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    Hello all! Recently while mucking about in my little corner of space and talking with EDI (Edencom Defense Initiative) / Edencom I was wondering about content I haven't done much of or touched upon in Eve. There is no shortage of things to do in eve, fun or...not. I was playing around faction warfare when the Triglavian content started. I joined up with a ragtag group that grew quickly that most of you now know as EDI and in the end, I became the director, a title of which I still hold today. We are not AS active now with that content being on the backburner and CCP kinda shafted the whole thing but that's another story. Some of my line members and FC's suggested Incursions. So, I plopped into one of your entry fits and made my way up a few weeks ago to test things out. Being no stranger to fleet dynamics, I sat quietly, followed directions, listened to my newbro speech and VERY MUCH enjoyed the fleet and it was very well done. After about 3 fleets and me getting more chatty in the in-game channel I was recognized however heh and people seemed to be happy to see me in content again and made me feel very welcome. I cant say I have met a bad pilot/fc (yet ) with your group and this has been some fun content. I wanted to thank you all for accepting me into your community and if anyone needs anything, please dont hesitate to ask. I've enjoyed taking some fleet roles now and I'm considering working towards being a USTZ FC (as some of you have discussed in discord with me) once I feel more comfortable and get more hours under my belt in your fleet comps. Thank you again all. Fly safe everyone o7
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    Lefath Blue and myself (Some Pilot) will be holding logistics school should there be sufficient interest. We'll have practice ships to loan to you to practice all the different mechanics to be used when flying Logistics for WTM. Next Logi School will be coming Tuesday 1900hrs EVE Time (when focus up) @ new Dock up for Logischool @ pre DT late USTZ, do reply here for interest. Should there be enough, I'll org one. Topics to be covered (more to be added as we move forward) 1. Site Mechanics & Anchor Positions 2. Logi Reps & Utility 3. Aggro/Sansha Information/Situational Awareness 4. Q&A.
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    Should we watch anime while doing incursion?
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    naruto sucks, mobile suit gundam master race
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    plz watch blue exorcist and um i wonder why this post is in wtm news channel :eyes:
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    Watching black clover atm at like 120/170 it gets better*
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    Jujitsu kaizen is great Daemon slayer is wicked. Boko no hero academic is fantastic First season of one punch man is halerious and exciting. Black clover has like 170 episodes (just get through the first 15 episodes until the main protagonist stops screaming so the times and it's good) Any of the fate/stay series Code: Geass is good! god of high school is interesting
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    Can't say about Naruto was to long to watch for me When I think about anime these springs to mind: Higurashi Miyazaki Hell Girl Ghost in the Shell Wolf's Rain Full Metal Alchemist GTO Re:Zero , Sword Art Online Mirai Nikki Lain: Serial Experiments Speed Grapher Shingetsutan Tsukihime / Type-Moon Tokyo Ghoul
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    WTM run HQ fleet nearly all of the time so HQ would be the place to start . VG are most commonly run for influence grind , sometimes when HQ fleet is not up VG are run , and are not that different to the HQ fits . I would carry both , changing the rigs from HQ to VG is not really needed for the casual VG pilot . For the implants I would go Ascendancy with the WS-618 slot 6 instead of the omega
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    @Letsgetiton here is the marauder thing Rainz mentioned: It includes links to hull-related guides (anchoring, recommended skills, etc), but to apply for flying marauder with us you need at least the required skills listed in the main marauder post.
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    Warp to Me has made the decision to no longer allow characters under 4 weeks old to join fleet. These new players should spend time training up skills and learning the game before jumping straight into high level content like Incursions. Older players making new alts for incursions may be an exception if they can prove their in-game experience with another of their characters and fly an optimal hull. Any questions can be directed to Council found in the Warp To Me Incursions ingame MOTD.
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    Description of the Drone Bunny Role (DDD) The DDD is the person responsible for killing all the frigates on the field. As soon as you land, people assign drones to you up to a maximum of 50 drones. Most of these drones are light drones, which are fast and able to reach any target you attack quickly. Your objective is to kill the frigates as fast as you can, especially those frigates that do bad things to the fleet, namely ECM, Points (Scrams) and Webs. To help you with your task, your fleet members will provide you with Remote Sensor Boosters ("resebos") to increase your lock speed and remote tracking computers ("links") to boost your gun tracking and range. You cannot directly instruct the 50 assigned drones to attack a particular target, but instead they follow your shots and attack what you attack. They will follow whatever aggressive module you last activated on a target (this includes your guns, webs, or paints) and attack that same target. Initial tips: If you receive more drones assisted to you, stop the cycle on an aggressive module and re-activate it on the same target to engage the remaining drones. Minimize drone travel time and wasted DPS by keeping them on one target as long as possible. Once a target dies, quickly activate one or more modules on a new target to send the drones there. You can split your guns into multiple stacks, or even use 1 gun specifically for directing drones. Strategically time and minimize your ship movements to optimize your tracking against frigates as they are small targets. It is better to pick a few places to stop and shoot from rather than try to chase down each target individually. Always follow directions from your FC. In particular, the command "Full fleet shoot the XXX" includes you, the Drone Bunny, unless otherwise directed. YOU WANT 50 DRONES AT ALL TIMES TO MAXIMIZE YOUR DPS. (Ask for more drones if you think you aren't capped at 50. Accepted Drone Bunny Ships Vindicator Bhaalgorn Other DPS ships How to fit: ideally the DDD has 2 Webs to slow your targets and multiple Tracking Enhancer lowslots to enhance your range and tracking against targets. What kind of enemies do I primarily shoot? MONSTER The "MONSTER" acronym helps you remember the most common enemies you will need to focus on as the DDD. Keep in mind, depending on the site you are usually not killing them in this specific order; instead, refer to each site's kill sequence as listed in detail further below. Mara These are small, fast Sansha cruisers with the signature of a frigate that act as Logi ships for the Sansha fleet. These are most often Sniper targets, but in some circumstances the FC will tell you to specifically go after these. Outuni The Outuni has dangerously powerful large neuts, and must be killed quickly by the fleet. Never shoot the first tagged Outuni unless specifically instructed to, as the fleet will be shooting it and the first one dies very rapidly. Shoot the second or third tagged Outuni instead so you can apply your damage and assigned drones the best. Niarja Niarjas are only present in TCRCs. They are your primary target at all times when they are present. The Niarja neuts and jams pilots. Schmaeel Nasty little frigates, they point and web. Usually your first target in most of the HQ sites. Killing these quickly removes scrams and helps to get your fellow fleet members safely to the next gate and not being slowed down. Tama Tamas deal high DPS and also point. Try not to let too many of these stack up, especially in a TPPH. Eystur Normal Frigate. Renyn Normal Frigate. Has webs. Lastly, if you have cleared all of the necessary frigates, you will usually move on to help the HHH with the Uitra and Romi cruisers in reverse tag order and then with the remaining DPS targets. For each site, what should I do, where do I go, what do I kill? In general, the DDD should try to be at the VVV anchor spot at the start of each new wave spawn to be close to the new targets. During the wave, you may have to pick a second or third position to stop and shoot from. In the TCRC, there is a special job to be done described in more detail below. TPPH Room 1 Schmaeel Renyns Tamas Room 2 Schmaeels Renyns Romis (reverse order of tags) Room 3 Special note: in the 3rd room, you will be working hard to clear a large number of frigates. Towards the end of each wave, you need to stop shooting these frigates and attack the last Ostingele Tectum, as this helps reduce the risk of drones being shot on each new wave spawn. Listen for the FC to call this swap but try to anticipate it for yourself. Wave 1 Tamas Eysturs Romis Wave 2 Schmaeels Tamas Romis Wave 3 SECOND Outuni Schmaeels Leftover frigates Romis NRF Wave 1 Schmaeels Renyns Uitra Romis (Furthest from DPS ships) Wave 2 Schmaeels Tamas Wave 3 Tamas Romis (Furthest from DPS ships) Wave 4 Last Tagged Outuni Eysturs Romis (Reverse Tag Order) TCRC The most important site as a drone bunny. This is the only site where the Niarja spawns. The Niarja jams and neuts people and is your highest priority target. If the Niarja attacks a Logistics pilot, they are unable to lock the person who has the aggro and their cap gets drained. Primary Objective Kill all the Niarjas on the field. This is your #1 job without delay. There are two Niarjas when we start the site. Once killed, one will respawn behind the Shield Transfer tower every 30 seconds or so. Position yourself directly between the Sansha Battletower and the Shield Transfer array (9 bubbles) to be in optimal position to kill the Niarja every time as soon as it respawns. You will get multiple remote sensor boosters and tracking links to help with this task and make this a near-instant kill if done correctly. Secondary Objective Kill Schmaeels Between killing Niarjas, you should work on killing the untagged Schmaeels. Two Schmaeels near the MTAC factory will respawn if killed, which the FC should tag J; do not kill these. Once the tower is destroyed, no Sansha will respawn. Align to the FC's broadcast and help killing the remaining Schmaeels and the Auga, as well as any late respawning Niarja. Warp off grid when the FC says "DPS/Snipers/Battleships Warp!". Good job!