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  1. As a person who dreads inconvenience, I delved into how best to seed ship/clones/mods to bring about ease of moving between focus. Using dotlan's navigation function, I projected the number of jumps from each major trade hub (Jita, Amarr, Rens, Dodixie and Hek) to every HQ incursion system in High Sec. The navigation is also based on safest route (always in high-sec, unless island) These are the results 1) Amarr is the closest to trade hub to around half of the HQ systems. Nearest Trade Hub No of HQ System In % Amarr 48 48.98% Dodixie 18 18.37% Jita 12 12.24% Rens 11 11.22% Hek 9 9.18% Grand Total 98 100.00% 2) A further breakdown in terms of Jumps. (From trade hub to HQ system. Eg: There are 18 systems that are within 11-15j from Hek) Nearest Trade Hub Amarr Dodixie Jita Rens Hek Within 10J 40 14 12 14 13 Between 11-15J 5 12 2 11 18 Between 16-20J 3 12 14 16 9 Between 21-25J 9 13 8 20 13 More than 26J 41 47 62 37 45 3) I further extrapolated data to determine 2nd best trade hub (within 10 jumps from best trade hub) 2nd Best Trade Hub Amarr Dodixie Jita Rens Hek within 5J 0 3 2 10 8 Betw 6-10j 0 1 0 2 20 What are the insights gathered? (TL:DR) 1) Big Brain moment - if you don't like to move around much, just stick to docking your incursion stuff in Amarr. You have a 49% chance the focus will spawn close by 2) If you wish to seed ships/clones/mods after Amarr - ideal location would be Hek. Although it's closest to only 9 HQ systems, it's 2nd best to 28 other HQ systems. The strength of Hek's locality is: Hek is within +6j to ALL of the HQ systems that have Rens as the closest trade hub. (eg it takes 9j to get to Agha from Rens. It takes 15j from Hek) Hek is also 2nd best trade hub to 15 HQ system that are closest to Dodixie, requiring additional 4-8j 3) Jita is an outlier. The 2nd best trade hub (Dodixie mostly) for most of Jita HQ systems require between 8-14j more to reach. Caldari space is not incursion-friendly 4) Seeding sequence: Amarr>Hek>Dodixie>Jita Hope this helps anyone looking at placing incursions assets throughout New Eden. Credit: MDD Teller for his diagram on HS Incursion HQ systems Raw File: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1EilMgCLc4fLtT5ied42_iJk-sVBI9512BEDl9FJQ3JE/edit?usp=sharing