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  1. Newbro Hello o/

    oh my... that R'n'K video... especially the bit about the TPPH... Seriously, watch that thirty seconds if you haven't seen it already.
  2. Blobert's TPPH Basi Experiment

    There's a business-management thing, and since this one works there are thousands of examples. You've got a workplace, and workers, and you want more work out of them. So you try changing a thing, maybe you turn up the lights so people can see better. Hurray, production rises, the lights weren't bright enough! But after a few months everything goes back to where it was. Well, maybe the lights are too bright and they're hurting everybody's eyes; you turn them down a bit. Production rises, hurrah! And.. this works on *anything*. Practically any change you make to the way people work will increase productivity, for a few months. This is one more example. It's not better in an abstract sense... in the nowadays WTM fleet with four CC's, you completely don't need it... but it's survivable, and if it wakes up the logi some, cool.
  3. Logi Agro

    Hi, I just went through the last six months worth of logi losses. Three-quarters of them happen in the first minute of a TCRC. Half of the remainder are people who aren't aligned correctly EXITING a TCRC. Most of what's left are mass DC's, or Scimi's getting blown up in a four-Deltole wave in an OCF, or people jumping into the wrong site. The ONLY normal hazard in your lives is that first TCRC minute. And of course we just changed the way we do that minute, so maybe it's fixed! We'll know in October or so. In the meantime, I have a fun fact that may help: the dual A-type Claymore needs only thirteen reps to stand up to the entire room. This means, DO NOT put more than two reps on it unless it hits armor. Half of you should be using ONE rep. And the thing has only 10.9K of raw shield; sixteen shield reps brings that Claymore from 0 to full shields. If everybody has two reps on it, it goes from 0-100% shield, every 6.62 seconds. Don't stint on cap if it needs it, but do not over-rep the Claymore. Outside of that, don't be a complete fool and you'll be fine. Broadcast when you get aggro, run your active hardeners, keep your orbit and prop mod up, and it's all good. Do the job, and when you blow up in that TCRC minute you'll get logi SRP and probably a loaner hull and be back on grid by end of site.
  4. Fine, but you get to meatshield it into the final room
  5. I peeked into the first room on the left, and the exit was right up against the entrance. If the second is similar, we'll be fine. Even if it's not, you can clear the gate for right-side fleet without moving too much. Or maybe mobile depots and 50mn MWD's would be a good idea.
  6. Oh, if we get out alive, I'll probably try it again at 7-25 at 0100, give the USTZ guys a chance to see it too
  7. There are eight sites that WarpToMe runs, in between HQ's, assaults, and vanguards... and one that we don't. The "Nation Consolidation Network" remains a mystery to me and to nearly everyone else here. Let's go look at it. The NCN, you land on it and it's TWO gates; the right side allows normal incursion fleets through, the left side doesn't let battleships in. We need something a little different. I've brought a pile of Taloses to dockup, and will be handing them out to blaster-boat pilots; with proper support they should be able to handle the left side. Some are set up with T2 guns, some with meta-4. Here's the T2 fit: [Talos, Talos] Damage Control II Magnetic Field Stabilizer II Magnetic Field Stabilizer II Magnetic Field Stabilizer II Tracking Enhancer II Large Shield Extender II Multispectrum Shield Hardener II Tracking Computer II Stasis Webifier II Neutron Blaster Cannon II Neutron Blaster Cannon II Neutron Blaster Cannon II Neutron Blaster Cannon II Neutron Blaster Cannon II Neutron Blaster Cannon II Neutron Blaster Cannon II Neutron Blaster Cannon II Medium EM Shield Reinforcer I Medium Processor Overclocking Unit I Medium Core Defense Field Extender I Acolyte II x5 Void L x1337 Null L x1337 Caldari Navy Antimatter Charge L x640 Optimal Range Script x2 If you feel like bringing your own battlecruiser, or a T3 cruiser, or something like Malcom's Huggin... hey, it's all good.
  8. Carlos failed to mention the other reason to avoid the Rokh: it's not fast enough to keep up. Rokhs spend a *lot* of time 50km behind everybody else wailing for capacitor, because even with prop mod on they're slower than the logi. Train the extra three days and get a Hyperion.
  9. Scimitar Upgrades

    The reason this happens is that Deltoles have TARGET PAINTERS. So, if a Scimitar gets the initial switch in TCRC, it gets webbed by Schmaeels and Renyns and painted by five Deltoles, and then either the Ostingeles or Yulais pile on and *apply* damage. Its speed and sig tank are both *totally* cancelled, and even with a thousand reps on it goes 100% shield, 95% hull, 100% shield, gone. It happens the same way to Scimi's with two T2 invulns and DCU -- maybe the second step has 5% armor-- so the DCU doesn't fix it. You get a similar thing in the Overwhelmed Civilian Facility assault site, because it sometimes coughs up a wave with four Deltoles. Command corps has been having this discussion for at least five years. The suggestion that keeps coming up is to add a large shield extender for buffer, but Scimi has major powergrid problems already and the LSE also causes the sig radius to go up so it messes with the sig tank! Really, there's no perfect solution, and ... we keep logs. It turns out Scimitars don't actually die that much. They're random-number tanked, but the dice rolls are in our favor.
  10. Scimitar Upgrades

    Faction sigamp is not an improvement over T2 on the Scimitar. The lock increase is the same, and the change in scan res does not push any lock times past a one-second boundary for a properly skilled pilot.
  11. Scouting Guide (Unofficial)

    I figured... somebody WOULD have tried holding the HQ system hostage by now... but it's nice to have that confirmed.
  12. Scouting Guide (Unofficial)

    I suggest a wording change here: "A new site spawns 7 minutes after its predecessor is finished." "Every seven minutes" would mean that once a new site spawns, no other site will spawn for seven minutes, which, I saw three NRFs come up within the same minute yesterday. Also, do we know how this timer interacts with site ending, versus site despawning? If somebody kills a TCRC, does the new site happen seven minutes after payout, or seven minutes after everyone gets off grid and the Sansha go backstage? And what happens if I bring in a cloaky to just sit there and STOP the Sansha from despawning? Inquiring minds want to know.
  13. Interested in Seeing What Others Play

    Stellaris ofc, and I've been playing a lot of "Noita" the past few months. Fun little indie roguelike, sort of a metroidvania kind of? Unfortunately, eating your kills doesn't do anything for you
  14. Serving cap broadcast, a better method?

    It's really strange to me that this thread has gone on for what, a week? and nobody's mentioned that getting battleships to 75% cap isn't actually a reasonable goal, it's the *limit*. Fill somebody up to 75% and their cap regen decreases so much that they can drain just from running their invulns. (The crap Hyperion fit+pilot I keep in pyfa is stable at 62% with just their tank on.) The fleet does not need us over-capping people like this. What the fleet does need is to keep all the battleships energized enough to fight. About 40% is good; it's enough to pulse your prop mod and fire a wad of antimatter without triggering an alarm. This is why three-cycles-and-move-on works; even if the guy who broadcast is a fool and leaves ALL the lights on, your three cycles get him up to about that 40%; he's functioning, and his own cap regen is doing at least some of its job. Anything beyond that point is extra; if you spend another ten seconds dumping cap in, it'll only delay the next broadcast from that ship by five, or thereabouts. Any plan that starts with "we can get people to 75% by..." is a bad plan.
  15. Rookie guide / Fits suggestion

    My 2009 main still doesn't have Thermodynamics so it's not a new thing. Or maybe it's a new/not new/ancient thing And, no, you don't really need light drones skill on a Mael... or on any of our battleships really. Just bring Ogres, nobody will yell at you for having a bay full of Ogres.