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  3. Appraised Value 1.3 Billion Sale by private contract. Item in Jita. EVEmail me in game. Anakin Lukic.
  4. Just a Hello from Newbro Nemrod

    I just realized 2 things which i have problems with. 1: couse of my english speaking skills i really feel uncomfy on the rare times i use voice couse i feel weird speaking english , so i evade it if possible atm (ET 21 means 10 p.m. at me, until than i could speak, after that to prevent wife aggro i am silent anyway :D) 2: my site names are in german... so tcac etc are way different named so i always get confused .... also i am really sorry, i spend now a good couple of hours, and i still get confused with the sites in preparation for beein some day a vvv, i already tryed a few times to get to the right positions without looking at our vvv... well... i am just too uncoordinated... works better with my car... T_T always was way more off than i thought but as long the fc isnt notice it or i burn back in time i will try from time to time And once again, sure i am really happy to make some nice isk which i invested nearly complete in my vindi <3 But its always fun with you all, even if i have trouble to keep it up always or just guessing what you are talking... Thanks for flying with me
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  6. Just a Hello from Newbro Nemrod

    lol i dont think so. but thanks
  7. Just a Hello from Newbro Nemrod

    It's weird, I'm was born and raised in the US and I think your english is better than mine. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. Llith's Bad Ass Abyssal shop

    LSE is good, I'd recommend it:) But but what about entropic sinks?
  9. How bored are you between spawns?

    Wolcen lords of mayhem is being released . Alt in a low sec pirate corp just log in and blap some people with no papers or permit . Path of Exile for some mapping and Delve'ing .
  10. How bored are you between spawns?

    Been actually going on stratops, sell LP, play ARAM on LoL, Deep Rock Galactic (it's awesome), Siege, For Honor.
  11. How bored are you between spawns?

    Im really enjoying the bees un minecraft 1.15. That is a sandbox game where the developer really doesn't tell you how to have fun. Dunno.
  12. Llith's Bad Ass Abyssal shop

    Bump for the big ball roller
  13. Just a Hello from Newbro Nemrod

    Sitting in a Basilisk (logi ship) is way different than sitting in a DPS ship. Not to mention flying a Basilisk (logi ship) requires more skills. I hope that translated alright. I recommend that you read our Logi new bro guide found here: Additionally, you should check out the skills guide. This shows you the minimum skills needed for Scimitars and Basilisks:
  14. Just a Hello from Newbro Nemrod

    thats a good point ^^. well sure i will try that too. Just thought about if the fleet got 20 dps on wait list and is missing sniper.. or logi in fleet and not one in waitlist. for that kind of cases. just did check it.. no matter if machariel, nightmare or Basilisk... nearly exactly 26 days for each ship (couse i lack the t2 weapons on the snipers and the caldari cruiser/logi skill) but your right, maybe its better to became better first at what i already do, than trying to fill possible gaps in roles i never tryed so far T_T
  15. Just a Hello from Newbro Nemrod

    Really, the *next* thing to do is to get really good at the ship you're trained for. Vindicators do a lot of stuff: 1) Memorize the target priorities for the rooms & sites, so that you can start burning and web down the correct thing as soon as you land, even if FC hasn't tagged yet. Also, *calling* those webs, so that you can coordinate with others.Getting the Ostingeles webbed next to each other so that you can burn 'em all down at once is a fun little mini-game 2) VVV! Learn where the anchor spots are. Learn how to powerslide to a stop 5km *beyond* the anchor spots, so that all those people following you at 5km end up sitting RIGHT in the middle of the next spawn. A good VVV is the difference between a DPS squad that fires at max damage and one that fires at half damage. 3) HHH. Same general idea. Be the guy who sends drones 5km to their next target, not the one who makes them run 50km across the field. 4) DDD. You know the trick where you can make drones chew on a Renyn over there, while webbing & pounding on Schmaeels over here? Can you end a TCRC with a pile of dead Niarjas sitting right at your feet? This stuff matters. Once you've got all that down... usually if somebody is looking for a second ship type, they'll go for logi. It's a longish train, about ten weeks if you're starting from just the battleship skills, but that just means you've got time to practice that DDD trick
  16. Just a Hello from Newbro Nemrod

    Couse we got time atm, i did read and think a bit. Now i got a vindi and i like it, - like my Megathron when i did start playing eve (yes... i could barley afford it, could barley sit in it but it was my first BB in Eve and i loved it too even missions in it was horror! ) But maybe it would be a good idea just for the variety, maybe some other stuff would be nice to start with... but... no idea what.. xD. In many mmorpgs i did play the Healer or Tank... maybe sounds crazy but the Hyperion and now Vindi were the first dps "jobs" i played so far in a mmo xD. So i did think about trying logi... ok would take some time to get the missing skills... so i did think more.... me makeing a mistake and a few billions explode.... naaaah... dont think so... i already can feel the pressure.... (thumbs up from me for every logi <3 ) Mh.. ok whats left than? Sniper ships... mh... Machariel i did hear often.. was a really famous ship as i remember.... or the Nightmare.... well.. never flyed any Laser ship... so far nearly only Gallente... mh... dang i running in circles and still dont know what would be a good idea or worth a try.. so i wrote this, what are your thoughts for a Beginner in Incursions to vary his abilitys and switch to different things if needed? And just so you know it, in my early years i made mining only for long time, than expanding to some inventing, production and tradeing which was fine by me. L4 missions i didnt touch really until the last months... so my experience with fighting is... shameful no matter if pve or pvp... so.. i have really no clue what would be a good idea. What would be a good idea to help the fleet as a beginner? -Hope i could translate my thoughts in a understandable matter :3
  17. Llith's Bad Ass Abyssal shop

    Greetings fleet mates, o/ Welcome to the magical land of watch Lilith blow all his isk rolling abyssal mods, only the finest of wares are sold here so please, tell your friends. There once was a leshak, that felt a little wack, took aggro and nearly had a heart attack... well do I have the solution for you.. the first item on our list is going to be! *Liliths Modified Unstable max hitpoint tukker* for you lovely ladies/gents. 1.B even. next up. There was a basi, who's name wasnt nasi, who wished oh wish his friends wouldnt pass'hiimm (im no poet...and you know it) welp. Do I have a treat that would be neat! *Lilith's Modified Unstable max power usage/velocity/low activation cost Republic fleet 10M AB* Again lovely gents, there are many contracts at 1.8 and above.. but for you lovely ladies and Gents that would be 1 B even! you know where to find me ;D Chow.
  18. Rewards change

    we will have to test this.
  19. WTS Basilisk

  20. WTS Basilisk

    IGN Leena Trocal would like to buy, but I can’t log in for about 11 hours.
  21. Rewards change

    Sounds that way. But they also claimed to have done this before and the changes never actually happened.
  22. Rewards change

    Miscellaneous: Changes to the qualification rules for Sansha Incursion rewards have been made. In order to qualify for the rewards, pilots must be present at the site upon completion and also have a meaningful contribution to the completion of the site. So no more staying in the first gate?
  23. Changes to Large Remote Capacitor Transmitter

    Yup, we're working on it in Slack already
  24. Changes to Large Remote Capacitor Transmitter

    no, activation cost is 63,38, not 316,9. I miss calculated.
  25. Just a heads-up on the Large 'Regard' Remote Capacitor Transmitter, now renamed to; Large Inductive Compact Remote Capacitor Transmitter. Large Inductive Compact Remote Capacitor Transmitter - Meta Level: 1(-3), Volume: 25(+20), CPU: 40, PG: 288(-32), Transfer Amount: 311(-13), Capacitor: 338, Range: 7500(-1500). NB; this means that the remote capacitor amount is reduced from 324 to 311 and with perfect skills the module now has an activation cost of 316,9 points so this must be changed to make sure the Basi is still stable.
  26. WTS Basilisk

    Its in Sayartchen, Sayartchen II - TransStellar Shipping Storage don't have room to carry. Want to get 240M
  27. t2 gunned vindi with t1 turrets and travel mods

    This ship has been sold
  28. Just a Hello from Newbro Nemrod

    Welcome, buddy! If you are ever in my fleet and I am talking too fast, just ask questions in fleet chat. Either I or another person will answer you relatively quickly.
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