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  1. Old logi pilot wondering what’s up with the Basi?

    The reason why the marauder became incursion meta is the oldest reason out there (same why the Vindi and Leshak were meta too) : In HS it does the most dps. The change happened somewhere early 2021 i believe. They just simply gave marauder's bastion module double rate of fire without stacking with anything, so practically doubling the DPS. Some other changes happened too and since then a few times, but those are not the reason of marauders being the incursion meta.
  2. Coming back

    hey there
  3. Lost badges D:

  4. Lost badges D:

    read what Malcolm wrote for solution : )
  5. Do you do VG or is it HQ only?

    Hey there Sturgis! I have a little group that is forming on Saturdays and Sundays after Downtime. We are looking for Paladin pilots. I can lend you a pally if you dont have it yet, that is not a problem. After 14 months of non-stop weekend funs finally we started to struggle with numbers. Even failed to form last weekend so trying to find new people. I guess good weather came and people tend to play EVE a bit less : ) Lately updates wont help either to keep players interested in EVE. Anyway. Bottom line is : we are a laid back, but super-efficient bunch, might be not your timezone to play, but if you are interested, shoot an ingame mail to "niki lasvegas" . Fly safe o7 P.S. a month later : we are actually pretty good with numbers again. ;3
  6. "De-Optimization" of Ships

    This : ) Golem is probably the hardest ship to efficiently fly that WTM allows. A pilot who is doing that is anything but bad. Simply put: in incursions missiles are not as useful as turrets because of flight time, application and reloading time. Especially with a boat that can not move much if they actually want to do damage. Nowadays its more apparent than ever, when all sansha ships are just blowing up after a few seconds. At least WTM decided to allow them back which in itself was not an easy decision from them (much respect). Pretty good application on the tower tho' Until you need to hit reload. About changing doctrines: well thats just how EVE works. As was written above Leshaks are just about the best example for that. I am sure that at some point an update will drastically change Incursions again. Maybe not soon tho'
  7. Ricarde's Modified Guide to Abyssal Damage Modules

    This is definitely useful stuff, if you want to keep your budget on the sane side. Personally for budget purposes I would simply choose 2 high dmg and 2 high rof modified abyssals for the 4-set. I would probably not go red with them tho' except maybe CPU if you can afford the extra fitting space. Honestly in-game sim is also your good friend before you buy anything. That is how i bought all my abyssal stuff.
  8. Another new pilot with a bunch of questions

    Click bait at its finest.
  9. Another new pilot with a bunch of questions

    Surprisingly WTM 1.0 which was created after trigs is still a popular overview and when i ask people what do they use , often times that one. But there are tons of good ones out there. For a linepilot with a shooty ship most importantly need a tab where there is only sansha rats and nothing else to clutter (i would even recommend to not have beacon on that one, but its opinionated).
  10. Another new pilot with a bunch of questions

    There is also a WTM Discord. Check it out if you want. I would recommend to do so because fleet pings on it help to figure out whats happening currently. The link is in the game channel MOTD that was mentioned above or just simply find it top of this page
  11. Newcomer asking a few questions

    Not a problem. Glad you are flying
  12. Newcomer asking a few questions

    What is your ingame character name that wants to run with WTM? I am sure we can figure out something : )
  13. Optimal Scimi 5 Ideas

    Funny you asked. ;D Another discussion just started about it. Looks like people miss the sigamp on the scimi. Those people should just fly a loki tho' in my opinion.
  14. Optimal Scimi 5 Ideas

    I mean the only problem i had with the 5 link scimi is to get through tpph room 1 and 2 :grin:
  15. Optimal Scimi 5 Ideas

    I actually disagree with that Imelda. Before marauders when you actually had to kill almost all the frigs as DDD Vindi i was playing around it a lot. And the 4th link definitely helped. I will even say that even the 5th link helped. You could just simply feel the difference, when you are used to shooting frigs. Cant really explain it better than that. On the other hand i am not sure how many frigs you need to actually shoot as a DDD nowadays mainly because of marauders (?) ...
  16. What is the best logi, a scimi or a basi?

    Pretty much what Kate said, except asking questions is never silly
  17. What Vindi Fit is Optimal for Me?

    Hello. The most important difference is that WTM is a "shield tank" community and builds around that. You can read up on a few things, here are some places to start : For fits : If you have the ISK for it, this is what i would recommend: [Vindicator, Vindicator Optimal] If you dont have enough, you can look for the cheaper versions on the fittnig website i linked above. o7
  18. Anime

  19. Hyperion or Nightmare to start with?

    Some useful links to read for the Nightmare (just to prepare you for easier adjustment). It seems a bit overwhelming first, but dont worry about it, you will get used to it. Rookie guide: Anchor spots (AAA for NM): MTAC minigame (as a new pilot you dont have to worry about this last one just yet, but sooner or later as a NM you will have to do this role):
  20. Time to get some badges

    Im pretty sure Council is working on overhauling a lot of TS badges, but it takes time, and they always have tons of work to do, so gotta be patient with these kind of things.
  21. FC can choose these kind of things in their own fleets. How many, and who. Me personally ? I will have my NMs to try to MTAC. All of them. Okay, maybe excluding fairly new bro NMs, but even them should just read up on the subject and at least try to process the job, see it in action. They should be competing with each other without real pressure, for just fun. But better get used to this competition, because there is going to be one with another fleet, and a lot of times a good MTAC is pretty much essential for a contest win. As far as MTAC dropping and tower repping mechanics go the previous commanders already explained so i wont bother. Just simply snatch it and drop it ASAP and look for the next one. Repeat until tower is dead. If you do that there is no such thing like "tower is repping cuz we dropped too soon". If the tower is repping between 2 drops thats simply because someone did not drop on time.
  22. Pause Feature Suggestion for Waitlist

    Missing an invite is not a big deal on the waitlist. It happens all the time with the crazy waiting times (everyone can thank CCP for the lack of content). You will be kept on it until next time the chance rises. Might be only a few more minutes, or maybe much more. FC will obviously fill the fleet really quickly, cuz they cant know when will ppl accept invites or be back active. 2 missed invites same still no worries. FC might remove you after 3rd missed invite tho'. Now being offline the moment you received an invite is actually a big deal. FC will just assume you lost interest and closed the game and will just remove you from WL. So keep the game open. If you disconnect dont wait for anything, log back in sooner the better.
  23. Best alpha batleship

    Maelstrom has cap problems too, in HQ sites you need to burn a lot and that ship is extremely slow. Without cap skills you are going to suffer. Machariel is kind of expensive just to simply buy it then reship after 30 hours. Not to mention this topic is more than 14 months old, so the guy asking is probably long gone ;3
  24. niki's Capsprey Guide for HQ sites

    Not a bad fit at all, altho' i personally do not prefer it. Making a fit unnecessarily cap stable without a good reason doesnt really make sense.You dont need MWD to stay active all the time. It is also bad for a few reasons to just run it endlessly. If you want tanky fit, use the tanky version. If you want to lessen the tank thats fine too, but dont just go half-way Use greedy fit for more utility.
  25. Hey Guys. This one has been a long time coming guide, with many requests. Finally it is time. What is a Capsprey? A Capsprey is a cheap Osprey focusing on helping out a WTM fleet and its great cap-hungriness, following them around and servicing capacitor on-grid, while not in fleet. Ideally this character is an alt of someone who is already in fleet and getting paid for site-completion. How to safely do this without blowing up? You have to play by a couple of really simple rules and you will most likely (99.99% chance) not going to get targeted at all, unless our CCP Overlords will decide otherwise (the 0.01% why you cant say something like "impossible or always/never" in EVE). Rules: 1. As always you have to listen to the FC. Nothing new here. 2. Unless you have an explicit permission from the FC you are not going into a TCRC. Only NRF and TPPH. To be fair TPPH is by far the most cap-hungry site anyway, and thats where you are needed the most. In TCRC there are a couple of frigs and cruisers who are not playing by the usual aggro rules, and sometimes its messy enough even without a Capsprey. Feel free to ask permission, but dont get grumpy if FC says no tho'. 3. In NRF and TPPH when fleet takes a gate you have to be a 100% sure that the initial aggro already happened (somebody is already getting shot), after that you have to take the gate really quickly, because you have to keep up with the fleet, and not be out of position when the next wave spawns! How to confirm aggro? Either check it with your in-fleet character, or if you dont have that wait 15 seconds after fleet took the gate, then catch up fast! 4. Anchoring: DO NOT ORBIT! You have to reach your anchor position before the next wave spawns, this is super important! When you are there then obviously you can turn off your prop-mod. I'll give you two options how to anchor yourself: a) In case you can move in 3D (Q+doubleclick) and have the capacity to choose a safe spot: anchor yourself! This is probably safer than relying on a booster that sometimes can be slightly out of position. -TPPH: last room 30 km left from the tower, 80 km from the beacon, your altitude (important) should be the top of the very highest spike of the tower. -NRF: 50 km right from the tower, 80 km from the beacon, your altitude (important) should be the top of the very highest spike of the tower. -TCRC: does not matter even if the FC lets you in, there are no waves after Outuni spawn, so you should be fine anywhere. b) In case you can not anchor yourself: You will anchor on the primary booster. You burn to it really close, keep-at-range 1000 meters. If the booster is not out of position you probably (99.99%) wont take new wave initial aggro. Okay, you survived. Nice. But how to effectively use a Capsprey, what is the job? It is rather simple because you should focus on your in-fleet character mostly anyway. You should service cap for the most cap-hungry boats in the fleet. Who are these guys? Blaster boats. Typically: all the Hyperions are cap hungry all the time. Vindicators who are burning around like madmen. Vindicators who are doing crazy DPS, pulling damage aggro. Hope they are not in fleet, but alas if they are: Rokhs. Honestly, all the blaster boats will be grateful for your deed. Some rare times if they notice you they might just tip some ISK as well for your service. I know i do. ;3 So you put 1 cap transfer on each of these guys (5 at a time), and you basically are good for at least 1 wave. I would recommend to maximize your focus on your in-fleet character. And only switch cap targets with the Capsrey if you still have spare time, which sometimes you probably wont have at all. Depends on the fleets nature, really. I would also recommend to just keep capping Hyperions (Rokhs...) all the time and never let them go. You can shuffle around the rest of your cap transfers on Vindicators if you want tho', cuz most typically they wont need them all the time, just a refuel every now and then. It is completely fine to just choose 5 ships and cap them for a whole site and to not pay attention to your Capsprey at all after you started capping and reached your anchor. What to do if you screwed up and failed to play by the rules or CCP decided you will be unlucky? AKA: if you are targeted by sansha. The tanky fit that i listed below most likely will hold and not blow up, if the in-fleet logi can catch you on time. If possible then you should voice it on comms, even target broadcast your own alt quickly. Overheat the tank, the prop-mod and try to burn away. Hopefully the commanders and logies are on the lookout on their own as well and will try to save you. Do not warp out with the tanky fit, please even if you are able to. It will just cause split aggro, which can easily result in losing some drones, and of course grumpy logi. Most likely you will survive, but even if you die, it is a cheap loss and a good lesson what not to do with the next Capsprey. If you are in the greedy fit then feel free to warp out, cuz you are not going to survive a full wave aggro. But that fit is only recommended for veteran pilots who are experienced multiboxers and confident enough that they wont screw up ever. Recommended tanky fit for everyone: Not recommended greedy fit for veterans who are experienced multiboxers and really confident: Why Small Cap Transfers? Small Cap Transfers will give enough cap for your targets, but they will not pull enough aggro to be targeted by the sansha. It is the perfect solution and these small Corpii A-Types are also really cost-effective. Alright thats enough to start. Not sure if i want to expand more on the why's and how's and make this another "book" of mine. I will update if there is something that i feel important enough. Off you go, and cap some mighty Vindicators!