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  1. Asking for a friend: Could we have a secret santa event

    I seem to recall we did something like that last year among command core for each other... the degree of 'secret' I suppose depends on if you have an unknown alt or not =P I don't remember who organized it though.
  2. 100% Loot Drop Event

    yea, I saw that. We were trying to figure out just what all those 'element' things even are, to be worth so much...
  3. Hello and continued welcome to WTM! Glad to hear that you're enjoying your time in fleets. If you want to prepare to take roles, there are a couple of things I can say. First and in general, there are a variety of guides here on the forums for all the roles and other things. https://forums.warptome.net/forum/14-guides/ As for which role to try, yes HHH is probably the most straightforward role to take. Personally I find DDD to be the most exciting and challenging role (racing the rest of the fleet to blap all the frigates before they finish everything else). VVV can be tricky to find the right spots, but the guide is decent ("Anchoring Guide"). However, if you're worried about 'messing up', you can practice VVV at any time by trying to get to the anchor spot on your own, rather than just 'keep at range' on the actual VVV. Then you can see where you end up and how close you are to the anchor and the spawn. Do that for a few sites, and then when the VVV -1's, you can step up and feel more comfortable. Keep on flying and keep on learning =)
  4. Scimi fits. For Logi 4. Cheap fits too.

    Congrats on the upgrade. Some good mods on that thing. Just wanted to point out, though, that 2x Invul II *and* a DCU is actually over tanked for a scimi. You can either drop one invul for a third link (if you'll still be cap stable with it running), or you can trade the DCU for a SigAmp. Faction sig amps are cheap and can get you up to 2 more locks (if you have Adv Target Management 4 or 5) and also improve your lock speed. Faction Tracking Computers (Shadow Serpentis in particular, I think) were also pretty cheap last I looked (which, admittedly, was before the null blackout). They improve your cap stability even further, as they take less cap to operate than the T2's and also work better besides. Keep up the good work. We love our logi!
  5. Low tier Abyssal mods and a couple Invuls

    RL stuff will be keeping me away for at least the weekend, so I might not make it to the current focus. But if anyone is still interested in these mods, I should catch up early next week.
  6. Low tier Abyssal mods and a couple Invuls

    They're not as good as faction, but they're better than T2 (of course, or they wouldn't help anyone). I was looking for pilots with T2 damage mods, who weren't ready to go to the full price of faction yet, but wanted a bit of a boost. The balance of Damage Mult vs ROF increase vary, but the net result is bit more than +24% dps on all three. T2 adds just under +23% dps, and faction just under +26% dps Here are the stats; if you copy each chunk, you should be able to paste it into pyfa as an abyssal mod.
  7. I've been rolling some abyssal damage mods, and have a few that aren't bad, but they're not what I was looking for. I've got 2 Mag Stabs that come out to about a 24% dps bonus (for reference: T2 is about 22% and faction is about 26% dps bonus). Looking for around 50 mil each (where faction mag stabs are around 120 mil currently). One of these rolled 1.6tf better, the other 4tf worse (18.4tf and 24tf rsp). I've also got a Heat Sink that rolled about 24% damage bonus, at 17.3tf CPU. Looking for 40mil, as the faction heat sinks are a bit cheaper than mag stabs. I also have a couple of Pithum C-type invuls that I upgraded out of, and am looking to sell. Current market is about 390 mil each, but for a WTM pilot, I'd go as low as 360 mil. These are all in the current focus at the moment.
  8. Garage Sale

    Nice. I don't need the invuls from that NM, but how about 1.7b for the rest? (evepraisal is about 1.4b but counts the abyssals as 0) Contract to FlameTounge if you're good with that.
  9. Garage Sale

    Tell me about the NM...
  10. Logi School

    I'll be hosting the next Logi School on Saturday 3/9/19 1900 EVE time 1400 EST