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  1. WTM has made the decision to do away with the AAA role. Snipers are now expected to make full use of their MJD to anchor themselves in all sites. For those few snipers that can't make use of the MJD (Alpha Nightmares and Maelstroms) it's acceptable to anchor on the Booster by keeping at range 5000m. The LC role has also been reintroduced. This is an optional role an FC may designate to another Commander to be in charge of the Logi squad. Listen for specific instructions from them.
  2. What is the best logi, a scimi or a basi?

    Scimitar looks like a stickbug.
  3. Elite Basi Fits

    Long ago (in a galaxy not so far away), geno clones used to be way more common. Often someone might be a little light on ehp or maybe their fit looked funky. All you needed to ask was hey do you got implants or something? And they would go yeah I got genos, and that's all it was. No verification, just take their word for it, we already basically take peoples word for when they give us their logi level. We used to even have a 'advanced' mach fit that required genos and a fitting implant lol. all it gave you was a tracking enhancer instead of the RCU.
  4. Elite Basi Fits

    My fit does 4 compact reps then republic cap battery and shield extender, you can find some nice abyssals for more fitting. If you are doing slot 6 and 7 cap implants you should be pretty solid in terms of cap.
  5. Elite Basi Fits

    It's allowable with implants ofc but not entirely feasible to build a doctrine around if we aren't checking. For example if you are not reading all the notes and rules about the fit, ie it requiring so and so implant to work, and you just buy all at jita and hop into fleet, then you are a problem logi waiting to happen. I've had this happen before with a loki pilot who didn't know about the badges. I wouldn't recommend raptures truthfully, it's a bit of a one trick pony, similar with genos. Saviors on the other hand are pretty neato. 1-5 and a warp speed implant for 6 is pretty cool for a general logi clone. A full savior set is really good for lokis especially.
  6. Scouting school Sunday 25.7. at 15:00 eve Useful links.
  7. Anime Is probably one of my favorites and pretty short.
  8. New logi forum description

    I think it's funnier if it stayed like that. Cap Chain stable FC!
  9. I have seen some newer Nightmares confused, or some nightmares who have gotten used to it sit there next to the factory and not realize that the nightmares who were doing it previously aren't in fleet anymore. Today over comms "hey pilot x, were you gonna MTAC" "oh damn, I guess I should get on that then" He was at the factory and not realizing that no one else was doing it lol. Its a newer thing that everyone is fit for it, I think we just need to be more mindful of what is happening in those terms.
  10. Pause Feature Suggestion for Waitlist

    Whenever I see someone is offline I will ring their bell to wake em up. Make sure you are around to hear the pings, or else we can't help ya.
  11. Scorpion Navy issue Useable?

    Missiles are bad, marauders good. Necro also bad, beep boop locked.
  12. Returning player - few questions

    Biggest effects that the trig invasions had on incursions, one sansha incursion focus in highsec now (they lowered them to allocate more resources to trigs, still haven't changed it back) and the niarja pipe is no longer accessible, so when we need to move to the other side of new eden we have to take even longer to get there, also market runs can be a pain.
  13. New bro joining

    It's been taken care of.
  14. New bro joining

    Juuuzio Leoreyler Breau has been whitelisted. A lot of bigger alliances are blanket banned to prevent griefing, but we still allow people if they ask for it.
  15. Back after long hiatus

    If you were active before the Hour tracker was implemented your hours will be at 0. Checking TS, can't find anyone named "Ackiman" with any badges, did you fly under a different character at all?
  16. niki's take on the WTM Leshak

    wee woo?
  17. niki's take on the WTM Leshak

    The cap broadcast is still true tho :smirk_cat:
  18. niki's take on the WTM Leshak

    I am going to need to see a tearful montage of Leshak moments in WTM circa 2020.
  19. Leshak No Longer Optimal

    Starting today, WTM has officially moved to downgrade the Leshak from an Optimal Battleship to Other Accepted. Given the current environment, Leshaks are becoming less and less useful to fleet. In terms of the Optimal Upgrade Policy, we are giving a grace period until June 1st, 2021, for pilots to swap over to one of the optimal hulls. They have already had their queue removed and are now being sorted as sniper for invite purposes. In related news, the Leshak badge on TS has been removed and will no longer be required for the all the cards / royal flush badge.
  20. Proposal: Kronos and Vargur Drones

    1 gecko*
  21. Proposal: Kronos and Vargur Drones

    I kind of wanted to make a proposal but in the other way. No one likes the little guys anymore.
  22. Have i been banned from WTM?

    I think today there was some chat server issues as well. Good to hear you got it working.
  23. Have i been banned from WTM?

    Are you part of any big alliance? There are blanket bans on some of the big ones, like test, horde, goonswarm, etc. Which you would need to request to be whitelisted.
  24. niki's Capsprey Guide for HQ sites

    I'm sorry, please anchor on the vulture. Nick can't be trusted...
  25. Nightmare Cap Chain for Newbros

    So what happens is you cap them with the longer range faction transfers and they are just using normal t2. Ofc they don't notice since they are capped up, and it ends with the faction transfer pilot suffering. Bling modules aren't going to fix inexperienced pilots or inattentive ones. This is one of the main reasons we changed the optimal fit to just t2 transfers, mixing ranges between fit levels isn't ideal.