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  4. WTS Abyssal Magstab

    DPS Bonus 30.4% I'll sell for 1 billion isk contact me in game if interested
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  6. Cap Stable Vindi (Alpha only, probably heresy)

    Damage rig, Gist X MWD, two 6% cap implants, max cap skills. Had to broadcast for cap exactly once across 3 hours in fleet today.
  7. Cap Stable Vindi (Alpha only, probably heresy)

    If I get the topic starter right, he uses optimal fit already (with core-x), just swapped guns to meta4 from t2 and dmg rig rather then rof, right? If that's so, implants are the way to go. And there is major choice for you: performance inside sites, or fast warp/gating in. If you choose 1st, genos+speed implant in slot 8 may be your endgame choice. If 2nd, you'll eventually get ascendancies + cap implant in slot 8. I also see genos as cheaper safer and more universal way, because it add a lot of tiny useful bonuses. It even helps at taking gates because of added agility. Or CCP would add shield pirate implants, and that would change the entire meta. 3rd, cheap way: if you have 32.8 stability with genos which give 4.5% cap, check EM-804 4% cap implant. It would be an order of magnitude cheaper then other solutions and may just get you there. There are more sophisticated ways, but they wouldn't look good. 5th, best way: fly a lot. Learn superior piloting, managing cap, broadcast cap preemptively when there are less broadcast going yet (like, top up in early 2nd room tpph, and not in 3d, where all the hungry ships drop to 30% together). Don't forget in positions. Logi like in positions, and thus like you, and thus everyone gets happy!
  8. Cap Stable Vindi (Alpha only, probably heresy)

    ^ then get the 6% cap implants and Max out cap skills and get decent nav skills to reduce cap usage from the mwd and the gun skill to reduce cap usage
  9. WTS 2x Pithum B-Type Adaptive Invulnerability Field

    SOLD! Thank you!!!
  10. WTS 2x Pithum B-Type Adaptive Invulnerability Field

    Still for sale!
  11. I've got 2x Pithum B-Type Adaptive Invulnerability Field for sale, great upgrade for vindi. 720m each. I'd really like to sell both at the same time. Location: Nakri V - Moon 5 - Sarum Family Assembly Plant Evemail / convo me please Thanks Damian Gene
  12. Overwatch , Diablo 3 and HotS

    I dont think they check this forum fequently anymore
  13. Overwatch , Diablo 3 and HotS

    Lord and Akira are you still playing Diablo 3?
  14. Abyssal Entropic Radiation Sink Shop

  15. How bored are you between spawns?

    It's not a big deal for me. I'm a pvper at heart. Incursions fund my pvp and fixes my sec status for me. Between spawns I spend more time onboarding newbies into my corp.
  16. Cap Stable Vindi (Alpha only, probably heresy)

    I can pretty much guarantee that fit will be denied every time. As Malcolm said there are other ways to improve your cap that are highly recommended.You should be looking into those improvements along with controlling your burning rather than reducing the DPS output on your ship for a bit more cap in certain situations. broadcast for cap around 30% and if logi haven't serviced you after awhile broadcast again. Eventually you will get it. But again, improve your skills, get a Core-X MWD, get implants, learn how to use you MWD more efficiently. Those are your best bets for better cap life. For you, first thing I would do is buy Omega.
  17. Cap Stable Vindi (Alpha only, probably heresy)

    Just to make it clear, as I said before, the "suboptimal Vindi" I'm referring to is the Optimal Vindi, just with Meta 4 guns to accommodate for Alpha Clone skills. The only reason why I'm throwing this out is for the cases when logi can't cap me. As I said before, there was a point where I had to stop firing to conserve cap and not deactivate my AIFs.
  18. Cap Stable Vindi (Alpha only, probably heresy)

    You can also use your Concord LP to buy the hardwireing implants btw, check your wallet for the nearest store.
  19. Cap Stable Vindi (Alpha only, probably heresy)

    The best way to help your cap as a vindi pilot is to upgrade your mwd to an x-type variant, as the x-type is not killing your total cap pool like the meta is. You can also look at your cap skills, slot 8 implant, managing your mwd and guns a bit (if you are getting down passed 30% you need to stop shooting as you are in danger of killing your cap completely as you pass your peak recharge point). There are many ways to become more cap stable, being alpha makes it a little more difficult, but cap stability isn't your goal. We have Basilisks in fleet with extra combat caps to help you, with a group of experienced basi pilots you will find yourself getting cap without even asking, because we know how hungry you guys are. To answer your original question, most FCs who see that fit are going to ask you to change it, as it is suboptimal. If you're skills are just so behind that you cannot function without a little help you can ask your FC if it would be ok while you are still training, but that is likely not the case, feel free to always broadcast when you need it, while being careful of the outunis on grid!
  20. Okay, before you start screaming at me for altering optimal fits, let me explain first. I've been flying in recent fleets with a Vindicator, and found it to be a major upgrade over the Hyperion. Now, I am fully aware that Vindis are generally cap-light, and not cap-stable with everything except the MWD on. This has been a serious problem in some fleets for me, as the logi sometimes don't respond to my cap broadcast within a minute or so and I'm forced to stop firing my guns. I've spent some time tinkering with an Alpha-friendly "sub-optimal" fit for the Vindi(the Optimal Vindi with Meta 4 guns and a Tech II Collision Accelerator). What I found is that I can achieve cap stability (if MWD isn't running) by replacing a Fed. Navy DDA with a Dark Blood Capacitor Power Relay, while cutting only 50~51 DPS from the drones (I'm using 2x Geckos, 2x Fed. Navy Hammerheads, 1x Hobgoblin II). It's also marginally cheaper. To me, this seems like a major improvement over having to stop firing my 1000 DPS guns because logi are busy with others - however, it deviates from the accepted "Optimal" fit. Is this OK? Another option to achieve cap stability is to get a full Geno set and 4% Cap Management and Cap Systems Operation implants, but that is astronomically more expensive, since the implants are around 850M (Geno'd optimal is the 1st from the right). This is only for me personally - this isn't achievable with skills at all 5, as Tech II guns consume 60.8% more cap. This is also still far in the future, as I'm still trying to work up towards that point. I'm just throwing this out there.
  21. Abyssal Entropic Radiation Sink Shop

    New Sinks Update 23% 400M 23.1% 350M
  22. WTB abyssal entropic sink cheap

    9.3 rof is like an almost max roll faction. Kinda rare I think.
  23. WTB abyssal entropic sink cheap

    Noone has it? something cheap, preferably below 5bil
  24. Abyssal Entropic Radiation Sink Shop

    New Sinks Update 24.3% 1B 24.3% 1B
  25. WTB abyssal entropic sink cheap

    9.3+ rof, while dmg and cpu dosen't matter. reasonable price. pm/eve mail offer
  26. @Nemisis2k24 congrats! "You're going to love the way it flies. I guarantee it."
  27. Leshak

    Wonerin will be moving soon. The next alt I spin up purely for WTM isn't gonna skill into leshaks lol. And yeah I'll put it up when I get home tonight.
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