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  1. Upwell Structure and Cloning Facilities

    The corp is owned by me. Ive put up one sparta has put up one. Blob asked to assist so he joined warp to me inc corp and put up 2 or 3. Its like everything else around here. Its voluntary.
  2. Fun Fleet!

    no this is a drunk juan carlos fleet. but a drunken sandman might make an appearance.
  3. Colelie Citadel

    We have one or two up as a test and looking at changing the current policy.
  4. Active and Prior Service Peeps

    Not that far back you schmuck. Lol
  5. Active and Prior Service Peeps

    82nd airborne... quite a few years back.
  6. Colelie Citadel

    well as of now its just a test leadership is running. we have had discussions reguarding market options but for now its just this one and cheap.
  7. Colelie Citadel

    Greetings fellow community members, trolls, and various other schmucks, Since citadels have been released we have stayed away from them out of just being wary to their actual survivability and a few other concerns. Our current focus of Colelie we felt that this was a perfect place to do some testing now that the novelty has wore off of them a bit. If you would like to continue to use our current dockup you may or you may use the citadel named "warp to me" in system and is listed in the local motd as Citadel. Please be smart about it. if your going to afk either dock or log off. dont tether afk, you can be bumped off. At this time this is just a test, we are discussing to continue or not and all comments are welcome as long as you keep the salt in your kitchen. Sandman
  8. CannonBall Run - 2018

    Glad you had fun and got a juan carlos kill mail!
  9. Mardi Gras Fun Fleet

    Great night. Alot of fun even concord showed up. Freighter anchors nestors but no drakes.
  10. Mardi Gras Fun Fleet

    Eve mail me a fit and ill let you know thurs or fri when i look at fits.
  11. Mardi Gras Fun Fleet

    Im either bringing my ddd eagle or my navy drake. Undecided.
  12. Mardi Gras Fun Fleet

    ive allowed them before. even tonis medic vindi.
  13. Mardi Gras Fun Fleet

    Monday Feb 12 approx 0000 Server 6pm Central USTZ (subject to change) I will be hosting my first fun fleet after being recertified upon my return and thanks to mardi gras i cant get out of my apartment for 4.5d. What does this mean specificlly, if it meets tank you can fly it. Drake yes. HAC yes, assorted other stuff that meets tank yes subject to reasonable amount of stupidity. If you bring a normal acceptable WTM fit, srp will still apply, If you bring a fun ship you wallet tank it. If you would me like to pre approve your fit, fantastic drop me an eve mail with the fit. Of course per sandman fun fleet BYOB. Fleet will run until i pass out and or generally drink myself blind. Hope to see everyone there.
  14. Sandman Retirement Fun Fleet

    I will be fwding all mails to my replacement.
  15. Sandman Retirement Fun Fleet

    As of today im officially retired as leadership, Congrats to Kimina (your gonna need it) No im not going anywhere but im really looking forward to just being an fc and lm again. So next saturday im going to do a fun fleet. if it meets tank you can fly it. BYOB. By special request of leadership i will dust off my eagle for old times sake. I will post what time sometime during the week but i expect approx 0000 11/27/16 eve. that time is subject to change sometime this week due to my work schedule being a bit unpredictable. I look forward to seeing all yall there. Sandman Retired Leadership