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  1. Wait List Manager / Fits

    Well apparently the forums run through cloudflare proxy and that is probably why you can use them fine. But yeah idk why you can't access our server directly, and I don't think there is anything I can do about it sadly. I'd suggest you maybe just try to join over more unconventional way, maybe contact currently running FC about your problem and he can just keep track of you. I don't know how command core would handle something like this case now a days :(. It might also happen that you country is simply having the servers our websites are on, on some banlist, which would not be too surprising. You can probably find that out if you do a traceroute of the website access, if you know how to do that. Through it won't help you in anyway, to know.
  2. Wait List Manager / Fits

    Any chance you could tell us what part of the world you are from (like USA/EU etc.) Nvm that, I can't find any connection/transfer errors in the webserver logs, which probably means the problem is somewhere on the way there, and with how we don't have any control over the hosts network nothing we can do anything about sadly. Maybe beryl knows something else, but I doubt there is anything we can do :(. Em I assume you are accessing forums just fine? Which is weird, since it is on the same server. So you can't open: either?
  3. Selling Upwell Structures

    Contract is up, I assumed you where willing to pay the proposed 400m, since you didn't write an other price
  4. Selling Upwell Structures

    Yes no one bought one yet.
  5. Selling Upwell Structures

    I recently took down the last of the Upwell Structures still left over. I used to drop one in every VG system, that did not have a station, I flew in under my holding corp Incursion Citadel Network, and gave access to people that asked only in the hope that the Upwell Structures would survive longer this way. After years of me mostly been absent from the game, I basically took down the few (out of the once nearly 60) that were left over. (Some got stolen when I took them down because I couldn't really care enough to be there on time or lost to ganks because I don't even have a subbed (omega) acc and tayras die pretty easily ) If someone wants one, they are currently just in systems close to where they were once in space, and I don't intend to move them. This sell is basically directed to people that might want a citadel in that area anyway since I don't really have any haste in selling them. In case some are wondering why I even used Astrahi instead of the way cheaper Raitarus, well Engineering Complexes where released a full expansion later then Citadels and even after they existed for a while they were not cheaper. Astrahus are in: Aydoteaux Bagodan Bei Esescama Judra Murema Ronne Scuelazyns Thebeka Yuhelia Would like to see like 900m (kinda depends on their price in jita, if you pay 874m in jita with direct buy I gonna be okay with an offer slightly below that). Raitaru: Trosquesere If you want one just write me a DM here or reply to the topic with from which system you want it and what character the contract should go to.
  6. Interested in Seeing What Others Play

    I play XMage.
  7. WTM Fittings by their isk worth

    Ehm I don't think anyone will stop you from using officer stuff for your fitting, so ehm pretty expensive.
  8. Project Infinite - WTM Free Fleet Supplies

    Just make sure to not yolo your orca into lowsec ....or at least tell me beforehand so I can whore
  9. Suggestion

    I know what you can do in mumble, there is currently not much point doing anything new through. Since some commanders are apparently unwilling to even try mumble properly before removing it again and wanting to go back to TS. And decisions like the would at least need a talk with council over (also we will probably never allow communicating just to your own channel for linemembers, because commanders need to be able to hear what is going on and stop certain kinds of discussions etc.). But the quiet channel would be an option and could be implemented regardless. All the other channels will be "loud" ones through. Only having a distinctions between Logi and DPS so FC/LMs can opt to only speak to one or the other.
  10. Suggestion

    Maybe we can look into his, when mumble stays at main coms.
  11. Command Core Tools: User Interface Pointers

    Too bad CCP didn't make them paste-able directly into chat
  12. Banned from chat

    Looks legit to me. If no one did it yet, I am going to remove the ban on the waitlist for you for now. Chat ban needs to be handled by other people.
  13. Long Time No See

    It's probably new since he last showed up
  14. Warptome Banned?

    @Sparta I removed the ban on 'Kara Searae' for the waitlist at least Can't do the other stuff.