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  1. Dual Logi Update

    or booster?
  2. Nightmare pod fit?

    There's also this post but it could be outdated. That is what I used a year ago though.
  3. R&R 2018 Changes

    Hello WTM! Hope you are having a great day! Recently WTM has voted through a few changes to the rules and regulations and there are a couple that you all need to be aware of and think about if you need to make adjustments within the next 10 days when these rules go active. 1. Utility mods must be T2 or better. This mean no more meta 4 tracking computers, webs, painters, sensor boosters, etc. These mid slot mods must now all be T2 or faction so please start training for T2 on these mods or invest in upgrading your ship. (Note: This is only utility mods. This does not include Micro Warp Drives and Guns/Launchers. All other fitting rules such as guns/and launchers can be found in the WTM fitting guide.) 2. Thermal amplifiers and hardeners are banned. We don't see this too often but sometimes we may see say a Rokh with a thermal and em amplifier. If you still need thermal resists than it needs to be a thermal shield rig with an EM amplifier. Once you upgrade to better adaptive hardeners then you may remove the thermal rig and move the EM amplifier into the rig slot just like it has always been. That being said this rule is a good reminder not to over tank. Besides influence you should not be adding extra invuls, large shield extenders, or amplifiers to your ship if you already meet tank requirements. Other than these two changes there is not much else you need to worry about but the new R&R will be posted publicly if you would like to read them. These changes will be taking place in 10 days so please adjust if needed. Thank you and fly safe! o7
  4. Possible additional too;

    I agree with imelda. When people ask me what fleet needs my response is usually xup with everything because i could have a full logi squad and tell you i need DPS but then 4 logi leave and i need more logi. Xing up with everything you have on you technically makes fleets run faster in the long run and makes the FCs job easier.