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  4. Scouting school Sunday 25.7. at 15:00 eve

    I will be there - thank you @Kirsi Isriknen
  5. Scouting school Sunday 25.7. at 15:00 eve Useful links.
  6. Scouting school Sunday 25.7. at 15:00 eve

    I might hold another one in AUTZ
  7. Scouting school Sunday 25.7. at 15:00 eve

    I’m actually sad, really sad I’m going to miss this. any chance you can capture this on video and share @Kirsi Isriknen ?
  8. Please join scouting school tomorrow.
  9. Oh, Hi! o7

    Will do my friend o7
  10. Oh, Hi! o7

    It's good to see a new/veteran join us and have such kind words for the WTM organization. I've been with WTM for a couple months now and after a slightly bumpy start (mostly my fault) I've thoroughly enjoyed the fleets, the WTM pilots, and the FCs who are patient, thorough, and efficient. It has been a warm welcome for me and I'm calling WTM home...please let me know if I can assist you in any way. Looking forward to flying with you. :-)
  11. Oh, Hi! o7

    Your name is familiar but indeed. Thanks for the compliment and the feeling is mutual. o7
  12. Oh, Hi! o7

    Welcome mate, I’m not sure I’ve had the pleasure to fly with you - but all the same it’s nice to get more social and intelligent people in. I’ll respond in the same kindness, if you ever need anything or have a question feel free to ask me or Eve-mail me and I’ll do my utmost to help you. Hope to see you in a fleet soon, Blue o7
  13. Oh, Hi! o7

    Ah the battle for Niarja. (We still say CCP scripted us to lose that fight) That was a long...long fight... Thank you for your kind words and hope to fly along side you again! o7
  14. Oh, Hi! o7

    Welcome, Verum. i'm really happy to see you in Warp To Me. i didn't join fleet when you are in but i think you are good pilot for us. Incursion is really fun and high-end pve content. I hope you enjoy incursion with us (and really thank you for your EDENCOM Fleet during chapter 3. First time i knew and joined EDI was niarja (ccp you f*** @#$%). and joined edi fleet in Bei, Kothe, Pemene, Bei etc... it was really fun and great time in my eve life. i really want new content related to edencom and trig but ccp is so lazy and i don't think they gonna update something new about edencom.)
  15. Oh, Hi! o7

    Hello all! Recently while mucking about in my little corner of space and talking with EDI (Edencom Defense Initiative) / Edencom I was wondering about content I haven't done much of or touched upon in Eve. There is no shortage of things to do in eve, fun or...not. I was playing around faction warfare when the Triglavian content started. I joined up with a ragtag group that grew quickly that most of you now know as EDI and in the end, I became the director, a title of which I still hold today. We are not AS active now with that content being on the backburner and CCP kinda shafted the whole thing but that's another story. Some of my line members and FC's suggested Incursions. So, I plopped into one of your entry fits and made my way up a few weeks ago to test things out. Being no stranger to fleet dynamics, I sat quietly, followed directions, listened to my newbro speech and VERY MUCH enjoyed the fleet and it was very well done. After about 3 fleets and me getting more chatty in the in-game channel I was recognized however heh and people seemed to be happy to see me in content again and made me feel very welcome. I cant say I have met a bad pilot/fc (yet ) with your group and this has been some fun content. I wanted to thank you all for accepting me into your community and if anyone needs anything, please dont hesitate to ask. I've enjoyed taking some fleet roles now and I'm considering working towards being a USTZ FC (as some of you have discussed in discord with me) once I feel more comfortable and get more hours under my belt in your fleet comps. Thank you again all. Fly safe everyone o7
  16. Logistics School!

    Lefath Blue and myself (Some Pilot) will be holding logistics school should there be sufficient interest. We'll have practice ships to loan to you to practice all the different mechanics to be used when flying Logistics for WTM. Next Logi School will be coming Tuesday 1900hrs EVE Time (when focus up) @ new Dock up for Logischool @ pre DT late USTZ, do reply here for interest. Should there be enough, I'll org one. Topics to be covered (more to be added as we move forward) 1. Site Mechanics & Anchor Positions 2. Logi Reps & Utility 3. Aggro/Sansha Information/Situational Awareness 4. Q&A.
  17. Local Badges

    that's a good point
  18. Local Badges

    There is one for DDD (Hunting Rabbits) and one for MTAC (JumpTAC) because those roles are importants. VVV/AAA are kind of meh, we have a proposal about removing them and just telling people to learn the anchor positions, because we still have sandy people 150+ hours in, only following the guide and not being proactive. And HHH is just doing untagged targets or reverse order, so... Also we got a subforum in the Command Core section for proposals.
  19. Local Badges

    i think we should have badges for dedicated VVV DDD and AAA so we more people exing up for roles, this is basically for people to make people aim for something and makes it much funner
  20. Selling Abyssal "MODS" gone Wrong and Good Ones

    Sell price (w/e -10%) Gyros Magstabs Updated 2021 07 11 14:27 Eve Time
  21. Anime

    Soukyuu no Fafner, Soukyuu no Fafner: Exodus p1 and p2, Soukyuu no Fafner: The Beyond p1, p2, p3 ^ try this, pretty fun to watch Nisekoi is fun too, sadly no s3 Magical Index and Scientific Railgun for the magic vs science theme, good anime
  22. Anime

    +1 to Psycho-Pass , should not have forgotten "Interlude" too. I did not get the whole of it, and there are not a lot of anime I can say that about. Part of why I like this OVA
  23. Anime

    A few Gundam series are pretty good. Hellsing Ultimate if you haven't seen it yet is pretty much my favorite of all time. I second Code: Geass. Ranma 1/2 is still an absolute classic if you don't mind "harem" style anime. It isn't purely harem, but has enough of it that some people don't like it. It is absolutely hilarious, though. Overlord Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood For some shorter ones: Psycho-Pass Cowboy Bebop Outlaw Star Samurai Champloo Trigun
  24. Anime

  25. Anime

    Should we watch anime while doing incursion?
  26. Anime

    i might watch it tooo
  27. Anime

  28. Anime

    bruhhhh cmooon it doesent sucks but that's ur opinion so cant say much
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