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  1. I'm back?!?

    Lol "back" Forums bot, set reminder one month for "There goes XO again" Good to see you buddy 😁
  2. New Bro Speech Addition?

    I added "keep the fleet history tab open" to my script when we discuss broadcasting and it works very well for me. Definitely recommend.
  3. [Idea] Cap Stable Basilisk; yah or nay?

    Cap stable basi came under very recent discussion internally. When it comes to rolling out to the entire community there's a lot of factors to consider, but yeah it has potential. Clearly you've put some thought into the idea. If you want to continue, you might consider applying for our logi master program!
  4. Banned from chat

    Chat ban is removed. Welcome to WTM Kaizer!
  5. Warptome Banned?

    In-game channel block is removed, welcome back Kara.
  6. Tip Jar For Logi?

    I agree with monkey and Alex. It's great that we have motivated logi pilots, but I wouldn't start tipping them. No more than I would tip a VVV who is in position or an MTAC that doesn't let the tower rep. We all have our skills to reason and jobs to do. You can still praise someone for doing theirs well, or shoot them some isk directly if you like.
  7. The secret, hidden, superior Incursion ship! :D

    You haven't lived in a rokh until you try the 350mm rail variant. Top tier, hits hard as a Rokh
  8. Incursion Leshak

    Leshak has been approved today and will go on the WL shortly. It has a few restrictions, on top of our standard rules (damage control, 70%/100k, etc): Must Field T2 Weapons Must use 3 Tracking Enhancers Will be categorized as a sniper on the WL. You can expect to need upgraded invulns and 3x tank rigs to hit the requirements.
  9. 2 ReSeBo Basi

    The pyfa damage profile isn't weighted properly, especially for logi. At the very least, flip those numbers across the board. Probably closer to 40/30/15/15. I'm not exactly clear on this, I think you mean if it was a logi getting shot instead it would be dead and we don't want full brick mode logi. That may be true. Logi also have less applied damage due to their size and speed so don't forget that aspect. All in all a pretty thorough proposal. I'm still not a fan for the reasons above but that's one opinion.
  10. 2 ReSeBo Basi

    A couple extra notes. You don't need fancy cap transfers, this fits with 2 Large Regards. That helps a bit with the cap issues, but lower-skill pilots will feel the loss of the cap from PDS. No passive EM means that if you take an Outuni neut, your EM tank is just a Damage Control and you're gonna get hammered. EHP numbers also depend on damage flavor, and in general the Basi gets hit by far more EM/Thermal than Kin/Exp; you've replaced it with more buffer and I'm guessing are using flat 25% damage. If you went with a T2 EM rig, you'd probably be better off. Lastly, I don't favor making our logi more vulnerable given the already staggering number of losses we face; I don't think the utility of another resebo is worth it.
  11. Alphanumeric Juxtaposition (Lotus' Fun Fleet)

    So I gotta take these armor reps off my basi?
  12. Stream rules

    What specifically should we be covering up then? What can be left to view? I dunno about you, if the whole screen is black boxes I'm not so interested
  13. Returning up to speed.

    There's a name I recognize from way back. Not a lot has changed. Logi still keep getting dunked on during the TCRC entries, so that is something to particularly watch for if you are trying to be a next-level logi. Not overrepping and pulling aggro to yourself is also a must. There's 2 guides that cover most of what we ask logi to know today, most of which will be familiar to you: Best of luck and welcome back!
  14. [WTS] Entry/Alpha fit Apocalypse Navy Issue

    Excellent! Congratulations! This is such a great attitude. Welcome to WTM, please stick around!
  15. Pro-Tips

    Pro tip for Basilisks in the TCRC: after the initial entry and catching the Outuni targets with cap, when the Outunis are gone send your combat cap back to the AAA or whoever catches Deltole aggro (they will announce this with their scram). Five Deltole neuts adds up.
  16. Hello from a newbro

    Hi there, Thanks for joining us today! I am glad you enjoyed the fleet. Great suggestion, we include that during our new pilot orientation but that's a great idea to throw into the guide.
  17. Basi Fits

    We chose option C, have standards and give input, but leave flexibility where we can. We use Regard cap transfers as our standard, which determines our stable threshold of -64.8 (324GJ / 5s). I can assure, as one who helped develop these fits, that they are stable in chain with All 5s. There's 5 specifically: Logi Cruisers, Shield and cap emission, Cap management and operation. Your numbers tell me there is more missing than Cap emission 5 alone. You are correct, we don't know exactly the skills that every pilot brings, probably at least half aren't at 64.8, so we have closer control on fits and with these fits we have been okay. Your fit is different as it had a T2 cap transfer, which is great but burns more cap and is going to make you less stable. At that point, we require you to confirm you meet the delta. Call it arbitrary if you wish. If you can hit -64.8 the T2 transfers are fine. Your options being more skills, cap implants, or Mindflood (which you can take without issue as a logi). If you want, feel free to suggest alternative fits if you feel our standards are bad.
  18. Possible Logi 3 entry Scimi

    I agree with the above, even allowing Logi 4 is a low standard. If people can't be bothered to train Logi 4, they probably can't be bothered to fill a lot of supports that the above fit depends on. Even with all the bling, this can only manage 3-stable when missing 1/3 of the 2 cap skills and shield emissions 5. You're using isk to cover skills deficit on a known squishy ship, it's not a good way for a newbro to start. To put it another way, if I had an excited newbro who's big on logi with at least Logi 4 in his training queue, then yeah I'd consider getting him in with this fit on a one-time basis. However, I would strongly oppose putting it on our public recommendations.
  19. This Is Bhaaloween Fun Fleet

    Yep fun fleet rules exceptions usually only extend to damage dealing ships, logi continue as they are normally.
  20. New Guy Question - Start and End of an Incursion

    Incursions usually last 5-8 days, then we have to pack up and move to the next one. After each move we try to stay put as long as possible to maximize time with fleet up. But moving is part of the Incursion be lifestyle. Your best bet is to ask in our pubic channel, or watch for us to make a move to a new focus. You can also watch Incursion timers at various websites including Dotlan. As for play time, you can wait for your turn passively using our wait-list, linked in channel, and for actually flying in fleet there are opportunities to jump in/out every 15-30 minutes, after each site. Hope to see you joining us soon!
  21. Aktive Incursion Fleet

    Our channel is "WarpToMe Incursions", come on by!
  22. Alpha alternatives

    Additionally, most incursion fleets skip local repair mods in favor of bringing dedicated logi ships to rep you
  23. FC Can I bring my Paladin?

    One heads up, we require some form of passive EM resist in either rig or midslots, which is missing from your fit. Outunis neut us dry occasionally and with invulns turned off the EM damage really hurts otherwise
  24. Brok's Tried & Tested Potato. Dominix T1 fit.

    To echo and continue Max's point, the T1 and random faction ships are a way to get new pilots coming into our fleets, but not ships we expect people to stay in. The cost to optimize performance on the various entry hulls is much better spent getting into an optimal hull, so we intentionally design our guidance around getting people the best bang for their buck. As always, we still run on a first come first served basis, and we will not turn someone away for failing to upgrade. But naturally we encourage them to, there's a sense of accomplishment as well as making fleets run faster!
  25. The 1200mm Artie. Is it of use to us?

    Better than running a few hours of 1400s then a few hours with 1200s, fit a mix of both and shoot them at the same time. Then you are comparing them head-to-head in real time against the same targets. With multiple tracking midslots on the Mach, paper dps advantage of 1400s, and many times snipers are sitting still or shooting towers, I am not very confident that 1200s would be more effective. But I guess it is possible.