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  1. Proposal: Kronos and Vargur Drones

    The reason heavy drones were chosen over mediums was because of surviability. Medium drones can die in TCRCs, and drone dps is so lame and insignificant given how poorly drones apply relative to the main guns dps, that we chose to take the dps penalty for more surviability. Adittionally, the rest of our non marauder optimal fits use heavy drones, and so cross training would be less of an issue. Although marauders are such a high skilled ship anyway that high sp pilots probably also have medium drone operation 5 as well, so this is kinda not as big of an issue.
  2. A fun fleet, of sorts - Come One, Come All

    you do not remember wrong, sweetcheeks
  3. A fun fleet, of sorts - Come One, Come All

    we will blot out the sun with hyperions!!!
  4. Newbro Question: Is this fit acceptable?

    Actually due to the surgical strike change that fit is currently acceptable. Our previous 70/100 rule is now 67/95. Be sure to upgrade your ship as soon as you can and I look forward to seeing you in fleet!
  5. The Tempest Fleet Issue and Apocalypse Navy Issue have been removed from our doctrine. All pilots flying these ships have until 5/24 to switch ships. Fly Safe o7
  6. As outlined in this CCP devblog, with the upcoming structure changes on May 26 unfueled structures will lose their defensive times and will not have asset safety if destroyed. As a result, we will be removing most of our dormant structures in anticipation of the patch. Please take this time to remove all assets from Warp To Structures structures before May 24th. Any ships, modules, etc left in structures at that time will be placed in asset safety and require a fee and wait time to recover. Any pods left in structures at that time will unfortunately be automatically destroyed. When the system warrants it, we will endeavor to online a Warp To Structures structure in the current focus. When online and listed in the WTM Incursions' MOTD, this can be treated as a normal player station with all the same associated risks. After the focus is finished, you will have 72 hours from the time the new focus spawns to remove your assets from the structure before it is taken down. As mentioned above, once deanchored after the 72h grace period, the structure will place ships, modules, etc in asset safety and destroy any remaining pods. We are happy to provide our citadel service free of charge, however we cannot take responsibility for any assets that are forgotten or lost. Warp to Structures is owned and operated with the full endorsement of WTM Incursions. Please feel free to contact Officers or Leadership with any concerns.
  7. Interested in Seeing What Others Play

    @Kimina Tanai I play OSU heh
  8. Upgrade Raffle

    What is this? Upgrade Raffles will be held about every weekend for one of the following ships: Vindicator, Leshak, Nightmare The Raffle will cycle through hulls in the above order. They are FREE to enter. Please read the entire form before submitting it. The winner will be contracted the prize before the next raffle. Unless stated all prizes will be located in Jita 4/4 Can I donate? Yes! If you would like to donate or sell at a discount, please mail Blobert Jenerik in game. Current Raffle (March 5th) Past Raffles
  9. WTM Upgrade Policy

    Warp To Me Upgrade Policy What is the policy? WTM Incursions welcomes new pilots to come try out incursions with us, and we have provided several affordable options for entry-level battleships that let you get into fleet without breaking the bank. However, over time we ask that you invest in making yourself and the fleet more effective, which includes getting set up in a ship that is well-suited for incursion running and then upgrading it over time. Step 1 │ Intermediate or Optimal Hull & Optimal Logi │ 20 in-fleet hours Shooty Ships: The Intermediate and Optimal Ships are listed as such on the fitting website. If you aren’t flying one of these hulls yet, then we ask that you upgrade to one with a proper fit (which can be found on our fitting website). Based on average fleet earnings, this should give you more than enough income to fit up a ship as well as helping towards covering your monthly Plex costs. Logi: One of the biggest improvements you can make for logi is to complete the Logistics Cruiser 5 skill. This allows you to bring more utility with the Scimitar and fly the Basilisk. We ask that you complete this training and upgrade to our Optimal Fit for the respective T2 logi. Step 2 │ T2 Guns, MWD, Faction Damage Mods │ 65 in-fleet hours Shooty Ships: After upgrading into an intermediate or optimal hull, we ask that you begin training into Tech 2 Guns for your preferred ship type, as well as purchasing a few upgrades, specifically Optimal Microwarpdrives and Faction equivalent Damage Modules. Based on average fleet earnings this should give you enough time to train the skills naturally or earn enough to purchase skill injectors. Step 3 │ Optimal Fits on either an Intermediate or Optimal Hull │ 80 in-fleet hours Shooty Ships: Now it is time to finish out that fit. By now, you are expected to be in one of the optimal doctrine fits of either an intermediate or optimal hull. So start planning your upgrades now! If you still haven't fully upgraded, you may be skipped over for boxes from those who have, so don't wait too long to finish upgrading, and keep your assets safe! Travel Safely! Step 4 │ Optimal fit on an Optimal Hulls │ 250 in-fleet hours Shooty Ships: Still coming back for more? Great! You are finally expected to be upgraded into one of the Optimal Battleships, the Intermediate hulls are designed to be your stepping stone into one of the Optimal Hulls, so choose your path wisely. If you haven't completed this upgrade path, you may be skipped over for other pilots and boxes who are meeting their upgrade policy. If you are already flying an optimal fit, thank you! We recommend that you continue to upgrade your ship with implants, skills and abyssal modules. Feel free to ask questions in WTM Incursions on how to become better! Why? We want to run incursion fleets the best we can and in order to that requires investment from you! Many veterans have already invested in themselves and in fleet without this policy, however, some pilots have decided that sandbagging is okay. It’s not! For this reason upgrading is a requirement. This all sounds great but I have been busy and haven't upgraded yet, can I still join fleet? Yes! You can still x-up with any ship that meets our fitting requirements. However, out of fairness, the FC may skip over you if there is limited space in fleet and others waiting in line who are following the policy. We understand that life can take some crazy and unexpected turns so please speak to a member of Command Core if you feel that you have exceptional circumstances. Thanks for improving yourself, improving fleet, and for flying with us! See you in fleet!
  10. Secret Santa I have kept to Commanders since its easier to track people down and we know one another well. We could make one for line pilots too.
  11. yes. i will do another one this year. usually do it mid novemeber (just over a month before christmas)
  12. I sub in forum with the wrong account

    I can change it for you. What would you like your name to be changed to?
  13. Banned from ingame channel

    I cannot find any records of your ban and therefore have no idea why you might have been banned all those years ago. You are unbanned and welcome to come fly with us again. Sorry for the hang up. Hope to see you in fleet!
  14. Fun fleet 2/11/2018

    For anyone American, he means November 3rd, NOT March 11th.