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  2. Alpha newbro seeks some help

    Thank you very much for the replay ! I still have some things to configure from Warp To Me Rookie Guide and i still need ISK to buy a Hyperion but it's manageable and i'll start training for it right away. Thank you very much again. Have a nice day and fly safe !
  3. Alpha newbro seeks some help

    Hello Gallente Pilot! WTM just loves attentive newbros trying to join into WTM fleets! You are indeed in the right place if you want to do some incursions. It is totally fine to join in-game chat for you. Actually it is even recommended. In the MOTD you will find a couple of really useful links for you. The 2 top being probably the Warp To Me Rookie Guide , and the WTM Fitting Website. These will probably answer most of your questions. But you can browse through the MOTD for other stuff too if you feel like it! For you (and for most of the newbros honestly) i'd recommend to look at the Hyperion first and try to get into one, it is a fairly cheap starter ship, and maybe you already have some skills for it! If you find out that you like incursions after some time and this is a thing you want to do and earned enough ISK, then you can look at the Vindicator and try to switch into it from the Hyperion. It is one of out optimal hulls and a really fun ship to fly. Welcome to Warp To Me!
  4. Alpha newbro seeks some help

    Hello everyone, my name is Roland Raine and i'm a Gallente alpha pilot. I came across you guys on eve guides on internet, and i want to be able to run Incursions with you. I joined Warp To Me chat in-game, but atm i still have to farm more ISK and train skills to be able to be entry good. I saw on recommended ships that i need Rokh, Hyperion, Maelstrom or Apocalypse. My question is which ship should i start training skills for? And is ok if i joined the in-game chat even if i don't participate in Incursions yet? After i have everything i need to be entry level, who should i speak with to join Incursions? Thank you very much, Have a nice day !
  5. Pirate forward operations base

    I'm in for this with a battleship.
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  7. Happy Holidays

    still two weeks for holidays here, that being said: happy holidays to all!!!
  8. Hello from the TVP Community!

    Welcome o7
  9. Pirate forward operations base

    I'm willing to fly a logi in one of these
  10. Pirate forward operations base

    I'd be down for trying this sometime
  11. Pirate forward operations base

    All security spaced have FOBs spawn
  12. Pirate forward operations base

    Those bases can be found where? In low-sec or null-sec only?
  13. Pirate forward operations base

    Hmmm don't know the incoming damage is verry high I only know thinker domis work but they have to fit almost full resists
  14. Pirate forward operations base

    I am thinking that a shield based incursion style fleet would have a good chance of taking these down. Please reply with an indication of interest if you would be interested in having a crack at one of these sites. I have a few ideas on tactics already but will be interested in suggestions. Cheers Raggy
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  16. Hello from the TVP Community!

    o7, 1) Noted. I am one that likes to give the DDD that edge in the tcrc and I find that if webbed it takes a few seconds more. yeah it does take more time. Point noted. 2) I have debated this. Mostly I do not run this site as often anymore due to the dual boxer. I also debated that a paint will probably make all the difference in the world. Sig radius plays more heavily into hit formulas than tracking if I can remember correctly. 3) Noted. I run more logi heavy than most fcs but I also run more kitchen sink fleets than most fcs. I do like to hedge my bets. As Tohkay said, there isn't much reason to risk more for the same gain. In the last focus, I ran an average of under 10 minutes from payout to payout in tcrcs with an average travel of 35km-ish between sites. It is not incredibly fast but for a fleet of non-optimized, no-stress/no-drama, no ascendancy clones with a hefty sprinkle of newbie pilots; it is not that bad. I am not going to contest fleets but I really don't have to. I just have to keep my fleet motivated, moving and taking sites ahead of tdf, nga and the golem dude. Thank you for your feedback. I have noted that tvp maybe would have survived longer if they had more been aggressive in getting prospects a training badge. I would have been flying tvp if that were the case. Shit happens. See you in fleet o7
  17. Hello from the TVP Community!

    Appreciate your input but these are not new topics to us. We do things a bit differently then other communities, just like any other community. It also seems like you don't have much experience with wtm so i'll go over you're comments. 1) Many WTM FCs do not sit still to shoot the Maras. Some FCs like to give the DDD an easier time with the frigates by killing the Maras especially if the snipers are doing good work and killing targets fast.In the end the site time might end up faster if the snipers didn't kill the Maras. 2) Again this seems like something you've observed in some fleets but we do have plenty of AAAs and FCs that will do the extra burn at the end. That being said often times snipers and DPS finish around the same time anyway. Yes it could save a little bit of time but so it would be good to teach more people about this extra burn but another concern is the logi distance to DPS after the burn. 3) As I'm sure you can see we try to run safer fleets from other communities by being more tanky and running more logi. This is due to many pilots being new in wtm and having inexperienced logi and other line members. I've seen TVP FCs just leave behind ships in TCRCs which we would never do. a lot can go wrong in a TCRC so we like to have the extra fallback for things like a DC, logi loss, cap chain failure, or just general people not paying attention. So a lot of the differences in WTM are due to the fact we have A LOT of new, inexperienced people flying with us so things sometimes might run a little slower with extra precautions taken. However it seems to me you just haven't been flying with more experienced fleets or FCs maybe that do the things you are talking about. The first 2 topics you bring up vary fleet to fleet and FC to FC. The third is a rule we established for saftey precautions like i said before however some FCs will run with low logi or caps if they feel the logi can handle it but it is rare. In the end remember some communities do things differently and WTM isn't an exception to that. If you would like to fly as AAA and do the final burn in that last wave i would welcome it personally while some FCs might not. So just be ready to listen to FC instructions and have different kinds of fleets. Anyway, Welcome to WTM!
  18. Hello from the TVP Community!

    Hello WTM guys! I was a TVP FC for a pretty long time, one of the few USTZ FC's for a while as well. I have noticed you guys do somethings that i find odd/use up a lot of time resulting in slower site times. 1. TCRC Mara Primaries - Making the snipers shoot these often times has led to snipers shooting for 2-3 minutes without it dying. I noticed you do this in ANY fleet size, and when you have 4 snipers in a 32 man fleet, that eats up a LOT of time. That Alpha is better used to slap the Deltoles as you burn to the tower. The Maras can eat up the time of 4-10 snipers, but it CANNOT rep through 4-10 Snipers. I feel if you guys try it out, you will see your site times are faster if you just ignore the Maras all together. 2. NRF Snipers Final Wave - You do not burn them towards the Antem/Yulai Spawn. I know this seems like an extra step and all, and after about 2 minutes the Antems burn to their orbit distance and are 50kmish from your snipers, however those first 2 minutes of them being alive, the Snipers are hitting for about 30% of their Total DPS. If you get the AAA to burn from its current anchor position just 30k towards that spawn, your snipers will chew those Sniper targets MUCH quicker. 3. Combat Cap Requirement for TCRC - I have ran many 6 man logi squads in a TCRC since my TZ was always very low, and i have done it with just 2 Combat Caps with zero issues. I was wondering why you guys require the triple combat cap for a TCRC entrance. The Deltoles/Niarja are not anywhere near the threat you think they are in a TCRC since they are normally on the same target the Outuni are on. The first Outuni survive on Average 14 seconds on a TCRC entrance, as long as your Vinis have loaded Null, they will drop VERY quickly. The Deltole neut power is extremely low, it has never posed a threat in any fleet i have been in charge of. One of the things i love that you guys do is allow people to come in different ships. Seeing Bhaals/Snakes/Bhargest in fleet is a nice change. TVP had a hard mentality of "If it isnt Vindi/Nightmare/Mach it isnt allowed" I feel this is the reason that community died. We all know the Bhaal/Snake and Bhargest (any raven as well) is no where near as efficient, but sometimes people like to use an alt with these as it is safer and easier. With all that said and done, i am extremely happy to start being a part of this community, and if my schedule clears up i would like to apply to FC for you guys.
  19. Incursion Leshak

    @Brododian not sure of the exact amount of time saved, but it would be the equivalent of having 2 vindicators when doing tower bashes. Great for TCRCs. To everyone, I am thrilled about the discussion that this has sparked. If it ends up not being viable then that's fine, I was hoping to provide maybe a long term goal for some WTM pilots who have experience running incursions. I know this ship or fit doesn't really align with WTM's goal of being a new bro friendly ship, but this community is a lot of fun and maybe a carrot on a stick might help some more experienced players stick around to have fun and help out the newbros
  20. Target painter and signature radius

    Thx, very insightful articles. Copied from wiki: "Target painting improves everyone's chance of hitting the targeted foe, not just the painting pilot, and so a single target painting ship can be a great complement to a fleet of damage dealers."
  21. Incursion Leshak

    I think we total could limit the number in fleet we only used to let one ddd loki in fleet we could limit it to like 2-3 leshaks. do to the way there they work i see no real issue with that weird ship weird rule. Now i have finished the skills I will try one this weekend.
  22. Incursion Leshak

    Your analogy is flawed, but your point is valid. I have repeatedly asked to be presented with logs and statistics in order to help make the decision. This has never been forthcoming from anyone that has tested it in our fleets.
  23. Target painter and signature radius

    Have a look at the missile and turret tracking damage from the EVE university wiki. and You can see that a higher signature radius will increase the hit chance for turrets and the applied damage for missiles. In both cases the painter will have more effectiveness when used on smaller and/or fast moving targets. The entry for target painting explains about the painter improving things for the whole fleet o7
  24. Target painter and signature radius

    Target painting a ship makes its signature radius larger for everyone. Turret tracking and damage application is a bit complicated but having a higher signature radius on a target is definitely helpful.
  25. So the question is: When targeted NPC is target painted by me, does it have increased signature radius only for me or for all other fleet pilots who are attacking the same target as me? I was reading about it on Wiki but couldn't find this information. I understand that the biggest advantage of target painters and increased signature radius are for Missile doctrine but there is also small advantage for turret doctrines shooting the same target. Am I right?
  26. Incursion Leshak

    @Dindil How much time would it save per site?
  27. Incursion Leshak

    @Dindil I'm gonna be real with you. WTM is new player friendly, meaning that it is extremely important that folks stick with anchors as both DPS and Logi might be new/inexperienced. Lets say this ship is amazing...then the floodgates open for less smart people to fit the ship and then leadership has to redo work and this puts more pressure on FCs to check ships. The best process is to keep things as simple as possible for Logi/DPS/FCs. Making it harder will only grow losses in the fleet and WTM's goal is to teach new folks how to get better. Overall I enjoy your thinking and commend the research you have done. Just go officer shield tanked Rokh. Best ship to stay safe and it still puts out more damage than new bros in the fleet. DISCLAIMER: I don't know much about incursions but maybe a thing or two. Follow the KISS method. (Keep It Simple Stupid).
  28. Incursion Leshak

    can confim scruffy is not using a fit that meets our tank requirements, i think its because its fun for him to arop into his giant armor pool ;D its not like the leshak has no armor tank so dropping into armor with it is not actually bad
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