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  1. Newbro Hello o/

    That's great to hear. You can't buy/fly the Vindicator? It's about the same fitting and much better. If you need any help with that, you can ask.
  2. Newbro Hello o/

    That should be fine, I am subscribed already. Incursions aren't much to make videos about though, quite stale. One advise, the videos are quite long and not much is happening. Just a tip.
  3. Newbro Hello o/

    Sounds good mate, welcome to Warp To Me! Just remember that there are some rules to streaming if you ever do it, just a heads up.
  4. WTM Upgrade Policy

    Shit, too bad. 5 minute non contested TCRCs would be nice.
  5. Newbro hello

    Hope you have and had a great time here. Welcome to WTM!
  6. Interested in Seeing What Others Play

    Yep, playing it. Trying the new slam skills. At act 4 now, I am slow.
  7. EDENCOM Ships

    LOL. "Safeties red and fire away." "Sir? We are losing our own ships too." "You will get SRPed, FIRE AWAY" Yeah, we would know this ship wouldn't work for incursions and there is your proof. We can only hope for a new ship to get on grid to be a shield version of the Nestor. Other than that, I can't see anything new coming to grid any time soon.
  8. EDENCOM Ships

    Yeah, I would say, like most ships we deny in the fleet that any other ship is just better. Nestor? Pulsemare. Barghest? Vindicator. Machariel? Trashcan... I mean Tachmare!
  9. EDENCOM Ships

    Well, they are coming out tomorrow, so we will see. I would assume WTM will do some testing, to see if it's viable.
  10. Don't tell me what to do. /s Thanks mate, that is true.
  11. Unfortunately I won't be able to put things up at the dockup until this evening or even tomorrow for this Focus. Excuse me for the delay.
  12. I will buy it fully fitted for a little over Jita price. Contract it to me, Xoceac.
  13. Updating the guides

    I refrain from using top down images (Mu suggested the same on voice), because first the NRF is vertical anchored, with that I mean the first anchor is much higher than the 2nd and with vertical view that's impossible to see. Second, I hate it.
  14. Updating the guides

    Got it, edited.