue

    Closed because completed
  2. WaitList EVE Time Added

    Maybe, Beryl is doing a lot of UI changes at the moment. So when he is done with them, might need to look for a place to put it. That said, it is not that usual to display a time on websites, and is it really that hard to know what UTC time it is currently ?
  3. Upwell Structure and Cloning Facilities

    I mean someone has to pay for it and set them up and manage it either way. Blobert is doing it. I don't see how you would change that. Not like they can just appear out of nowhere. (And they are actually going up under Spartas corp? so he should have access to manage them too?)
  4. Upwell Structure and Cloning Facilities

    Pretty sure he is intending to put the clone bay offline 24h after incursion and then online it again when moving back there. That is how I understand the initial post at least. So it only uses fuel in the current focus.
  5. Fun Fleet!

    i'd assume the plural written with our alphabet would be like Genosies, but i am not sure as to how much that makes sense with the meaning of the word
  6. Stop Flying Loaded Bowheads Through Niarja.

    Can't find MER for June so please forward to me if you stole it from ccp. But from the May one this is like 1.76% so lets not exaggerate, not even 1/50th of the incursion isk. All together there was over 7.7T isk from Incursions (this does NOT even include what the LP is worth).
  7. Colelie Citadel

    Why would they? They are a mainly russian community and kk is the norm there.
  8. WTM fitting page in Japanese can't import.

    Lul wut, it isn't a bug on ccps side. I's just something they changed. I mean you decide to tell it you rather have Japanese then english and it does so Okay apparently you reported importing the fit in japanese in the eve client not working, which is good idea if that really doesn't.
  9. WTM fitting page in Japanese can't import.

    I did change the fitting website to send en-us, en;q=0.9 as Accepted-Language header on jquery request Also since I figured out how to do this in the process the main website should do the same now when doing requests to the /universe/type/ api (actually to any url containing that string, but I guess that should be okay) Idk I really gotta talk to quie about this some dayTM
  10. WTM fitting page in Japanese can't import.

    Basically what Kimina says. You browser is looking up modules names from CCPs api, which gets the information from your browser that you prefer Japanese over English so it sends Japanese names back where they are translated. It could be programmatically be forced to English. I can look into doing this for the fitting website, since the site doesn't really do calls to anything else. Or you just change your language setting temporarily when looking up a fit. I mean the website is basically doing what you are telling it to
  11. Scimi V Advanced with 4 Links

    Because the people that get to set the rules to what THEY think is good and works for the community are those Command Core members, you don't want to be part of. (You might very well discuss on the forums about it, but if they tell no it will stay a no) And as some one mentioned here, there is the decision ATM that the fits/rules that are offered by WTM are good for public pilots. And there are exceptions for known people (Command Core Members) if the current FC of the fleet is also okay with it, because they also know that there are other fits that can be flown if you are capable to do it and they know them good enough to know they can handle it and won't e.g. forget to put their implants in.
  12. Scimi V Advanced with 4 Links

    Nice rage post.
  13. Nightmare pod fit?

    I got both of them in so But yeah that one exists too , guess I got them confused from the price
  14. Nightmare pod fit?

    There is a 7% implant for Large Energy Turret btw, if you wanna spend like 3-4b on that. That one:
  15. How do i get badges ?

    So Basically, for any of the command badges you need be accepted as a commander in the for the badge appropriate position. for any of the Ship/Skill badges you need to fly an appropriately fitted ship in fleet and link your fit to one of the full commanders in fleet. for some of the other badges you need to have a commander assign them to you of their own will or attend specific events like logi school. But yeah the linked post contains the requirements for specific badges.