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  4. Returning Player and Incursioner

    Sometimes EUTZ lacks basi V . (and optimal fit battleships )
  5. Returning Player and Incursioner

    No waitlist tonight. Focus went down about an hour ago so we're waiting for new spawn.
  6. Returning Player and Incursioner

    I'm USTZ, I probably should have specified. I'll check around fits and wl tonight and see which ship or ships I can put together.
  7. Returning Player and Incursioner

    Logi is lacking some in USTZ but otherwise fairly healthy. What we tend to be lowest on right now is Nightmares. We now use both Pulse and Beam Nightmares. Check the fitting website for details.
  8. o7 friends, Corbyn Vox here returning after winning eve for a year or so. Decided last night I'll probably be spending my eve time with you fine people again, and was wondering the current state of WTM fleets and activity. Are waitlists still sorely lacking in logi? Is Logi V Basi still preferable to blingy scimis? If Logi isn't in heavy demand, which other hull tends to be lacking? How reliable are nightly fleets? Does anyone provide moving services between focuses, as that has tended to cause my drop off in activity? TIA and I look forward to x'ing up very soon!
  9. Scorpion Navy issue Useable?

    I'm a huge fan of the Navy Scorp and everything it can do in solo PvE, however it would be an absolute struggle bus to make it work well for incursion fleets* In fleets with large amounts of people missiles have a huge disadvantage as a nightmare or vindicator would likely nuke the target before your volley even got there. So in things like WH space, Lv 4 missions, or even DED 8/10-10/10 the Navy Scorp can be a monster, but all of those factors that contribute to it being great in those scenarios pretty much make it obsolete within our gun fleets. If you have Caldari battleship skills and it looks like the optimal hulls are way different than your current skill-path then you can certainly fit a Rokh/Raven Navy Issue/Golem (they aren't exactly optimal at all, and tbh I think the cruise-fit golem would create a situation just like the Navy Scorp only with a larger price tag so I'm kind of shocked that fit is even in there*). However those hulls and fits being on our website are useable for up to 30 hours in fleet. If you have Caldari Battleship skills, training into the Nightmare is already partially completed so it would be a good way for you to pivot towards that. In general though since we use pirate battleships training into it enough to fly the entry-level fits doesn't take very long at all, and the 30 hours in fleet that you could run with those other hulls @ an average of 150mil/hr is 4.5billion isk (more than enough to buy and fit 3 entry level pirate battleships). If you have the Caldari cruiser skills it's also not a bad idea to see how far you are from being able to fit up an acceptable basilisk and have more than 1 way to get into the fleet and keep yourself from waiting too long. Honorary mention that after you are in a pirate battleship you have up to 90 in fleet hours to be able to use T2 guns with it* with the amount of fleet time you get for that requirement you could probably LSI your account into perfect skills with it* so as long as you keep trying to improve the standards are extremely easy to meet.
  10. Better than Cormack's modified Mag stab

    Your price is a tad bit too high, there is a module with the exact same rate of fire and damage with a bit better CPU usage for just 1.1 bil on contracts, so a 4 bil price tag won't attract any buyers
  11. It was with the ditanian fleet if I remember correctly. I will eventually fly both, but scimi seems to be the easiest to get started with.
  12. Returning player. Training alt for incursions.

    I'm guessing DIN-Flotten? Both work. We run (fleet-hours-wise) vastly more HQ than VG, and VG is limited to just one scimitar, whereas HQs have multiple logi, and basis can skip scimitars in the queue if fleet needs the basi for cap. Though that comes at the tradeoff of needing the extra skill for the cap xfer, and that a logi 4 scimi is argueably more useful to the fleet than a Logi 4 basi.
  13. Hi all, I just thought I would introduce myself. I'm a returning on and off EVE player from the UK. I originally started playing in 2008. I did some incursions with armour fleets in the past, a few years ago, and really enjoyed them. The only reason I stopped is because I wanted my main outside of high-sec, and my alliance was always at war! I always fly logi and enjoy it more than DPS. (Logi V on my main) So, I'm back in EVE, still want to be outside HS but want to do incursions too. I went for the 3 months of Omega that included 3 months of MCT, which means I have enough MCT time to train my trader alt to fly a Scimi/Basilisk for incursions. Will be about 2 months before I have the necessary skills to fly effectively. I've set up my skill plan for Scimi to begin with. As I can do vanguards and HQ with him then. Is that a good plan? I thought I would connect up with you guys before getting into fleets in a few months. Waka
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  15. Better than Cormack's modified Mag stab

    no worries pal was offering it out here first
  16. Better than Cormack's modified Mag stab

    Im sorry brother, but realistically this Mag Stab is about 750 mil ISK. But nevertheless its a really nice mod.
  17. WTS rare abyssal rolled magnetic field stab. 0.003% worse damage but 0.7% better RoF tested it on my vindicator it add's more DPS than the Cormack's Modified Mag Stab which is 10 billion isk Looking for offers in excess of 4 Bil as I have a reserve with a corp mate.
  18. A fun fleet, of sorts - Come One, Come All

    you do not remember wrong, sweetcheeks
  19. Located in Botane structure, lots of extra ammo (like 100M worth of ammo). Asking 950M but you must pick up. It's an older Standard fit and needs higher EM resistance to meet fleet requirements, easiest would be to swap out the Hybrid Burst for EM resist rig. Technically also needs the MWD upgrade. I also have the Vindicator Sarpati's Revenge - Igil SKIN for sale, asking 250M
  20. A fun fleet, of sorts - Come One, Come All

    Thats strange. Im pretty sure that back in the days we managed to win a few contests with Blob and his swarm of snakes warping in, doing damage then warping off before the payout. Or do i remember wrong , @Blobert ? PS: But yeah, either way im pretty sure its a bad idea on the long run for various reasons.
  21. A fun fleet, of sorts - Come One, Come All

    I've had a couple days to digest this, and read the various mails, and I've come to the conclusion that no, this *really* doesn't work. The most important reason is that there's a game mechanic that means this doesn't actually defend against contests. Second is that the fleet *itself* ran more slowly with more people in it. It feels like the general disruption around cap chains and drone bunnies would be a third reason, but that part we could practice out of. A thing I didn't know at the start of the day, but did by the end, is that if you've got a fleet and some of them warp off before the end of the site, the damage those warped-off people did does not count for contest results! Apparently this is a Known Thing among old TVP guys, but I never flew with TVP. If we start with too many people on grid and get contested, we have to leave them on grid for the whole site. There's an interesting bit of game theory there-- sure, contest us and we'll lose but also, you won't win-- but it's not actually useful. There were a lot of other things going on that made the fleet relatively slow. Most of those I think we could work out with time and practice. But this mechanic actually makes contests *worse* for us, and I just don't see a way to get around that. This was worth trying, but... nah.
  22. A fun fleet, of sorts - Come One, Come All

    This would probably lead to a bunch of people going "fuck no, if I'm not getting paid, I'm not doing anything". This would somehow require a WL tag for people willing to do it. This would then introduce the question if these people get the next available open spot, or if that spot goes to the person that's been on the WL for 2 hours. Except for the problem where you'd effectively need to run a second waitlist on a notepad somewhere (or hugely modify the current waitlist), to see who got in fleet at what time, because in the fleet itself, people get sorted by name in the squad, not by join time... The only way I could see this work somewhat effectively is command core and maybe a few highly trusted line members bringing alts in an over-grid squad or something. Everything else will probably either become a mess and/or piss too many people off. Edit: Oi! where'd my awards go? *goes request them back*
  23. A fun fleet, of sorts - Come One, Come All

    I personally dont think this should be a regular thing. The idea was cool, but the execution is just not there and i dont think it is possible to be ever there.
  24. A fun fleet, of sorts - Come One, Come All

    I've actually entertained thoughts about trying to bring all my boxers along to overgrid HQ fleets. It wouldn't come close to what I could make on my own, but I thought it would be fun. I haven't done anything with the idea, however, because (1) I'm currently armor fit, (2) there's a good chance of me fucking up TCRC payouts, and (3) I was worried that it might encourage TDF to overgrid as well. I was kind of waiting to hear how the experiment went, but since nothing was posted yet, here are some thoughts. First, I think the easiest way to organize this is to have a paid and unpaid wing. Have people on the waitlist first join the unpaid wing, and then have them move into the paid wing as spots open up. It would make FC's job easier, it would help eliminate confusion over when line members should warp out early or not, and running without payout is better than sitting in station with your thumb up your ass. And you'd know that once you finally did make the paid wing, you'd have guys helping to beef up your isk efficiency. The downside of this method is that it would probably be harder to ensure that the unpaid squad is self-sufficient enough to start new sites before the rest of the fleet showed up. I was also thinking that even if a few guys from the unpaid wing got scrammed during TCRC's, it wouldn't matter. Payout would be reduced, but if we were running sites fast enough, it wouldn't matter. I think this is an arms race that we can actually win if we go all in as a community. We have the largest community, so we'd definitely win when it comes to heartbeats. I know TDF has a lot of boxers, but those boxers have a huge opportunity cost, because they could always be running VG's or whatever. So, their HQ fleets would need to have an unrealistically high isk efficiency to make up for the money they'd be loosing when in unpaid positions. -Edit: Actually, I've thought about this, and there are ways that they could make it work. For example, if they had boxers split their toons between paid and unpaid wings, they probably could still exceed what they would make running VG's. I really do think that this idea has merit. I'm sure it will take work to iron out the kinks, but this could conceivably boost isk efficiency by a large amount, make waiting to get into fleet less shitty, and be a lot of fun. Oh, and I'm not going to fit up 11 blinged out leshaks or anything, but if anyone wants to do some experiments with me, I already have some shield tanked vindis and nightmares, and am willing to fit up some shield tanked domis for the rest.

    SOLD OUT Thanks everyone!

    1. 24.7 %, CPU: 28.7 Selling 1.5 billion SOLD

    2. 24.9 %, CPU: 26.4 Selling 2.2 billion SOLD
  28. Nightmarechat MOTD

    Yeah btw I often see Nightmares not getting into NM Chat, I don't know if it's intentional or not but if it is, it is really annoying when we have cap organisation troubles
  29. DPS Wisdom, Tips and Tactics

    Great stuff here Victor Victor!
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