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  1. Scimi V Advanced with 4 Links

    Blobert, that four-link scimi takes 40% more damage than our optimal when hit. Remember what Tesso said above: look at shield HP and resists, not at the EHP total. Remember what I said: scimis die when Sansha can cut through 100% of shield on a hit, even if we have reps on them. Every time I see one of our current scimis slam down to 1/3 shield and say "oh my drop TWO reps on that one," four-link would be dead. I ain't having it.
  2. Scimi V Advanced with 4 Links

    A scimi has to have enough shield to take at least one full-on strike from Sansha. Otherwise the first solid hit comes in, and scimi is in half armor. We rep like mad, and second hit puts it in structure. We rep again... and it's gone. This is how scimi's die in TCRC entrances. Losing its invuln makes the scimi fragile enough that it would also happen on wave four of the NRF, and possibly during the deltole/deltole/intaki wave in TPPH. If we make changes to the scimi, it will become more tanky not less.
  3. Ideal Fleet Composition?

    Secondary boosters are for the boosts and utility mids. Truly, they are the ultimate sandbagging vehicle Anyway, they've got to stay right near VVV for their boosts to affect DPS, can't chase targets the way a battleship drone bunny can.
  4. Ideal Fleet Composition?

    Secondary boosters are bad DDD because they're not going to apply any damage except the drones. A reasonably skilled DDD in a Vindicator will clear the room's frigates much more quickly than Eos etc. could. The drones are being used efficiently, but Niarjas stay on grid too long.
  5. Machariel Changes, March 2018

    CCP has announced that they have changes upcoming to the Machariel. The one that we care about is that the slot layout will be different; the ship is losing a low slot and gaining a mid. WTM will respond to this change in the simplest way possible. Y'all are going to drop a tracking enhancer, and add a tracking computer. Tracking comps have to be T2 or better. Just to make it entertaining, the storyline "Marketeer" tracking comp is equivalent to T2, and is thus acceptable. Capable Mach pilots will use this opportunity to bring tracking and range scripts, and switch between them as appropriate. CCP has not announced a date for this patch, so you might as well get your computer and scripts now and start carrying them around. If we're in Egmur or something on patch day, and you have to fly all the way back to civilization for a module, you will be Sad. Edit: We have a date now, March 20th, next Tuesday! You know what you're doing, Mach guys, make sure you do it.
  6. A few Logi questions.

    1) Gotta have both. To run any of the HQ sites we need at least two spare cap transmitters -- "combat caps." Those come from the Basi. We like the Scimitar's remote tracking computers to give our Vindicators more range and better tracking. So what we really want is a mix, somewhere between two and four Basi's and the rest of the logi wing in Scimi's. 2) None of our listed fits need any sort of implants. You can get the EO-606 and EM-806 cap implants to make the Scimi more cap stable, and to let you use some advanced Basi fits, but wait on those for a while. For the attribute enhancers, I personally like Snakes-- speed is life, gimme more speed-- but none of the sets make all that much difference. 3) You can just show up, and you'll be fine. There's a speech we throw at people that covers the basics-- you can find my version in the "Logistics Tactics" section of this forum. The logi schools we run deal with those items, and also with some more advanced topics like "How do I organize the MOTD for the logi chat channels?" When one is scheduled, it will show up on the waitlist website.
  7. Fits for alpha players

    Yep, alphas aren't going to be perfect incursion pilots, and it's better if you go omega and get those skills up to 5 and your T2 guns and TRAIN LOGI PLEASE. That said, you can get into fleet, you can fly the shiny fits, and if you pay attention to the FC you can do good work out there.
  8. skill plan

    Skill plan's decent, but it's not gospel, y'know? Train those things and you'll be okay in fleet, but there's a lot of stuff you'll want to get better at quickly, including the BS skills, and some stuff you maybe won't need as much of to get started. Drone Sharpshooting... fit it in where you can. It *does* make your drones apply damage more effectively, because they end up outside their "usual" optimal range a fair amount of the time when chasing moving targets.
  9. Fleet Efficiency - suggestions -

    This is a) a big boost for isk/hour and b) one of the hard parts. Scary to take fleet into an NRF when you only see five logi on grid... but if you absolutely for-sure know the other two are incoming, it's the right thing to do.
  10. Possible additional too;

    When I'm FC, I have this information... and I don't know what ships I'm going to need until five seconds before I hit "INVITE." If fleet's not full, we take whoever x-es up, as fast as we can check fits. If fleet IS full, it depends on who leaves, and then I need to get replacements ASAP. Please, if you've got more than one ship available, x-up with everything.
  11. What do you do when you don't run incursions?

    When I am not running incursions, I remain in my storage cupboard. I have a food dispenser to sustain me, and my cuddly bear.
  12. Me, Inside the Moon

    Our current dockup is only about 50km above the surface of its moon, so I flew over to the center of it. Mildly amusing!
  13. Friendly Tagging Suggestion

    I would be upset if the snipers all murdered their anchor, but aside from that it's a nice idea
  14. If you're new, and you get in my logi wing, I'll say these things to you. Even if you've read this post, I'm gonna say them. Also, yes, that's how long it takes to say this stuff in voice; those speed runs through "Fox In Socks" finally paid off. -- Logi have four jobs: join your logi chat and do what they tell you, move, rep people who broadcast for shield, and basi's have to keep the cap chain going. Setting up As soon as you join fleet, hit the link in fleet MOTD to join basi-chat or scimi-chat. Say "Hi," give your Logistics Cruiser level and how many links/resebo's you have. Join and say hi even if you don't have any links, don't make me hunt you down and ask. Add AAA to your watchlist. If you're a basilisk, add your cap buddies. If your logi-chat gives you link or resebo targets, add them too. Make sure your fleet window's open. You'll need the "My Fleet" tab to find us for the first time, then switch to the "History" tab so you can see shield broadcasts. Move! The instant you land in a site, find your AAA in your watchlist and orbit him at 10km. Turn on your prop mod. Stay like this forever. First exception to this rule: In the first two rooms of a TPPH site, find the EXIT gate, and orbit that at 500m. When any battleship gets up next to the gate, switch your orbit to the battleship. Second exception: at times, the FC will send an "align" broadcast. Align and turn your prop mod OFF. This always happens at the end of a TCRC, and occasionally at other times. Rep people. Lock up every person who broadcasts for shield asap. Every last one, all of them, no exceptions. Use your judgement as to how much rep to drop on which people. Some folks just have a troll frigate nibbling them, some get the whole room. Try not to run all four reppers at once. It attracts aggro and makes you slow to help a new person when Sansha change targets. Stagger your reps. Don't drop several reppers on a person at once, do it like "REP one thousand REP two thousand REP". Cap chain Basilisks always cap up. Cap the person who's immediately above you in the user list of basi-chat; if you're the top of the list, cap the guy on the bottom. Basilisks ABOVE a basi with Logistics 4 also cap down. If the number next to your name in basi-chat MOTD is RED, you're above a L4 basi, use your second transmitter to cap them. Send cap to your cap buddies on gates! We hang eighty billion isk worth of battleships off that cap chain, testing it is important. Basilisks with a free cap transmitter send cap to fleet. Watch for cap broadcasts. If you have a free transmitter, type the first few letters of the guy's name in basi-chat, lock him, and start capping. If somebody types "FRED" just as you were planning to cap Fred, you can either find another cap target or just type "+" to say "I'm capping him too." If we get more cap broadcasts than we can handle at once, send each person three or four cycles of cap and move on to the next one. If you get neuted out or jammed, you can't send cap, and your friends have to deal with that. Tell basi-chat by typing "NNN" (for neuts) or "JJJ" (for jams.) Type "-NNN" or "-JJJ" when the effect ends. Some people also type "WWW" when they're webbed. If the basi you are capping gets neuted out, jammed, or blown up, deal with it by using your second cap transmitter to send cap to THEIR cap buddy. Sometimes this gets complicated and the LC has to tell people where to send their combat caps; when this happens, listen and do what they're telling you. Sites - Each site we do has a particular moment that gives the logi fits. Know them. TPPH - In the third room, on the third wave, there are three Arnons (which jam) and two Outunis (which neut). All combat caps go to the Outuni's target. NRF - The fourth and final wave contains 1-3 Outunis. All combat caps to the Outuni target! After 20-30 seconds, back off to two reps on the person getting hit, because in 45 seconds the entire room switches to a new target, all at once. TCRC - The instant you land, lock up AAA and start repping him. Two seconds later, we get attacked by Outunis, Deltoles (which do EVERYTHING) and Niarjas (jams). Aggro goes everywhere, half the fleet broadcasts for shields, and at least one basi gets neuted out or jammed. If a Scimitar takes aggro during this part, throw armor bots at them immediately, the room can alpha right through their shields and well into armor. Finish your coffee before we go in, please.
  15. Logi School

    'S true, we don't have one scheduled. HEY MAAAAAAX! How 'bout next Saturday, maybe like 1400 EVE time?