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  1. How do you benchmark fits?

    WTM is always very careful about adding new hulls to the list. Usually tons of testing is done beforehand. Sometimes even if the ship meets hard requirements WTM decides to not allow it because of other reasons (just some examples: movement speed / shield EHP / price / performance).
  2. Leshak Tactics

    Just a tiny update guys to note: in TCRC when you are at the "Towerbash Phase" please go ahead and snuggle with the Vindicators nice and close to the Tower! That way tunnel-vision Logi have easier time to spot lasers on you. But more importantly if you grab the aggro Vindis will have easier time to web Schmaels. And lastly DDD will have easier time to blap the respawning Niarja too if it doesnt start to burn to you, cuz you are out of its orbit-range. Thanks for reading!
  3. Triglavian Invasions - The Scoop so Far

    Its just a matter of application, Elathy. HACs and such dont have the paper dps to apply and contest remote rep/cap. niki [3:53 PM] btw i only participated in one fleet, but seems like normal agro table to me. my vindi often got the damage agro switch. its just a matter of applied damage. if no one is applying enough dmg thats when the trig will agro the logi cuz of the applied reps+caps
  4. Juan Carlos' P R A X I S fleet 25th May 1800

    i just noticed. 350 rokh. i see what u did there
  5. I'm back?!?

    TVP lost almost all active FCs eventually, so they completely gave up on HQs. They are exclusively VGs nowadays. NGA is about similar what it was. They are usually pretty good, but only flying in Russian afternoons. With TVP gone a lot of players searched for a new HQ community. Some landed in WTM, but the "pushing boundaries" type of players went to TDF. TDF went through a huge overhaul, and they are basically a new form of what TVP was and stood for. Just doing armor, not shield. Oh yeah, and there is a Russian HQ-boxer around with a lot of Golems and Snakes, i guess i should mention that cuz he puts up an actually solid HQ fleet when he is really into running. A bit similar to what Blob is doing, just way more toons than him.
  6. I'm back?!?

    Welcome back XO . I was just referring how we used to greet each other on comms. One of us said "hi" , the other was immediately "oh no..." Invasions are going to be released in a bout 10 days as far as i know. Definitely something worthy looking into. But i personally want to first experience it on TQ before i form an opinion. Incursions hasnt changed much maybe the most significant one that you might not know about is the influence of the Leshaks in HQs. They are beast at killing Towers and Kundalini. The logi remote rep stacking penalty is not really influencing incursions. Sparta and Sandman are still around (when they have time), Boldie hasnt showed himself for a good while now. Plex price... well its just going to be worse and worse, so prepare yourself The 1 mil bonus SP was indeed a really nice login bonus, good bait from CCP , so props to them. Last couple of weeks Concord LP seems like a bit stagnating and flooding the market, but maybe at some point its gonna change. We've seen ups and downs in the past so wouldnt be anything new. I kinda miss your soundboard
  7. I'm back?!?

    Oh no... he is back...
  8. Standard Praxis Fit?

    When Praxis was released WTM commanders thought about implementing it, or not. The debate ended with a negatory. Im sorry, but WTM does not allow Praxis in its fleets.
  9. You start to box and you realise you can do this in VG. After a while its not enough and you go crazy and you expand to AS. Its the same, you just need more toons. And then there are a few madmen wiho are never satisfied. So they just go full nutz, HQ sites, and never enough toons. But still, its basically the same. JUST NEED MOAR TOONS Never enough... (Also you can blame them for plex prices too ! jk )
  10. Garage Sale

    I'll tap out. GGWP!
  11. Garage Sale

    Offering 1 million Interstellar Kredits for the Bhaalgorn.
  12. [Idea] Cap Stable Basilisk; yah or nay?

    The idea itself works... actually more than that, it is really appealing. There are also several fits for cap stable basi that work. But. There are several issues with this for WTM. We have been discussing this for i dont even know how long for now. I believe first it was Canyon trying to do something with it a long long time ago. As far as me, i have been having this conversation for about a year.
  13. Leshak Tactics

    Sure, i can do that.
  14. Incursion Leshak

    I saw TDF (armor community) Shacks in action around 7 bil So...
  15. Suggestion

    Recommend to use the right click + "Mute Client" option.