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  4. Rookie guide / Fits suggestion

    Yeah CCP recently removed the overheating skill by default for new characters, so not everyone is going to have the ability now a days. Something some people might not be aware of, since its usually always been at least level 1 or something.
  5. Rookie guide / Fits suggestion

    Well, we do have a skill guide here on the forums. It might be a bit obscure / hard to find, and a link to it in the rookie guide might not hurt, but it's there. Have a look and see if that helps you.
  6. WTS T2 Mostly Faction Fit Vindi

    Hahaha just my other vindi. I'll never stop brawlin'!! I know better than to refuse an offer from The Don!
  7. Rookie guide / Fits suggestion

    Apart from the requirement to reach 100K EHP, there is very little said about required skills in both the fitting page and the rookie guide. So when the FC called upon us to overheat our guns, it took me a while to figure out that I needed thermodynamics in order to do so. I'm also going batshit crazy on Capacitor and Navigation skills, as I never seem to have enough to keep my MWD going while we slowboat to the next position. I kind of wish I'd had those before I started. So mentioning that in one of the guides might help other newcomers. Feel free to add more skill suggestions if you'd happen to have any.
  8. Raw convo about DDD

    Bump. This Wisdom is brought to you bye: Niki Las Vegas , Nigal Los Angeles, Warp To Me Incursions, and Viewers, like You. \m/
  9. WTS T2 Mostly Faction Fit Vindi

    Your Selling your Vindi!?? (No worries, im just playing) I may be interest'ed in the Vindi, if no one bites at it, I might make an offer, neither' of us will refuse
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  11. WTS T2 Mostly Faction Fit Vindi

    Thank You. I promise to find a fun way to get it blown up.
  12. When FC tells you to pull drones..

    don't think it would ever happen it would make a drone assist comps to op
  13. When FC tells you to pull drones..

    From your mouth to CCP's ears! F&I, here it comes!
  14. When FC tells you to pull drones..

    Now, if only there was a hotkey to assist drones to the first person on your watch list or something...
  15. WTS T2 Mostly Faction Fit Vindi

  16. WTS T2 Mostly Faction Fit Vindi

    I'll happily take the mag stab off your hands. Pls contract to "Lightsong the Bold".
  17. WTS T2 Mostly Faction Fit Vindi Looking to sell an extra vindi I have laying around with some spare parts for 1.2B. If you're interested in the T1 starter fit, I also have a lot of those mods I can sell and we can come up with a price. Also if anyone is interested in an Abyssal Mag Stab that is in between T2 and Faction let me know. I'll give it to you for free!
  18. When FC tells you to pull drones..

  19. Hi, Can this be added to new bro speech & guides please? Just to let them know how to protect 1 of their most valuable assets. When moving between Incursion Focuses... Gankers are out there in high sec, you are not safe - please be sure to remove all your bling/expensive modules and move them with a fast moving, cloaking ship. T2 tank your incursion ship & they wont bother you - fit as many of these as you can 1600mm Steel Plates II, Large Shield Extender II, Adaptive Invulnerability Field II, Reinforced Bulkheads II. Turn off your guns if you are unable to fit all of these. Fill up all your mids and lows. If you remove your bling/expensive modules, you are not worth being ganked. The gankers need to kill something more expensive than their own ships. So just don't be a target for them. Warp Core Stabilizers don't help you, they can kill a bling battleship in 10-15 seconds before Concord arrive. They tend to bump your ship out of alignment too so you can't warp. Every time a Focus changes and we travel to the next, multiple WTM pilots lose their ships because they do not do the above. Main systems with gankers all the time = Uedama and Niajra. They can kill you anywhere in high sec with enough of them. Good luck to all ♥
  20. When FC tells you to pull drones..

    they did indeed change it a few months ago, it is Shift-F to launch, Shift-R to recall
  21. When FC tells you to pull drones..

    F is for engage. Not Shift-F, but Shift-R is the default hotkey to recall. So I set R to launch favorite group of drones, to match. The options are listed in the settings menu under Shortcuts -> Drones. Unless they changed it after release, there's no key mapped to Launch Drones by default. Unfortunately there's no hotkey for Assign Drones, still gotta use that rightclick menu
  22. When FC tells you to pull drones..

    Default is shift F I believe, you can set a favorite group assigned to that shortcut by right clicking a drone group and setting as your favorite for launching.
  23. When FC tells you to pull drones..

    what where how? enlighten me?
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  25. When FC tells you to pull drones..

    it's remembering to wait if they're not in my bay when the magical words, "Fleet take gate, fleet take gate" are uttered.
  26. Which frigate you will fit after escape bay patch?

    My probe, cause I'm *always* leaving my poor drones behind.
  27. Forced into roles

    Site doesnt matter (NRF or TPPH is the perfect time to read the guide and understand it anyway), it also doesnt matter if you think we already have enough ppl for the role or not. What matters is this: FC tells you to read a simple guide and perform a simple role, and you dont even want to bother trying then there is no room for you in fleet. There are plenty who wants to actually try instead of you, just not enough room for them. Truth is, i asked for a 2nd MTAC for quite a while (even before the contest) and specifically asked machs to do it. No one did. After about 15-20 minutes of continuously asking without names. I decided to start to sort out the situation 1 by 1 , looking at machs. Told you to read the guide and do the MTAC if we get to a TCRC. Not even trying to do this is just not an option in my fleets. Its actually really infuriating, when people are not even bothering to actually play the game and the role they are supposed to in a group activity which requires group effort Once again this was nothing personally against you, I did this multiple times in the past and will do it in the future, calling out pilots and asking them to X-up in fleetchat to make sure they are actually listening. It happened before you, it happened after you. You not remembering/hearing/not being there for it doesnt mean it did not happen. If you are not able to participate on the level that is expected because of real life or something else going on it is absolutely fine. Just dont expect to get paid like everyone else who are actually trying.
  28. Forced into roles

    Hi Niki, Just so you know, I'm not here to argue or disrupt, that's why I've not mentioned the FC name in here anywhere. I came here looking for clarification if this was an actual rule or not. As it stands from what the posts state above, currently it's not a rule, but more of a grey area where people are requested to perform a role and then the FC can say to leave. I wasn't asked if I could do the role, I was told do it or instantly get out (I had to CTRL Space as the gate was already activated) as we were about to enter a NRF, not a TCRC. My name was the only one you called out. I had been shooting Sansha all day long, then you had just stepped up as the FC as Henry had finished. We went straight in for a TCRC contest with TDF which we lost as they had 13 Leshaks. You already had Captain Highfield doing MTAC. We then got repairs and warped to NRF gate, at this point is when you called my name on TS. You said Mad Anii, are you here? I said yes on TS. OK X up in fleet you said, I said why? You said just do it. So I did, you then said right you're now MTAC for the rest of the sites, go read the guide. I said I can't. You said OK then leave fleet. I said OK and goodbye. So as you can see it wasn't a request can you do it, it was either do it or don't fly with WTM fleets. I could see that Captain Highfield in his Mach continued to stay in the TS channel after I was told to go, when I popped on TS again about an hour later. So due to my name being called out, that was my evening of ISK making cut off. Nobody asked if I could or could not do it nor was I told what I was Xing up for, I was just told that's it, you're now MTAC for the rest of the sites. There's a difference between being asked or being forced into doing a role. Some people have things going off in the background with real life. At no point do I jeopardise my ship and always follow FC. I broadcast on time, I shoot all my targets and help out the newbro's where I can. Please note my Mach is rubbish, it's entry level fitting and I chose that just the other day on purpose. I sold off the bling Mach and kept the entry Mach because I'm just days away from being in a Leshak spending all the ISK I made in WTM on skillpoint injectors. If I am kicked out of fleet, I can't make ISK and it delays the better ship joining in fleet each day. I know I haven't done anything wrong, but I felt targetted and singled out. I listen, I help and do what I can in fleet just like the others. I understand the whole sentiment of having roles and the requirement, but it does need to be stated in the rules or 'Player Expectations'. When reading the rules and FC requests, it currently is voluntary or politely requested if someone can do the role or not. Hopefully you can understand where I am coming from 1/ Is it a rule or not (answered above) and 2/ I was forced, not asked if I can do it and it ruined my entire evening of EVE. Hopefully I have enough ISK soon to jump into a Leshak, this is what I've been doing incursions hard for each day to improve the fleet composition. See you in fleet.
  29. Forced into roles

    You are not the first or the last one i asked to leave fleet upon refusing to take a role when asked to do it. After you left i went to the next mach. At some point we had 3 MTACs today. And at some point in one of my fleets i told all the machs (5) to perform the MTAC role at the same time. And they did. Its a group activity. Mac is for MTAC. Ive witnessed FCs shutting down the whole fleet cuz ppl were not willing to do roles. I decided instead of shutting it down i will just remove people who dont want to play. If you dont want to participate, you dont want to play, thats completely fine. But then dont be in fleet. o7 niki
  30. Forced into roles

    Getting kicked for not being able to do a role, not allowed. Getting kicked for not wanting to do a role, allowed. The whole purpose of machariel is to MTAC.
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