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  4. Lost badges D:

    read what Malcolm wrote for solution : )
  5. Lost badges D:

    Im badgeless aswell -.- Never used the teamspeak account thingy
  6. Do you do VG or is it HQ only?

    I'm not so worried about broadcasting for shield. I don't have much trouble clicking on that one in time and if I'm flying a marauder I can tank until I come out of bastion. My main concern is moving around. I'm used to dropping into a site, sitting still, and firing from wherever we land. I might try an HQ sometime just to see how it goes. I need to spend some time looking over the guides so I'm 100% sure what I need to do. If you do do VG I will definitely join up and I'm sure I can handle it. Thanks for the response.
  7. Do you do VG or is it HQ only?

    I gave the video you posted a look through, I'm amazed of the setup you've made for yourself. I fear it might not be enough in your typical HQ fleet, where sometimes even just having to manually click that shield broadcast button is a bit too slow. Things can happen pretty fast and the sansha can hit hard. Anchoring will also likely give you some trouble as we need to move around quite a bit in HQs. WTM tends to only do VGs occasionally, mostly to do the influence grind and very rarely if we don't have the numbers to maintain the HQ fleet. EVE Rookies is pretty good, I believe they have a couple of FCs there who also run TDF fleets. WTM tries to run as much as we can, FCs and Pilots willing, you can join our discord, linked up at the top of the forums for the fleet pings that's go out. Also if you ever want to come try out HQs, let the FC know your situation and we can try to work with you, likely assigning a commander to watch you and make sure you're safe.
  8. Do you do VG or is it HQ only?

    Hey there Sturgis! I have a little group that is forming on Saturdays and Sundays after Downtime. We are looking for Paladin pilots. I can lend you a pally if you dont have it yet, that is not a problem. After 14 months of non-stop weekend funs finally we started to struggle with numbers. Even failed to form last weekend so trying to find new people. I guess good weather came and people tend to play EVE a bit less : ) Lately updates wont help either to keep players interested in EVE. Anyway. Bottom line is : we are a laid back, but super-efficient bunch, might be not your timezone to play, but if you are interested, shoot an ingame mail to "niki lasvegas" . Fly safe o7
  9. Do you do VG or is it HQ only?

    I've been flying VG incursions with the folks at Eve Rookies Incursions for about six months or so. Trained up from a Praxis to a Nightmare to a Vargur. I have a bunch of fun flying with them but they only fly three days per week and if there is no spawn or if I can't make one of their fleets for personal schedule reasons I miss flying. I'm looking for someone else who flies VG regularly. There's a Brazilian group that I fly with sometimes on weekends but they speak Portuguese in discord as just as much fun without the social interaction. I'm mostly looking for afternoon times Eastern time zone US. I'm hesitant to get into HQ because I know it's much more demanding. Eve Rookies doesn't do HQ. I play the game in spite of a physical disability. I do really well in VG but I'm a little bit worried HQ might be beyond my capabilities. I don't want to make excuses for myself but I also don't want to lose a ship or not be able to contribute fully to a fleet and do my part. So bottom line is… Do you do VG? If so when? And if you do only HQ, where are your typical times? I suppose the only way to know if I can do HQ is to try it out. I thought about trying TDF but they are armor and I'm used to flying shield. I haven't checked but I don't know if I have the skills to fly with them and I can't really afford a Paladin. Meanwhile if you got time to kill, here's a video I made about how I play Eve. It's rather long and I don't expect anyone to watch the whole thing but you can get the gist of it in about 10 or 15 minutes.
  10. Trade Hubs and HQ Incursion Systems

    MDD's chart is a good guide for this. There are some places where it's easier to cross the nominal border than to get there from the "main" part of the space... use your Gallente ships in Girani-Fa, pretend Todeko is Ammatar, stuff like that.. but I ended up with one bowhead and jumpclone pair in each of those areas, purely because that is what worked best.
  11. WTS 31.3% Mag Stab Eve mail Slay 420p with offers
  12. Trade Hubs and HQ Incursion Systems

    Here's my chart of Incursion constellations. (If it helps)
  13. WTS Shield rigged Vindicator

    is the offer still up?
  14. WTS Standard* Fit Vindicator (950M) - needs EM rig

    Is the offer still up? I doubt it tho
  15. Trade Hubs and HQ Incursion Systems

    I don't have as nicely analyzed data as OP had, but I can anecdotally say that there are about 10 major 'pockets' of incursion systems. I used to leave battleships all over the place, and just move the bling, and I ended up with about 10 of them. I would move the bling, then grab the nearest battleship (which I would then leave there afterward). The majority of the time, the closest one was within 10 jumps or so of the new focus.
  16. Trade Hubs and HQ Incursion Systems

    I've been thinking about doing one of those. But I didn't necessarily want to plant my assets at a trade hub. If you didn't have to pick trade hubs, how many 'pockets' of incursion systems could you identify, and what system would be central to said pockets ? How much % of incursion space could you cover that way ? So these 99 systems in your list are all capable of springing an HQ incursion ? I was looking for that list for a while. I guess I could do something with that.
  17. Lost badges D:

    Yup im badgless too, is not save in my account
  18. Frakkin Fun Fleet

    Btw my Birthday is in 3.5 hours, so I just might bring the Rokh one more time
  19. Frakkin Fun Fleet

    I would love to fly a Railgun Naga in this fleet. But I live in UTC+1 and have to be at work at 07:00. I wish you a lot of fun!!!
  20. Lost badges D:

    Your old client's badges are saved per client id, if you use a myteamspeak account they will automatically transfer to any new client you are using. To get your old badges back all you need to do is reach out to an officer, ideally while you are logged into TS, so they can mirror your old client id to your new client id. Only takes a couple minutes at most.
  21. Lost badges D:

    Please be kind and help these badges find their way back home! I changed my password and next thing I know, I'm badgeless D: I qualify for Ascendancy, Wall of Shame and Bastion and I had JumpTAC, too. I can prove the first two with screenshots, preferably in private.
  22. Frakkin Fun Fleet

  23. Frakkin Fun Fleet

    Hear Ye, Hear Ye! His Royal Highass, Consumer of Chili Fries, The Often Duplicated & Never Replicated, Talidar. Is hereby inviting any and all on 03/22/2022 @0300UTC to this newest Joust Of Frakkin Fun within the current Focus. This Frakkin Fun Fleet shall bring more to the table than anyone could hope for. Frakkin Attack BattleCruisers ( Talos, Tornado, Naga and Oracles) shall be the choice prime. However the ship MUST meet the SHIELD Resist Threshold to be viable. All Frakkin Past Battleships that were allowed into WTM are also allowed as well. IE: Navy Scorp*torp, Rohk*rail or blast, Navy Mega*rail or blast, Apoc/Arma/Abaddon*pulse AND Leshak. With respects to the their bonus's to their hulls in regards to Weaponry to be fitted correctly. Resist Required. And Lastly, the Grand Entrance of Frakkin Railguns that can be afforded to Krony and Vind-ky. Some, not all, will be invited in fit such a way. Reminder HQ RESIST REQUIREMENTS are in effect. Frakkin Ships shall be invited, after requirement is met, in the order listed above. (AtkBC>PastBS>Rails) No Cruisers, frigs, ETC. which means no Frakkin Logi this time around, so don't ask. Normal Logistics only accepted. Punch and Pie along with some interesting prizes to be afforded to those in Frakkin Ships as well as those in the Normal Ships. BE Safe, Have Fun and remember... DON"T BE A DICK!
  24. WTS Kronos

    "Nearly" fully fitted Kronos For sale. Missing a Pithum A-type, As i switch one around between this and my Vindi. Ship is located in Inaro (4 jumps from Jita)
  25. Marauder pilots now may drop one Pithum A-Type hardener and replace it with a "utility module" In NRFs and TPPHs. Mid-Slot utility modules for marauders are usually tracking computers or sensor boosters. This is for NRFs and TPPHs only. When going to a TCRC the pilot is expected to be back in their Dual Pithum A-Type Hardener fit. We recommend that Kronos and Vargurs drop the hardener for a tracking computer and Paladins pick up a sensor booster. This is of course at your discretion and if you think your lock time is just fine, throw on the tracking computer. When dropping a Pithum A-Type, a Nestor is REQUIRED to be in fleet. If the Nestor drops fleet and there is not a replacement, pilots are expected to switch to the dual Pithum A-Type fit and to remain in this fit. If the Nestor leaves fleet prior to a pilot being able to refit, it is up to the pilot to get a citadel to do so. Then remain in that fit until another Nestor joins fleet. Vargurs may instead drop their DCU for a tracking enhancer. They are allowed to continue to fly this fit at all times but are required to have two Pithum A-Type Hardeners when they drop the DCU.
  26. Dual Logi Badged Pilots

    Individuals who possess the Dual Logi badge are now allowed to fly one logistics ship and one battleship with FC discretion. This is with the presumption that the pilot is focusing on their logistic ship first, then their battleship.
  27. "De-Optimization" of Ships

    Excellent responses, thanks for taking the time to elaborate. It seems I was not piloting it correct for the fleet, and what you all say makes sense. I have no idea what it would take to organize a fleet like this, and really appreciate all that you do. Thanks!
  28. Anchoring Help

    Another very easy way to tell which site you're in is looking at your broadcast history window, the latest warp to broadcast tends to be the site you're in
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