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  1. When FC tells you to pull drones..

    F is for engage. Not Shift-F, but Shift-R is the default hotkey to recall. So I set R to launch favorite group of drones, to match. The options are listed in the settings menu under Shortcuts -> Drones. Unless they changed it after release, there's no key mapped to Launch Drones by default. Unfortunately there's no hotkey for Assign Drones, still gotta use that rightclick menu
  2. I'd love to have guaranteed good scouts. What do you suggest to accomplish that? How many do we need?
  3. Best alpha batleship

    These ships are really going to struggle with meta guns and relatively low skills. The advice further above is much better, Hyperion and Vindi are an excellent route for new joiners. Rokh -> Vindi also works since it's blasters, though BS skills are different. Salvaging is much more effort to payout compared to just paying attention and flying better in fleet
  4. Rewards change

    Sounds that way. But they also claimed to have done this before and the changes never actually happened.
  5. Fittings - copy and paste?

    Hi there, Are you using the "copy to clipboard" button in the upper right corner? When you look at any fit, look for a clipboard with an arrow in the upper right, this will put the fit into your copy-paste clipboard in standard EFT format, which is confirmed to work in game, PYFA, etc. Do not try to select the text and manually copy. I've marked the button you want to click in this screenshot: https://gyazo.com/3eacf1454715305ad96bdab073105798
  6. What is better for the fleet?

    Vindi is an excellent goal and uses the same battleship skills. You might consider waiting on training T2 projectile turrets until you have settled on diving into the Mach, otherwise that time is very well spent on T2 blasters for your Vindi which gets massive performance improvements with T2 ammo types.
  7. A Question About SRP

    Sorry, these guys have a couple details wrong. Killmail values vary drastically from trade-hub prices, and we do not use them when paying for losses. We will fix the corp MOTD to make this more clear. We calculate the value to be paid from actual market prices. We pay ISK (up to the coverage maximum) for "lost value" meaning stuff that is destroyed or drops that cannot be recovered (lost or stolen). If anything drops, we will try to recover it and give it back to you; something that you dropped and received back was not truly "lost", so we do not pay for those items since you got them back good as new. Anything that is destroyed or lost, we pay back with isk based on the trade hub market price of the destroyed stuff. We pay until we have replaced every item that was destroyed/lost, or you reach the coverage cap that you paid for (2b, etc). We do not subtract the value of drops from your coverage cap. Allow me to give a couple examples. A Basilisk that costs 700m total to purchase in Jita dies and drops 150m in loot. That pilot receives her loot back, and then there is 550m of destroyed/lost value. With free logi SRP of 300m, she receives (in addition to the returned drops) 300m isk, which means she has a 250m shortfall. If she paid for our basic SRP coverage (10m for 2b coverage) then she would have received 550m isk + her drops. Collectively, this completely reimburses her 700m ship. She is not paid more than she lost, but exactly what she needs to, between a trip to Jita and using her returned drops, exactly replace her ship. For another example, a 3b Vindicator dies and drops 750m of loot, having paid for basic coverage. We return the loot and pay him the full 2b, since he effectively lost 2.25b. We do not subtract the value of his loot from the 2b payout, but working backwards from the total value of his entire intact ship. If equations are more your thing, for someone with 2b of coverage, ISK Paid = (Total Cost of entire ship, rigs, mods, charges, etc) - (Value of drops returned), with a max ISK paid of 2b. As a general rule of thumb, about a third of your total ship value will be your hull and rigs, which are always destroyed when you die, and the remaining 2/3 will be mods, which have a 50% chance of dropping, so you want to cover at least 2/3 the value of your ship. Sometimes the loot fairy is nice and other times not so kind, so for safety most pilots prefer to cover the full value. Compared to the site payouts, SRP is pretty affordable.
  8. Logi School: November 7th 01:00

    Yes indeed! We have an open-access mailing list called "Warpto-Logi", which is also listed in the MOTD of our in-game logi chat channel "Warpto Logi"
  9. 100% Loot Drop Event

    The loot fairy is kind this week! CCP has announced that from downtime on Oct 29th - Nov 5th, all player ships that are killed in space will drop 100% of their fitted modules and cargo, unlike the usual loot fairy 50% chance RNG. This is partly good news for us, as any ships that we lose to the Sansha will get much more generous drops back. However, given that incursioners are known to fly high-value ships we are also expecting a significant risk of gank events. While we try to repay loot lost to gankers on a case by case basis, everyone should be more alert to the increased risks this week to prevent unnecessary losses. 1. LISTEN TO YOUR FC! They may have specific instructions for you, such as when to undock your ship, when to join grid, or what to do during a gank attempt, that may be out of the ordinary practices you are used to. 2. Stay safe! Don't linger on stations, beacons, or gates any longer than necessary. 3. Keep your eyes open! If you are the first to see a pack of gank ships, inform the FC of what you are seeing and let them give directions. Packs of Catalysts, Taloses, Tornadoes, or Stealth Bombers are a bad sign! 4. Shiny at your own risk. While we do our best to avoid deaths, recover loot, and replace SRPable losses, the SRP for ganks is on a case-by-case basis. No need to go back to your dusty old T1 battleships, but this is maybe not the week for those Officer damage mods or one-in-a-million abyssal rolls. 5. Keep flying! At the end of the day, WTM is still about having fun flying incursions. While this may be a more eventful week than most, we're still going to get out there and fight the Sansha menace.
  10. 100% Loot Drop Event

    Well shoot, that is confusing. Guess I'll have to suicide a cheap frig to the Sansha.
  11. 100% Loot Drop Event

    Thanks for the link! I just watched it, he said "any destroyed player ship". No mention of PvE or PvP at your time stamp or for the couple minutes I just watched.
  12. 100% Loot Drop Event

    I was not at Vegas so I missed that bit. If you have a source/timestamp I'll gladly update the post.
  13. Leshak Tactics

    100 isk bet, HG will also take 145 seconds to outdps a non-implanted Leshak. The per-cycle ramp reduction is the same for both existing sets, mid-grade just raises the max DPS further.
  14. TLDR Leshak Guide

    As a Logi enthusiast, I like the EO-606. On the Shak though, WS-618 is great, you should not need the cap so much. I am just glad nobody is saying Nomads here.
  15. Juan Carlos Minjita

    Congrats Juan, he's perfect. I wonder how that happened given the source material...
  16. Scimi fits. For Logi 4. Cheap fits too.

    If you mean the AB, a big problem is actually power grid. Even with maximum skills, you need an upgraded afterburner, a power diagnostic system, altered rigs, or power grid implants to make it fit. The fed navy AB is a good solution for this. If you mean cap, you can fit a 4th cap power relay, which potentially will let you downgrade the faction ones for less expensive t2. also check the level of your shield emissions skill, which is immensely important for all logistic ships. I would not say that a scimitar is ever excessively tanked in WTM. I personally dislike the three link fit with a single t2 invulnerability field, regardless of the damage control. You can swap the damage control for the cap power relay or for signal amplifier as recommended by flame, or keep it, whichever you prefer.
  17. Scimi fits. For Logi 4. Cheap fits too.

    Everything on the Scimi is tradeoffs. Enough cap, enough PG, adding more tank or utility. The Dual CCC fits work fine, though you're fairly dependent on PDS's. Tougher to get a DCU or Sigamp on but doable. Any of those you posted work, although in general I like the CCC+ACR fits better myself.
  18. "www" and "nnn" in WTM-Basi

    I'm down with the death of WWW. You can see webs in space and on the overview, and only half of the logi are in basi chat. These largely only matter in the TCRC, when you should watch any logi aggro regardless. Similarly, it's much easier to send cap to a neut target when they have a broadcast you can lock. This would favor just having a NNN'd basi broadcast instead of using the chat. On the other hand, it makes fleet nervous when the cap chain broadcasts for cap. Perhaps a Basi took the Deltole aggro but not Outunis for instance and just needs a little boost. We try to keep as much cap chain business isolated in the Basi chat so that basi pilots remember to pay attention to it, and fleet does not have to worry about it. You'll also need to consider what should happen with capping around a JJJ. I'm open to the idea, would like to hear opinions. More than anything, I think WWW and NNN help our newbie logi pilots, who are trying to learn to juggle difficult tasks, and the letters give a quick easy way to say "help, my best efforts are being undermined" and get experienced logi to assist.
  19. Fleet Efficiency - suggestions -

    There's discussion happening. No need to close it down, but feel free to start new threads as you wish.
  20. Fleet Efficiency - suggestions -

    Lol @Toh Kay ManifessManifess that guy posted in 2017
  21. Incursion Leshak

    Yulais are an excellent target during contests due to large sig and lower resists compared to most sansha battleships. That is likely why they do that. Disrupting our range when they have already burned there is probably a nice bonus but not the primary goal, I would guess.
  22. What the Fuck !

    Logi ships were rebalanced several years ago. They fit and fly with notable differences from 5 years ago. That is the answer.
  23. I'm back?!?

    Lol "back" Forums bot, set reminder one month for "There goes XO again" Good to see you buddy ?
  24. New Bro Speech Addition?

    I added "keep the fleet history tab open" to my script when we discuss broadcasting and it works very well for me. Definitely recommend.
  25. [Idea] Cap Stable Basilisk; yah or nay?

    Cap stable basi came under very recent discussion internally. When it comes to rolling out to the entire community there's a lot of factors to consider, but yeah it has potential. Clearly you've put some thought into the idea. If you want to continue, you might consider applying for our logi master program!