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  1. Trade Hubs and HQ Incursion Systems

    I don't have as nicely analyzed data as OP had, but I can anecdotally say that there are about 10 major 'pockets' of incursion systems. I used to leave battleships all over the place, and just move the bling, and I ended up with about 10 of them. I would move the bling, then grab the nearest battleship (which I would then leave there afterward). The majority of the time, the closest one was within 10 jumps or so of the new focus.
  2. Anime

    don't know what you're talking about... (pay no attention to the man behind the curtain)
  3. Updating the guides

    I really like the new NRF guide picture, and the addition of the leshak's pathing to it. My only problem with the anchoring guide is in the TPPH where you say I disagree slightly. For one thing, snipers should sit still for the mara in room 2. Otherwise, snipers should do as this. DPS should always be burning out to targets for the first half of the room then to the gate when there are only a few rats left. Unless I misunderstood the next lines where you mention VVV and AAA. If you are using them to generically reference DPS and Snipers, then that's actually fine and accurate. But it sounded at first like only the two anchors should do that... Overall, thanks for your effort and attention to these guides.
  4. Scouting Guide (Unofficial)

    Actually, cloaked ships don't count at all. For example, after the mom pops, you can't save a site with a cloaked ship. The gate will despawn as if there was no one there. Same goes for completed TCRC gates.
  5. What can we expect?

    Discussions have just begun following that announcement. Not sure which way things will go. We just found about this as well. Stay tuned.
  6. Rookie guide / Fits suggestion

    I think I last saw him dropping them out of a scimi, so there's the rust for you at least... =P
  7. Rookie guide / Fits suggestion

    Well, we do have a skill guide here on the forums. It might be a bit obscure / hard to find, and a link to it in the rookie guide might not hurt, but it's there. Have a look and see if that helps you.
  8. When FC tells you to pull drones..

    Now, if only there was a hotkey to assist drones to the first person on your watch list or something...
  9. Which frigate you will fit after escape bay patch?

    As far as incursion related, I'm just going to change from 'going back for my battleships in a shuttle' to 'going back in an AS Frig', cus it will be a faster trip. Spare ammo in the frigate is a neat idea though, if you can access the frigate's cargo from the battleship in space... Might do that for my vindi. Also if you only move one ship, that's a lot of extra ammo you can carry to the focus, I guess. Also, not sure what the point of any cloaking device is. If you BS gets popped, you will be within 2500m of the wreck long enough to get locked anyway... just book it? Maybe you burn away from the wreck in time, but if you're talking a gank situation, then they have at least one ship with a bunch of Sebo, so you'll be locked pretty quickly.
  10. Fitting a Signal Amplifier to a Basi

    Have Ogdin's Eye Coordinator Enhancer there. I don't have a separate logi clone, this is the same clone I use for both my Vindi and my Leshak. Ah, yes. I know that feeling. I have only one clone as well, which does it all; logi, battleships, boosting... Yea, two meta transfers should be stable with the sigamp straight swap from the PDS. To get the one T2 in there, for the AB, I was going off of the faction / Corelum line. That 800m is on an Analog AB, which is the same base speed (the one in question is actually a bit faster), but is actually even better than my expectations. That one would leave you at -62.1 with Sensor Linking 4. There's another one based on a Corelum C-type (on contract for 500m) that's a 42.2 activation, which would still put you at about -62.2 in pyfa with your two cap implants... so either of those would get you there. Dunno if the 500m is more palletable, but it's there. However you do it, I think the sig amp is a worthy addition. Getting a T2 transfer for the fleet is always appreciated, but if you can't swing them both, I'd personally run the sig amp. I look forward to seeing you in my fleet again.
  11. Fitting a Signal Amplifier to a Basi

    I've been looking at ways to get the sig amp onto a basi with T2 cap transmitters, and yea, it's really hard with incoming meta. I'd like to see what you're starting with exactly. The main thing is: do you have one or two T2 transfers? I haven't found a way to have both T2 transfers and a sigamp, while being within fitting restrictions and stable with incoming meta transfer. However, I have found that: if you use one meta (for the cap chain, per current standard) and one T2 (for the fleet) cap transfer, (along with Republic Fleet LSE, which has the lowest PG of the faction ones) that solves your fitting problem, and alleviates the cap problem, leaving you at -63.1 delta. From there, abyssals are still your savior; if you get a perfect (and I mean absolutely perfect) activation cost roll, you are at -62.2 delta. Sensor Linking V will then be useful to buy you that extra 0.1 buffer... it's super tight, but can be done. That AB will not be cheap, though if you're willing to focus exclusively on the activation cost, and sacrifice the rest, it might be reasonable... But there's one more option: another implant. Not sure what's in your slot 7, but ES-706 (should be available from CONCORD) will reduce the activation cost of the cap transfers by 6%. With the mixed transfers and stock faction other mods that puts you at -61.5 delta. I think that's your best bet, if you can spare your slot 7 implant.
  12. How should i handle the logistics of Incursions?

    Another option is to move the vindi itself with a travel fit similar to that, but then go back in a shuttle or something and bring the 'bling' separately in a fast cloaky ship. This is more time / effort, but splits up the risk. I personally use a Blockade Runner for my expensive modules (which can conveniently bring the shuttle back too), and then I had been using a bowhead to move the hulls and basic mods. With only one hull, you wouldn't need the bowhead, of course. But with that fit Malcolm suggested, 230k EHP (260k with heat) is pretty solid. Until your accumulated bling reaches some threshold, you're probably ok with that. There's also http://eve-gatecheck.space/eve/ which tells you (mostly) about the number of recent kills in systems along a route. It's kinda useful, but you have to use some common sense with it too. Checking dotlan or zkill of the lower security systems is also a good plan.
  13. New recruits thoughts...

    I find that cutting my prop mod at about 20km from my destination (at least in my vindi) gets me pretty close on the coast in. So maybe use that your gauge for when to turn it off. You could also read the Anchoring guide and try to get yourself to the spots on your own, which reduces the risk of bumping the anchor. If you try to get in position, then look at where the anchor actually is and adjust from there. You don't need to be the official anchor to try flying there. Best way is to use the Tactical Overlay (to see range and direction) and holding 'Q'. This lets you draw a line in space. First click sets your direction, then you can move the mouse to set elevation and click again to go (or just double click to go flat). This is also the best way to align down a gate, and get to the next gate through a TPPH. You'll get the hang of it eventually. The fundamental answer is "practice and attention". Get used to how much you coast when you cut the MWD, get used to where the anchor spots are in the first place... Just keep an eye on your ship and what it's doing in response to your commands, and you'll get the right feel for it. It takes a bit of time, but you'll get there. Don't be too hard on yourself, and have fun. (btw, the anchoring guide is in the Fleet MOTD if you click the VVV or AAA tag in it. It's also here: )
  14. Asking for a friend: Could we have a secret santa event

    I seem to recall we did something like that last year among command core for each other... the degree of 'secret' I suppose depends on if you have an unknown alt or not =P I don't remember who organized it though.
  15. 100% Loot Drop Event

    yea, I saw that. We were trying to figure out just what all those 'element' things even are, to be worth so much...