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  1. Proposed pulse mare positions

    I used to say and still sometimes do it when i have time : "keep at range 5000 meters until you get familiar with sites and know better than that". As long as you are in range of logi optimal and sansha is ~at your best ammo optimal, you should be good tbh.
  2. Abyssals on a budget

    To be honest i would just make fitting space by cutting highslots on the Leshak. Shield HP or nice damage mods are more important.
  3. mobile depot for sniper?

    You need your A game to pull something like this and not forget even once tho'.
  4. Scimitar Upgrades

    I also agree with Kimi. Scimitars mostly dying because of lack of shield buffer. Problem is that its actually really hard to fix it without removing 1 link from the fit. Also let me reiterate again if a scimitar dies it is most of the times cuz of bad piloting (taking gate too soon, or overrepping and taking damage aggro).
  5. Scimitar Upgrades

    Hmm interesting. DCU just simply got better with the patch so i dont really see why. I guess i'll ask dr zumi about it if it is indeed the case. The fit i listed is way cheaper and slightly better than current optimal :smirk_cat: Its only problem that its really tight and needs good fitting skills.
  6. Scimitar Upgrades

    Hmm okay, whats the reason for the removal ?
  7. Scimitar Upgrades

    So my 2 cents is that you want to use a cheap and efficient scimi fit. Here is the fit i'd recommend for linepilots, that is acceptable but has very tight fitting requirements. Really cheap and has more resists everywhere than opti fit. Also i agree with Malcolm. Scimitars pretty much never should take serious agro when piloting correctly. Thats their most important "tank".
  8. Banned from ingame channel

    @Cpt Snickerdoodle Im pretty sure its the alliance (or the corp) and not you. I sent you an in-game mail who to contact, altho' maybe someone will look into it cuz of this post.

    Welcome. Read this, it will answer your questions: For more guides browse this forum, specifically this subsection:
  10. Updating the guides

    So even if you are bumping on the Control Tower - and that is worse case scenario - after pulsing your MWD once you are going to probably drop the first MTAC quicker than just slowboating. Bumping is bad, you should try to not do it, but pulsing the MWD for the first drop is good. Finding an advanced way to not bump and use MWD the same time is best. You can suit yourself and find what works for you. What i do is : i dont adjust my speed, but i simply stop my ship after 5 seconds of MWD. Basically smashing ctrl+space halfway of the cycle. Thats probably the quickest or at least one of the quickest way to deliver fast without a bump. After first drop you can chill and slowboat.
  11. Updating the guides

    So the downside of putting your drones on the tower is if you do it too early (basically before first vindi shows up) then you are risking them to be a target of the MTAC response team, and there is a higher than normal chance that they will blow up.
  12. niki's take on the WTM Leshak

    Updated... i think.
  13. Raw convo about DDD

    UPDATE: After Surgical Strike Patch Void is more powerful. If you are confident with your tracking (better be close to 20 at least) you can try to use Void more often to blap them frigates. At the moment (2020 May) I am usually bringing 8k Null, 5k Anti and the rest is Void to fill up cargohold to max. But you know... im pretty confident :smirkcat:
  14. Drugs Guide (Unofficial)

    Just 2 times. And i personally would recommend Mindflood (same slot). For shield battleships definitely. But yeah if you are a super-capstable logi Quafe is actually a great drug.
  15. Drugs Guide (Unofficial)

    Yeah the only thing i would fix is Drop. Drop is only good for DDD. For the rest of the fleet Frentix is probably better and they are the same slot, so you cant use both at the same time. But the big deal is really the Pyro 2 and the Mindflood (in a shieldfleet its actually really good). If you already have an optimal fit, your implants and you secured your Omega status then those 2 drugs are basically the next upgrade. The guide should mention to train to Biology 5 as well, so the drugs last 1 whole hour.