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  1. Travel Safely Traveling between focuses is one of the easiest times to catch an incursion runner off-guard and without logi. We are shiny targets and our fits are designed to have logi keeping us safe. Nothing in Eve is 100% safe and this guide is about limiting the risks. These are general good recommendations of how to Travel Safely. Travel Tip #1: Do not let anyone know when you are moving! WTM Incursions Channel is a public chat channel and anyone can join. We do our best to keep gankers out of the channel but it is impossible to keep all of them out. Travel Tip #2: Always travel fit and haul your bling separately. Travel fitting your ship makes it much harder to gank. Shiny modules in your cargo hold are just as likely to drop as they are fitted. Move them separately to lower the chances you get ganked/reduce the impact if you do get ganked. Travel Tip #3: Avoid Low/Null sec. It's just not worth it. Smartbombs, cynos, bubbles, and so many other things can go horribly wrong. A couple of quick definitions: Travel Fit: Removing your expensive incursion mods and replacing them with lots of T2 passive tank. This helps make you a less inviting target than those around you. If you are moving battleships using a bowhead, travel fitting is removing all of the expensive mods before stuffing your mostly bare hull into the ship maintenance bay. Taxi: A small, fast ship with just enough cargo to hold what you need. The goal is a very small signature radius (making it take longer to lock you) and a sub-1 second align time. Other General Tips Don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose Don’t autopilot or go AFK - Keep moving! If you get caught, you are most likely dead. Buffer tanks are better than active tanks – Ganks are very quick, which gives active tanks very little time to repair HP. Thus amount HP repaired during a gank is usually less than the extra EHP you’d get from fitting a straight buffer tank. Use Eve Gatecamp check, scouts, the in-game map, or any other intel tools that you have at your disposal to see if gankers are currently active along your route. Sometimes systems with ganker activity can be avoided with a negligible amount of extra jumps. Sometimes you’re better off waiting until later to haul. When using Eve Gatecamp, make sure to select "Secure". Don’t fly on wardecked characters or with killrights. Turn off duel requests if you haven’t done so already and be careful what you click on. Occasionally, gankers try to send received random fleet invites from gankers to warp get warp ins or you away from gate guns. Don’t shoot gankers – neutral logi can’t rep you if you pick up a limited engagement timer. Don’t go suspect – (don't loot neutral wrecks on your route) logi can’t rep you if you go suspect. Keep aware of current events – Read dev blogs, watch podcasts, read reddit, and/or don’t socially isolate yourself. Don’t get caught with your pants down because you didn’t realize that a 90% loot drop event was going on (i.e. Trick or Treat). Burst Jammers will get you concorded. Don’t use them in HS. Using the MWD cloak trick can help if there is a gate camp. 500MN MWD trick - If your align time is greater than 10s, fit a T1/T2/Meta 500MN Microwarp drive. After taking a gate, hit jump/warp to your next destination, cycle the MWD once. Your ship will enter warp as soon as the MWD turns off, this works for Bowheads as well. Overheat your hardeners. Ganks last less than 25s. Overheating your hardeners will give you more EHP and may help you survive the gank. Align out and spam warp. If the gankers accidentally lose tackle, you may get off. Even in the event your ship dies, this will help get your pod off so you don't loose implants. Travel fitting your Battleships Basics of travel fitting: Take off all of the expensive mods and anything non tank related. Then, the more passive tank, the better. LSEs in the mids and Steel Plates in the lows. Armageddon Hyperion Tempest Machariel Vindicator Nightmare Kronos Paladin Vargur Things to keep in mind when moving your battleship: Some people keep multiple sets of incursion ships strategically placed around HS, and use interceptors to get between areas. This means that they usually don’t have to move their incursion ships very far. It also means that they are far less likely to need to move their ships through popular ganking systems. This practice is probably even a better idea since the fall of Niarja. Note that killing gankers is not a viable strat. Yes, your double web vindi is technically capable of deleting catalysts from the field. But (1) it will also take you a relatively long time to lock them, (2) some gankers will actually fit remote sensor damps to their ganking ships, (3) they will likely use enough ships to kill you regardless, and (4) you will no longer be able to get reps if you are in fleet. Using a Bowhead to move your rigged battleship: Do not think that you’re too big to fail. Overload it with stuff at your own peril. Multiple rigged hulls can be moved in a bowhead. However, bling should still be moved separately. The MWD will reduce your align time to 10 seconds as long as you’re starting from a complete stop (i.e. just jumped through a gate). Initiate warp, toggle the MWD (turn autorepeat off), and as soon as the MWD cycles off, you will enter warp. Moving your Bling Sub-1 Second Align Time Taxi One of the safest ways to move the bling is using a sub-1 second align time taxi through High Sec. Just because you are in a fast ship does not make it any better to go through Low or Null Sec. Anything above 1 second warp time can be caught. Sitting on a gate idle will get you caught no matter what you are in. This is one of the cheapest Taxi options with enough cargo to get your bling in as few trips as possible. Yes, the drug is required and expensive but it is a lot cheaper than losing your shiny mods. There are other taxi options, but those can be discussed in other places in more depth. Blockade Runner Blockade Runners are great. They can be very slippery and hard to catch when they are flown correctly. All covops ships are susceptible to being to getting decloaked by “gate trash” (i.e. a large gank fleet causing a bunch of wrecks and faction police to litter a gate). And, gankers often pop blockade runners because they assume it contains juicy loot. But these risks can be minimized by using intel tools. Moreover, it is most certainly safer than flying bling around in a fat bottomed vindi. When flying gate to gate: Initiate jump on the next gate, as soon as you initiate warp, activate your cloak. Use insta-undock bookmarks to help with busy and/or camped stations. As always, passive tank (LSE's and Steel Plates) are key to minimizing the Tornado instablap. T3C Covops This example fit uses the different subsystems as the WTM fit. By switching out the Loki Core subsystem, it allows you another midslot for more tank. The main strategy used by the fit is to not get caught in the first place, but the tank can move you out of the engagement profile of smaller/less prepared fleets. Do note that T3’s can swap rigs without destroying them. Complacency Just because you got away with it before, doesn’t mean it’s safe. No one is too big to get ganked. Fleet numbers can rise and fall, and depending on when they scan you and how fast you move, they may even have time to reship into something that can take you on. Moreover, if you provide a juicy enough of a target, they may decide to actively hunt you. Covert ops capable ships are not uncatchable. They stand a fair chance of getting decloaked on gates where gankers have been active (they will be surrounded with wrecks and faction police), and are still vulnerable to smart bombs, lag, and DC’s. Ships with 2 second aligns are not uncatchable. They are vulnerable to lag, DC’s, smart bombs, and insta lockers. Bonus Safe Travel/Hauling Tips Use instant undock and insta-dock bookmarks when appropriate. If you web your freighter, always send duel requests to the webber, and never to the freighter. Everyone sees duel requests, and if they see dual requests going to the freighter pilot, they’re going to try to send him one in hopes of getting a limited engagement timer with him. Some guys will try to kill your webbing alt. But, better to lose that than the freighter. Be wary of corps that have friendly fire turned on, especially if they’re loose with their recruitment policy. If you can’t haul it safely, pay someone to haul it for you.
  2. A fun fleet, of sorts - Come One, Come All

    I've actually entertained thoughts about trying to bring all my boxers along to overgrid HQ fleets. It wouldn't come close to what I could make on my own, but I thought it would be fun. I haven't done anything with the idea, however, because (1) I'm currently armor fit, (2) there's a good chance of me fucking up TCRC payouts, and (3) I was worried that it might encourage TDF to overgrid as well. I was kind of waiting to hear how the experiment went, but since nothing was posted yet, here are some thoughts. First, I think the easiest way to organize this is to have a paid and unpaid wing. Have people on the waitlist first join the unpaid wing, and then have them move into the paid wing as spots open up. It would make FC's job easier, it would help eliminate confusion over when line members should warp out early or not, and running without payout is better than sitting in station with your thumb up your ass. And you'd know that once you finally did make the paid wing, you'd have guys helping to beef up your isk efficiency. The downside of this method is that it would probably be harder to ensure that the unpaid squad is self-sufficient enough to start new sites before the rest of the fleet showed up. I was also thinking that even if a few guys from the unpaid wing got scrammed during TCRC's, it wouldn't matter. Payout would be reduced, but if we were running sites fast enough, it wouldn't matter. I think this is an arms race that we can actually win if we go all in as a community. We have the largest community, so we'd definitely win when it comes to heartbeats. I know TDF has a lot of boxers, but those boxers have a huge opportunity cost, because they could always be running VG's or whatever. So, their HQ fleets would need to have an unrealistically high isk efficiency to make up for the money they'd be loosing when in unpaid positions. -Edit: Actually, I've thought about this, and there are ways that they could make it work. For example, if they had boxers split their toons between paid and unpaid wings, they probably could still exceed what they would make running VG's. I really do think that this idea has merit. I'm sure it will take work to iron out the kinks, but this could conceivably boost isk efficiency by a large amount, make waiting to get into fleet less shitty, and be a lot of fun. Oh, and I'm not going to fit up 11 blinged out leshaks or anything, but if anyone wants to do some experiments with me, I already have some shield tanked vindis and nightmares, and am willing to fit up some shield tanked domis for the rest.
  3. Logi Agro

    Okay, no where did I say that we should tell all logi pilots to do it. New logi pilots in particular have enough on their plate. I never had a problem getting out of cap range as a basi (basi's move slower). I have neared the edge of rep range as a scimi in the 3rd room TPPH when pulling to the DPS anchor spot in late night fleets when the AAA was sitting still to help the snipers with the Mara before moving. That wasn't a problem with the 2x T2 invuln fit, but might be with squishier fits. Guess I'll find out. I've never had a problem getting to the gate before it spawned, but I also have maxed out navigation skills. Pilots with lower skills might have a problem, don't know. I don't even know how to respond to the practice comment by Bear. I guess it might be good practice for newbro logi, but I give reps based upon need, and try to cycle down in anticipation of the switch. I'm not like I'm over repping in 4th wave NRF's because I try to land on grid first in TPPH's or give too much reps in the 1st wave 3rd room. I guess it makes sense when talking about lowest common denominator logi, but I engage brain (on occasion). And, in case anyone is wondering, it is possible to do it all. It is possible to get the cap chain up, give links, sling cap, manage reps, keep an eye on the fleet, and pull the wave. In fact, I've even done it while dual boxing. Also, I've never died or seen anyone die trying to pull a wave. Ever. And I've done it quite a few times. I'm not saying it can't happen, especially in a squishy Scimi in an NRF, but it is certainly rare. And I suspect that it's a non-issue in TPPH's. Finally, Bear, it's not about promoting what is good or bad logi, it's about increasing isk efficiency without significantly compromising safety.
  4. Logi Agro

    Alright, I don't mean to pick on anybody. I've been hearing multiple commanders harp on logi for landing in site first and overrepping since I first sat in a logi boat. So, this is common wisdom within the community. However, I believe the truth of the matter to be more nuanced. Moreover, I am offering a preemptive rebuttal to anyone who might speak out against Blobert's experiments on the grounds that it increases the chances of Scimi's getting agro. But more on that later. TLDR I concur that logi agro in the TCRC is quite dangerous. Naturally, I think we should continue to try to minimize the chances of logi drawing agro there. The danger of logi agro in the NRF is dependent on fit. The danger of logi agro in the TPPH is relatively small. Blobert has been experimenting with Basi's just giving cap in the 1st and 2nd rooms of the TPPH. This means scimis have to rep more, and are more likely to draw agro. I believe that this idea should not be discounted on the grounds that it is dangerous for Scimis. It is not. For those that don't know, I used to intentionally try to draw agro in TPPH's and NRF's in order to pull the waves: TPPH - Room 1 - Initial Agro TPPH - Room 2 Initial Agro TPPH - Room 3 Initial Agro TPPH - Room 3 - 1st Wave - Threat Generated Agro (try to pull the wave towards the DPS anchor spot) NRF - 1st Wave - Initial Agro NRF - 1st Wave - Threat Generated Agro (try to pull the wave towards the DPS anchor spot) I used to do this ALL the time flying rather standard fit T2 Basis and Scimis. Never once had a problem in either ship (and I've ran a site or two as a logi in my time with WTM). I stopped doing it, however, when I got Saviors and switched to a T2 Invuln + DCU fit (which is one of the squishiest accepted logi fits). I kissed armor the very first time I got agro in an NRF, and I've seen some significant rubber banding on subsequent occaisions. So, obviously, getting agro in an NRF IN THIS PARTICULAR FIT is less than ideal. Many other fits, especially the basi fits, fair far better. Now, having flown this squishy scimi for quite some time, I've managed to accidentally pull agro in the TPPH's on several occasions. Based upon what I've observed, I do not believe that aggro from Room 1, Room 2, Room 3-Wave 1 pose any significant threat to logi. However, there are some caveats to this statement. First, the Pith C Scimi is slightly squishier than my fit. And, perhaps more importantly, I always try to pull the waves. This means that (1) I get moving ASAP and never get caught sitting still, (2) it increases the distance between me and the rats, which likely mitigates some damage, and (3) it delays when I get webbed, which gives the logi more time to establish reps before I do. So, it's not like I've sat still in the squishiest logi ship with minimum logi to see what happens. However, based on what I have seen, I don't think it's a problem. Obviously, I'll always do what the FC tells me to do, but unless told otherwise, I'm going to start trying to pull waves in TPPH's again. And, if I ever upgrade to a stronger tank, I'll start trying to pull waves in NRF's. Finally, Blobert has been experimenting with Basi's not chaining up, and just serving cap in the first 2 rooms of a TPPH. I believe this idea to have merit, and I certainly don't think that it should be discounted on the grounds that it increases the danger to scimis (they have to rep more to compensate). I haven't heard any one express this sentiment, but I have heard multiple commanders harp on logi about overrepping in the first 2 rooms of a TPPH because "it's dangerous". I really don't think it is.
  5. I have a plan, and I need people.

    A market that specializes in faction stuff won't be as popular as you think it would be. People like one stop shopping, especially as they start making more isk. For example, I'm not going to fly 12 jumps round trip just to save 30 mil on a nightmare (or whatever). I'd rather just buy everything at the local trade hub, and get back into fleet. However, if you make a market that specializes in incursion ships and mods, that would be a different story. If I could buy everything I needed in one station, and could save more money than I would lose through travel time, then I would go there. Second, you absolute have to be able to defend your market (whether you do it yourself, come to an arrangement with a PvP group, or hire mercs). You might be able escape notice for a long time if you set up shop in a remote region, but if you start siphoning off business from the big boys, they will kill your structure. In fact, there are groups who go around killing structures in highsec just to get the citadel mods, fuel, and in-production stuff that will drop. Naturally, this poses a problem for incursions runners. They tend to not want to be wardecable, but that will also mean that they can't participate in the fighting. So, you'd need outside help or PvP alts to deal with the war decs. Finally, industry and trade are pretty much a full time job. Obviously, a lot of people dabble in industry, but their profits are reflective of their effort. Thus, if you want to drop a structure and establish a market that brings in more than just a trickle of business, someone will need to devote a fair amount of time and effort to it (whether it's you, your partners, or the industrialists and traders you manage to attract by setting up a structure (or structures) in a good spot, with good taxes, and good bonuses). I don't mean to be all doom and gloom though. The recent increase to NPC taxes further incentivizes selling out of upwell structures, and many highsec PvP'ers aren't nearly as good as they think they are. I can't remember who originally said it, but you'll lock yourself into a certain level of competency if all you do is punch down. And those guys do a lot of punching down.
  6. Triglavian Invasions - The Scoop so Far

    I'm not saying the current ship/fitting strategy is the best way to go, but if you wanted to optimize it: 1) You have plenty of options in your lows, depending on how much you want to spend and whether or not you can use a CPU implant. I kept things cheaper, but you can get a respectable boost to your DPS by spending more on some combination of C3-X, C3-A, and Cal Navy Ballistic Control Systems. 2) Also in the lows, the Dark Blood Cap Power Relays are only 13 mil each, give you more cap, and might just free up those last few tf that you need to make the fit work. 3) Regardless, make sure you free up enough CPU for Rapid Heavy Missile Launchers. They do have painfully long reload time (just like Rapid Lights), but their increased DPS means that you'll be fighting against fewer enemy rep cycles. For example, if the enemy has 1,000 EHP and gets remote reps of 100 EHP/s, a 200 DPS ship will basically be doing 100 DPS, and is going to need 10 seconds to kill the rat. On the other hand, a 300 DPS ship will basically be doing 200 DPS, and can kill the rat in 5 seconds. So, in our hypothetical example, a 50% paper increase in DPS effectively results in twice the damage! Another way to think of it is like paying off a credit card. If you payment just covers interest and just a little bit of the principle, you're going to be paying it off forever. If you want to dramatically reduce your interest, and how much you have to pay overall, you need to eat into that principle as much as possible with each payment. 4) if you still have some CPU left over, swap the compact DC for a T2 variant. It won't give you a lot of tank, but if you have the CPU, you might as well. 5) Finally, the Agency Hardshell drugs are relatively cheap, have no side effects, and take up booster slot 11. They aren't as powerful as a strong Blue pill, but they can be used in conjunction with one if needed. Hope that helps. [Rattlesnake, *Rattlesnake]
  7. Triglavian Invasions - The Scoop so Far

    Ran foothold roaming fleets and conduits with 2 basi's today (started w/ 4 dps). Efficiency was about 67 mil/hour + LP, but we also started in adjacent and worked up to footholds. 8 spawned in that time, and we were able to do about 6 of them (iirc). Ore spawns in conduits, and they remain closed for about an hour. Mining alts should increase isk efficiency (45% mining laser cycle time and new fancy ores). Ty said that he never saw rats warp back into conduit after it was closed, but I can't say for certain. Also, Triax brought a polarized Mach, and I was able to keep it alive. I don't know if straight glass cannons are the best idea, but we could probably scale back on tank. My only concern is that those rats have most definitely been nerfed once already, and now no leshaks are spawning. Thus, I'm wondering if CCP permanently adjusted the difficulty, temporarily did so, or if it has something to do the invasion stage (in which case we need to figure it out so that we don't waltz into something that we aren't prepared for). Oh and it's probably better to roll with local tanks for the time being (although I can't tell you exactly how strong they need to be). I'm ballparking here, but you probably need 8 DPS in fleet to offset the dps loss of having two pilots fly a pair of basi's. And yes, this is contrary to my initial assessment where I said that rat damage was too strong for local tanks to handle and that logi was required. Conduits are similar to FW Plexes in that they only show up on the probe scanner until someone warps to them. After which, they'll show up on overviews. 3 waves. Kill all rats to trigger the next wave. Mostly frigs and dessies. Recommend killing [Fleet Safety] (1) Anchoring and (2) Starving, then [Fleet Efficiency] (3) Renewing, (4) Tangling, (5) Ghosting, and then free fire on whatever is in optimal as the wave is no longer poses any sort of risk and has lost most of it's repping power so they melt fast. Isk & LP payout, plus salvage. We were able to tear through the rats in short order, but you can't farm them like incursion sites as no new conduits will spawn for about an hour. Also, as someone else had previously noted (can't remember who), the ninja looters are much more uncommon further away from major trade hubs. We only had one ninja salvager pester us for about 30 minutes. Of course it will depend on the prices that loot and salvage settles at, and it will certainly require more effort (spreadsheeting, hauling, mining, scanning, salvaging, traveling, etcetera), but I'd imagine that a better FC than me can get efficiency up to 100/mil an hour with what's currently spawning, and hopefully even higher with major conduits and whatnot. So... I'm not exactly happy with CCP for nerfing the incursion spawn rate. I mean, I would rather be running this content because I wanted to, and not because I had to, but I think we can do okay with these. So, we'll see what happens as the content escalates.
  8. Scheduled Triglavian Invasion Science Fleets

    Fiona is forming up a fleet. Time & Date: ASAP Comms: Mumble - Fleet 1 Doctrine: Shield Accepted Ships: Could Use Logi and DPS Dockup: Iivinen VIII - Moon 7 - Genolution Biohazard Containment Facility</url> Content: Goals: End Boredom
  9. Scheduled Triglavian Invasion Science Fleets

    Want to concentrate on flying with WTM for a little while. I'm not giving up on invasions, but they're still rolling it out.
  10. You were kicked from fleet....

    I can't explain why I found this so funny. "Let's not take ourselves too seriously"... said at the end of a 1,295 word post about how to behave in a video game. You're my favorite hard ass. For those that don't know, Max is a great FC to fly under -as long as you listen to FC instructions and don't sandbag. It's also kind of intersting how even though we have all these rules, doctrines, and procedures, fleets can feel dramatically different depending on the FC. Like, if Super Hoover is chaos, Max is order.
  11. Triglavian Invasions - The Scoop so Far

    I went out scanning down Roaming Fleets in a Foothold system during the Scouts have been Spotted, Conduits are forming phase of the invasion. With an average fleet composition and damage profiles for individual rats, I was able to derive the average damage profile for Triglavian fleets. I was kind of surprised that the EM and Kinetic damage was so low, and decided to see what I would get from my damage log for when I lost a basi. With my resist profile in hand, I derived the raw damage applied to me throught the fight. I think the EM and Kin damage is higher here because the FC was prioritizing ships (i.e. Starving) that only had Entropic Disintegrators fit. Limitations: My sample size is kind of small (1 fight's worth of damage for the damage log, but I held agro for most of it, and 15 fleets from scanning (some of which were being chewed on by players). Also, CCP might tweak things, and the different content (i.e. the sites) might spawn fleets of different compositions.
  12. This thread is intended for the purpose of scheduling Triglavian Incursion Science Fleets. Please direct questions, comments, and chatter to this thread. General Information We are currently in the testing process. No official SRP. Try to keep your fits cheap, as losses are likely. Loot is sold and used to help offset the costs of losses on science fleets led by WTM FC's. Join us if you want to help out or are looking for a little excitement. FC discretion takes precedent, but appropriate ships are currently: T2 Logi (Combat Caps preferred over Links) HAC's (ADCU recommended) T1 Battlecruisers / Command Ships Check with FC on what he's bringing, but link priority is currently along the lines of: Active Shielding Charge | Rapid Repair Charge Shield Harmonizing Charge | Armor Energizing Charge Shield Extension Charge | Armor Reinforcement Charge Skirmish - Evasive Maneuvers Charge Info - Sensor Optimization Charge (Initial agro and switches are hard and fast) Skirmish - Interdiction maneuvers charge Skirmish - Rapid Deployment Charge Info - Electronic Hardening Charge (Rats have weapon disruption, but logi normally gets agro) T1 / Pirate Battleships Noctis / Salvaging Destroyer Cloaky Scouts (can use D-scan, combat probes, and/or some trial and error to find roaming NPC fleets) T3 Cruiser (accepted, but not recommended due to possible SP loss) Once again, keep your bling to a minimum. Best damage to deal is explosive. I suggest 80% Thermal, at least 70% kinetic, and plugging any other resist holes you might have (i.e. at least 50%) In fact, shooting for higher resists and slapping on an Shield Extender, Plate, and/or Assault Damage Control isn't a terrible idea. Better to be overtanked than undertanked. And Logi should definitely shoot for higher resists in order to prevent a cascade of failures and a fleet welp (for example, my next basi will have 74% | 91% | 86%| 83% resists). AB is a good choice for killing roaming npc fleets for BC and below (sites might necessitate MWD's, don't know yet). Webs help kill fast moving frigs and dessies. Scrams (only one or two needed in fleet) supposedly stop named rats from warping off. Brawlers preferred over snipers. FC's, please post at least the bolded items: Time & Date: Comms: Doctrine: Accepted Ships: Dockup: Content: Goals: Special Instructions:
  13. We're still trying to figure out the new Triglavian Invasion content, so there's still many unanswered questions. However, here’s what we do know: Triglavian Incursions spawn only in highsec. The content is intended for fleet as small as 2 and as large as 15. Some sites will be similar to Incursions in that they will award LP and isk, however, they haven’t started spawning yet. Right now, we’ve been killing roaming NPC fleets. The isk in that comes from Triglavian Salvage and the loot drops of named rats (Zorya). Roaming fleet difficulty is determine by the system (Perimeter < Adjacent < Foothold < ???). We’ve pretty much been face tanking them, so recommend logi numbers are currently 2x -> 2-3x -> 3-4x -> ???. Hopefully, we’ll be able to get those down with time. Switches happen fast, and Logi appear to be very high on the agro table –PRE LOCK YOUR LOGI SQAUD!!! Naturally, have your logi consolidate agro before warping in a salvager. Most Trig rats do 60-70% Thermal and 30-40% Explosive damage. However, Liminal variants can do EM or Kinetic damage. Thermal is the most important resist to beef up, however, it is still recommended to beef up all resists. Roaming fleets can and will call for reinforcements, and, of course, their damage will spool up. They can warp to Gates, Citadels, NPC Stations, POCO’s, Asteroid Belts, and (allegedly) anywhere else -including unaligned safe spots. As far as I know, scramming rats don’t spawn on gates, but they still have managed to kill many a traveling pilot. DO NOT move freighters and Bowheads through invaded systems. The rats can actually kill a freighter and the system invasion effects can reduce your hull HP by 15 to 40% depending on the system. Naturally, this can dramatically reduce the number of gankers required to kill you -and I’d bet money that they are currently developing the tactics required to exploit this mechanic. I know for a fact rats don't pod in perimeter systems. I assume that they don't pod in other systems, but I have not verified that. Rats move fast, and will swarm their target. We’ve been rolling with brawling fleets. Kiting fleets could work, but they would have difficulty securing loot. Mixed fleets would run into problems if a sniper drew agro because it would cause all the rats to burn away from the brawlers. Naturally, brawlers are currently preferred over snipers. Rats Neut, Damp, Weapon Disrupt, TP, Web, & Scram. Once again rats move really fast, but have fat sigs. Naturally, webs do more for damage application than target painters. Scrams also apparently stop Named rats from warping off, but I haven’t verified this yet. Because Rats swarm and scram, AB is preferred over MWD for now. Weapon disruption isn’t that big of a problem because logi currently keeps agro about 95% of the time. Damps aren’t a problem because logi tend to be really close to each other. Combat caps can easily deal with neut pressure, but you still might want to prioritize cap batteries over cap rechargers. There’s more, but that’s already a wall of text. Check out this info dump for more information. Oh, WTM is currently not doing anything official with the Triglavian Invasions, but we have a lot of community members unofficially getting involved –including many experienced and skill command core members. We’ve been coordinating our efforts over Slack (command core only), but I’m going to try to get these guys to start coordinating more in the WTM Events section of the forums so that interested line members can get in on the fun. We're currently only running science fleets for now (and not running for profit), but it’s a break from the grind and good fun. If you’re interested, check out this thread for scheduled fleets. It's hard to say for certain, because we've had more spank in our last two fleets, but it really seems like the rat dps was nerfed. Regardless, I updated the recommended logi numbers to account for this. Do note, that additional changes do appear to be inbound.
  14. Video of Blooper Blogger.