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  1. FC can choose these kind of things in their own fleets. How many, and who. Me personally ? I will have my NMs to try to MTAC. All of them. Okay, maybe excluding fairly new bro NMs, but even them should just read up on the subject and at least try to process the job, see it in action. They should be competing with each other without real pressure, for just fun. But better get used to this competition, because there is going to be one with another fleet, and a lot of times a good MTAC is pretty much essential for a contest win. As far as MTAC dropping and tower repping mechanics go the previous commanders already explained so i wont bother. Just simply snatch it and drop it ASAP and look for the next one. Repeat until tower is dead. If you do that there is no such thing like "tower is repping cuz we dropped too soon". If the tower is repping between 2 drops thats simply because someone did not drop on time.
  2. Pause Feature Suggestion for Waitlist

    Missing an invite is not a big deal on the waitlist. It happens all the time with the crazy waiting times (everyone can thank CCP for the lack of content). You will be kept on it until next time the chance rises. Might be only a few more minutes, or maybe much more. FC will obviously fill the fleet really quickly, cuz they cant know when will ppl accept invites or be back active. 2 missed invites same still no worries. FC might remove you after 3rd missed invite tho'. Now being offline the moment you received an invite is actually a big deal. FC will just assume you lost interest and closed the game and will just remove you from WL. So keep the game open. If you disconnect dont wait for anything, log back in sooner the better.
  3. Best alpha batleship

    Maelstrom has cap problems too, in HQ sites you need to burn a lot and that ship is extremely slow. Without cap skills you are going to suffer. Machariel is kind of expensive just to simply buy it then reship after 30 hours. Not to mention this topic is more than 14 months old, so the guy asking is probably long gone ;3
  4. niki's Capsprey Guide for HQ sites

    Not a bad fit at all, altho' i personally do not prefer it. Making a fit unnecessarily cap stable without a good reason doesnt really make sense.You dont need MWD to stay active all the time. It is also bad for a few reasons to just run it endlessly. If you want tanky fit, use the tanky version. If you want to lessen the tank thats fine too, but dont just go half-way Use greedy fit for more utility.
  5. Back after long hiatus

    Welcome back! Hours on Waitlist is not really important, dont worry about that. As far as Trusted Logi badge you might need to re-earn that one. things have changed a lot. Sites are faster. In some fleets the pace is very different.
  6. "Can I bring my Vargur?"

    Not sure what was wrong with the Vindi, but WTM is not TDF. Maybe you should try flying the Vindi here too. Who knows. Its a bit cap-hungry, but WTM fleets are used to being cap-hungry. I personally would not pick on a linepilot if they are trying their best flying what they have currently. I hope other FCs are not doing that either. For example i would not mind seeing a Mach in my fleet as long as they are willing to MTAC, even bringing an MJD for that. Maybe not more than one tho' The most important thing is the will to upgrade. As long as they have that then sooner or later they will meet with all the requirements. I only have a problem with two kind of people: 1) already have a lot of in-fleet hours and they just keep bringing bad fits, not investing. 2) not trying their best on grid, being sandbags.
  7. "Can I bring my Vargur?"

    To be fair you can keep bringing the Mach until you have the required skills for the Vargur. The only downside is that FC can (doesnt have to, but can) skip the Mach after 30 in-fleet hours if they see some other snipers who are playing by the "Upgrade Policy". Some FCs will, some wont. If they keep poking you to switch to NM, just tell them what you wrote down here: you are in fact skilling into the Vargur but until then this is what you can fly that helps the fleet most. A meta4 NM is indeed way less useful than a t2 gun Mach. Just make sure that you are indeed skilling towards the Vargur. Some LSI (Large Skill Injector) and +4 / +5 attribute implants also can help reducing the time. The other option is what Eliz wrote down: get a Vindicator, and even with meta gun you are going to do (worst case scenario) 1000+ dps and you will have a really useful web that helps the fleet greatly if used correctly. I personally would not switch into a meta NM in your case.
  8. niki's take on the WTM Leshak

    Also Orange colour, as in "on fire".
  9. niki's take on the WTM Leshak

    This was actually a Leshak. 3% Hull.
  10. niki's take on the WTM Leshak

  11. Proposal: Kronos and Vargur Drones

    Light drones dont kill frigates. Guns do.
  12. niki's Capsprey Guide for HQ sites

    I mean i did not want to name names, but now that you mentioned Nick...
  13. niki's Capsprey Guide for HQ sites

    Upon recent events i decided to give 2 different options on how to anchor:
  14. niki's Capsprey Guide for HQ sites

    Update: new fit for the Shieldtank version. For more speed to match faster sitetimes, easier to not be out of position. [Osprey, Capsprey Shieldtank] Damage Control II Capacitor Power Relay II Capacitor Power Relay II Large Shield Extender II Large Shield Extender II Multispectrum Shield Hardener II 50MN Quad LiF Restrained Microwarpdrive EM Shield Amplifier II Corpii A-Type Small Remote Capacitor Transmitter Corpii A-Type Small Remote Capacitor Transmitter Corpii A-Type Small Remote Capacitor Transmitter Corpii A-Type Small Remote Capacitor Transmitter Corpii A-Type Small Remote Capacitor Transmitter Medium Thermal Shield Reinforcer I Medium Core Defense Field Extender I Medium Capacitor Control Circuit II
  15. Marauder Stuff From the Field

    Depends on a lot of things obviously (fleetcomp, fleet quality, spawn size), but in a common NRF setup usually Paladins and Vargurs have to shoot Antems and Yulais to make sure that they are dying fast enough and the site goes quickly. Otherwise probably Snipers gonna fall behind.