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  1. Suggestion

    Mumble do allow you to have a sub channel that its only listed to the main fc. Alliance use it because of the same reason you have people that dont tolerate the sperge so they go to the channel name appropriately: "Quiet" They have something like this treen Fleet * FC ** Loud *** Logi *** DPS ** Quiet Where everything under Loud communicate true whisper to talk. FC its priority speak guys. and whoever is talking when they are taking get muted because FC its FC. And people in Quiet just get voice commands from FC group. Might be some of you will recognize this structure yes am there also.
  2. really strong first post my friend.
  3. I was kind of able to run VG alone but this man is kind of insane running HQ.
  4. The guy that run alone in multibox. How do he run HQ alone is he inhuman? I know VG can be run alone only 15 but 40 toons? Please enlighten me.
  5. Garage Sale

    would be good if you evepresal the ship fits so this dont full of people asking the price.
  6. I sub in forum with the wrong account

    thanks New name: Farah Black
  7. I wanna change the name in forum but there's no support section and I cant delete the account. any idea or help here?
  8. Hello from a newbro

    Hey welcome.
  9. Hi just asking for a friend. is there any logistics like installation engineering complexes for stationless HQ?
  10. I like zkill porn but not bowhead porn.

    Thank for the answer. Love.
  11. So what's your fits or recommended fit for bowhead. Gonna train a toon for this so looking to see what should i fit and train for.