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  2. Long Time No See

    o7 longtime
  3. New Guy Question - Start and End of an Incursion

    Awesome, thank you for the replies
  4. What do you do when you don't run incursions?

    I just recently got into incursions. As I continue to optimize my clone for incursion running, I will get back into exploration. I have very high scanning skills so I might as well not waste them.
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  6. Long Time No See

    /me webs Skyler oh wait, that's not what he meant. Sorry, it's instinctive!
  7. Travel Fits

    I put the bling in my Prowler. Any Blockade Runner will do. I fit it for alignment so 3 Nanofibers in the lows, with shield mods and and LSE for enough tank against an insta-locking nado. Blockade Runners are near uncatchable unless pilot error/lag and they can't be cargo scanned leaving the ganker having to decide if they want to risk playing Blockade Runner Roulette. I fit my mach with a mwd, 3 Invulns, and 2 LSE's, with 3 Inertial Stabs, and 3 Experimental Hyperspatial Accelerators in the lows. Leave your rigs fitted. I'd rather lose 518mil vs. 4.5bil on a bad day. However those bad days can be avoided if you scout ahead and check Dotlan. I usually lead with my Prowler to scout the route. Usually D-Scanning along the way for gank fleets. As mentioned above, if you avoid the usual gank systems at prime-time, you'll be ok "99%" of the time. Don't put all your eggs in one basket. If you have 1.3bil to throw into a Bowhead, then go that route. They're great for moving a DPS and Logi ship at the same time. I would still recommend moving the expensive mods in a Blockade Runner as an extra security blanket for your investments. REMEMBER to hit your cloak as soon as you see your cap drop for warp initiation.
  8. New Guy Question - Start and End of an Incursion

    Incursions usually last 5-8 days, then we have to pack up and move to the next one. After each move we try to stay put as long as possible to maximize time with fleet up. But moving is part of the Incursion be lifestyle. Your best bet is to ask in our pubic channel, or watch for us to make a move to a new focus. You can also watch Incursion timers at various websites including Dotlan. As for play time, you can wait for your turn passively using our wait-list, linked in channel, and for actually flying in fleet there are opportunities to jump in/out every 15-30 minutes, after each site. Hope to see you joining us soon!
  9. New Guy Question - Start and End of an Incursion

    Greetings, Spacehart; We here in WarpToMe are slaves to the incursion timer set forth by ccp itself. So what this means is that Incursions don't always show up on any given day/night. they just do when the timer set in the coding, randomly by the way, goes forth and populates anywhere in the known universe. So in short form to answer your fair question, No there is no certain day/night of the week where WTM begins or ends an incursion. Although we here in WTM do not actively go forth and end incursions before withdrawing mode has appeared, we do end them if there has been ample enough information to end the current focus and move to the next one. By the by, welcome to Incursions and the WarpToMe Family! Hopefully this has answered your question, if not please reply to this thread and anyone here can fill more in for anyone that has anything further. ps: Incursions are a very nomadic thing. meaning we will always be moving no matter what. this is half the fun of being able to see new and exciting places and meeting people along the way. -Talidar
  10. I would like to start running Incursions but I don’t always have the free time for an extended session. To maximize my pew pew I was wondering if WTM generally tries to start/end an incursion on a certain day of the week. I understand there would be serval factors impacting these times but I wondering if there is a trend so I don’t waste time slow boating my ship over on a Friday night only to find that the group wraps the event Saturday morning.
  11. Long Time No See

    o7 wb Skylar
  12. Long Time No See

    Just thought I’d drop in to say hi and see how everyone’s doing. I guess it’s been about a year since I slipped away from the world of EVE and WTM. Maybe ya’ll will see me in game again soon, maybe not, depends on how busy RL wants to treat me.
  13. Upwell Structure and Cloning Facilities

    This is blobert deciding to help WTM out with a convenient place fore people to dock in HQ systems with repair functions and a clone bay. it is under wtm name and corp. no reason to be rude about somebody helping out commanders and line pilots. You don't have to dock there if you choose not to. We will still have the typical station docks as well.
  14. Upwell Structure and Cloning Facilities

    wow hold ojn a minute is this a private blob arrangement ?? i thought it was WTM but ok i´ll stick with our structures then i dont need to thank anyone but myself
  15. Machariel or Nightmare?

    thanks niki!
  16. Machariel or Nightmare?

    The Nightmare is able to MTAC with a tractor beam but its not the ideal equipment, also not the ideal hull to do it. But it is possible. However usually FCs are looking for Machs to do the job primarily.
  17. Machariel or Nightmare?

    I actually want to be MTAC but if nightmares better than machariels, i will buy one in future
  18. Machariel or Nightmare?

    Nightmares are more DPS and a little bit more tankier. Also more interactive, so less boring to fly. Machariels are faster, more agile (useful for MTAC fleet role) and have a huge alpha hit which is useful in contests. Also slightly less skill intensive. Overall : Nightmares are a generally better choice if you cant decide between the two. Cuz they are simply the better choice for the fleet.
  19. Machariel or Nightmare?

    Hello. I just started running incursions with my tempest fleet issue (because of the better ehp). I am still training to better shield skills and in future i will use one optimal battleship. I like snipers, so machariel or nightmare? What are their advantages and disadvantages? Which one should I choose? welp me
  20. Ideal Fleet Composition?

    The Vultures are skirmish and shield boosters. Its a pretty good comp for doing static NRFs. Static means you are a bit slower, but thats okay. Its a pain in the ass to do tpph, but doable of course. You cant do TCRCs with this fleet comps and fits (not to mention only a single person, so gl with those hard switches).
  21. Upwell Structure and Cloning Facilities

    What Bruce said is true. The extra fuel to start is 3 days worth. Its never gonna be cost-effective, Paulus, no matter what. This is only Blob and his generousity. Take what you can ppl, and thank him At this point the focus is almost gone, so i'd say no sense to start the clonebay. So next time probably.
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  23. Ideal Fleet Composition?

    What is tuned for a specific site for a single person doesn't do well for us at all.
  24. Ideal Fleet Composition?

    34 Rattlesnakes loaded with Gardes. 4 Golems that do whatever Golems do. 2 Vultures and I don't even know what they do. Heck, if it works for the multiboxer, maybe it'll work for us.
  25. Upwell Structure and Cloning Facilities

    Clonebay is down in this focus btw
  26. Upwell Structure and Cloning Facilities

    Well that makes sense but is it cost-effective to shut it down and start up again considering the extra fuel needed to restart it? Unless it's actually piddling since I never anchored a structure yet...
  27. Upwell Structure and Cloning Facilities

    Pretty sure he is intending to put the clone bay offline 24h after incursion and then online it again when moving back there. That is how I understand the initial post at least. So it only uses fuel in the current focus.
  28. Upwell Structure and Cloning Facilities

    Ah, and assuming the clone bays will only be operational once an incursion hits. Wait won't that be a waste of fuel though?
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