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  1. t2 gunned vindi with t1 turrets and travel mods

    This is worth it guys btw.
  2. Fleet Efficiency Drones and Drone Bunnies

    Hey Anakin Welcome to the Forums! Im glad you are enjoying your time in Warp To Me. Incursion Sansha is not like any other mobs you see in highsec. Triglavians included. These pesky rats are indeed more tanky than any normal rats out there. 5 light drones are actually doing very little damage to an Eystur, Renyn or a Schmael. Just gonna throw some numbers at you: im going to be generous and will say you have 100 paper DPS with your 5 light drones, which is a really high number for that. We are talking about 9000 EHP on those frigs. So even if you are not counting regeneration, travel time and damage application (which is a huge mistake xD) 5 light drones will take one and a half minutes just to kill 1 single frigate. To be frank light drones are actually pretty useless overall in HQs plus they also die easily if they get any kind of aggro. Very ineffective. If it was me i would suggest that all the battleship should fly heavy drones exclusively in headquarters, using all the bandwidth they have. Some snowflake ships with 50 or less drone bandwidth are exceptions of course. Now then what to do to kill frigates faster, right? The answer is similar to how to overall upgrade site times, how to be faster, how to have better ISK/h: Upgrade. Upgrade hulls and upgrade modules. Learning the sites also helps. Taking roles, watching what actually happening not just brainlessly auto-piloting For the DDD The upgrade part is simpler. When the person has the ISK for it get into an optimal vindicator fit with 2 webs and 2 tracking enhancers (the DDD instead of drone damage amp benefits more from enhancers, so thats different from the rest of the vindis). A vindicator has the potential to tear apart any frigate super-easily even without any lightdrones. Now mastering the DDD piloting-wise can be an actual challenge. Takes a fair amount of experience, some hours actually doing the job. But if anyone is interested here is some help from yours truly: By the way about sites : yesterday we had 2 hours when we had almost 6 sites each hour ( 178 mil/h + LP ) and we had 30 minutes when we reached 226 mil/h + LP which in theory would have been a bit more than 7 sites an hour Speaking for myself i had some real fun for sure in those hours. As you said it is highly dependable on competition and sites, but it also depends on how newbro the WTM fleet is overall which is really fluctuating. Sometimes can be a really rookie fleet sometimes not so much. As long as everybody is trying their best that is just fine.
  3. niki's shop

    WTS this baby. Price is 3 bil. 2.5 bil if i know you and i like you. Disclaimer: i dont really like anybody. SOLD
  4. Newbro's Request

    Or better yet, ppl just shouldnt forget drones behind.
  5. Newbro's Request

    Ya thats true, you need to burn around and "ninjasalvage" without moving the yellow wrecks. Wont be invited to fleet but as i said you can bookmark and tag beacons for yourself. when the tagged beacon is gone, that means the site is over and you can enter to salvage. Again only true for TPPH and NRF. My recommendation is to not try to salvage TCRC at all. You could be a bit more greedy with some experience under your belt when you get to know sites.
  6. Newbro's Request

    TPPH and NRF are easy to salvage. You can just bookmark and when there is no beacon anymore at the acceleration gate you will know the site doesnt have any sansha rats. I would simply not recommend to try to salvage TCRC sites, just cuz you would have to wait a lot for the leftover sansha to despawn after the site and it only has 7 battleship and some frigate wrecks anyway, so high risk low reward.
  7. New recruits thoughts...

    Glad you enjoyed GLHF, dont die!
  8. What is better for the fleet?

    If you are flying a Mac, please learn how to MTAC: And crossover train into a Vindi So you will have the option of DPS or Sniper.
  9. A Question About SRP

    Math is hard Ask me tomorrow in fleet if there is still something unclear But Izumi pretty much covered it.
  10. 100% Loot Drop Event

    Hmm... I kinda disagree. Usually with a not-so-rookie pilot its probably true. But with the tons of newbro's WTM has it might be actually faster to try to follow an FC broadcast warpto. As for me if im the FC i'd def throw up a broadcast warpto really quickly. Probably wouldnt hurt at all as the experienced pilots would just warp out faster if they can to somewhere else.
  11. Intro

  12. 100% Loot Drop Event

    Im not sure where you guys got your info. But pure sansha kill just got a 100% loot drop. Dont speculate too hard guys. Its just that simple: everything drops if you blow up. No matter PvE or PvP.
  13. 100% Loot Drop Event

    I've got a hunch that any player ship will drop 100% loot, doesnt matter how it blew up.
  14. Drone damage research

    Looks like Ogre won
  15. miss you guys

    Oh i know that face!