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  1. Eliz Abyssal Shop 2.0

    ^This is a good deal.
  2. Drugs Guide (Unofficial)

    Tbh the worst drawback for DDD is the falloff penalty.
  3. Greetings!

    Hey there WTM fleets are running whenever there is an FC available. You can always check the waitlist website to see if there is anything going on!
  4. niki's shop

    Cleaning house a bit. Selling Pithum C-Type Multispectrum Shield Hardener x2. 250m each, or 450m both. @ next focus. SOLD
  5. 4 x True Sansha Heat Sink

    This is a very good deal btw, NM bros!
  6. Nightmare Newbro Assistance

    Not too bad from someone who only flown 2 focus. Few addendums / fixes after reading. If you dont have enough cap, you broadcasted but did not receive any: at 10% cap turning off everything that consumes cap and keeping the hardeners on-and-running is standard procedure. This does include turning off your guns. Most dangerous thing about bumping AAA is to get it out of position and thus getting the whole logi squad out of position, cuz they are also anchoring on AAA. The only Sansha ship where snipers HAVE TO sit still in order to hit it is the Mara Paleo. That guy is so tiny, you need as much tracking as possible. NRF is the one site where you will be struggling a bit with ranges as a pulsemare. Leshaks should be around ~15 kms from targets. A pulsemare should be around ~25 kms from those spawning 2nd and 3rd wave Antems. So Pulsemare should be between AAA and Leshak, closer to sansha, but still not as close as a Leshak optimally. Honestly a Beam Mare could just do the exact same with constantly using Gleam, cuz its kinda similar optimal. Honestly i would not try to actually change scripts inside a site ever. Maybe while you are in warp, but def wouldnt turn off the TC in site, unless you are desperate to save cap or you are comfortably bashing a tower on optimal range. Why? Cuz you are going to forget to change script and/or turn them back on. Trust me. You will. Shooting with a sniper is actually the simplest thing ever. Follow tags. A-I ->1-9 -> XYZ , never-ever J. DPS and Leshak even more so can be a bit different cuz of application, but you are a sniper you should be applying just fine all the time. So: AS A SNIPER YOU ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS FOCUS FIRE AND STRICTLY FOLLOW TAGS! The only exception is the explicit voice command of FC, if FC wants you to shoot something different. Thats it. No other exception, ever. Out of the 3 sites only 1 (NRF) has more than just a few letter tags anyway. So in 2 sites you will mostly shoot number tags. In order. How to improve your cap : -Get a shinier fit. Get X-type 500MN (biggest help you ever get for cap as an item), get faction CPR (Cap Power Relay). -Get the Inherent Implants 'Squire' Capacitor Management EM-806 implant. It is super-great. -Improve your skills! These are all helpful about this order: Controlled Bursts, Capacitor Management, Capacitor Systems Operation, Capacitor Emission Systems, High Speed Maneuvering, Acceleration Control, Warp Drive Operation, -Stagger your active modules, like the hardeners, remote cap transfers, tracking computers. They will consume slightly less that way, also staggering hardener is safer if you drop down to 0 cap anyway (standard procedure).
  7. niki's take on the WTM Leshak

    Updated some tiny bits.

    Oh man... i so hate to do this again with you... Sorry Incursion runners who want to buy these very useful implants should just find an NPC concord store and buy them for 250 mil ISK and 250 k Concord Loyalty Point I guess if you dont have 250k LP then this is maybe useful for you.

    So just a note for Leshak pilots: for WTM Mimesis implant is actually not that useful, because you are putting out less damage the first minute or two than without it. On ships you will always do less damage. On TCRC contests you will always do less damage. You are probably going to do about the same net damage on a TPPH towerbash or a normal TCRC tower. The only time it is really useful when you are in a slow fleet even with WTM standards, or if the MTAC messes up and the TCRC tower reps.
  10. Eliz Abyssal Shop 2.0

    Why did the first shop close ?
  11. WTB Shadow Serpentis/Republic Fleet Modules

    F for pay respect.
  12. logi appreciation

    There are 2 chat operators . 1 for scimi 1 for basi chat. Basi chat operator has a fancy name even.
  13. Blobert's TPPH Basi Experiment

    You know that the 3rd room is more cap hungry than 1st or 2nd tho', right? I mean its a cool idea i love it. And it should work easy enough... If everyone perfectly can follow what FC says (all the time)... And if everyone has basically perfect basi skills... And if all the non-basis are actually repping with a rep or 2 instead of being afk cuz of "TPPH"...
  14. Logi Agro

    @Imelda Virpio looking at losses and try to prevent them are nice, but it does not show how many actual scimi were really close cuz they were stoopid enough to get some serious agro for example in nrf 1st wave. It did happen multiple times and over the last 3 years there were at least 2 scimi losses in that wave. Also ask Vargon about logi loss in TPPH freaking room number 1. I also can remember a logi getting into armor in room 2 as well just a few weeks ago. Logi getting damage agro is a bad mistake, but logi getting initial agro is even worse. A good logi pilot should not draw any kind of agro ever, except if its warranted to slap all reps on a ship in trouble.
  15. niki's take on the WTM Leshak

    Brushed up a little on some gameplays.