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  1. A few Logi questions.

    Hope to see you again o7
  2. What do you do when you don't run incursions?

    Get a proper Vindi, and fall in love with it! <3
  3. Old eve player

    Welcome back! A logibro is always appreciated ^.^ And almost always needed for the fleet. And techincally we accept golems too. Visit the in game channel : "Warp To Me Incursions" for more info.
  4. Low sec incursions

    You are not busting the bubble. We probably all are aware of how low sec works Of course in low sec these fits and fleet compositions would not work so well. And as Tesso wrote, there are no current plans.
  5. Possible additional too;

    After you get into the fleet, you look at what squad you are in, and there you go basically. If you x-d up 2 ships of the same squad, then just ask FC (e.g. Basi or Scimi). Advanced tactics: Sometimes if you are cunning enough, you look at your x-ups before you accept the sent invitation, and see if the FC approved everything, or just 1 of your fits and conclude. The last tip is if you are invited as a logi then look up at combat caps and remote TC links currently in fleet and you can also go by that.
  6. Low sec incursions

    Hmm... Interesting stuff. I am not sure, how lowsec incursioning would affect our newbro friendly policy, now even more so than ever cuz of the alpha clones. I know an FC from that lowsec group, and she is a pretty cool person actually. But i dont know anyone else from that community. All in all in WTM there are almost always a lot of stuff is going on... so from the outside changes might seem to be extremely slow. But we just deal with multiple things at the same time. And it sometimes takes much more time than we would like to. So changes are not so simple for us
  7. Fits for alpha players

    Yeah. Basically if you read very carefully the "general requirements" and study the fits , you will realise that the minimum fits can be reached as an alpha character.
  8. New To WTM

    Hi! This is not really a general topic, but i just tend to answer these kind of stuffs anyway Cap Emission V is really nice to have, please train into it, if you can. But not an absolute must have. You are looking for a specific number in a WTM Basi level 5. After simulating your fit, with everything turned on, you wanna look at your "Excess Capacitor Recharge Rate" , the little triangle at the top right side in the capacitor section (also called as a "delta"). If that number is at -64.8 GJ/s or better (like -62 or -60 , or so on) , then you are good to go. Its a nice thing to work on that, for example with some cap skills, or navigation skills. There are some logi schools here and there, held by our Residents and Logi Masters, if you want to attend, just look out for them, they are announced in the forum, on the waitlist, or in the "Warpto-Logi" mailing list in EVE. By the way you were doing great today as a newbro basi pilot. I was really happy to fly with you. I think you are the kind of pilot that makes Logi Masters want to teach people how to logi So good job.
  9. New To WTM

    T2 is enough, you dont have to use pith c em amplifier, as long as you have the 70% EM resist on shield.
  10. New To WTM

    Hello. Flying with WTM does not require any API or skillcheck currently. Most of the modules need to be at least t2, but you can use meta4 blasters on a Rokh, as minimum requirement, however you need faction ammo for it. For more info and more possible fits/ships read the fitting page: There are some general rules stated above of the actual fits too.
  11. New Alpha State Dec 5th

    Yep. That is correct. The minimum fits actually can be flown by alphas.
  12. New Alpha State Dec 5th

    Simplest way to answer is : show me your fit, and i'll tell you. Hype tends to have a bit under 100k EHP, which is usually fine, but i dont want to flat out tell you that your fit is okay, until i havent seen it.
  13. Ammo and Nanite Paste amounts

    As Charlie said , Battleships dont really need to carry Nanites. Its nice, if you have some, but not a must have. About ammo: it really depends on how much you want to play in one go. If you are not sure about playing a lot, or you just want to try out how it goes, 10k is fine. My recommendation would be: just fill up your cargo hold until its full
  14. New Alpha State Dec 5th

    Hi! The short answer is: WTM commanders are working on it, stand by for results!