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  1. Incursions for alts

    In my case I when for a potatoe while I train for a Vindi alpha the did sed Vindi untill I wore able to do an optimal Vindi, and did that till o train for logi. I don't get what I sed wrong Vindi = Vindicator.
  2. Incursions for alts

    Am nobody but to answer your question. I would say go for the vindi. but thats just my preference.
  3. Scouting School 25.11.20 at 16:00 Eve time

    Would be cool to have this in US East time zone.
  4. Train Logi!

    I see.
  5. Train Logi!

    Its good advice but when fleet its full its full.
  6. Project Infinite - WTM Free Fleet Supplies

    Dont excuse yourself for something you are doing voluntary.
  7. Logi School

    Basic Logi school Friday 29 of May USTZ 2000 EVE Time back seat Teirpa.
  8. When FC tells you to pull drones..

    what where how? enlighten me?
  9. Forced into roles

    Please dont feel bad about this. take it on your other fleet members that did not step up having the ship or the skill. and everyone in fleet should thank you because of you the fleet keep going. I know might be its overwhelming but you did nothing wrong. Next time keep doing your best. and your worst will be the best because no one else step up, they cannot complain because no one else step up.
  10. Rewards change

    we will have to test this.
  11. Rewards change

    Miscellaneous: Changes to the qualification rules for Sansha Incursion rewards have been made. In order to qualify for the rewards, pilots must be present at the site upon completion and also have a meaningful contribution to the completion of the site. So no more staying in the first gate?
  12. Fleet Efficiency Drones and Drone Bunnies

    This this and this.
  13. Asking for a friend: Could we have a secret santa event

    becuase we could do a post in forum whit people to x up who wanna participate. becuase if imgur can do it why not we.
  14. Asking for a friend: Could we have a secret santa event

    is this wtm wide or only commands?