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    This is the Cheaper Marauder Initiative. Marauder prices are stupidly high, because of industrial players inflating t2 mat prices twice in a row. This project aims to make it easier for incursion runners to get into a marauder by making those available at almost build cost. Project status: Not yet available, farming to fund shit ToDo List: Phase 1: "funding all the stupid reaction BPOs OMG there is so much things to buy oh shit" Phase 2: "BS BPOs prices are so high OMG this is BS too" Phase 3: "upfront funding of a few orders worth" How does it work: No upfront cost! Hull deliveries at Jita, unless i find a good, cheap and reliable logistic group to move things to dock-up for a correct price! Price calculated at contract creation. Price is Build Cost +5%, to fund a bigger stockpile of base materials. Price Estimation (before +5%): Kronos: 1.143 B (Jita: 1.748 B) Paladin: 1.359 B (Jita: 1.909 B) Vargur: 1.226 B (Jita: 1.932 B) Golem: 1.446 B (Jita: 2.040 B) Price updated: 2021/04/19 Frequently Asked Questions! 0. When will it be available? When 2nd patch for the industry rework will be live, and I'll have finished funding everything that need funding. Don't expect anything before the end of April. It may happen before that. Or maybe not. Not clue at all. 1. How do I order a hull? Project is ran by J3di Master Yoda, and graciously hosted by Xoceac in his Incursion Supplies discord, in the #marauder-initiative channel, feel free to come take a look there. Everything will be run from discord, this topic is here for publicity sake. Check pinned messages in channel for more informations. 2. What happens if I don't accept the contract while it's up? Well first it's going to make me fukken sad to have 1+ Billion ISKs lying around like that doing nothing. And if you do not accept the contract while it's up, the hull will be contracted to the next person in line for that specific hull, and i'll bump you back to the bottom of the wait-list at least once. How do I contribute? Any donation is appreciated. If you want to donate ISK, Accelerant Decryptors or materials, please send to corp 'Marauder Initiative' (ticker is 'X.UP').
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    Hello o7 Quick about me, a new pilot to WTM (I'm in the gross Macherial) and ex TDF line pilot left due to over toxic behavior. So after learning about how hated the Mach is and now the Leshak is has been removed from optimal (I'm not complaining I completely understand why they are seen that way) I was suggested to grab a Nightmare and fly that. I looked at the required skills and fit for an entry Nightmare, 1 day and 880mil Isk later I end up with around 773dps, I end up doing less damage than if I was in my Machariel. "Yeah yeah you have crap skills, get on with your point!" Well, I can fly a Vargur that I use for VGs but I can't fly the ship in WTM without another 80 days of training. Without Bastion I clock 1368dps. Can you see where I am going with this? Instead of wasting Isk and training time on a Nightmare, when I can already fly something that does nearly double the DPS?* The Nightmare had more tank, granted. But maybe we can look at having an Entry Level None-Bastion Marauder? Tank it up a bit and remove the Bastion and MJD? In a matter of fact, this fit now follows the guidelines on the WTM fits website. You can apply this fit to all three marauders. The reason I'm saying this is that I was told that the skills required are "skills I already should already have!", which seemed negative and subjective. Why should I train 21 days diverting my skill queue from the already 80-day long skill queue just to fly something that does the same DPS or less than something I can already fly? It's a waste of potential. I would rather bring the conversation than just sit on it and say nothing. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.
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    To be fair you can keep bringing the Mach until you have the required skills for the Vargur. The only downside is that FC can (doesnt have to, but can) skip the Mach after 30 in-fleet hours if they see some other snipers who are playing by the "Upgrade Policy". Some FCs will, some wont. If they keep poking you to switch to NM, just tell them what you wrote down here: you are in fact skilling into the Vargur but until then this is what you can fly that helps the fleet most. A meta4 NM is indeed way less useful than a t2 gun Mach. Just make sure that you are indeed skilling towards the Vargur. Some LSI (Large Skill Injector) and +4 / +5 attribute implants also can help reducing the time. The other option is what Eliz wrote down: get a Vindicator, and even with meta gun you are going to do (worst case scenario) 1000+ dps and you will have a really useful web that helps the fleet greatly if used correctly. I personally would not switch into a meta NM in your case.
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    Hammerheads get destroyed a *lot* more than Ogres do, no idea why. I used to put Hammers in my Claymore, and I usually didn't get all five back from a TCRC bash. I don't think anybody is going to kick you off the waitlist for bringing them, but it's not profitable
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    Command Structure Badges Grand Poobah - Special Founder Badge for Sparta93 Canyon's Badge - Special Founder Badge for Canyon Vjourytant Leadership - Elected Leaders of WTM incursions and part of Commander Council. Officer - Selected assistants to leadership and part of Commander Council. Certified Trainer - Certified Trainer of the Fleet Commander Program Fleet Commander - WTM Fleet Commander. The Fleet Commander commands the fleet by doing the Voice, Fleet Composition and Tagging. Training Fleet Commander - WTM Fleet Commander in training. They are also Line Commanders as a prerequisite. Line Commander - WTM Line Commander. They are the masters of standard incursion mechanics and all individual ships on grid (meaning Battleships, Boosters, and Logistics). They are here to watch the fleet for safety, perform any necessary roles, and train everyone that needs it, especially Line Commanders in training, which are the Residents. Resident - WTM Line Commander in training Ship/Skill Badges - Battleships: Requirements for all the following badges are Full Optimal Fits. Tach That! - Nightmare. Ridiculous Amounts of DPS - Vindicator. Royal Flush - Earn the Nightmare and Vindicator badges (supersedes the other Ship/Skill badges). - Logistics: Spidey Senses - Optimal Basilisk with a Faction Remote Sensor Booster Iron Links - Scimitar with three (3) Faction Remote Tracking Computer Field Medic - Earn both Spidey Senses and Iron Links - Collective: All the Cards - Earn both Field Medic and Royal Flush -Implant Sets- Ascendancy - Full set of High Grade Ascendancy implants with either Warp Drive Speed WS-618 or Omega slot 6 implant. (Confirmed with a screenshot) Pilot Badges Dual Logi - Pilot is approved to dual box logi in WTM fleets Approved T3 - Pilot is approved to fly T3 logi in WTM fleets (supersedes Trusted Logi) Trusted Logi - A Commander (LC or FC) has declared this pilot as an exemplary Logistics Pilot Hunting Rabbits - A Commander has declared this pilot as an exemplary Frigate killer. JumpTAC - A Commander has declared this pilot an exemplary MJD MTAC. Fun Badges Confirmed Screamer - Pilot who calls themselves out for reps unnecessarily (High shields/few Sansha remaining). Under the Influence - Pilot has completed an "influence grind" from the time the fleet stands up until the Kundalini Spawns. Wall of Shame - Pilot has been mentioned on the Top LP List at the end of an incursion. Aggro Magnet - Pilot consistently pulls aggro during WTM fleets
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    If you want to find a "good, cheap and reliable logistic group," just use public courier contracts. You can get things shipped for about 1m isk/billion in value/jump; this comes out to 4.7% of cost to Amarr, 2.7% to Rens, 1.6% to Dodixie. I've been doing it for years, getting isotopes to Jita and modules out to the hinterlands. For more particulars, check out the "Haulers Channel" chat channel in-game.
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    Missiles are bad, marauders good. Necro also bad, beep boop locked.
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    Biggest effects that the trig invasions had on incursions, one sansha incursion focus in highsec now (they lowered them to allocate more resources to trigs, still haven't changed it back) and the niarja pipe is no longer accessible, so when we need to move to the other side of new eden we have to take even longer to get there, also market runs can be a pain.
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    Welcome Back! 1. 130mil/hour minimum mostly more 2. HQ Nearly all the time as long as there is an FC online. Vanguards from time to time. 3. Nowadays Bastion marrauders are state of the art becaus the got 100% damage buff during Bastion. Because of that the leshak has no more time to spool and isn't as good as it was. Thats why its not Optimal anymore 4. We are as newbro friendly as possible with 2 other fleets in the same HQ system. Just get into on of our accapted ships (https://wl.warptome.net/fits/)and read the Rooky guide.
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    Hey Guys. This one has been a long time coming guide, with many requests. Finally it is time. What is a Capsprey? A Capsprey is a cheap Osprey focusing on helping out a WTM fleet and its great cap-hungriness, following them around and servicing capacitor on-grid, while not in fleet. Ideally this character is an alt of someone who is already in fleet and getting paid for site-completion. How to safely do this without blowing up? You have to play by a couple of really simple rules and you will most likely (99.99% chance) not going to get targeted at all, unless our CCP Overlords will decide otherwise (the 0.01% why you cant say something like "impossible or always/never" in EVE). Rules: 1. As always you have to listen to the FC. Nothing new here. 2. Unless you have an explicit permission from the FC you are not going into a TCRC. Only NRF and TPPH. To be fair TPPH is by far the most cap-hungry site anyway, and thats where you are needed the most. In TCRC there are a couple of frigs and cruisers who are not playing by the usual aggro rules, and sometimes its messy enough even without a Capsprey. Feel free to ask permission, but dont get grumpy if FC says no tho'. 3. In NRF and TPPH when fleet takes a gate you have to be a 100% sure that the initial aggro already happened (somebody is already getting shot), after that you have to take the gate really quickly, because you have to keep up with the fleet, and not be out of position when the next wave spawns! How to confirm aggro? Either check it with your in-fleet character, or if you dont have that wait 15 seconds after fleet took the gate, then catch up fast! 4. Anchoring: DO NOT ORBIT! You have to reach your anchor position before the next wave spawns, this is super important! When you are there then obviously you can turn off your prop-mod. I'll give you two options how to anchor yourself: a) In case you can move in 3D (Q+doubleclick) and have the capacity to choose a safe spot: anchor yourself! This is probably safer than relying on a booster that sometimes can be slightly out of position. -TPPH: last room 30 km left from the tower, 80 km from the beacon, your altitude (important) should be the top of the very highest spike of the tower. -NRF: 50 km right from the tower, 80 km from the beacon, your altitude (important) should be the top of the very highest spike of the tower. -TCRC: does not matter even if the FC lets you in, there are no waves after Outuni spawn, so you should be fine anywhere. b) In case you can not anchor yourself: You will anchor on the primary booster. You burn to it really close, keep-at-range 1000 meters. If the booster is not out of position you probably (99.99%) wont take new wave initial aggro. Okay, you survived. Nice. But how to effectively use a Capsprey, what is the job? It is rather simple because you should focus on your in-fleet character mostly anyway. You should service cap for the most cap-hungry boats in the fleet. Who are these guys? Blaster boats. Typically: all the Hyperions are cap hungry all the time. Vindicators who are burning around like madmen. Vindicators who are doing crazy DPS, pulling damage aggro. Hope they are not in fleet, but alas if they are: Rokhs. Honestly, all the blaster boats will be grateful for your deed. Some rare times if they notice you they might just tip some ISK as well for your service. I know i do. ;3 So you put 1 cap transfer on each of these guys (5 at a time), and you basically are good for at least 1 wave. I would recommend to maximize your focus on your in-fleet character. And only switch cap targets with the Capsrey if you still have spare time, which sometimes you probably wont have at all. Depends on the fleets nature, really. I would also recommend to just keep capping Hyperions (Rokhs...) all the time and never let them go. You can shuffle around the rest of your cap transfers on Vindicators if you want tho', cuz most typically they wont need them all the time, just a refuel every now and then. It is completely fine to just choose 5 ships and cap them for a whole site and to not pay attention to your Capsprey at all after you started capping and reached your anchor. What to do if you screwed up and failed to play by the rules or CCP decided you will be unlucky? AKA: if you are targeted by sansha. The tanky fit that i listed below most likely will hold and not blow up, if the in-fleet logi can catch you on time. If possible then you should voice it on comms, even target broadcast your own alt quickly. Overheat the tank, the prop-mod and try to burn away. Hopefully the commanders and logies are on the lookout on their own as well and will try to save you. Do not warp out with the tanky fit, please even if you are able to. It will just cause split aggro, which can easily result in losing some drones, and of course grumpy logi. Most likely you will survive, but even if you die, it is a cheap loss and a good lesson what not to do with the next Capsprey. If you are in the greedy fit then feel free to warp out, cuz you are not going to survive a full wave aggro. But that fit is only recommended for veteran pilots who are experienced multiboxers and confident enough that they wont screw up ever. Recommended tanky fit for everyone: Not recommended greedy fit for veterans who are experienced multiboxers and really confident: Why Small Cap Transfers? Small Cap Transfers will give enough cap for your targets, but they will not pull enough aggro to be targeted by the sansha. It is the perfect solution and these small Corpii A-Types are also really cost-effective. Alright thats enough to start. Not sure if i want to expand more on the why's and how's and make this another "book" of mine. I will update if there is something that i feel important enough. Off you go, and cap some mighty Vindicators!
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    I understand what you want to say, about starter Vargur, Linwood Davion, I really do. That would not work, sadly, because while WtM is being friendly community, it's governed buy rules and they are rigid. And they are holding community together - for years. Mach is best bet for you now. What Niki said. If you really want to bring something that does not follow ALL the rules, there is only one way. You need to Complete WtM Resident Training program https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe1MVI62AWsNjTMub3Se1cHKkb78Jk71iIyo_d3htNTxoedvw/viewform, prove - we have exams for that - that you understand _really all implications_. Than you can attempt to change rules, and have a fair go at it.
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    I am joining as a new bro. Apparently my alliance is banned here. I still want to join your fleet. Can U unban me please, Juuuzio Leoreyler Breau.
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    It's been taken care of.
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    It would seem that something went wrong. I am still unable to join due to my alliance thing
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    Not sure what was wrong with the Vindi, but WTM is not TDF. Maybe you should try flying the Vindi here too. Who knows. Its a bit cap-hungry, but WTM fleets are used to being cap-hungry. I personally would not pick on a linepilot if they are trying their best flying what they have currently. I hope other FCs are not doing that either. For example i would not mind seeing a Mach in my fleet as long as they are willing to MTAC, even bringing an MJD for that. Maybe not more than one tho' The most important thing is the will to upgrade. As long as they have that then sooner or later they will meet with all the requirements. I only have a problem with two kind of people: 1) already have a lot of in-fleet hours and they just keep bringing bad fits, not investing. 2) not trying their best on grid, being sandbags.
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    With max drone skills: 2 Augmented Ogres: 139,4 DPS 5 Augmented Hammerheads: 174,2 DPS Both the Kronos and the Vargur only have 50 Mbit for drones and with Augmented Hammerheads, you do about 35 more DPS, which is quite significant if the whole fleet does it. Unsure if this was discussed already when making fits or guides, but there you go.
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    The cap broadcast is still true tho :smirk_cat:
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    I am going to need to see a tearful montage of Leshak moments in WTM circa 2020.
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    Light drones dont kill frigates. Guns do.
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    He's a line member, he can propose where he wants. Right here has a better chance of being taken seriously than throwing it out in TS3 or WTM chat.
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    I kind of wanted to make a proposal but in the other way. No one likes the little guys anymore.
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    In order to complete the TCRC, a CONCORD MTAC must be moved from the CONCORD Factory to the Shield Transfer Control Tower. Since the CONCORD MTAC is too large to fit in a battleship cargo hold, this is accomplished by creating a jetcan by jettisoning any item (such as a piece of ammunition), putting the MTAC into the can and ferrying it to the control tower using a tractor beam. This process is then repeated until the tower explodes. Our preferred ship to complete this task is a Nightmare. When you become the MTAC, you should deploy your depot and refit at the next opportunity (such as on a TPPH Tower Bash or towards the end of an NRF). You refit by removing a Capacitor Transmitter for a Tractor Beam, a midslot utility (preferably a Sensor Booster) for a Micro Jump Drive, and Tracking Enhancer for a Capacitor Power Relay. FC calls the fleet into site, you take the gate as normal. Align your ship towards the MTAC Factory. Once your ship is perfectly pointing in the correct direction, activate the MJD. You land close to the MTAC Factory. If you didn't, burn there with MWD. Jettison one ammo, lock up the can, and activate the tractor beam on it. Do not shoot your can. Drag the MTAC from the factory to the can. Approach Shield Transfer Control Tower, activating MWD for one cycle. Open the cargo window of the tower. Drag the MTAC from the can into the tower. Begin Shooting and Droning the tower, being careful not to shoot your can. Burn back to the MTAC Factory. Wait for the next MTAC to spawn, then repeat. Keep doing it until the site is over. When the tower explodes, you are free to start warping off.
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    WHAT: Fun fleet featuring bricks (yes you will make isk too) WHEN: 5.3 19:00 EVE (tomorrow) DURATION: 1 hour? HOW TO JOIN?: If you CAN fly Rokh, you can join. (need caladari bs 1, large hybrid guns 1) You don't need to own or get one, just need to be able to fly. We need still logis for the first part! So we will have fun fleet with bricks, (Rokh) do some super optimal sites with them and then throw them at MOM. I still dont know who will command this fleet so commanders x up. After rokh fleet there will be bonus event where you need to be able to kill small thing fast, so if you are interested in this prepare ship for it. Winner will earn 100M or something like that.
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    WTM has expanded it's Upgrade Policy. At 90 hours in fleet all battleships are expected to, along with being in an optimal hull, have T2 Guns, Deadspace Microwarpdrive, 4 Faction Damage mods (not including DDAs/TEs). Also now at 125 hours in fleet, we require all battleship pilots to be in the Optimal doctrine fits. This is to ensure efficiency and fairness in this ever competitive HQ Incursion climate. There will be a one week grace period before this goes into effect. (1/24/2021) If you are already over the time limit please take this time to upgrade your fit. If you have questions on how to fit your ship, feel free to reach out to a commander in WTM Local chat. Or mail a Council member found in the WTM Local MOTD.
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    Hey Logibros, I've been experimenting with a proactive Cap Transfer to reduce cap calls in NRF and TPPH sites, this should not be worried about in a TCRC. So far it seems to be very successful, at keeping the fleet moving, and I'd like to get feedback from others on their experiences with it. The process is pretty simple: LC assigns as equal a distribution of DPS ships as possible to each basi pilot in fleet. If there are 10 DPS and 4 basi's, assign 3 dps to 2 basi's, and 2 DPS to the last 2 Basi's. The LC should always take a lesser number if there is one as he has other responsibilities. The Basi pilots add those DPS ships to their watch list at the very bottom. When no outuni are present on grid lock one of the DPS ships, cap 3-4 cycles, then unlock that one and lock the next one on your list, and rotate through. Explanation of Purpose: First, reduce fleet need to call for cap, increasing efficiency. Second, how often do you see someone request cap just seconds before an Outuni spawn? If that person pulls the Outuni aggro how much does their risk increase because of their already low capacitor? If they don't pull the aggro, then how much of their DPS can they apply to the Outuni extending the duration the Outuni is on grid? Third, how often do we see 3 or 4 broadcasts for cap at the same time or within seconds of each other? If one of those broadcasts gets missed DPS drops and fleet slows down. Before people try to defend the standard way, I too occasionally don't feel like this is necessary. If you're the LC ask your basi's if they're willing to do this in Basi chat, if they aren't skip over them, if they are balance the DPS with them as much as possible. The added advantage of this is often you can catch a switch much faster because you can see it on the watch list as it happens. I know a lot of people say they don't want to be slaves to poor cap skills, but remember this is a new bro community a lot of new players pushed skills hard to get into the minimum fits to be able to join fleets. Final Note: All cap requests take precedence over this as it is just a method of reducing the flood of demand. Just a thought I've been exploring and thought I would share it with you guys.
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    Optimal Hours: 1100-1500 EVE TIME During this period of time, FCs invite ships from the waitlist based on the Upgrade Policy ignoring the hours played exception. This means that battleship pilots meeting in both optimal hull and optimal fit will be the first priority, followed by optimal hulls with t2 guns, and then optimal hulls meta guns. If the FC runs out of optimal ships, they will invite first come first serve from the suboptimal ships. The FC may choose to invite suboptimal ships in a first come first serve fashion at any time at their discretion. Optimal Hours are designated by Council at the weekly commander meeting and may be changed at that time. After the Optimal Hours time period is over for the day, the FC will revert to usual WTM policy as relates to invites.
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    Very well written Victor. Good Job! I liked your idea for a brief summary of the tactics we use. It will be really useful for the new pilots. Here's something from me, specifically for the Vindicator pilots (my favorite ship) TPPH – Vindicator (DPS) First Room Be sure you got NULL loaded and <keep at range> is set to 5000m. After you land, turn left, turn on MWD, click Outuni Mesen or Ostingele Tectum and then click <keep at range>. NOTE: 1.Do not approach NPC’s at 0! Do not bump them! Turn off MWD when you get to 20km. 2.Don’t forget to broadcast for shields if you are yellow boxed and for capacitor if you got Ottuni. 3.Do not launch Heavy drones if FC say it. Lock Auga’s and start shooting them following tags. Launch your drones and assign them. Start locking Outuni Mesen and Ostingele’s. When Auga’s are down, swap to Void. When you reach webbing range of Outuni/Ostingele’s, start webbing and shooting them in order. Call what you webbing. If your target is already webbed/called, switch to next one. Approach them, shoot and kill them, following the FC order/tags. When last Ostingele left on grid, start approaching Acceleration gate. If there are still frigates on grid, start locking and webbing them. Swap ammo if needed. Approach the gate. Turn off MWD and align down the gate, when FC say it. Take the gate only when FC call it and swap to NULL. NOTE: 1.Use Q to align! Do not use gate for that! 2.Do not Leeroy gates! Second Room After you land, turn on MWD, click Deltole Tegmentum or Ostingele Tectum and then click <keep at range>. Lock Auga and start shooting it. Launch your drones and assign them. Start Locking Deltole, Ostingele’s and Romi’s. When you reach webbing range start webbing and shooting them (With VOID). Follow FC order/tag’s. If Romis are in your web range, web/call them. This will help HHH to kill them faster. Take the gate only when FC call it and swap to NULL. Third room Wave 1: After you land, turn on MWD, click Ostingele and <keep at range>. Start locking them. Launch your drones and assign them. Lock Romi’s also. Until you burning to your primary targets, you can web and shoot some Romi’s in range, while they still don’t have transversal velocity. When you reach webbing range, start webbing and shooting Ostingele’s (With VOID). Follow FC order/tag’s. Call your webs. Start burning to your next anchor point (Keep at range your VVV and don’t bump it) as soon as FC call it, or 2 BS left on field. Turn on your MWD and turn it off after two to three cycles, or when you get to 20km. from your anchor. Swap to NULL while you burning, if some targets left behind, out of your VOID range. Kill them. When you reach the spot, CTRL+SPACE to stop your ship (for better tracking). Reload Void and prepare for the next wave. NOTE: 1.Don’t forget to broadcast for shields if you are yellow boxed, and “In position” when they stop shooting you (yellow boxed again). 2.No web is needed if the target speed is 100 m/sec. or less. Wave 2: Lock Battleships and start webbing/shooting them following the FC order’s/tag’s. If Romi’s are tagged, web Romi and call it, before they run away. Use two webs per Romi. If target is already webbed/called, switch to next one. If they run away, use NULL to kill them. When last two BS left, anchor to VVV. He gonna move you to the spot 20k away of the tower. Reload VOID, CTRL+SPACE and wait for the next spawn. Wave 3: Lock Battleships and start webbing/shooting them following the FC order’s/tag’s. Check your drones for drone agro. When last two BS/Cruisers left on grid, start approaching the Battle tower. If there are still frigates on, start locking and webbing them. Kill what is left. Shoot tower. Send Drones to shoot tower. NOTE: 1.Don’t forget to broadcast for shields if you are yellow boxed and for capacitor if you got Ottuni. 2. Don’t web Vylade Dien. It has no propmod. 3. After tower bash, don’t forget to recall your drones, before you warp out. 4. There might be a different site tactics or target order for some or the all waves, at the discretion of the fleet FC!
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    Effective Communication with hearing impaired pilots: A guide for WTM hearing impaired line pilots As a warp to me line pilot, you can expect to receive a non-discriminatory experience where possible. Disabilities can to some degree be overcome with a few adaptations from both pilot and commanders. This guide aims to direct and facilitate the integration of hearing impaired pilots and to maximise their efficiency and enjoyment while in warp to me fleets. X-ing up When X-ing up for a wtm fleet, your first point of contact will be the FC or commander running the fleet composition. Request a conversation with the FC from WTM local or a duty command core member. The FC/duty command core will facilitate a suitable communication relay for you. Keep the chat window visible at all times. Only the fleet sanctioned relay and the hearing impaired pilot maybe a part of this conversation or in this chat room to keep miscommunication to a minimum. WTM Waitlist The Fc or fleet composition’s identity can be found on the waitlist X-up page under the heading ‘Fleet Manager’ Please note that on occasions other people maybe in the conversation to hand over or teach another member of command or if a Backseat wishes to observe.* Safety An in-game private chat is to be the primary form of command/communication. No other pilots may give any command to the pilot(s) in the support conversation, Fleet Chat or in WTM Local. The fleet will be instructed to follow the rules or be withheld from fleet. Duty Core command will be expected to keep hearing impaired pilots on their watchlist if it is felt necessary for safety. Duty Core command will be expected to keep hearing impaired pilots on their watchlist if it is felt necessary for safety. Pilots that X on the waitlist are required to please join TeamSpeak[comms] even though you cannot partake in conversation, this is to ensure fleet safety in the event of a Disconnect of your character, as it will allow the Composition Commander / Fleet Commander or Relay to keep a conversation open with you in the case the DC was at the end of a TCRC or exit from any site. Teamspeak Chat/Poke is to be used only in the case of a Pilot DC and only then. Commands and abbreviations It is advisable to get into the habit of using abbreviations as the primary format for command relay. This is because by doing this it speeds up the process which can take time to type out in sentences. Of course, typed conversation is not discouraged as we also like to provide an inclusive warp to me experience. *The pilot(s) and Relay may come up with their own shorthand if they so choose.The Communications Department has come up with this shorthand version of commands to easily identify each other in a fleet setting.* Tags when and if tags are called differently than tagged. Due to a Contest or Emergency Evacuation. Comp/FC will type the correct Number in chat to focus on. E.g 1,2,3,a,b,c,x
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    Anchoring Guide Anchors are special positions a person is heading towards or following, to get the maximum DPS out of the fleet and having everyone at their optimal ranges of the Sansha or the respective tower. The AAA has the job to get the snipers and leshaks into their positions. The VVV has the job of getting the DPS ships into their positions. These anchoring spots have been tested several times, as I was not sure about the distances. They are correct, follow them and you will have no trouble anchoring on all three sites. TPPH Room 1 and 2 Short Range should be burning towards targets and then getting to the outgate before it spawns. Snipers will burn directly for outgate. For the final room, see below. Room 3 AAA: 1. Burn straight left of the tower. 2. Height should be somewhere around the middle of the tower. (80km off the beacon) 3. 20KM off the tower. VVV: 1. Burn halfway towards the initial spawn (as shown in the picture) so everyone can shoot the Ostingeles as they burn into range. 2. Burn towards the first anchoring spot. (2nd wave) Height should be just above the tower. 95km from the beacon About 30 km off the tower. 3. Keep at range the tower 20km for the last anchor spot. (85km from the beacon) NRF AAA: 1. Burn straight ahead from the initial warp in and then past them/up until you are at 90KM from the beacon, 40km right of the tower, elevated just above the top of the spikes on the tower. (Shown in the smaller picture) 2. (4th Wave)Burn parallel of the Booster towards the final wave spawn, stopping at 30KM from booster. VVV: 1. Burn straight slightly right of the tower, between the mushroom (Sansha Deadspace Outpost) and the smaller sansha tower (Sansha Starbase Control Tower). (60km off the beacon, 20 off the tower) 2. After the 2nd wave is almost killed, go towards the 3rd wave. (85km off the beacon, 20km off the tower) 3. After the 3rd wave is almost killed, go towards the 4th wave. (80km off the beacon, 45km off the tower) TCRC This is the easiest positioning for both AAA and VVV. AAA: 1. Burn straight towards the tower (turning off your MWD as soon as you start taking aggro), keeping it at about 15km range. 2. Aggress the tower to consolidate aggro. (This means that you will get all of the Sansha ships to aggress you and keep fire away from other pilots) VVV: 1. When the FC tells you to, Burn straight towards the tower, keeping it in your optimal range. DDD: 1. Burn towards the Drone Bunny spot. DDD Guide