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  1. Secret Santa I have kept to Commanders since its easier to track people down and we know one another well. We could make one for line pilots too.
  2. yes. i will do another one this year. usually do it mid novemeber (just over a month before christmas)
  3. I sub in forum with the wrong account

    I can change it for you. What would you like your name to be changed to?
  4. Banned from ingame channel

    I cannot find any records of your ban and therefore have no idea why you might have been banned all those years ago. You are unbanned and welcome to come fly with us again. Sorry for the hang up. Hope to see you in fleet!
  5. Fun fleet 2/11/2018

    For anyone American, he means November 3rd, NOT March 11th.
  6. Upwell Structure and Cloning Facilities

    They will be called WTM P5 and in the hq system. Systems will be missed if the community moves early. As of this post Milu and Unel have structures
  7. Starting in Milu, structures will be put up in every subsequent focus for people to dock, and repair in. They will also have a cloning facility that will be online until 24 hours after the focus goes down. If you would like to donate to support this project, send isk to Warp To Me Incursions corp
  8. Scimi V Advanced with 4 Links

    Just a little bit of advice for ya Knight: if you want change (which it seems you do), the best way to do this is not to be abrasive to the people who possibly CAN make change. Even if it is not your intent, the way your wrote your post makes it seem this way. You said that you would not apply as an R badge because you could not fly your 4 link scimi. Some of us are saying that if you apply and get accepted, you might be able to fly your 4 link scimi in the future. Becoming an LM is pretty much our version of advanced-super-awesome-and-amazing logi pilot. Especially as Juan said, we can see that there has been some thought gone into this idea so if you joined the Command Core you might be able to bring more people in on your idea.
  9. Scimi V Advanced with 4 Links

    4 link scimi: 7.6 shield ehp t2 invuln + dc2: 7.55 shield ehp pith c invuln: 7.79 shield ehp So unless i'm just reading the completely wrong numbers, I did take into account shield vs total ehp. And I even acknowledged that what you said about scimis are correct. However, as Knightandday said, this scimi fit would only be for people who actually know what they're doing. So on time broadcasts as well as possibly manual piloting. If your argument is "well my reps don't rep as much because that scimi doesn't have as high resists" then I would just point you in the direction of the LSE scimi. Despite not allowing it in WTM and some people having very strong opinions on it, that scimi fit does work and can tank a site just fine. The main issue with the 4 link is that if it gets super webbed or capped out and basically stops moving then its probably gonna die, just like most of the other scimis. And again, because this fit would be designed for knowledgeable pilots, they shouldn't be getting initial aggro in a tcrc anyway, all the other spawns they should be too far away to get instantly alpha'd or webbed. I am not advocating that this be allowed as a standard fit for us (at least not right now), just saying that this guy has some validity to his ideas.
  10. Scimi V Advanced with 4 Links

    Okay so I just did some fitting things in PYFA. It seems that the main concern with the LSE scimi is that it blooms the sig too much compared to the invuln scimi, and the issue with the 4 link scimi is that its not tanky enough. With genos and a 6 percent 8 slot implant, I made a 3 rep stable 4 link scimi that matches the tank of a scimi that we allow in fleet. It is slightly less tanky than our optimal scimi. Honestly, the only reason I would say that this fit doesn't work in our fleets is becuase staggering reps on this scimi is KEY to its survival. Any other form of repping is going to end up like Imelda said. Also, if you are super confident in your logi skills, I would recommend applying for resident. The application is here. There are some perks to being an LM ya know....