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  1. Coming back

    Hey ademeri, long time no see, join the discord. Most of the stuff happens there these days.
  2. Rejecting FC Fit alteration

    Tank modules were rebalanced at least a couple times in the past couple years. Even with this fit your EM is insufficient without the rigs or a second hardener. The WTM vindi nowadays needs more webs to make up for the fact that there is usually less in fleet, so that's why we put more importance on a vindis amount of webs fitted. Swapping t1 rigs is cheap and is required for the optimal fit anyways. Maybe 30m total to be compliant.
  3. Lost badges D:

    He can have my extra R badge if that helps.
  4. Do you do VG or is it HQ only?

    I gave the video you posted a look through, I'm amazed of the setup you've made for yourself. I fear it might not be enough in your typical HQ fleet, where sometimes even just having to manually click that shield broadcast button is a bit too slow. Things can happen pretty fast and the sansha can hit hard. Anchoring will also likely give you some trouble as we need to move around quite a bit in HQs. WTM tends to only do VGs occasionally, mostly to do the influence grind and very rarely if we don't have the numbers to maintain the HQ fleet. EVE Rookies is pretty good, I believe they have a couple of FCs there who also run TDF fleets. WTM tries to run as much as we can, FCs and Pilots willing, you can join our discord, linked up at the top of the forums for the fleet pings that's go out. Also if you ever want to come try out HQs, let the FC know your situation and we can try to work with you, likely assigning a commander to watch you and make sure you're safe.
  5. Lost badges D:

    Your old client's badges are saved per client id, if you use a myteamspeak account they will automatically transfer to any new client you are using. To get your old badges back all you need to do is reach out to an officer, ideally while you are logged into TS, so they can mirror your old client id to your new client id. Only takes a couple minutes at most.
  6. Anchoring Help

    Same way VVV is your back up HHH, HHH is often your backup VVV. You can use the other Vindis in fleet as a bit of a reference while you are learning. You will quickly recognize the differences between each site, then its a matter of learning your waypoints to get to each spot. TPPH is often the hardest for dps, but only for the first spot, while TCRC is the easiest. Take some time to review the Anchoring Guide, and take your time to learn. Often the FC gets preoccupied trying to get the fleet running smoothly and securing sites to run. So just make sure you are listening to their commands as best you can and follow their align to and warp to broadcasts. You can see the name of each site when you warp to it and on the beacon when entering. True Power Provisional Headquarters (TPPH), 3 rooms, there is a tower in the last room a bit to the right that the fleet shoots at the end. Nation Rebirth Facility (NRF), 1 room, multiple waves to clear, to the left a tower is present but undamageable. True Creations Research Center (TCRC) the quickest site to run, has a staged entrance and exit so listen carefully, fleet only shoots a few sansha then shoots the tower while ignoring the remaining sansha. Hope this helps a bit
  7. "De-Optimization" of Ships

    The common ground most people agree on is they are not bad, in fact they are pretty good. They are just not as good for an optimized fleet of turret marauders. It takes a bit of piloting skill to make good use of them along side the other marauders, while still being leaps and bounds ahead of nightmare/mach and even a lot of vindis. Golems were reclassified as intermediate, by no means are they bad. They should just not be your endgoal for incursions.
  8. Ricarde's Modified Guide to Abyssal Damage Modules

    A new mail also works the same, I use those for temporary stuff. While Mutaplasmid is a great tool for appraising mods and checking stats, also check for those selling mods in discord, as you often can get a good deal from the more established sellers. Often even able to buy them in sets that are already setup with stacking penalties in mind.
  9. Hello everyone! Recently we have rolled out our waitlist to have the ability to check skill requirements for our Marauder, T3, and Booster pilots! This should increase the ease of bringing these ships to fleet without all the extra hassle of using third party services or screenshots. When X'ing up the appropriate hull for the first time, you will be prompted with the following messages. This error message means you haven't yet granted the waitlist the ESI scope to check your skills, click the "Add scope via SSO" button located at the top of the waitlist page to login through the SSO tool to grant it. Once you have done so click the update button and paste your fit one more time, this will update your tags and keep your spot in the queue. You will next be shown one of a few different tags. This tag means you have met or exceeded the minimum requirements to fly this hull. You are good to be invited! This tag means you have reached the highest recommended level of skills for this hull, as stated in its corresponding guide. Kudos to you This one means you are missing one or more skills to be able to fly this hull. Read through the following section on an easy method to see what you are missing. In the ingame MOTD you can find the following links to the corresponding forum posts for the info you need. (Linked here also for your convenience: Bastion Marauders and T3 Lokis In these posts you will find drop downs of the skills required so you may easily copy them to your clipboard as shown here: Once ingame you can open up your skill queue and look for the options shown here to import it directly into your skill queue to check. After doing so, the game will give you a prompt with the skills added and the ones already trained. Anything missing will automatically be added to the end of your queue, anything else that has already been trained will be noted in the prompt above. In the future WTM plans to add features onto our website to allow you to check your skills and upgrade progress right on the website! But for now the above method is the simplest method to check what skills you need. As the waitlist will not give us the information of what skills you do or do not have, only if you meet a certain requirement level. Just like flying these ships, granting the skill scope is completely optional! That being said, if you are not granting the waitlist the means to check your skills, or you are missing the required skills you will not be invited to fleet. I hope this has been an informative guide on how to use our new waitlist system, if you are having problems reach out with one of our commanders, or send feedback to our IT department with the following link: Feedback. Thank you for your patience with our latest changes, and as always, thanks for flying with WTM!
  10. Another new pilot with a bunch of questions

    Lol what a great title card
  11. WTM Exchange Program This site's better, just saying.
  12. Another new pilot with a bunch of questions

    MDD did an interview?
  13. Eliz Abyssal Shop 2.0

    Locked as per OPs request
  14. Golem Now Accepted

    WTM has decided to reintroduce the Golem to the line up with the following stipulations: For the time being due to its different skills and the methods WTM uses for skill checks, prospective Golem pilots will need to apply for the Golem badge. If a pilot already has the normal Bastion badge they only need to apply for skill check and can skip the training section. Golem pilots will be sorted into the DPS queue instead of the Marauder queue, as we still have preference for the turret boats. So Golems will not be getting the priority invites like the other Marauders get. Reiterating that last point, Kronos, Paladin, and Vargur are still more preferred, but if a pilot can only fly the Golem, then it is still considered Optimal, alongside the Vindicator. The following skills will be required for the Golem (separate from the other Marauders required turret skills): The Golem will have its own ship specific guide as training material. Linked here.
  15. WTM has made the decision to do away with the AAA role. Snipers are now expected to make full use of their MJD to anchor themselves in all sites. For those few snipers that can't make use of the MJD (Alpha Nightmares and Maelstroms) it's acceptable to anchor on the Booster by keeping at range 5000m. The LC role has also been reintroduced. This is an optional role an FC may designate to another Commander to be in charge of the Logi squad. Listen for specific instructions from them.
  16. What is the best logi, a scimi or a basi?

    Scimitar looks like a stickbug.
  17. Elite Basi Fits

    Long ago (in a galaxy not so far away), geno clones used to be way more common. Often someone might be a little light on ehp or maybe their fit looked funky. All you needed to ask was hey do you got implants or something? And they would go yeah I got genos, and that's all it was. No verification, just take their word for it, we already basically take peoples word for when they give us their logi level. We used to even have a 'advanced' mach fit that required genos and a fitting implant lol. all it gave you was a tracking enhancer instead of the RCU.
  18. Elite Basi Fits

    My fit does 4 compact reps then republic cap battery and shield extender, you can find some nice abyssals for more fitting. If you are doing slot 6 and 7 cap implants you should be pretty solid in terms of cap.
  19. Elite Basi Fits

    It's allowable with implants ofc but not entirely feasible to build a doctrine around if we aren't checking. For example if you are not reading all the notes and rules about the fit, ie it requiring so and so implant to work, and you just buy all at jita and hop into fleet, then you are a problem logi waiting to happen. I've had this happen before with a loki pilot who didn't know about the badges. I wouldn't recommend raptures truthfully, it's a bit of a one trick pony, similar with genos. Saviors on the other hand are pretty neato. 1-5 and a warp speed implant for 6 is pretty cool for a general logi clone. A full savior set is really good for lokis especially.
  20. Scouting school Sunday 25.7. at 15:00 eve Useful links.
  21. Anime Is probably one of my favorites and pretty short.
  22. New logi forum description

    I think it's funnier if it stayed like that. Cap Chain stable FC!
  23. I have seen some newer Nightmares confused, or some nightmares who have gotten used to it sit there next to the factory and not realize that the nightmares who were doing it previously aren't in fleet anymore. Today over comms "hey pilot x, were you gonna MTAC" "oh damn, I guess I should get on that then" He was at the factory and not realizing that no one else was doing it lol. Its a newer thing that everyone is fit for it, I think we just need to be more mindful of what is happening in those terms.
  24. Pause Feature Suggestion for Waitlist

    Whenever I see someone is offline I will ring their bell to wake em up. Make sure you are around to hear the pings, or else we can't help ya.