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  4. Trusted Logi Guide

    Trusted Logi Guide To become trusted logi with WTM, you need to show our commanders that you are a consistent logi pilot that goes above and beyond what we expect of our new logi pilots. For new logi pilots, please refer to Logi Rookie Guide. All logi should join WTM-Logi. Trusted logi should help organize scimi links and make sure to link new pilots in both fleet chat and logi chat. Grid Awareness Our FCs are responsible for the fleet safety. But, the more eyes on grid the safer and better our fleets run. Trusted logi look for and call out a variety of things. Call outs are often done in voice and through broadcasts, but can be done in fleet chat if there is no mic available. Things to call out: Leeroys Suicide Jumps - someone using an MJD with aggro Ships out of position - meatshield not in position, wrong/bad jumps, T2 logi not using a prop mod, ships not at their anchor at the start of the wave, etc. Refer to our Anchoring Guide Important fleet role(s) missing either from grid or fleet Boosts are missing Pilot disconnects Aggro callouts: Our trusted logi should understand how incursion aggro tables work and try to predict where aggro will go before a new wave and/or switch. If a pilot fails to broadcast, be prepared to broadcast them as a target and call out the pilot with aggro. If a pilot is out of position in a place that will potentially draw aggro, target broadcast them before the start of the next wave. During a contest, help broadcast contesting fleet ships with aggro. Important Incursion Knowledge: It is helpful for our TL to know which rats have scrams, neuts, and jams. Each of these rats are particularly dangerous to our fleets. Rep ranges and cycle times for both our T2 and T3 ships. Refer to our T3 Guide for some of these stats.
  5. Returning player want to try Incursions

    Wow. I'm surprised you haven't received a reply here. Or maybe I shouldn't be surprised. Most of the social activity for WTM is happening on our Discord server now. I encourage you to come chat with us there.
  6. I left Eve 4 and half years ago. I have 96 mil SP and was a Logi Pilot(Shield Logi) back then. Don't remember my armor logi skills. Most of my offensive skills are Minmatar not sure if compatible to what you are flying. I'm still reading up the forums about incursions. I want to try Incursion and enjoy flying in Eve again.
  7. Returning to Eve and Incursions

    If you fly around this time during the week we could use more logi pilots. Just make sure your fit(s) are updated as both ships have changed significantly
  8. Returning to Eve and Incursions

    Hi wanderingbort and welcome back. I think what you want to fly is personal preference. We often start out with an abundance of Logi which declines over time and end up with people having to switch to Logi to maintain minimum safety numbers. You of course also just decide to bring both ships, but currently we have an island spawn and I assume you know that means it is too dangerous to travel there. Besides, nearly nobody moved so far.
  9. Returning to Eve and Incursions

    I flew incursions for the first few years they were out and then left Eve entirely. I'm back and looking for things to do. Reading up, it looks like the incursion doctrines have changed quite a bit so, I will have some re-learning to do. I have two pilots that were incursion ready at the time: Basi (Logi V) pilot Sniper Macharial pilot Which do we think will be easier to come back up to speed with? Perhaps notably, I feel pretty uncomfortable undocking the Mach because its been a long time and I don't know if my safe-travel instincts are well tuned anymore and I don't have enough in the bank currently to lose more than one. I'm also no where near a Vargur because when I left Eve, Mauraders were pretty bad for most activities. I'd probably drop back to the rookie battleship fit (I flew a maelstrom before the mach but it looks like the current fit is a tempest, not a big deal, I have enough in the warchest to lose quite a few of those).
  10. Optimal Fleet

    On Sept 22 Friday Focus willing i will be hosting a Optimal Fleet to end our Equinox giveaway week. Form up is 23:30 UTC and start up is 00:00 UTC with the goal of running for 2-3 hours. Marauders and vindys will have Priority yes Optimal armor ships from tla/tdf/top also long as i have a nester and or booster. Non Optimal hulls i will make a few slots for u also. Come out for fun and drinks Bring your best ship and drugs and lets rock it
  11. Old logi pilot wondering what’s up with the Basi?

    Yep, I can believe it. The extra damage would do it, and the period when the bastion mod duration was 30 seconds would make it extra enticing. And with all the bastioned marauders self-repping, I can see why fewer logi would be needed, too.
  12. Coming back

    I grew up there. Live in the North Dallas area now.
  13. Old logi pilot wondering what’s up with the Basi?

    The reason why the marauder became incursion meta is the oldest reason out there (same why the Vindi and Leshak were meta too) : In HS it does the most dps. The change happened somewhere early 2021 i believe. They just simply gave marauder's bastion module double rate of fire without stacking with anything, so practically doubling the DPS. Some other changes happened too and since then a few times, but those are not the reason of marauders being the incursion meta.
  14. Coming back

    San antonio
  15. Old logi pilot wondering what’s up with the Basi?

    Good catch. I consulted an old version of Pyfa and bastions did not have the doubled rate of fire originally. I think the 4x launchers at 2x damage each put marauders roughly on par with regular battleships otherwise.
  16. Old logi pilot wondering what’s up with the Basi?

    You're welcome. Though I may be wrong though. Someone on Command Core just told me Marauders did not have double fire rate before the timer got lowered to 30 seconds, but they always had only 4 guns. So according to him, the reason for not using Marauders was they used to deal significantly less damage than a regular battleship. That is not how I personally remember it, but I don't want to lean too far out the window, since I only restarted playing EVE like 2 years ago after a break of nearly a decade.
  17. Old logi pilot wondering what’s up with the Basi?

    Ahhhhh - thank you for explaining that! I remembered the bastion duration being the barrier before, but when I went to look at the change I was surprised to see it's the same now as it was then.
  18. Old logi pilot wondering what’s up with the Basi?

    If CCP didn't temporarily lower bastion duration to 30 seconds, people would still be reluctant and protest of using them in Incursion. Only the duration reduction probably made it ollerable to actually try, but now they still keep them, despite the duration having been increased back to 60 seconds. But it's like that... if the gap of change is too big, people will outright refuse to change their conduct, no matter what you do. Kind of funny they did not revert to Vindicators when CCP turned the duration back to 60 seconds ^^ But luckily there are ways to compensate, should CCP ever decide to increase the timer to 2 minutes
  19. Old logi pilot wondering what’s up with the Basi?

    Wow. Thanks. Yep, that's a pretty radical change from before. Looks like marauders have pretty much entirely replaced Vindicators for preferred DPS, and total logi count is less. Used to be like 9 logi (3 combat caps plus scimitars), 10 snipers, and Vindicators for the rest.
  20. Old logi pilot wondering what’s up with the Basi?

    1 Claymore (primary command booster) 0-1 Claymore or Vulture (secondary command booster) 1-4 Basilisks (ideally 2) 0-5 Scimitars (ideally 2) 0-3 Lokis (ideally 2 with Savior implants) some Vindicators (ideally 2-3, but sometimes we have zero and sometimes we have ten) a bunch of Marauders (Kronos, Paladin, and Vargur) a few starter and intermediate battleships, depending on how many newbro pilots we have 0-2 Golems (if we have die hard missile pilots) If we have any armor doctrine ships: 1 Damnation/Eos/Astarte (with armor command boosts) 1-2 Nestors
  21. Old logi pilot wondering what’s up with the Basi?

    Thanks all for explaining. I understand better now. Yeah, there didn’t used to be marauders, really. Bastion modules were prohibited. And we used to have a cap chain, and we used to accept Basilisk pilots with Logistics skill 4 (who needed two incoming cap transfers for stability), so I can see those changes calling for doctrine shift. Battleships do lock up pretty fast, agreed. The SigAmp and ReSebo were more for crisis situations where we had to save a Scimitar or something. The 12 locks and fast lock time were more of a luxury for crisis management than for normal, smooth fleet operation. Having lots of pre-locks is nice. Also tended to get jammed less often. I remember when ReSebos switched to the command ships. Basi pilots who had them could then just turn them on their cap buddies for those faster locks and jam prevention. On 3/3 Basis, I think command core might have flown those on rare occasions but not generally. With the cap chain, each (Logi 5) Basi had one combat cap instead of the 2 you get now. I imagine you now run fleets with a higher Scimi/Basi ratio than we used to have, so the net fleet change might be that in exchange for thinning the Basi tank in favor of cap stability, you can get adequate combat caps in fleet with fewer Basilisk hulls and can therefore field more Scimitars with tracking links and thereby run faster. I don’t know if it ends up working that way in practice, but I can see that being the theory, and it’s consistent with Tani’s post (thanks!). What does today’s fleet comp tend to look like?
  22. Teirpa's Birthday Bash

    GREETINGS WTM NGA TLA TOP TDF Everyone is Welcome .I Mr teirpa turn 34 on Aug 23 and i decided Lets all have some fun So for this FUN fleet it will be frigates and up and higher No orcas/freighters please keep it to frigates and higher. - Rules all Battleships must meet wtm shield tank or tdf/tla/top armor tank if we have nesters , Battle crusiers must fit least 1tech 2 or better DCU and thats it for tank if they wish Side note T3 crusiers i want least 1 t2 or better DCU and one mult harder shield tech 2 or better And 1 dcu 1 eham arnor omi thing if armor . So unless life happens I Plan to start after 530 pm west coast till to 730 pm or 00:30 until 0230 UTC . Come fly for a few hours of FUN and drinks Forming begins at 00:)0 utc. And remember all logi must be official fits nester can be shield fit to wtm tank rules or be armor under tdf/tla/top rules. Armor boats may Come long as i have nester/booster. <3 Focus willing also
  23. Old logi pilot wondering what’s up with the Basi?

    Hello T'vaar mostly what Hamxus said. Though I can just presume the sane choice back then would had been 3/3 Basis to double cap while only sacrificing 1/4 shield rep. Having 10 locks on Basi is sufficient imho and lock speed on BS is really fast anyway like 2 seconds I think. I essentially did nearly the same fitting WTM is using shortly after Logis were indroduced to game to make it autonomous and less susceptible to failure. It was nice to see to find same setup here when I joined. And welcome back.
  24. Old logi pilot wondering what’s up with the Basi?

    Recebos got moved over to the Command Ships. Making the basi cap stable means we need less of them and removing the cap chain removes a frequent fail point in fleet. And with marauders the basi just flat out isn't taking significant aggro.
  25. Old logi pilot wondering what’s up with the Basi?

    Hello, welcome back. Most likely a change to just make it easier to manage, the commanders that have been around for longer than me might have a better answer for this, but still, the basis that do end up getting aggro survive just fine in nrf and tpph with those fits, also being stable means that you have 2 combat caps per basi, instead of just 1 and having to use the other one to feed the chain. With the new marauder meta, even if logi reps more than they should, they still don't get the aggro if the fleet is going as it should. But i ido see your point about the amount of locks and the resebo, but it doesn't really means much because you're locking almost 100% of the time either booster or battleships with a giant sig radius, resulting in an almost instant lock.
  26. Hi all, Just checking in after a long, long break and I see the optimal Basilisk has changed a bunch, and so I’m wondering what led to those changes, whether it’s a CCP change to incursions or a fleet philosophy change or what. I used to fly an optimal Basilisk with a ReSebo, signal amplifier (12 locks and faster), and 35k EHP. It looks like there’s now no cap chain and the new Basis are cap stable (almost) but at the cost of the ReSebo, SigAmp, and half the tank. Curious why the doctrine change and how the new philosophy works. I’m not actually back yet, but it’d be good to fly again. Separately, it’s nice to see the Osprey got a little love. Hoping things are going well in Incursionland, -T’vaar
  27. Coming back

    Where in Texas?
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