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  1. WTM Minimum - Maelstrom - Alpha skill guide

    Maybe. Can't seem to remember, I honestly haven't started up EVE like 8 months, atleast. Not really the point of this topic though. He makes some good points and I think someone should really look over all of the guides and make these subtle changes. It's better to make these changes and get proposals to change those again, than to make proposals to change everything.
  2. WTM Minimum - Maelstrom - Alpha skill guide

    Perfect. Just came back to EVE and haven't been playing for about a year. Haven't even been in WTM command core for more than that. Even then getting the guides to be changed was a stupidly annoying process. Hopefully they can do something with it, because I can't edit them. There are so many typos, pictures misaligned and not working, misinformation in the guides that I really want to get them updated. Maybe with new Leadership and Officers I can make that happen, don't know. Mind you, those guides are over 2.5 years old.
  3. Quick intro!

    Yeah, I gave you the new guy speech. Was great having you mate, glad you had a lot of fun. Hope to have you in my fleet again.
  4. Couple more questions

    From your other two posts and this one, I understand that you want to go in prepared. You don't have to worry that much, everything will be fine. If you really feel the need to set up things, I am happy to join in a room and help you out over voice. This makes things a lot easier. You can just x up with your fit, hop into Teamspeak and just join the fleet. Almost all members of WTM will have an overview to link for you. No problem.
  5. coming FLEET changes

    We tried to do that when the booster changes came up, which has been the biggest change to incursions yet. Even then it wasn't worth going on SiSi to test the changes, because it's so hard to reproduce incurions on SiSi, that it's just not worth putting the time and effort into it. When we did the first incursion fleet with the booster changes, everything went fine. We had some dents to fix, but nobody died. Safety wasn't really compromised. That being said, I really looking forward to these changes. Looking at what we already have as an improvement with fleet windows (i.e. ship icons added to the watchlist for example), these changes should improve our quality of life.
  6. badges

    Nara is back? What is this 2015?
  7. Trouble with joining fleet (permissions)

    Some alliances, TEST or Goons, are banned because they were harassing incursion communities (including ours) a long time ago. We banned all major alliances and when you join said alliances, you are unable to join our fleets. I don't think council will unban these alliances any time soon. so I would suggest getting an incursion alt or maybe an alliance alt, as so many of us do.
  8. Travel Fits

    Bowhead is life brother. Orca aswell.
  9. Any of our capable commanders is able to explain to how to logi in our fleets. Don't feel scared to join one of our fleets, as safety is our number one concern. Everything will be explained to you so none are less safer for it. If you still feel like doing a logi-school first, that's ofcourse fine by all of us.
  10. Project Infinite WTM Fleet Supplies for every community member Hello everyone! My name is Xoceac and I am starting a project that will provide our community with free incursion supplies. At this point in time I am posting, not much has been done yet, but I will work on everything today. I have done this before, but stopped doing it, because I didn't feel it was doing anything to the community, this time I will try to make it more official and advertise it more. If you are in need of anything, drones, nanite repair paste, ammo, anything I will provide, free of charge. Ofcourse, I will not always be online, so you won't always be able to contact me, but there are also market orders up at Amarr prices, not the rediculously overpriced supplies that are usually are at the dockup. All things bought here will go towards funding this project, but I do accept donations. Please put all donations forward to "Xottej" or "Xoceac"! 4 rules No large orders Nothing TOO expensive Every trade will be done by contracts. Orca will be flying around to give out supplies on the fly Rule 1 or 2 might change when more funding is available, where I might be able to give away free geckos or even entire hulls, unfitted. If you are in need of any supplies, please contact myself "Xottej" IN GAME! (My main character Xoceac is not always online, as I market trade with my alt during off-times). This can be done by a private conversation or by sending a mail. Current Supplies in stock If there are things that you would like to have in the orca or on the market everytime we move focus, please send me a mail and I will add it to the list. Null L Void L Quake L Caldari Navy Antimatter Charge L Caldari Navy Tungsten Charge L Nanite Repair Paste Imperial Navy Multifrequency L Imperial Navy Xray L Hobgoblins II Ogre II Warrior II Federation Navy Ogre Light armor bots T1/T2 Medium Armor bots T1/T2 Large 'Regard' remote capacitor Mobile Depot Large Shield Extender II (Per contract only or on the market) Adaptive Invulnerability Field II (Per contract only or on the market) Navy Missiles Navy Torps Federation Navy Hobgoblins Rep. Fleet EMP L Barrage L Gleam L Hail L Coming or out of Stock Imperial Remote Cap Transfers Hull bots T1/T2 Rep. Fleet Titanium Rep. Fleet Phased Plasma Thank you for all the donations! Top 3: 150m - Ractos 110m - Charlemagne III 100m - Lord Silath
  11. Thing in the Kundalini site

    There is actually some hacking involved in the kundalini manifest, although rarely used, I believe. Can't find it anywhere though.
  12. Things in EVE, station trading and sometimes do PVP roams. Things outside of EVE, usually I am at my PC in my free time (Other than work and working out). I play Overwatch, World of Warcraft, Elder Scrolls online and Fallout 4, those are my most recent games.

    You poor poor man... I had more than 500 posts on the last forum and some people liked my posts. rip
  14. hi

    new phone who dis?
  15. WTM Advert for In-Station

    But why discuss and waste time on something we can't do anything about anyway? Whatever...