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  1. Eliz Abyssal Shop 2.0

    ^This is a good deal.
  2. Drugs Guide (Unofficial)

    Tbh the worst drawback for DDD is the falloff penalty.
  3. Greetings!

    Hey there WTM fleets are running whenever there is an FC available. You can always check the waitlist website to see if there is anything going on!
  4. niki's shop

    Cleaning house a bit. Selling Pithum C-Type Multispectrum Shield Hardener x2. 250m each, or 450m both. @ next focus. SOLD
  5. niki's shop

    Hey guys. I thought i'll just toss here what im about to sell to give a chance to take a look at it before i dump the items. I can create contract anywhere in HS for you. Its an Endless Work In Progress of course, hopefully i wont forget to update. If you are interested in an item, please contact me via ingame mail!
  6. 4 x True Sansha Heat Sink

    This is a very good deal btw, NM bros!
  7. Nightmare Newbro Assistance

    Not too bad from someone who only flown 2 focus. Few addendums / fixes after reading. If you dont have enough cap, you broadcasted but did not receive any: at 10% cap turning off everything that consumes cap and keeping the hardeners on-and-running is standard procedure. This does include turning off your guns. Most dangerous thing about bumping AAA is to get it out of position and thus getting the whole logi squad out of position, cuz they are also anchoring on AAA. The only Sansha ship where snipers HAVE TO sit still in order to hit it is the Mara Paleo. That guy is so tiny, you need as much tracking as possible. NRF is the one site where you will be struggling a bit with ranges as a pulsemare. Leshaks should be around ~15 kms from targets. A pulsemare should be around ~25 kms from those spawning 2nd and 3rd wave Antems. So Pulsemare should be between AAA and Leshak, closer to sansha, but still not as close as a Leshak optimally. Honestly a Beam Mare could just do the exact same with constantly using Gleam, cuz its kinda similar optimal. Honestly i would not try to actually change scripts inside a site ever. Maybe while you are in warp, but def wouldnt turn off the TC in site, unless you are desperate to save cap or you are comfortably bashing a tower on optimal range. Why? Cuz you are going to forget to change script and/or turn them back on. Trust me. You will. Shooting with a sniper is actually the simplest thing ever. Follow tags. A-I ->1-9 -> XYZ , never-ever J. DPS and Leshak even more so can be a bit different cuz of application, but you are a sniper you should be applying just fine all the time. So: AS A SNIPER YOU ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS FOCUS FIRE AND STRICTLY FOLLOW TAGS! The only exception is the explicit voice command of FC, if FC wants you to shoot something different. Thats it. No other exception, ever. Out of the 3 sites only 1 (NRF) has more than just a few letter tags anyway. So in 2 sites you will mostly shoot number tags. In order. How to improve your cap : -Get a shinier fit. Get X-type 500MN (biggest help you ever get for cap as an item), get faction CPR (Cap Power Relay). -Get the Inherent Implants 'Squire' Capacitor Management EM-806 implant. It is super-great. -Improve your skills! These are all helpful about this order: Controlled Bursts, Capacitor Management, Capacitor Systems Operation, Capacitor Emission Systems, High Speed Maneuvering, Acceleration Control, Warp Drive Operation, -Stagger your active modules, like the hardeners, remote cap transfers, tracking computers. They will consume slightly less that way, also staggering hardener is safer if you drop down to 0 cap anyway (standard procedure).
  8. niki's take on the WTM Leshak

    Updated some tiny bits.
  9. niki's take on the WTM Leshak

    Hey guys! Just wanted to share my POV about the Leshak, and provide a basic guideline about how you should fly this beautiful snowflake in a WTM fleet. So here goes nothing! Disclaimer: a lot of time passed and a lot of things changed in EVE (nowadays i feel like every other week something huge is changing) since i wrote this. So while most of it is probably still useful it has become just a little bit outdated by now, for example FC might ask you to shoot something different... Currently i dont feel like updating it. Maybe it will change in the future. Who knows. GENERAL TIPS: With every guide the first general and golden rule should always be: "USE COMMON SENSE, PLEASE!" So there you have it. Its not hard. You just have to think a little bit Second golden rule is: "ALWAYS LISTEN TO YOUR FC!" Maybe there is something unusual thing going on and fleet needs to react and adjust. Please do so! For example i will probably do unusual things nowadays when im FC The Leshak is not a "DPS", neither a "SNIPER" ship. Its a snowflake. If you want to fly it, then please fly it properly. Basically you will need to anchor yourself all the time, not following AAA or VVV around. Most of the times you need to shoot out of tagging order, something different. I really do expect all my Leshaks to actually put effort into flying their ships as long as they are in my fleet. Getting The Precursor Battleship Level up to 5 is super important. Its an amazing bump to your efficiency. For real. I mean sure, weapon spec to 5 is nice too, but you can leave it temporarily at 4 in order to train Battleship Level 5. Its way more important! Always try to use the Occult ammo. You should use Mystic only when you enter a pocket and you are burning into position, or if you are finishing a wave and you are prepping for the next one but still removing the remnant of the wave. Veles gun is actually better than T2 gun even if you have weapon spec 4. And its not that expensive. T2 gun is however better at spec 5. WTM does allow Veles gun, but bear in mind you have to have at least weapon spec 1 and you have to be able to use T2 ammo in order to fly with WTM. This ship is all about its weapon spool-up. You should aim to shoot a single ship continuously as long as possible, preferably with Occult. Its basically a guessing game: you need to guess the ship that normally would die last on the grid. And shoot that ship. When it dies you just simply reset the game. Exceptions: - Spawn Trigger Ships: you need to exclude those from this game for obvious reasons. - Outuni Mesen: if there are 3 on the grid (or 2 and FC says so) at the same time then they are just too dangerous to completely ignore them in a shield fleet. Even if you are a Leshak. So they come before the game. Don't be scared to break the spool-up of the Mystic if you know you can shoot with Occult around 20 times or more after the switch on the same boat. Don't be afraid of burning as much as you want. This ship has mad cap stability. Use it! Keep at range 15 km on your main target is a really easy way to keep the spool going until they go poof. Especially if they are burning somewhere. If they are 20 or more km away, that's where you can start worrying about breaking the spool with Occult. I'd suggest to adjust your position if they are more than 20 km away. You should always shoot something. There is no excuse to ever stop shooting with this ship. You have everything in order to do so: You can switch ammo instantly, you can always burn whenever you are not in range cuz you have the cap for it and you have a ridiculously short cycle time. Jack of all trades. In my opinion utility high slots are less important for the Leshak in a WTM fleet. So if you are missing some fitting space (PG or more likely CPU) you can try to adjust your fitting by using up less on the high slots. Nevertheless if anyone feels like stuffing one or maybe two remote armors to utility highs feel free to do so! The ship indeed has a bonus for it. Just be careful about the tight CPU fitting limit. But more importantly as a Leshak you should never broadcast for cap if you are not neuted, so please dont cap yourself out with them! Overloading: in case of contest you can easily continuously overheat your single gun during almost (if not) the whole site! You can train relevant skills for better results of course, but just try it out! Experience your personal limit with it! Just don't burn out your gun pretty please. In "NRF" site (see below) depending on fleet comp and fleet numbers you always want to adjust your targets. I know. This is actually "hard". But after a site or two you will get a good feeling about your fleet. If snipers need help, you shoot sniper targets. If DPS needs help, you shoot DPS targets. Its not a big deal if you make a mistake with this, don't worry. As long as you are shooting, you are good! But properly adjusting yourself for fleet needs with a Leshak means shorter site time. I will write a few examples later on. With multiple Leshaks in fleet you guys can communicate with each other and try to not shoot the same target. Remember: the longer the spool the shorter the site time! Altho' be careful to not flood voice comms. Maybe its best to just use Fleet Chat. Example: "s4" means you are shooting (spooling) on tag 4. Of course this is getting harder with more Leshaks in fleet. I do understand that but again as long as you are shooting and try your best, you are good. Expect damage agro! If you are doing everything correctly with proper skill set and good fit then don't be surprised that damage agro lands on you. It means you are doing your job and being pretty good at it! So anticipate some agro switch on your ship, be on the lookout and please broadcast on time, like everyone should! Taking fleet roles with the Leshak is not the best idea. - You should never try to MTAC (lack of agility, gun range problem, but most importantly possible niarja jam which can ruin your and your fleets whole day). - You should probably not try to AAA (you dont have enough range to shoot properly). - You should not try to DDD or HHH (lack of webs). - You might be able to VVV in it, but its not really optimal to do so (lack of agility now even more so after nerf). - You already have a unique role in fleet. Its called "Leshak"! SITE BY SITE GUIDE: I'll try to give you examples here. Mostly just presuming you are the only Leshak in fleet. Sometimes you have to adjust your targets depending your fleet as i wrote above. I'm sorry this is not a sandbag ship, you actually have to use your brain, not just your eyes Hey now! Don't blame me! You chose to fly it. True Power Provisional Headquarters (TPPH) First pocket: Usually you start Mystic on Outuni and burn to Occult range of the second tagged Osti (in most fleets it should be tag 5). When you are there immediately switch to Occult and shoot it until its dead. - If fleet is really light on numbers, then you do the same, just Occult the Outuni and then Occult the healthiest Osti! -If fleet is really fast, you can just start with Osti! Second pocket: Burn to the second Osties and spool on them. - If fleet is sniper light you should burn to 2nd Antem and Occult it. If you are super-sniper light then i guess you need to shoot the Mara as well before Antems. Remember: do not burn much while shooting the Mara, cuz it ruins your tracking. - If fleet is low on numbers then kill Mara and then Occult the second Osti. -If fleet is really fast, you can just start with Osti! Third pocket: - First wave: Spool on Osties. When there are only 2 Osties left (or when FC says) burn to your one and only anchor spot which should be 80 km from beacon and 20 km to the left from the tower (exactly where the last VVV spot is). Important!!! Don't shoot the last tagged Osti (usually tag 9 or Z). If super-sniper light you might need to help out with killing the Mara at the beginning of this wave. - Second wave: Start with the second to last Osti tag. Again, its important to not shoot the last, wave trigger Osti (9 or Z)! After it goes poof you can help out with killing Romies or just spool on something that you think is best (except the wave trigger). If fleet is light on numbers you should primary the Intaki and then go business as usual. - Third wave: Spool on Osties, then whatever is left. You should try to even kill the very last frig on grid if that's the only thing preventing you from tower bash. After tower spawns Occult it, drone it and enjoy your bio! Nation Rebirth Facility (NRF) First Wave: Burn to Ostis and kill them. When you can, switch to Occult! When it dies find the next best thing to spool on. When there is only 2 Battleships left (or when FC says so) burn to your first anchor spot: 90 km from beacon, 50 km to the right from tower. Just about 20-ish km from AAA. The goal is to be in Occult range of the spawning Yulais. - If light on snipers then you might need to help out with Vylade(s) or even with Mara(s) as well. - If light on DPS then change your anchoring to roughly around DPS anchor spot cuz you gonna shoot Osties next wave! Second wave: Occult Yulais! Preferably backwards, but you should start shooting them even if there are no tags yet. Remember, spooling time is everything for this ship! When Yulais are dying shoot whatever is left and burn to next DPS anchor spot (you can look for VVV guide or for the actual on-site VVV for help). - If fleet is light on DPS or sniper heavy then you should shoot Osties backwards in this wave. Third wave: Occult Yulais first, then whatever is left! If there are only 3 ships left on grid you should start burning to VVV last anchor spot. Rough positioning is enough (say +-5 or 10 km doesn't matter) Fourth wave: This is when it becomes a little bit tricky. you can easily find yourself out of position in this wave. Don't worry about it too much. Unless fleet is light on numbers you should primary either Osties (DPS need help) or Yulais (Snipers need help). - Stay about 30km to AAA to ensure you are still in logi range and Occult Osties or Shoot Yulais with whatever ammo you can reach them. - If fleet is DPS light or you have faith in Snipers to finish the job without you then you should simply shoot Osties backwards with Occult of course. - If fleet is low on numbers you should shoot Outunies, then Intakies. After that Osties. Remember: never stop shooting until payout, please! True Creations Research Center (TCRC) After entrance spool on Outunis and start burning to the tower. Be careful to not be completely out of logi range due to early burning! In all fairness that's actually pretty hard to achieve in this site. Nevertheless you should better check! After Outunis died Occult the tower ASAP and never stop until it blows up. You should sit next to Vindicators nice and close, zero on the Tower for reasons you can find in one of my posts in this thread. In case of jam you re-spool on the tower and cry silently (F). When tower hits 50% hull lock up the warp disrupting ships (usually just Schmaels and Auga). At 20% hull you should recall drones and start to align to your FC's broadcast. After tower start shooting the "scrams". When "scrams are clear" and your FC tells you to warp you leave the site with the rest of the battleships. Be super careful in this site! Chances are if you are doing everything correctly, then at some point there will be a huge agro switch onto you! On-time broadcast is essential to stay alive in a TCRC! The Kundalini Manifest (MOM) After entrance you start burning to the Kundi and start shooting The first tagged Outuni if present. If not then the first tagged Arnon. If there are no Outunis and no Arnons then i guess you can try to shoot the Bombers while you are burning to the Kundalini. Do Not Bump It Pretty Please! Should keep at range 15 km! When you are in Occult range you start spooling on it ASAP. Its really important, because your ship is literally designed for something big, like this. In case of jam you start to shoot the Kundalini again. You never stop shooting it until its dead. And then enjoy the payout. ADVANCED TIPS: I would like to point out that you already spent a huge amount of ISK to get this ship into WTM. So while you are at it you should probably go all the way and do the bling properly. Pimp it out as much as possible! This of course includes Abyssal Rad Sinks (at the very least 23% increase or more), and Augmented Ogres! T2 Rad Sinks are pretty bad and Factions are super expensive. So your best bet is a nice Abyssal Sink. The only modules not really important in this ship are the utility high slots. In case of a contest you can go really crazy with overheating your gun cuz this ship can actually take it. A lot will depend on you when it comes to a TCRC contest! Try to shoot the tower as soon as possible and try to overload all the way! Be careful tho', you really don't want to burn your gun out. You can equip a Mobile Depot and a local Sensor Booster with ECCM Script into your cargo hold. When it comes to TCRC tower bash after burning into position you can drop the Depot, switch your MWD to the SeBo and try to resist those Niarja jams. BE AWARE! You need to refit again switching back the MWD when the tower is at 50% hull. Also don't forget to scoop your Depot before you start aligning out! A lot of possible mistakes come with this, so you need your A-Game, or don't even try it. You can go full-on nuts and get several guns into your cargo hold and just switch them when they are close to burning out. Only possible with a friendly Orca/Nestor around or at the very beginning of a TPPH tower bash with an earlier deployed Depot. This way you don't have to go to a Citadel every time you overheated your gun. You can paste the utility high modules, but the gun would be too expensive. Never stop thinking about what else you could do to improve! I'm pretty sure there are plenty other tips and tricks with this ship, but i should probably stop for now. My personal take on recommended implants (disclaimer: it's not going to be cheap, but it also won't be "ultra-high end"): High-grade Ascendancy Alpha (player market) High-grade Ascendancy Beta (player market) High-grade Ascendancy Gamma (player market) High-grade Ascendancy Delta (player market) High-grade Ascendancy Epsilon (player market) Eifyr and Co. 'Rogue' Warp Drive Speed WS-618 (available in Concord LP Store) Ogdin's Eye Coordination Enhancer (player market) Inherent Implants 'Squire' Capacitor Management EM-806 (available in Concord LP Store) Inherent Implants 'Lancer' Gunnery RF-906 (available in Concord LP Store) There is really no useful implant here for a shield Leshak so far, only an armor buffer: Inherent Implants 'Noble' Hull Upgrades HG-1006. Would not really recommend to buy this for a WTM fleet. Hoping for a weapon +6% damage sometime in the future but i doubt its happening. Updates: 1. Leshak's tracking is not as good with t2 ammo as it was when i originally wrote this. Shooting a frig with t2 ammo is actually painful now. 2. Thankfully there are more Leshaks nowadays in fleet than just 1 or 2. So in NRF you might want to think about splitting in-fleet Leshaks between Yulais and Osties.3. Logies are recommended to bring light combat drones now, so at least one remote armor repper would be pretty cool and recommended on each Leshak. Okay... This has gotten much bigger than i thought it would. Sorry about that. If anything else comes to my mind i will adjust / remove / add things if and when i feel like it. Feel free to share your own thoughts below!

    Oh man... i so hate to do this again with you... Sorry Incursion runners who want to buy these very useful implants should just find an NPC concord store and buy them for 250 mil ISK and 250 k Concord Loyalty Point I guess if you dont have 250k LP then this is maybe useful for you.

    So just a note for Leshak pilots: for WTM Mimesis implant is actually not that useful, because you are putting out less damage the first minute or two than without it. On ships you will always do less damage. On TCRC contests you will always do less damage. You are probably going to do about the same net damage on a TPPH towerbash or a normal TCRC tower. The only time it is really useful when you are in a slow fleet even with WTM standards, or if the MTAC messes up and the TCRC tower reps.
  12. Eliz Abyssal Shop 2.0

    Why did the first shop close ?
  13. WTB Shadow Serpentis/Republic Fleet Modules

    F for pay respect.
  14. logi appreciation

    There are 2 chat operators . 1 for scimi 1 for basi chat. Basi chat operator has a fancy name even.
  15. Blobert's TPPH Basi Experiment

    You know that the 3rd room is more cap hungry than 1st or 2nd tho', right? I mean its a cool idea i love it. And it should work easy enough... If everyone perfectly can follow what FC says (all the time)... And if everyone has basically perfect basi skills... And if all the non-basis are actually repping with a rep or 2 instead of being afk cuz of "TPPH"...
  16. Logi Agro

    @Imelda Virpio looking at losses and try to prevent them are nice, but it does not show how many actual scimi were really close cuz they were stoopid enough to get some serious agro for example in nrf 1st wave. It did happen multiple times and over the last 3 years there were at least 2 scimi losses in that wave. Also ask Vargon about logi loss in TPPH freaking room number 1. I also can remember a logi getting into armor in room 2 as well just a few weeks ago. Logi getting damage agro is a bad mistake, but logi getting initial agro is even worse. A good logi pilot should not draw any kind of agro ever, except if its warranted to slap all reps on a ship in trouble.
  17. niki's take on the WTM Leshak

    Brushed up a little on some gameplays.
  18. niki's shop

  19. niki's shop

    The expensive stuff has been #SOLD! But Fear not! I found some 24+% Rad Sinks. They are there for the taking ! A little bit under the market prices. OMEGA DEAL: If you buy all 3 as a bundle the price goes down to 1 000 690 420 INTERSTELLAR KREDITS! You know where to find me! SOLD
  20. niki's shop

    One down, 3 to go. Here is some eye candy, cuz ppl were actually asking for it : SOLD
  21. Ya it was fun. F for Malcolms Oracle.
  22. niki's shop

    That i actually believe <3
  23. I have a Naga close by ;3
  24. Hmm... are you sure you dont need a propmod for these Imelda ?
  25. niki's shop

    U could if you saved up ISK for a short time