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  1. Interested in Seeing What Others Play

    Yep, playing it. Trying the new slam skills. At act 4 now, I am slow.
  2. EDENCOM Ships

    LOL. "Safeties red and fire away." "Sir? We are losing our own ships too." "You will get SRPed, FIRE AWAY" Yeah, we would know this ship wouldn't work for incursions and there is your proof. We can only hope for a new ship to get on grid to be a shield version of the Nestor. Other than that, I can't see anything new coming to grid any time soon.
  3. EDENCOM Ships

    Yeah, I would say, like most ships we deny in the fleet that any other ship is just better. Nestor? Pulsemare. Barghest? Vindicator. Machariel? Trashcan... I mean Tachmare!
  4. EDENCOM Ships

    Well, they are coming out tomorrow, so we will see. I would assume WTM will do some testing, to see if it's viable.
  5. Don't tell me what to do. /s Thanks mate, that is true.
  6. Unfortunately I won't be able to put things up at the dockup until this evening or even tomorrow for this Focus. Excuse me for the delay.
  7. I will buy it fully fitted for a little over Jita price. Contract it to me, Xoceac.
  8. Updating the guides

    I refrain from using top down images (Mu suggested the same on voice), because first the NRF is vertical anchored, with that I mean the first anchor is much higher than the 2nd and with vertical view that's impossible to see. Second, I hate it.
  9. Updating the guides

    Got it, edited.
  10. Updating the guides

    I did and changed the picture. Edited. I mean, like it said, they can do it while burning right? What do else can you do while burning? Ah yes, there is a slight mistake on my part. The red part should be redacted and replaced with the part below that, the green part. I did assume the DPS and Snipers here, not just the VVV. Edited. I think you could actually be using the bump, quickly drop it before you are out of range and slow burn back, but I can include this tip in the guide.
  11. Drugs Guide (Unofficial)

    As helpful as always Niki, thank you! I edited all of your suggestions, hope they are ok. I added Quafe Zero as well, didn't know that drug. I could bring some (to the dockups) and added some text of my own, hope you like it.
  12. Drugs Guide Drugs... are in fact... hmmmkaay. Ok? Use drugs. Drugs in EVE are a great way to improve your ship, even though the margins are small. They can improve your tracking, optimal range, damage and capacitor mostly. There are a LOT of other drugs you can use, but the drugs in this guide have no drawbacks and help your ship in my opinion, immensely. It can honestly make your cap stable, so you never have to broadcast for cap again. There are recommendations on what drugs you should use, because some drug slots overlap, but just use EVERYTHING you can. They are cheap and you earn them back with 1 site. Biology V You need to train this to be able to have it last for an hour long. Totally worth it though. The Drugs Agency 'Pyrolancea' DB5 Dose II (Dose II for short) Gives you an increase of 5% DPS. Booster slot: 11 Recommended for: All pilots Price ea: 5m~ This is a perfect drug for everyone to use. There is a 7% DPS one, but that's not worth it for incursions, they average at 30m. Perfect to lower site times for the fleet or for those contests against other communities. Synth Drop Booster Gives you a tracking speed bonus of 3% Booster slot: 2 Recommended for: DDD (Drop over Frentix) Price ea: 1.6m~ Want some more tracking, even though the upgrade is a slight upgrade? Get it, please. Yes, it's only 3%, but it helps so much. Synth Frentix Booster Gives you an Optimal Range Modifier of 3% Booster slot: 2 Recommended for: All pilots Price ea: 2m~ You get that extra little range to hit things better. What is there not to like? Use it. Synth Mindflood Booster Gives you a Capacitor Modifier of 3% Booster slot: 1 Recommended for: All Pilots Price ea: 2m~ Honestly, everyone should be using this. Everyone is using their propulsion mod to get everywhere, get more cap. It doesn't overlap the other booster slots like the Drop and Frentix do, so there you can pick either one. This has it's seperate slot and imo, everyone should be using this. Quafe Zero Gives you a Scan Resolution bonus and a Velocity Modifier of 5% Booster slot: 1 Recommended for: Logistics Price ea: 12m~ You can argue that this can also be used for Vindicators, faster lock up times and speeds are great for getting into range of the Sansha, but for the price of 12m ea, Mindflood might be better. That's countered though that it lasts a lot longer, 2 hours in fact. If you make 120m an hour, that's a steal. It's up to you, personally, I like my capacitor and use the Mindflood one for my VIndicator. If I would be flying a logistics ship though, I would go for the Quafe Zero.
  13. Updating the guides

    Yeah, no idea how that happened. The other two can be deleted. I just edited them, Mu said there were 3 up and I was as suprised as you are. Thank you, fixed!
  14. Updating the guides

    I am sorry, but waiting for a me to be a commander (hoping I become one), making a proposal and waiting weeks for these guides to be updated, hurts me physically and mentally. I am unsure at this point as the guides are being worked on, but I am in awe that some are not updated yet. Clearly there are a lot of mistakes that need to ironed out, pictures are missing, typos and incursions in general having progressed, that these guides need serious updating. Below I have linked all of my own guides, as I do believe newer guides that have been made are fairly up to date. The reason I am posting this here is so that anyone can have some imput, this post eventually be moved or deleted and remade somewhere else. In general Typos removed, edited or rebuild proper sentences Shorten the guides, remove useless crap All pictures have a permanent home now and hopefully won't be removed anymore NEW GUIDE: Drugs guide This isn't an exact write up for every guide, just a general edit Updates: 15-5-2020 Added Malcolms suggestions Typos New Drop Those Drones guide headline picture Machs are the preferred MTACs. Added Flametounges changes too 14-5-2020 Added 2 implants to the implant guide Added pictures to the Drop those drones guide Wrote more about drones you should use Anchoring Guide Room 1 and 2 Everyone should be burning towards the outgate to go into the next room. For the final room, check the picture below. Room 1 VVV (and DPS): Burn towards the targets and web everything down. Priority: Auga, Outuni, Ostingles. AAA (and Snipers): Burn towards the outgate, shooting the Vylade. Room 2 VVV (and DPS): Burn towards the targets and web everything down. Priority: Auga, Deltole, Ostingale, Romi. AAA (and Snipers): Sit still, kill the Mara and then burn. In the progress of updating the NRF picture. It's too zoomed out and all 3 DPS anchor spots can have a better overview of their respective anchor positions. TPPH and TCRC pictures are fine as they are. The new NRF picture, hopefully it's ok. Leshaks should ofcourse be included into the anchoring guide. Room 3 TPPH: (This should include Leshaks) Burn towards the tower, spool nearby Ostingles. Then, follow the VVV anohor. (There is a position below the VVV, but you will most likely get Arnon aggro, get jammed and lose DPS) NRF Burn behind the AAA anchor, about 90 to 95km off the beacon. Burn left 50/55km, above the VVV anchor. After that you can burn around the 4th wave into the sniper targets. Incursion Guide Picture missing The blue color is horrible and hard to read, this should be changed to something more readable. I think adding the "A site spawns 7 minutes after the beacon despawns" in there somewhere would be nice. Outuni gets taken out first, but sometimes it's the Auga and Arnor first, this should be edited. Niarja isn't as bad as I wrote it to be, can be toned down. Vylade doesn't boost? Change it. Deltole doesn't web. Advanced Incursion Tips Pictures Missing First Picture, Staggering Second Picture, Overheating Are you THE VVV? EWAR Call out your webs in fleet chat or on voice Not really EWAR, but call out spools as well Link the skill Frequency Modulation and Sensor Compensation skills somewhere for more information. Overheating Explain how to overheat, shift click a module or SHIFT + HOTKEY (Example, SHIFT + F1) Capacitor Guide Picture missing Yeah I know, it's a big picture, but it perfectly shows how your capacitor is recharging and why we use the 30% to broadcast for cap. Rest looks good I guess, I would make some minor changes to the color and overall look of the guide. Influence guide Pictures Missing Unsure how the current influence fits are now. With maybe changes to WTM and the recent patch there might have been changes to add more tank. Remove the "Except Apocalypse Navy Issue - does not have an available midslot." Rest looks ok I guess. Drop those drones (Drone Guide) Pictures Missing HEADLINE Light Drones Acolyte II If you can't field Acolytes II, go for Imperial Navy Acolytes Hammerhead II If you can't field Hammerhead II, go for Federation Navy Hammerheads Ogre II If you can't field Ogre IIs, go for Federation Navy Ogres Unable to find the images I used to use and only able to find really big drone pictures. Remove them? DO NOT USE INTEGRATED DRONES If you have money and want to risk it, you can buy "Augmented" drones Drone Settings picture Obviously there is something wrong with the code on the recommendations for the drones. Most drone suggestions are in the fitting list anyway. I suggest removing all text and just giving the suggestions for the drones Battleships: 5 x Heavies Ogres recommended Augmented are best, but expensive. Logistics: 5 x Lights Acolytes recommended Scimitars can bring hull bots Again, don't buy Integrated, they are not allowed. Implant Guide Guide looks good, remove all prices, Bling already shows high cost. One small edit, add a capacitor slot 6 for the logistics Inherent Implants 'Squire' Capacitor Systems Operation EO-606 Cap Recharge Time Reduction -6 % 2nd option: Eifyr and Co. 'Rogue' Navigation NN-606 Velocity Modifier 6 % Drone Bunny (DDD) Remove all recommended ships for the DDD Vindicator is the optimal ship 4/4 stack your guns, put 4 guns and a web on seperate targets. Full fleet shoot XXX is debatable and should be revised. Only when contested, you should just follow the tags below. What should I shoot? NSTER For example, the first room of the TPPH, you don't shoot the Outuni. Removed the Outuni and make it NSTER./ TPPH 1st room Schmaeels, Tamas then Renyns TPPH 2nd room Is fine TPPH 3rd room3 Wave 1 1 Eystur Then Tamas Then the rest of the Eysturs REMOVE ROMIS Wave 2 is fine Wave 3 Include Vylade Leftover frigates Vylade Romis NRF Wave 1 is correct Wave 2 is correct Wave 3 First Maras (Use your resebo) Then Frigates Then Romis Wave 4 1 Outuni > go for Frigates, Vylade then Romis 2/3 Outinies > Go for last tagged, then Eysturs, Vylade, then Romis. Skill Guide WORK IN PROGRESS Remove the Rokh and the Maelstrom Skills for the Hyperion Minimum Vindicator Optimal Vindicator MTAC Guides Machariels preferred, Nightmares are secondary MTACs if no Mach is around. Add a clear picture of the MTAC factory and Shield Transfer Control Tower. Tone down the wall of text, make the guide simpler and add general tips Requirement: Have a Tractor Beam fitted Whenever you take a TCRC gate, FC will say full fleet take gate, you wait about 5 seconds, so you won't get webbed. MTAC should burn immediatly to the MTAC factory. Within 20km of the MTAC factory, turn off the MWD, drop a can with 1 ammo and tractor it. (DO NOT SHOOT YOUR OWN CAN) Put the MTAC from the MTAC factory into your can. (The MTAC is too big for your ship, therefor you have a can) Move the MTAC from the MTAC Factory to the Shield Transfer Control Tower. Then go back to the MTAC factory, wait for another MTAC and keep doing it until the tower is dead. After the tower dies, you are allowed to warp off. (This is because you can get stuck on the collidable structures) General tips Focus on the first MTAC first, then the rest, like shooting the tower (if at all) and putting your drones on the tower. Do not shoot the tower while burning towards the MTAC factory, you might get aggro. Pulse your MWD towards the Shield Transfer Control Tower for the first MTAC, this means activating it and immediatly de-activating it. Right after you pulse it, set your speed to 200 to 300, so you get a little bit of speed, no super boost. Pull your drones a bit earlier, so you are able to warp off earlier as well. 50% hull should be good enough. Contest tips If you are taking the gate later, look out for contests. Tell the FC and immediatly take the gate. Pre heat your MWD and burn towards the MTAC factory immediatly. It's imperative you get the first MTAC and ask the FC when to drop it. It comes to FC strategies on contests when to drop the MTAC. The first MTAC is the most important one, but if you don't get it, it's fine. Don't stress. If you didn't get the first one, try to get the second one and ask the FC when to drop. These should be all the updates to the guides. Thank you for reading. Thanks for @Mu Linfei for helping me with some of the edits.