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  1. Scimitar Upgrades

    It's extremely important to point out that this simulation is assuming omni resists, and much of your gain is coming from explosive and kinetic. In reality, in incursions, almost none of the damage dealt to a Scimitar is explosive or kinetic. For the hell of it, I did run the numbers. For the DCU fit in a TCRC, you're taking 226 DPS normally, or 1932 DPS while webbed and painted. For the non-DCU fit (I simply replaced the DCU with another True Sansha Capacitor Power Relay) you're taking 258 DPS normally, or 2210 DPS while webbed and painted. That 278 "extra" DPS is one extra logi pilot needing to rep you. As I mentioned earlier, scimitars really aren't dying due to the inability to keep up with the damage, they're dying due to the lack of buffer. That extra 278 DPS isn't going to be the part that kills you. All that being said, as also mentioned earlier, we really do appreciate others looking into these things, as there's no way we can know and test every possible fit, and it's always possible that we miss something. However, in this particular case, it looks like this is trying to solve the wrong problem. Definitely would be interested in seeing how we could apply your advice towards supporting an LSE fit (DCU+LSE is actually a fit I like a lot) while supporting newer pilots at the same time. For your own information, the calculator that I use is fairly complex, but for a "rough guess" when I am testing logi fits in pyfa, I use a damage distribution of 45% EM, 35% Thermal, 10% Kinetic, 10% Explosive. This doesn't paint quite the whole picture, and that's why I usually use my full calculator when evaluating fits in detail, but for a basic check, those numbers should give you a decent EHP estimate.
  2. Scimitar Upgrades

    You're spot on here. The challenge with a scimitar is not its resists, it's its buffer. Adding buffer to armor and hull (which is most of what a DCU does) doesn't really get you very far. If a scimitar dies, it's going to be due to the alpha, and the proper way to fix that is to use an LSE. We've been evaluating LSE fits for a while, but their biggest challenge is rooted in finding a way to get them to work for newer pilots, and having a fleet of mixed scimitars (LSE and non-LSE) is not exceptionally safe due to the inconsistencies in healing requirements. In reality, the DCU might actually be harming the fleet. I get that you're adding EHP and protecting the scimitar, but you have to look at what you're giving up, too. In this case, you're giving up some capacitor which, for most pilots, will affect the amount of time you can run 4 reps. That means you're trading fleet safety for your own safety. For such a tiny gain in this case, I'm not really sure that's justified. That being said, the DCU fit would certainly be accepted if you choose to use it. But the nuance is such that only advanced pilots would really understand it, and as such it's not a good fit to advertise.
  3. WTM Fittings by their isk worth

    Yeah our fittings won't really help you then. The fittings on our website really just range from "minimum" to "this does really good DPS without breaking the bank". No one will stop you from taking it to the next level and replacing it with full on abyssal/officer mods. I've seen 10b ships. Hell, I've seen 4b Scimitars (please don't do that). We don't list these fits because (1) it would mean we have way too many fits on our site and (2) risk-benefit ratio is too high beyond a certain point. But if your goal is to show up with the most expensive fit, nobody will stop you, assuming it meets our minimum requirements.
  4. Interested in Seeing What Others Play

    FFXIV is amazing too (I put it as "best game of the decade"), but requires a significant time investment. I stopped playing because all the people I was playing with stopped
  5. Interested in Seeing What Others Play

    I know from personal experience how easy it is to suddenly fail once your hand starts hurting
  6. Interested in Seeing What Others Play

    LoL and Monster Hunter World. I've been backing off of LoL lately, but I don't expect that to last much longer. The draw is too much. ... and Osu, but nobody plays it
  7. [Idea] Cap Stable Basilisk; yah or nay?

    I absolutely hate your poll options. It is perfectly possible for me to show you why this fit won't work, but your "no" option assumes that the only reason I would say no is because I refuse to look at it. We have a billion tools and testing methods to prove out fits. Please do not assume we are unwilling to evaluate. Doing so is likely to just anger the most valuable people to your cause.
  8. Stop Flying Loaded Bowheads Through Niarja.

    Or you could just web the bowhead
  9. WTM fitting page in Japanese can't import.

    Hi Yarezon, Thanks for the report. @Bruce Warhead will need to confirm but I believe unfortunately this fitting page uses a localization engine that we don't control. The language shown is dependent upon your browser's language settings. We might be able to force it to English, but in the meantime, if you alter your settings so that English is preferred for our site, you should receive the fitting in English.
  10. Scimi V Advanced with 4 Links

    We don't. We ask them to tell us. Theoretically we could automatically request it, but it would require our waitlist to request a lot more permissions from you when signing in, and we do not believe our pilots should be forced to give us those permissions, because it is a massive invasion of privacy. (We would be able to see way more than what would be relevant to incursions.) How do I identify that someone is an EXPERIENCED pilot, and NOT NEWBROS, and thus I should allow them to use this fit rather than forcing them to switch to a tankier ship?
  11. Star Wars (Possible Spoilers)

    Because our slack copies the text of messages into the channel - I would advise AGAINST any spoilers being put in this thread. The "possible spoilers" tag does not protect people that are monitoring that channel. (Failure to comply will probably just result in this thread being locked.) That being said, I would say probably nothing said so far is a spoiler. I'm also surprised that you put VIII ahead of all of the original 3. I think probably the discrepancy between you and me is that I thought there was too much action. Like, only Mad Max (which was basically a 2 hour long action scene) beat it out. While there was definitely a story, we didn't really see much of the story. Just a few clips here and there to progress the story and then it's back to the action. But that's probably what a lot of people want.
  12. Entry-Level Logi - "Logistics" Skill is Zero

    What metric are you using for this, or are you just going off of "I feel like this is true, so it must be true"? As stated above, the tank is similar if not better, though it has a larger kinetic hole (hint: irrelevant). The repping power per rep is equivalent if not better. If looking at the cap-only fit, it services enough capacitor requests to maintain safety under the most unusual circumstances (3 outunis, all split). I'm not saying you're wrong. I'm saying that you haven't given me any data to go off of to say "this isn't safe enough for me". In the absence of data, I cannot accept your argument. Vindis Nightmares and Machs work great. Why let people fly an Apocalypse because someone doesn't want to train skills? There is something to be said about growing your fleet members rather than expecting them to be perfect right out the gate. Introducing people to incursions and letting people figure out if they want to do something is part of WTM's core existence. The fleet shouldn't bend over backwards for this, but I would need to see you justify why this puts the fleet in danger before outright rejecting a proposal like this without any thought.
  13. I've been banned from WTM?

    Given that I don't see your name in the ban reports, either your corp/alliance is banned or someone is slacking on their paperwork. What corp are you in?
  14. What if............

    Fun fact, after myself and two other engineers went to see the new Total Recall a few years back, we did a ton of analysis on this. Mostly, however, this was in the domain of maintaining the perception of gravity while traveling through the hole. Our analysis is attached, but suffice to say to make the trip in the time total recall suggested would have resulted in something on the order of 47 Gs. But... You can jump in and try to fall out the other side, but because of drag you would fall just short (assuming the earth is a sphere - which it is not). This means unless you have a way to climb out you're going to end up just slowly oscillating between the two sides. This is your option (B). Option (C) isn't going to happen because it's not like the left side of your body is being pulled one way and the right side of your body is being pulled another; instead your entire body is being pulled in both directions, which just ends in each side canceling out and nothing happens. Your will act weightless if you manage to stay in the center (ignoring the whole fact that it's basically going to burn you up). Once enough resistance has hit you, D will be your final fate, assuming you don't die to the heat. There will be some amount of pull due to the moon and other celestial bodies but not a major amount. All it means is you won't be perfectly centered.
  15. Ideal Fleet Composition?

    And how are you planning on leaving a TCRC, exactly?