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  1. Overwatch , Diablo 3 and HotS

    Overwatch is amazing. I am at the lower Diamond level in competitive, though haven't played in a month. I also love to play Skyrim at the moment and Factorio is amazing (it's really a steal for 25 euros).
  2. Suggestion

    I agree that sometimes it a bit TOO much, though I wouldn't be with WTM or maybe even EVE online if it wasn't for WTM comms. Bit of stretch, but I love the chatter, breaks away from the monotony that are incursions. If it are just a few people, why not just mute those? Making a quiet room is great though, muting new people everything can be a nuisance then.
  3. I'm back?!?

    Sounds good, sad for TVP that they have to stop doing HQs, that seems like a win win situation for us. Major contest community leaves and so far, we have won all the contests I had with WTM, which were 3 already. Pretty awesome.
  4. I'm back?!?

    I don't have faith in myself either, it's a bad habbit of mine, game hopping. Been enjoying Factorio and League of Legends a lot. Hopefully I will permanantly stay this time, we'll see. One more question, how are the other communities doing? Still some trouble from the Russians or TVP?
  5. I'm back?!?

    Ofcourse mate, I will probably hear and do that myself many times in the next couple of weeks. So Leshaks are used pretty often now? Seems pretty cool, TPPHs and TCRCs are done often. I still have a lot of ISK and money to buy plex, but I would rather do it with ISK. Good to see some people are still around, I looked at the MOTD and see some familiar faces as Leadership and Officers, glad you are still here too. I miss using my soundboard, a lot. It's just not the same as discord, though discord is pretty good as well. I will see if everything is still working tonight. Thanks for the message mate, good to be back.
  6. I'm back?!?

    *Top Gun theme song starts playing* I am a changed man, ok? Lol And how about the new invasions? Going to do anything with that?
  7. I'm back?!?

    Hello everyone! Some of you might know me, some might not, had a long history with WTM. (The guides are still there, yay) Just had some questions. How are incursions? Have they changed in any significant way? Even when the logi changes or the boosters changes came out, not much had changed, so I assume they haven't. Any of the old WTM people still around? Sparta? Sandman? Boldie? Just to name a few. And plex at 2.5b? How did the price spike up THAT much? I know they are giving away free 1m SP with those gifts (I can only get to day 6 unfortunately), but that's huge. I guess the Concord LP being at 1300 for an easy sell, you can make some more ISK. Hope to see you all soon in fleet!
  8. WTM Minimum - Maelstrom - Alpha skill guide

    Maybe. Can't seem to remember, I honestly haven't started up EVE like 8 months, atleast. Not really the point of this topic though. He makes some good points and I think someone should really look over all of the guides and make these subtle changes. It's better to make these changes and get proposals to change those again, than to make proposals to change everything.
  9. WTM Minimum - Maelstrom - Alpha skill guide

    Perfect. Just came back to EVE and haven't been playing for about a year. Haven't even been in WTM command core for more than that. Even then getting the guides to be changed was a stupidly annoying process. Hopefully they can do something with it, because I can't edit them. There are so many typos, pictures misaligned and not working, misinformation in the guides that I really want to get them updated. Maybe with new Leadership and Officers I can make that happen, don't know. Mind you, those guides are over 2.5 years old.
  10. Quick intro!

    Yeah, I gave you the new guy speech. Was great having you mate, glad you had a lot of fun. Hope to have you in my fleet again.
  11. Couple more questions

    From your other two posts and this one, I understand that you want to go in prepared. You don't have to worry that much, everything will be fine. If you really feel the need to set up things, I am happy to join in a room and help you out over voice. This makes things a lot easier. You can just x up with your fit, hop into Teamspeak and just join the fleet. Almost all members of WTM will have an overview to link for you. No problem.
  12. coming FLEET changes

    We tried to do that when the booster changes came up, which has been the biggest change to incursions yet. Even then it wasn't worth going on SiSi to test the changes, because it's so hard to reproduce incurions on SiSi, that it's just not worth putting the time and effort into it. When we did the first incursion fleet with the booster changes, everything went fine. We had some dents to fix, but nobody died. Safety wasn't really compromised. That being said, I really looking forward to these changes. Looking at what we already have as an improvement with fleet windows (i.e. ship icons added to the watchlist for example), these changes should improve our quality of life.
  13. badges

    Nara is back? What is this 2015?
  14. Trouble with joining fleet (permissions)

    Some alliances, TEST or Goons, are banned because they were harassing incursion communities (including ours) a long time ago. We banned all major alliances and when you join said alliances, you are unable to join our fleets. I don't think council will unban these alliances any time soon. so I would suggest getting an incursion alt or maybe an alliance alt, as so many of us do.
  15. Travel Fits

    Bowhead is life brother. Orca aswell.