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  1. Returning Player and Incursioner

    Sometimes EUTZ lacks basi V . (and optimal fit battleships )
  2. Better than Cormack's modified Mag stab

    Im sorry brother, but realistically this Mag Stab is about 750 mil ISK. But nevertheless its a really nice mod.
  3. A fun fleet, of sorts - Come One, Come All

    Thats strange. Im pretty sure that back in the days we managed to win a few contests with Blob and his swarm of snakes warping in, doing damage then warping off before the payout. Or do i remember wrong , @Blobert ? PS: But yeah, either way im pretty sure its a bad idea on the long run for various reasons.
  4. A fun fleet, of sorts - Come One, Come All

    I personally dont think this should be a regular thing. The idea was cool, but the execution is just not there and i dont think it is possible to be ever there.
  5. Upgrade Guide (WIP)

    There are some advantages for ascendancy+logi. Like catching up with the fleet faster if you were just invited or you were a baddie and afked too much. Which can make EASILY the difference of "fleet can do this tcrc" or "fleet is waiting for a site". But most importantly if you ever plan to fly any kind of battleship and you are not a 100% dedicated logi only pilot then ascendancy is simply the best. PS: Also +4 is more than +3. I did the math!
  6. Nightmarechat MOTD

    Roles should not be in there at all. They are not in logi channels either anymore and it just causes clutter without purpose, duplicating an already existing info (fleet chat motd). Also yeah, any kind of name list, like the chain that frequently changes should be at the very bottom, or almost at the very bottom, Just like in logi channels.
  7. Scorpion Navy issue Useable?

    Once upon a time, many years ago the Scorp Navy was allowed. But in the current cut-throat competitive environment only the best hulls can be fielded which are for WTM: Vindi, Nightmare, Leshak. The few "other accepted" hulls on the fitting website are just serving as stepping stones.
  8. Interested in Seeing What Others Play

    I am a big fan of Among Us. Be it serious games, or literally just goofing around being silly, even throwing rounds intentionally sometimes. All are extremely fun for me. I was hoping we could get a regular WTM lobby in EUTZ hours whenever the focus is down. We started pretty strong for a few months, but i guess after the hypetrain a lot of ppl lost interest. However hope dies last! I also like to play chess and enjoy 10 year olds kicking my ass, lol.
  9. I would be interested in a scouting channel

    Guide is fine, teaching people is fine. Actively using it as scouting information while fleet is running is not fine at all.
  10. I would be interested in a scouting channel

    PC works better imo. Channel has the chance to have a spy in it. Or just ppl who spam unnecessarily. Even my scout PMs are spammed sometimes, lol. Also if anything a channel needs to be permed. a PC doesnt. If someone wants to scout that bad, should just ask the FC if they need one. I never said no to anyone so far.
  11. The best Christmas movie ever

    LOL. Firs of all Die hard is a much older movie. Secondly Bud and Terrence are are evergreen! Thirdly T_T
  12. The best Christmas movie ever This is the obvious answer, duh!
  13. Christmas Incursions as a returning newbro

    NM and Pally are both queued as snipers. This week the sniper queue was surprisingly empty. Also with T2 gun you have a better chance to get into fleet during "Optimal Hours", you can find the topic in the Warp To Me News thread. If this is your only ship that you fly around, without a Bowhead then refit to "brick tank" when you are moving to a different location. Get bulkheads on the lows with the DCU and a lot of LSE on mids with hardeners. Also note that you have a frigate bay now in battleships, which you can use for various reasons, like hauling consumables, fit the frig with some extra mods, just keeping your pod safer, etc. I would go X-type MWD first then faction sinks or the other way around. After those 2 you can choose the next step. TBH Faction cap transfers are not really more useful than T2. Its the same just a bit more range.
  14. WTS Blinged Shark Fit Leshak

    Should get links or screenshots for abyss mods. People like visual stuff
  15. Rattlesnake Questions

    Well, neither is really good unfortunately But im kinda surprised by that. Should be the other way around. But i guess maybe implants and skills can tip the balance the other way?