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  1. Train Logi!

    DPS and Sniper waitlists have been super long as of late and Logi waitlist is very often empty or very short. We need Logi to run fleet and have had problems running some sites because we don't have enough. Logi is a relatively easy but important role and you don't have to wait on those long DPS and Sniper waitlists. Please train into Basis and Scimis and aim for good logi skills including Logistics cruiser 5 optimally. It's a long train but definitely worth it. Check our fitting site for fits. Thank you
  2. Forced into roles

    If you can fully focus on fleet then you can fully focus on mtac, no? It's an easy role that is only required during TCRCs. Nobody is singling you out or targeting you. If somebody else was picked and said no they they would also be asked to leave. It is a necessary part of fleet. We require all pilots to follow FC instructions. If you say no to a necessary role FC asked you to do they you are not following FC instruction and are not willing to participate in fleet. The practice use to be that if nobody is Xing up for a role then the fleet would just stand down because nobody is willing to fill a role that need to be filled. Most of us feel the way we have it now is better practice. The point i'm trying to make is that if everybody says no to the role then what are we left with? Not doing TCRCs. What if nobody Xs up for VVV or AAA? then we don't do any sites. We aren't going to sacrifice the fleet because people don't want to do a role so sometimes we need to make people do a role and if they can't then we have to get somebody who can. If you are randomly chosen to do the role and want to continue making isk then just do the role and then when you are finally in a leshak you won't have to worry about being an MTAC ever again. So since this rule is not an obvious expectation and necessity to fleet we will be adding a "Pilot Expectations" section to our R&R soon.
  3. Forced into roles

    Frankly if you can't focus on fleet then you shouldn't be in fleet. Continuously contesting is a high stress and time sensitive situation. FC can't be waiting around for more then a couple minutes at most for a volunteer and when somebody says no that just means somebody can't do what the fleet needs at the moment so come back when you can and more time is wasted looking for somebody else who can do that. It is an expectation that our pilots can do a role when it needs to be down. Also, it's great that you are skilling into a Leshak and we're looking forward to you being able to fly it but in the mean time the role of MTAC needs to filled and unfortunately we can't waste time going from mach to mach who say no to the role especially in situations like the one that the fleet and FC where in at that time. So the answer to you're question is yes, technically this is an expectation and rule we have for pilots and if we need to make this a written out specifically in the R&R we will do that shortly.
  4. Forced into roles

    So we typically follow the idea that we need people to take roles and if nobody Xs for the role then we will pick somebody. If that person says no to the role then they are not willing to participate in fleet and keep us going so we ask that you join us when you are willing to participate and take roles when we need you to. To be totally honest one of the only reasons Mach is still considered an optimal ship is because it performs the sniper roles well. So if Machs start to not take roles then we may look into removing them from an optimal ship or we may just make it a rule that Machs must take a sniper role when asked so these issues don't keep happening.
  5. Cap Stable Vindi (Alpha only, probably heresy)

    I can pretty much guarantee that fit will be denied every time. As Malcolm said there are other ways to improve your cap that are highly recommended.You should be looking into those improvements along with controlling your burning rather than reducing the DPS output on your ship for a bit more cap in certain situations. broadcast for cap around 30% and if logi haven't serviced you after awhile broadcast again. Eventually you will get it. But again, improve your skills, get a Core-X MWD, get implants, learn how to use you MWD more efficiently. Those are your best bets for better cap life. For you, first thing I would do is buy Omega.
  6. Newbro's Request

    You are right. Scooping lost drones is not a bannable offense at least if you are not in fleet. People just need to learn to stop forgetting their drones. Scooping drones while in fleet and not giving them back to fleet mates is just poor etiquette though.
  7. Fleet Efficiency - suggestions -

    damn lmao @Brok Haslack posting on a super old post hahah
  8. Fleet Efficiency - suggestions -

    1) often times we do have somebody else doing waitlist while somebody FCs and most of the time they are training FCs learning about fits and fleet comp. But a lot of more experienced FCs prefer to do fleet comp themselves. If they are good it does not cut into site time because they do it during warps or after they call a wave and tag. Will never be forced but it is always an option. 2) Like you said this depends on how many members are on the waitlist. A little while ago it would have been fairly easy to get 2 fleets going but times have changed and incursions aren;t as popular as they used to be. Every once in a while we'll have two fleets but it is rare nowadays. Also we try to avoid having a "superior group" because a lot of people think thjis leans towards cherry picking and "elitist ideals which is a big contention when it comes to wtm. 3&5) We do have trainers in our community but we prefer to keep our training in HQs since that is what we run most of them time and you can typically run. which segways into your point into running smaller sites. We do run VGs pretty often but mostly to grind influence. Again we prefer to fly HQs because more people can fly in these and often there is one FC around willing to FC at a time and we are always aiming to do HQs anyway. People learn the ropes fast enough in HQs and we don't really want cheaper hulls/fits around anyway to be frank. We already offer cheap/weak hulls and those should be enough. Remember Incursions are technically end game High Sec content and should be treated as such. WTM already gives a lot of wiggle room on hulls. 4) this has been talked about multiple times within the command core and will possible be coming soon TM
  9. Overwatch , Diablo 3 and HotS

    I'm about to hit diamond in OW but i play on PS4 lol Civ 6 is always a go to and I always like going back to Witcher 3. Can't wait for Borderlands 3 and Cyberpunk
  10. Autocannon Machariel and Pulse Nightmare

    Vindis will almost always be shooting things within 10km if they are piloting right. Nightmares and Machariels excel an sniping. They are all in their appropriate roles for HQs. Also if you take into effect optimal fits then vindis will do far more damage than either of them.
  11. Incursion Leshak

    Leadership does not have this mind set at all and if you think that than you're just fooling yourself. We don;t stop anybody form bling fit ships. Most of the commanders and long time line pilots of bling fit and some even to the point of officer. Some of us don't want Leshaks in fleet because a) they're armor ships in a shield fleet and even if it looks like they have decent EHP almost all of it is in the armor b) they really aren't that superior to vindis since vindis can do much more DPS in most circumstance. if anything they would become sniper ships but again the tank just isn't there and we would have people splitting targets which isn't such a great thing either. There has been much deliberation with the commanders and the community in general about leshaks so we are still on the fence with it and tests are still being done. You don;t have to fly the minimum ships though. Buy a vindi and bling it out. you can start talking about faster site times and what you think is better when you have an optimal fit.
  12. Stream rules

    Sorry I'm confused. Are you saying as a streamer you believe there needs to be more rules like covering the system. Also this has been brought up time and time again. Covering the name of a system will do absolutely nothing. They can just join an incursion chat channel (WTM, TDF, NGA) and see what system you are in with or without a stream. At least the time delay helps with not being exact when we're warping from site to site and which site we're in. I love streamers because it introduces people to what incursions look like and what to expect and is of course good advertising. Personally i don't think streaming effects ganks one way or another. Are you saying if we don't have stricter rules you will leave and go stream somewhere else? You can apply those rules to yourself if you'd like. But I don't think many people stream anyway.
  13. Pro-Tips

    To any nightmares, please never use standard (or as we lovingly call them, piss beams because you piss away your dps). you should carry: gleam (if you can use it), multi, gamma, xray, and ultraviolet. Also taking care of the niarja is not really necessary and some commanders might not want you to do that
  14. Pro-Tips

    as long as you have good tracking skills and (tracking enhancers are good for DDD) null won't be a problem. As stated before don;t chase the frigs. just be close to where they're orbitting and you want to make sure you are anchored at the next spawn for every wave. Void can be used for niarjas in TCRCs when you're anchored and you will just insta blap them
  15. Looking to get started

    Welcome! First step is join the in game WTM Incursions chat channel. The motd in that channel has all the relevant information such as fitting website, dock up station, our discord channel, etc. as for corps usually we just recommend making your own to avoid tax. Some people do have incursion corps but wtm is a community of many different corps and alliances unrelated to one another so many just create their own. We love people to fly basis and logi 4 is good enough to start flying but 5 is a great improvement. As for rattlesnakes we do accept them but you need to be using t2 cruise missles and they aren't the greatest ship to use in incursions since the missles take a minute to reach the targets. while a couple volleys of your missles are still making their way to a target the rest of the fleet probably already killed it. We highly recommend taking a look at our optimal ships and think about training into one (such as the vindi. we love vindis!) Logi are also a great option to fly as i said before. But take a read though the fitting guide, get the ship, get to dock and xup on the waitlist. You're already off to a good start by reading the rookie guide! If you have any questions feel free to ask away in the chat channel. See you in fleet! o7