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    Hello WarpToMe community, Wow. Just WOW! Rarely do I stumble across such a welcoming community. Between Anchors, Logi and FC - Holy crap, you really are dialed in to what you are doing. I signed up in June. I joined a player corp on day 2 and on day 3 I joined armor Triglavian Invasion fleet. I guess most of you know triglavians do not ask you to move around a whole lot. Warp in, maybe a second warp if it is a Minor Conduit, anchor on the Packrat, shoot everything until they are dead. I know I am struggling with keeping up with my anchor and shooting my targets but at the end of each day I know I am making progress. No one has said it but I know progress is good enough. I do not have to be an expert on everything Sansha Invasions on day 1. Tomorrow is day 3, I am already looking forward to it and I have all of you to thank for it. Warp To Me, you are simply awesome. Best regards, Sofia Bororiak Vindicator pilot
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    Hey Anakin Welcome to the Forums! Im glad you are enjoying your time in Warp To Me. Incursion Sansha is not like any other mobs you see in highsec. Triglavians included. These pesky rats are indeed more tanky than any normal rats out there. 5 light drones are actually doing very little damage to an Eystur, Renyn or a Schmael. Just gonna throw some numbers at you: im going to be generous and will say you have 100 paper DPS with your 5 light drones, which is a really high number for that. We are talking about 9000 EHP on those frigs. So even if you are not counting regeneration, travel time and damage application (which is a huge mistake xD) 5 light drones will take one and a half minutes just to kill 1 single frigate. To be frank light drones are actually pretty useless overall in HQs plus they also die easily if they get any kind of aggro. Very ineffective. If it was me i would suggest that all the battleship should fly heavy drones exclusively in headquarters, using all the bandwidth they have. Some snowflake ships with 50 or less drone bandwidth are exceptions of course. Now then what to do to kill frigates faster, right? The answer is similar to how to overall upgrade site times, how to be faster, how to have better ISK/h: Upgrade. Upgrade hulls and upgrade modules. Learning the sites also helps. Taking roles, watching what actually happening not just brainlessly auto-piloting For the DDD The upgrade part is simpler. When the person has the ISK for it get into an optimal vindicator fit with 2 webs and 2 tracking enhancers (the DDD instead of drone damage amp benefits more from enhancers, so thats different from the rest of the vindis). A vindicator has the potential to tear apart any frigate super-easily even without any lightdrones. Now mastering the DDD piloting-wise can be an actual challenge. Takes a fair amount of experience, some hours actually doing the job. But if anyone is interested here is some help from yours truly: By the way about sites : yesterday we had 2 hours when we had almost 6 sites each hour ( 178 mil/h + LP ) and we had 30 minutes when we reached 226 mil/h + LP which in theory would have been a bit more than 7 sites an hour Speaking for myself i had some real fun for sure in those hours. As you said it is highly dependable on competition and sites, but it also depends on how newbro the WTM fleet is overall which is really fluctuating. Sometimes can be a really rookie fleet sometimes not so much. As long as everybody is trying their best that is just fine.
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    @Commrade Chaos if you really enjoy flying with WTM, you might want to invest in at least three more ships if not five after your mach Deadspace tanked Vindi with faction mag stabs and faction ddas. Carrying t2 orges (you are gonna leave some behind ) A logi of choice. I recommend the basi because they are the rate limiting ship in fleets. You run out of basi and you run out of fleet. A hull tanked bowhead to transport everything in. Transverse bulkheads, the works To be brutally honest about the mach, there are three levels of mach pilots: the high sp sandbagger, the overtanked can't hit anything and the non-replaceable mach pilot. The kind you really want to be is make your mach blingy enough to be slightly more than a glass cannon with a toon with enough SP to be an absolute specialist. You can be that pilot that continually steps up: does mtac, hits those armor shots, specializes in stealing kills in contests and being at the right place at the right time. If that play style appeals, go for it. You should branch out so you don't get bored. If you get the vindi, basi and bowhead, you might want to invest in two more ships after that. A scimi and nightmare. I prefer a nightmare because they are better aggro magnets for AAA in TCRCs but to each their own. Have fun out there.
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    Sorry, these guys have a couple details wrong. Killmail values vary drastically from trade-hub prices, and we do not use them when paying for losses. We will fix the corp MOTD to make this more clear. We calculate the value to be paid from actual market prices. We pay ISK (up to the coverage maximum) for "lost value" meaning stuff that is destroyed or drops that cannot be recovered (lost or stolen). If anything drops, we will try to recover it and give it back to you; something that you dropped and received back was not truly "lost", so we do not pay for those items since you got them back good as new. Anything that is destroyed or lost, we pay back with isk based on the trade hub market price of the destroyed stuff. We pay until we have replaced every item that was destroyed/lost, or you reach the coverage cap that you paid for (2b, etc). We do not subtract the value of drops from your coverage cap. Allow me to give a couple examples. A Basilisk that costs 700m total to purchase in Jita dies and drops 150m in loot. That pilot receives her loot back, and then there is 550m of destroyed/lost value. With free logi SRP of 300m, she receives (in addition to the returned drops) 300m isk, which means she has a 250m shortfall. If she paid for our basic SRP coverage (10m for 2b coverage) then she would have received 550m isk + her drops. Collectively, this completely reimburses her 700m ship. She is not paid more than she lost, but exactly what she needs to, between a trip to Jita and using her returned drops, exactly replace her ship. For another example, a 3b Vindicator dies and drops 750m of loot, having paid for basic coverage. We return the loot and pay him the full 2b, since he effectively lost 2.25b. We do not subtract the value of his loot from the 2b payout, but working backwards from the total value of his entire intact ship. If equations are more your thing, for someone with 2b of coverage, ISK Paid = (Total Cost of entire ship, rigs, mods, charges, etc) - (Value of drops returned), with a max ISK paid of 2b. As a general rule of thumb, about a third of your total ship value will be your hull and rigs, which are always destroyed when you die, and the remaining 2/3 will be mods, which have a 50% chance of dropping, so you want to cover at least 2/3 the value of your ship. Sometimes the loot fairy is nice and other times not so kind, so for safety most pilots prefer to cover the full value. Compared to the site payouts, SRP is pretty affordable.
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    Just going to take a moment to expand on this explanation fully. When a ship is lost, we look at the total worth listed in the kill mail to begin with. As shown in this image, the value on this example is 2,250,061,899 ISK. So if I had only 2 billion ISK in coverage, then I would not get that extra 250 million back. However, the process doesn't end here. Next we look at what dropped, and determine what the commanders where able to loot and contract back to the pilot. Any drops that were contracted back to the pilot will be removed from the value of the payout. So in the example killmail above, if 1 billion ISK worth of stuff was looted and contracted back to me, I would get paid out 1,250,061,899 ISK. If for some reason, the dropped loot was not able to be recovered and returned to me, then it would not be removed from the payout, and I would receive a payout of 2 billion ISK. Which, while also less than the value of my loss, is the maximum amount of coverage I had. The point being, that you should be able to take the payout you receive, combine that with the loot that was contracted back to you, and rebuild your ship just like it was before you experienced the rapid unexpected disassembly of your previous ship.
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    Selling a couple Abyssal Magnetic Field Stabilizers, Kindly contact in game MJ Vyvorant 1.129x/12.8%/29.5% and 26.7 tf (Offer) (lost it) 1.110x/12.5%/26.9% and 18.0 tf (190 Million) 1.121x/11.6%/26.7% and 25.1 tf (160 Million) 1.107x/12.3%/26.3% and 42.8 tf (150 Million) 1.108x/12.2%/26.2% and 43.4 tf (150 Million) 1.137x/9.1%/25.0% and 24.9 tf (Giveaway) Sorry had to use 2 of these for my own vindi. If anyone still interested PM MJ Vyvorant in game
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    Hey guys! Just wanted to share my POV about the Leshak, and provide a basic guideline about how you should fly this beautiful snowflake in a WTM fleet. So here goes nothing! GENERAL TIPS: With every guide the first general and golden rule should always be: "USE COMMON SENSE, PLEASE!" So there you have it. Its not hard. You just have to think a little bit Second golden rule is: "ALWAYS LISTEN TO YOUR FC!" Maybe there is something unusual thing going on and fleet needs to react and adjust. Please do so! The Leshak is not a "DPS", neither a "SNIPER" ship. Its a snowflake. If you want to fly it, then please fly it properly. Basically you will need to anchor yourself all the time, not following AAA or VVV around. Most of the times you need to shoot out of tagging order, something different. I really do expect all my Leshaks to actually put effort into flying their ships as long as they are in my fleet. Getting The Precursor Battleship Level up to 5 is super important. Its an amazing bump to your efficiency. For real. I mean sure, weapon spec to 5 is nice too, but you can leave it temporarily at 4 in order to train Battleship Level 5. Its way more important! Always try to use the Occult ammo. You should use Mystic only when you enter a pocket and you are burning into position, or if you are finishing a wave and you are prepping for the next one but still removing the remnant of the wave. This ship is all about its weapon spool-up. You should aim to shoot a single ship continuously as long as possible, preferably with Occult. Its basically a guessing game: you need to guess the ship that normally would die last on the grid. And try to shoot that ship with Occult. When it dies you just simply reset the game. Exceptions: - Spawn Trigger Ships: you need to exclude those from this game for obvious reasons. - Outuni Mesen: if there are 2 or 3 on the grid at the same time then they are just too dangerous to completely ignore them in a shield fleet. Even if you are a Leshak. So they come before the game. Don't be scared to break the spool-up of the Mystic if you know you can shoot with Occult around 20 times or more after the switch on the same boat. Don't be afraid of burning as much as you want. This ship has mad cap stability. Use it! Keep at range 15 km on your main target is a really easy way to keep the spool going until they go poof. Especially if they are burning somewhere. If they are 20 or more km away, that's where you can start worrying about breaking the spool with Occult. I'd suggest to adjust your position if they are more than 20 km away. You should always shoot something. There is no excuse to ever stop shooting with this ship. You have everything in order to do so: You can switch ammo instantly, you can always burn whenever you are not in range cuz you have the cap for it, you have somewhat decent tracking to even try your luck on frigs and you have a ridiculously short cycle time. Jack of all trades. In my opinion utility high slots are not important for the Leshak in a WTM fleet. So if you are missing some fitting space (PG or more likely CPU) you can try to adjust your fitting by using up less on the high slots. Nevertheless if anyone feels like stuffing one or maybe two remote armors to utility highs feel free to do so! The ship indeed has a bonus for it. Just be careful about the tight CPU fitting limit. But more importantly as a Leshak you should never broadcast for cap if you are not neuted, so please dont cap yourself out with them! Overloading: in case of contest you can easily continuously overheat your single gun during almost (if not) the whole site! You can train relevant skills for better results of course, but just try it out! Experience your personal limit with it! Just don't burn out your gun pretty please. For more info this guide is probably on point with overheating: Overloading RNG is involved of course, so i could be wrong but in my test runs it worked. Depending on fleet comp and fleet numbers you always want to adjust your targets. I know. This is actually "hard". But after a site or two you will get a good feeling about your fleet. If snipers need help, you shoot sniper targets. If DPS needs help, you shoot DPS targets. Its not a big deal if you make a mistake with this, don't worry. As long as you are shooting, you are good! But properly adjusting yourself for fleet needs with a Leshak means shorter site time. I will write a few examples later on. With multiple Leshaks in fleet you guys can communicate with each other and try to not shoot the same target. Remember: the longer the spool the shorter the site time! Altho' be careful to not flood voice comms. Maybe its best to just use a private convo. Of course this is getting harder with more Leshaks in fleet. I do understand that. I guess you can just always try to find a target for yourself that no one is shooting just yet. Thats not that hard. Expect damage agro! If you are doing everything correctly with proper skill set and fit then don't be surprised that damage agro will often times land on you! Anticipate some agro switch on your ship, be on the lookout and please broadcast on time! Taking fleet roles with the Leshak is not the best idea. - You should never try to MTAC (gun range problem + possible niarja jam). - You should never try to AAA (you dont have enough range to shoot properly). - You should probably not try to DDD or HHH (lack of webs). - You might be able to VVV in it, but its not really optimal to do so (lack of agility and occasional gun range problem). - You already have a unique role in fleet. Its called "Leshak"! SITE BY SITE GUIDE: I'll try to give you examples here. Mostly just presuming you are the only Leshak in fleet. Sometimes you have to adjust your targets depending your fleet as i wrote above. I'm sorry this is not a sandbag ship, you actually have to use your brain, not just your eyes Hey now! Don't blame me! You chose to fly it. True Power Provisional Headquarters (TPPH) First pocket: Usually you start Mystic on Outuni and burn to Occult range of the second tagged Osti (in most fleets it should be tag 5). When you are there immediately switch to Occult and shoot it until its dead. After that use best judgement what to shoot meanwhile burning to The Second Gate. - If super-light on snipers then instead of Osti you do the same thing just with the Vylade. - If fleet is really light on numbers, then you do the same, just Occult the Outuni and then Occult the healthiest Osti! Second pocket: Again start with Mystic on first Antem and immediately burn to the second Osti (should be tag 4) switch and shoot with Occult when you can. After its dead burn to the Third Gate and spool on whatever you can best! - If fleet is sniper light you should burn to 2nd Antem and Occult it. If you are super-sniper light then i guess you need to shoot the Mara as well before Antems. Remember: do not burn much while shooting the Mara, cuz it ruins your tracking. - If fleet is low on numbers then kill Mara and then Occult the second Osti. Third pocket: - First wave: Mystic the last romi and start to burn! You can actually choose in between 2 things. If you feel like helping the HHH (cuz maybe they need some help) just keep shooting Romies backwards (skip the one that is actually being shot by HHH). When there are only 2 Osties left burn to your one and only anchor spot which should be 80 km from beacon and 20 km to the left from the tower (exactly where the last VVV spot is). The second thing you can do is try to Occult the last Osti that is not a wave trigger, which is usually tagged as 3. Important!!! Don't shoot the last tagged Osti (usually tag 9 or Z). You can start burning to your anchor when its about to hit armor. Good news: you can stay on this anchor spot until payout If super-sniper light you might need to help out with killing the Mara at the beginning of this wave. - Second wave: Start with the second to last Osti (usually tag 6). Again, its important to not shoot the last, wave trigger Osti (9 or Z)! After it goes poof you can help out with killing Romies similar to 1st wave or just spool on something that you think is best (except the wave trigger). If fleet is light on numbers you should primary the Intaki and then go business as usual. - Third wave: Occult the last tagged Outuni. When it goes poof you should shoot one of the two Osties. This wave can go a lot of ways. So after these 2 ships just get ready to spool on whatever needed and/or left. You should try to even kill the very last frig on grid if that's the only thing preventing you from tower bash. After tower spawns Occult it, drone it and enjoy your bio! Nation Rebirth Facility (NRF) First Wave: Mystic the last tagged Vylade and burn to the last tagged Osti. When you can, switch to Occult and shoot it! When it dies find the next best thing to spool on. When there is only 2 Battleships left, burn to your first anchor spot: 85 km from beacon, 45 km to the right from tower. Its roughly around the very last VVV spot, just about 10 kms from AAA. The goal is to be in Occult range of the spawning Yulais. - If light on snipers then you need to primary Vylades. If super-light on snipers, need to kill Maras as well. - If light on DPS then change your anchoring to roughly around DPS anchor spot cuz you gonna shoot Osties next wave! Second wave: Occult Yulais! Preferably backwards, but you should start shooting them even if there are no tags yet. Remember, spooling time is everything for this ship! After all the Yulais are dead shoot whatever is left and burn to next DPS anchor spot (you can look for VVV guide or for the actual on-site VVV for help). - If fleet is really light on DPS then you should shoot Osties backwards in this wave. Third wave: Occult Yulais first, then whatever is left! If there are only 3 ships left on grid you should start burning to exactly where you were anchoring the first time! (85 km from beacon, 45 km to the right from tower). Fourth wave: This is when it becomes a little bit tricky. you can easily find yourself out of position in this wave. Don't worry about it too much. Mystic the last tagged Outuni, even if there is only one. - Stay about 30km to AAA to ensure you are still in logi range and Mystic the Yulais backwards. Then Occult Osties backwards. - If fleet is DPS light or you have faith in Snipers to finish the job without you then you should simply shoot Osties backwards after your Outuni with Occult of course. - If fleet is low on numbers you should shoot the last Intaki after your Outuni. After that Last Osti and so on. Remember: never stop shooting until payout, please! True Creations Research Center (TCRC) After entrance Mystic the last tagged Outuni and start burning to the tower. Lean a bit to left to evade the incoming Vindi Train! Be careful to not be completely out of logi range due to early burning! In all fairness that's actually pretty hard to achieve in this site. Nevertheless you should better check! After your Outuni dies Occult the tower ASAP and never stop until it blows up. You should sit next to Vindicators nice and close to the Tower for reasons you can find in one of my posts in this thread. In case of jam you re-spool on the tower and cry silently (F). When tower hits 50% hull lock up the warp disrupting ships (usually just Schmaels and Auga). At 20% hull you should recall drones and start to align to your FC's broadcast. After tower start shooting the "scrams". When "scrams are clear" and your FC tells you to warp you leave the site with the rest of the battleships. Be super careful in this site! Chances are if you are doing everything correctly, then at some point there will be a huge agro switch onto you! On-time broadcast is essential to stay alive in a TCRC! The Kundalini Manifest (MOM) After entrance you start burning to the Kundi and start shooting The first tagged Outuni if present. If not then the first tagged Arnon. If there are no Outunis and no Arnons then i guess you can try to shoot the Bombers while you are burning to the Kundalini. Do Not Bump It Pretty Please! Should keep at range 15 km! When you are in Occult range you start spooling on it ASAP. Its really important, because your ship is literally designed for something big, like this. In case of jam you start to shoot the Kundalini again. You never stop shooting it until its dead. And then enjoy the payout. ADVANCED TIPS: I would like to point out that you already spent a huge amount of ISK to get this ship into WTM. So while you are at it you should probably go all the way and do the bling properly. Pimp it out as much as possible! Even with some Abyssal Sinks (Cough-cough i am currently selling 3 of these, contact me for more info SOLD! ), and Augmented Ogres! The only modules not really important in this ship are the utility high slots. In case of a contest you can go really crazy with overheating your gun cuz this ship can actually take it. A lot will depend on you when it comes to a TCRC contest! Try to shoot the tower as soon as possible and try to overload all the way! Be careful tho', you really don't want to burn your gun out. You can equip a Mobile Depot and a local Sensor Booster with ECCM Script into your cargo hold. When it comes to TCRC tower bash after burning into position you can drop the Depot, switch your MWD to the SeBo and try to resist those Niarja jams. BE AWARE! You need to refit again switching back the MWD when the tower is at 50% hull. Also don't forget to scoop your Depot before you start aligning out! A lot of possible mistakes come with this, so you need your A-Game, or don't even try it. You can go full-on nuts and get several guns into your cargo hold and just switch them when they are close to burning out. Only possible with a friendly Orca/Nestor around or at the very beginning of a TPPH tower bash with an earlier deployed Depot. This way you don't have to go to a Citadel every time you overheated your gun. You can paste the utility high modules, but the gun would be too expensive. Never stop thinking about what else you could do to improve! I'm pretty sure there are plenty other tips and tricks with this ship, but i should probably stop for now. My personal take on recommended implants (disclaimer: it's not going to be cheap, but it also won't be "ultra-high end"): High-grade Ascendancy Alpha High-grade Ascendancy Beta High-grade Ascendancy Gamma High-grade Ascendancy Delta High-grade Ascendancy Epsilon Eifyr and Co. 'Rogue' Warp Drive Speed WS-618 (available in Concord LP Store) Ogdin's Eye Coordination Enhancer Inherent Implants 'Squire' Capacitor Management EM-806 (available in Concord LP Store) Inherent Implants 'Lancer' Gunnery RF-906 (available in Concord LP Store) There is really no useful implant here for a shield Leshak so far, only an armor buffer: Inherent Implants 'Noble' Hull Upgrades HG-1006. Would not really recommend to buy this for a WTM fleet. Hoping for a weapon +6% damage sometime in the future. Okay... This has gotten much bigger than i thought it would. Sorry about that. If anything else comes to my mind i will adjust / remove / add things if and when i feel like it. Feel free to share your own thoughts below!
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    1. 22.0% 2. 22.2% 3. 20.9% Napkin maths, have fun selling them
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    Hi there, Are you using the "copy to clipboard" button in the upper right corner? When you look at any fit, look for a clipboard with an arrow in the upper right, this will put the fit into your copy-paste clipboard in standard EFT format, which is confirmed to work in game, PYFA, etc. Do not try to select the text and manually copy. I've marked the button you want to click in this screenshot: https://gyazo.com/3eacf1454715305ad96bdab073105798
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    Or better yet, ppl just shouldnt forget drones behind.
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    Sorry, but that is going to be a no.
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    I've been flying with you guys for a few days now, and I have had a lot of fun doing so. The laid back atmosphere, the chill banter when bashing the tower, and the occasional contest made this part of the game really enjoyable for me... as well as the isk payouts. I've started in a Malestrom, I upgraded to a Machariel, however I am constantly getting the feeling that I am doing it wrong. For some reason I am getting a gut feeling that it would help the fleet out a lot more if I were to switch to DPS and fly a Vindicator. What do you guys think? Would more DPS help the fleet out? Or should I continue humping the Machariel to glory?
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    You should show the rest of that loss mail. One day when I get back to my actual computer, I'll shows you all.
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    Hi, I'm still alive. Really miss you guys, just been having a tough year looking for work. I hope to get back into the game in the next few months and rejoin the community and make memes videos and climb the ladder up again... If some of you would like to become friends, contact me , add me on steam, or something, message me ! I'll be on eve as soon as i finally get a job. Sorry for disappearing like that. I made some great friends in wtm and loved chatting and gaming with you. great community. I hope you guys are all still playing. #sexynasi4ever
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    "Its know fact that among faction ones, ogres are best heavy drones for incursions." If we exclude geckos. and maybe subjugated mediums. But questions like are they? when? how much so? buggered me for a while. I'll give you data. Total damage done: +--------------------------+----------+ | Weapon | sum(Dmg) | +--------------------------+----------+ | Republic Fleet Berserker | 3742296 | | Imperial Navy Praetor | 4041019 | | Caldari Navy Wasp | 4214487 | | Federation Navy Ogre | 4416467 | +--------------------------+----------+ Damage to rats: +--------------------------+----------+ | Weapon | sum(Dmg) | +--------------------------+----------+ | Republic Fleet Berserker | 1043728 | | Federation Navy Ogre | 1103895 | | Caldari Navy Wasp | 1108550 | | Imperial Navy Praetor | 1111401 | +--------------------------+----------+ Damage to towers: +--------------------------+----------+ | Weapon | sum(Dmg) | +--------------------------+----------+ | Republic Fleet Berserker | 2698568 | | Imperial Navy Praetor | 2929618 | | Caldari Navy Wasp | 3105937 | | Federation Navy Ogre | 3312572 | +--------------------------+----------+ Damage details: +--------------------------------+--------------------------+----------+ | Target | Weapon | sum(Dmg) | +--------------------------------+--------------------------+----------+ | Antem Neo | Republic Fleet Berserker | 7126 | | Antem Neo | Federation Navy Ogre | 7762 | | Antem Neo | Caldari Navy Wasp | 8308 | | Antem Neo | Imperial Navy Praetor | 8699 | | Arnon Epithalamus | Federation Navy Ogre | 3284 | | Arnon Epithalamus | Republic Fleet Berserker | 3443 | | Arnon Epithalamus | Imperial Navy Praetor | 3672 | | Arnon Epithalamus | Caldari Navy Wasp | 3778 | | Auga Hypophysis | Federation Navy Ogre | 1268 | | Auga Hypophysis | Caldari Navy Wasp | 1812 | | Auga Hypophysis | Imperial Navy Praetor | 2191 | | Auga Hypophysis | Republic Fleet Berserker | 2198 | | Citizen Astur | Republic Fleet Berserker | 309 | | Citizen Astur | Imperial Navy Praetor | 391 | | Citizen Astur | Caldari Navy Wasp | 455 | | Citizen Astur | Federation Navy Ogre | 491 | | Deltole Tegmentum | Federation Navy Ogre | 32659 | | Deltole Tegmentum | Republic Fleet Berserker | 32967 | | Deltole Tegmentum | Imperial Navy Praetor | 33575 | | Deltole Tegmentum | Caldari Navy Wasp | 34454 | | Eystur Rhomben | Federation Navy Ogre | 277 | | Eystur Rhomben | Imperial Navy Praetor | 571 | | Eystur Rhomben | Republic Fleet Berserker | 726 | | Eystur Rhomben | Caldari Navy Wasp | 748 | | Intaki Colliculus | Republic Fleet Berserker | 28355 | | Intaki Colliculus | Imperial Navy Praetor | 31244 | | Intaki Colliculus | Caldari Navy Wasp | 32569 | | Intaki Colliculus | Federation Navy Ogre | 35594 | | Mara Paleo | Federation Navy Ogre | 1894 | | Mara Paleo | Caldari Navy Wasp | 1953 | | Mara Paleo | Republic Fleet Berserker | 2042 | | Mara Paleo | Imperial Navy Praetor | 2049 | | Niarja Myelen | Federation Navy Ogre | 244 | | Niarja Myelen | Republic Fleet Berserker | 511 | | Niarja Myelen | Caldari Navy Wasp | 554 | | Niarja Myelen | Imperial Navy Praetor | 679 | | Ostingele Tectum | Republic Fleet Berserker | 320781 | | Ostingele Tectum | Caldari Navy Wasp | 338394 | | Ostingele Tectum | Imperial Navy Praetor | 340332 | | Ostingele Tectum | Federation Navy Ogre | 345494 | | Outuni Mesen | Republic Fleet Berserker | 72915 | | Outuni Mesen | Caldari Navy Wasp | 77170 | | Outuni Mesen | Imperial Navy Praetor | 79985 | | Outuni Mesen | Federation Navy Ogre | 80009 | | Renyn Meten | Caldari Navy Wasp | 439 | | Renyn Meten | Imperial Navy Praetor | 566 | | Renyn Meten | Federation Navy Ogre | 812 | | Renyn Meten | Republic Fleet Berserker | 1040 | | Romi Thalamus | Federation Navy Ogre | 400406 | | Romi Thalamus | Republic Fleet Berserker | 407222 | | Romi Thalamus | Caldari Navy Wasp | 417722 | | Romi Thalamus | Imperial Navy Praetor | 421970 | | Sansha Battletower | Republic Fleet Berserker | 545896 | | Sansha Battletower | Imperial Navy Praetor | 587441 | | Sansha Battletower | Caldari Navy Wasp | 626089 | | Sansha Battletower | Federation Navy Ogre | 666370 | | Schmaeel Medulla | Federation Navy Ogre | 2795 | | Schmaeel Medulla | Republic Fleet Berserker | 3339 | | Schmaeel Medulla | Caldari Navy Wasp | 3583 | | Schmaeel Medulla | Imperial Navy Praetor | 3977 | | Slave 32152 | Imperial Navy Praetor | 645 | | Slave 32152 | Republic Fleet Berserker | 689 | | Slave 32152 | Caldari Navy Wasp | 718 | | Slave 32152 | Federation Navy Ogre | 792 | | Slave Endoma01 | Republic Fleet Berserker | 1156 | | Slave Endoma01 | Caldari Navy Wasp | 1211 | | Slave Endoma01 | Imperial Navy Praetor | 1414 | | Slave Endoma01 | Federation Navy Ogre | 1492 | | Slave Heavenbound02 | Imperial Navy Praetor | 1794 | | Slave Heavenbound02 | Republic Fleet Berserker | 1881 | | Slave Heavenbound02 | Federation Navy Ogre | 2004 | | Slave Heavenbound02 | Caldari Navy Wasp | 2188 | | Slave Tama01 | Republic Fleet Berserker | 1341 | | Slave Tama01 | Imperial Navy Praetor | 1350 | | Slave Tama01 | Caldari Navy Wasp | 1432 | | Slave Tama01 | Federation Navy Ogre | 1849 | | Tama Cerebellum | Republic Fleet Berserker | 6675 | | Tama Cerebellum | Federation Navy Ogre | 6792 | | Tama Cerebellum | Caldari Navy Wasp | 8376 | | Tama Cerebellum | Imperial Navy Praetor | 8807 | | True Power Mobile Headquarters | Republic Fleet Berserker | 2152672 | | True Power Mobile Headquarters | Imperial Navy Praetor | 2342177 | | True Power Mobile Headquarters | Caldari Navy Wasp | 2479848 | | True Power Mobile Headquarters | Federation Navy Ogre | 2646202 | | Uitra Telen | Republic Fleet Berserker | 23364 | | Uitra Telen | Federation Navy Ogre | 24986 | | Uitra Telen | Caldari Navy Wasp | 25302 | | Uitra Telen | Imperial Navy Praetor | 26146 | | Vylade Dien | Republic Fleet Berserker | 109865 | | Vylade Dien | Imperial Navy Praetor | 121244 | | Vylade Dien | Caldari Navy Wasp | 127607 | | Vylade Dien | Federation Navy Ogre | 133699 | | Yulai Crus Cerebi | Republic Fleet Berserker | 15783 | | Yulai Crus Cerebi | Federation Navy Ogre | 19292 | | Yulai Crus Cerebi | Caldari Navy Wasp | 19777 | | Yulai Crus Cerebi | Imperial Navy Praetor | 20100 | +--------------------------------+--------------------------+----------+ Drones were flown always in pack of 4, one of each. Assigned to HHH,VVV or manually to same target, in case of drone aggro or death, all were recalled until dead had been replaced. If some droned were overflow, all 4 were reassigned (to VVV or manually). Errors were made, like every pilot make, but I took care for there not to be much. Just to note, total damage cannot be equaled to site times, because almost everything apply worse on rats then tower, and thus rats damage influence time a little more. But how much so, is beyound this research. If anyone wants to expand or verify this on other drones, PM me for the code. Its done in Perl+grep+MySQL, very simple. Also I think there is still not enough raw data for faction heavies research to be reliable. Database now contains 108450 connected shots, but just a several days ago Wasps were leading in rat damage.
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    Ah, I didn't notice that the orginal fit lacked the T2 Large Shield Repper when I imported it into Pyfa. With the change, I have 339 HP/s rep, which is basically the same as the standard basi. So that negates one of my complaints.
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    First of all, I'm about to piss all over your idea -so, sorry for that. I think it's great that you're thinking about stuff like this though. I'm all about moving forward and improving. Unfortunately, I think this idea requires too many compromises, doesn't provide enough benefit, and either raises the barrier of entry to flying basilisk or requires that a cap chain still be maintained. First, let's talk barrier to entry. The fit requires Logistics Cruisers V just to get started, which will limit the pool of available logi. Of course, most pilots do quickly train logi V, but this will slightly increase the chances of running low on logi. Second, the fit makes several compromises 7% less repping power 32% more expensive than the opti Basi, and 274% more expensive than the minimum fit Buffer EHP is lower than the opti and minimum fits by 7.5% and 29.4% respectively. This is combined with diminished repping power for the fleet -which is not inconsequential considering logistics cruisers are already the most frequently lost ships. No room for a sig amp (which reducses lock times, significantly decreases the chances of being jammed by Niarja [still quite likely to be jammed by the 3x arnon though], and grants up to 2 extra locks for pre-locking agro magnets and dealing with split agro). No room for a ReSeBo, which greatly helps the DDD to kill Niarjas -which, in turn, improves fleet safety. FC's often fit ReSeBo's, but up to three scripted, faction ReSeBo's will have an effect on lock times. Finally, it just doesn't give enough benefit. New logi often fumble with the cap chain, and older logi sometimes make mistakes, but it eventually becomes as easy as locking and shooting targets, and issues are (usually) rapidly addressed. Moreover, if 1 unstable basi joins, then a stable basi still has to give them cap. And if more unstable basi's join, you haven't actually eliminated the cap chain, you've just exempted yourself from it through significant compromise. Besides, the biggest PITA of flying a basi isn't the chain, it's slinging cap to all those thirsty vindis and T1 blaster boats. To me, managing the cap chain is just one those skills you have to learn, sooner or later, as a logi pilot. Oh, and I haven't done the math, but the neut resistance from the cap battery might make a significant difference when it comes to the niarja's and deltoles, but probably not the outini's. So, this might be a plus, but it still isn't going to be enough to offset the disadvantages. TLDR: You're not alone in liking the cap stable basi, but I can't endorse it... for now. At Evesterdam, CCP said that they would be introducing Saviors (implants that reduce logi rep cycles), and rebalancing cap mods so that they have bigger effect sizes, but are subject to stacking penalties. This means that it may be possible to get basi's cap stable with fewer cap mods in the future. This, in turn, could free up slots for ReSeBo's and Sig Amps. Of course, all that being said, I think the fleet would probably get more benefit from logi with Savior Implants, than the elimination of the cap chain.
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    I absolutely hate your poll options. It is perfectly possible for me to show you why this fit won't work, but your "no" option assumes that the only reason I would say no is because I refuse to look at it. We have a billion tools and testing methods to prove out fits. Please do not assume we are unwilling to evaluate. Doing so is likely to just anger the most valuable people to your cause.
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    Warp To Me Logi Rookie Guide Introduction Welcome to being a Logistics pilot for Warp To Me Incursions! This is a guide for flying Logistics Cruisers (Basilisks and Scimitars) in our fleets. If you haven't already, please read our Rookie Guide. Joining Fleet First, you need a ship! Please view our fittings webpage for our current fits for Logistics. Once you have a ship, please read our Rookie Guide or go to our Waitlist Manager to learn how to join our fleet. Fleet MOTD Once you're invited to fleet, take a look at our Fleet MOTD, containing very important information. Most importantly, note the Basi & Scimi Chat Links. Please join your respective channel, as those are used for communication purposes among your fellow Logi pilots. The MOTD will contain other bits of information, including Current System, TS3 Information, SRP Information, and the current specialized Fleet Roles. Of these fleet roles, note your AAA (Anchor) and LC (Logi Commander). Add both of these people to your watchlist. Orbit the AAA at 10km The LC will manage Logi, including the cap chain for the Basilisks. Logistic Channels These sections will cover what to expect in your respective Logi channels (Basi chat or Scimi chat). Feel free to read only the section that pertains to you. Basilisks This is the chat channel that allows the Basilisk pilots to manage their cap chain to ensure cap stability and fleet safety. Upon entering this channel please state your logi level and post your fit. Once added to the cap chain you will check to see who you will be capping and who is capping you. Cap chains are needed to keep Basi pilots stable. You will use one or two of your cap transfers in the chain, depending on who is around you: Logi 5 Pilots need only one incoming cap transfer From the pilot below Logi 4 Pilots need two incoming cap transfers From pilots above & below Cap chains are always put in the order of names in the chat channel, and we always cap up to the person above us. If the LC has not had a chance to update the cap chain, use the chat window to determine your up cap. Pilots with a blue number before their name sets one cap transfer on the pilot above. The other cap transfer fulfills cap requests by the fleet, aka "combat cap". Pilots with a red number before their name uses both cap transfers One on the pilot above. One on the pilot below. A pilot who is above a Logi 4 pilot in the chain needs to cap up and down, not just up. This list also wraps around. For the pilot at the top of the cap chain, the person at the bottom is 'up'. For the pilot at the bottom of the chain, the person at the top is 'down'. Using the example image, here are the details. Pilot A is blue as he has a Logi 5 below him. He will be capping up to Pilot E (Top to bottom). Pilot B is red and will be capping up and down as he has a Logi 4 pilot below him. Pilot C is blue as he has a Logi 5 below him. It doesn't matter that Pilot C is Logi 4. Pilot D is blue as he has a Logi 5 below him. Pilot E is red as he has Pilot A below him, who is Logi 4 (Bottom to top), so Pilot E caps up and down. After Basi Pilot names in the cap chain, there may be Remote Sensor Booster (ReSeBo) Targets. Most of the time, this will either state DDD or Up. DDD: Set the ReSeBo on the DDD. Up: Set the ReSeBo on the Basi Pilot above. Scimitars This is the chat channel that the scimitars use to manage their Tracking links to ensure they are given out with efficiency. Upon enter this channel please state the amount of links you have and who you are linking. If you are not linking anyone ask for someone to be assigned to you. Otherwise link with the default priority: Drone Bunny 2x links (2x Tracking unless otherwise requested) HHH (Range) VVV (Range) Blasters (Range) starting with Vindicators. Leshaks (Range) Any remaining links, double up on Vindicators. Using the example image, here are the details. Scimi Pilot A has 0 links. Scimi Pilot B has 3 links and is giving them to Pilot 1/2/3. Scimi Pilot C has 2 links and is giving them to Pilot 4/5. Scimi Pilot D has 2 links and is giving both to the DDD. Watch List As a Logi pilot, you should make use of your watch list, as it is a quick reference for locking, orbiting, or watching members. To add members to your watch list, right-click on their name, go to Fleet > Add to Watch List. You should add the following pilots to your watch list. Basi Pilots Up Cap Down Cap (if necessary) AAA FC All Logi Squad Members Scimi Pilots Pilots you are linking (if necessary) AAA FC All Logi Squad Members Entering Site Upon entering a site, there are a number of things that you should do. As a general overview: Orbit the AAA with your Afterburner on (this stays on at all times) Lock up your Cap buddy (Basi) or Pilot you be linking (Scimi) Lock up all Shield Broadcasts Apply staggered reps to pilot taking aggro Orbit the AAA Once you land in site, get moving! Right click the AAA in your watch list and select Orbit > 10km. Always ensure you are orbiting the AAA with your Afterburner on. This will ensure that you are in the right spot as the AAA will take you where you need to go, and having the AB on will ensure your speed stays up so you can maintain your speed tank. Lock up your cap buddy or link buddy Once you have landed and are have set your orbit around the AAA, lock up your cap buddy and apply cap to set the cap chain (Basi) or lock your Link buddy and give tracking links (Scimi). These tasks need to be done each time you land in a room, and in the case of the Basi, it is imperative to fleet safety that this is done immediately upon landing in room. Lock up all Shield Broadcasts It is imperative that you lock all shield broadcasts every single time. The broadcasts will appear in the broadcast history window and can be color coded (as shown in the example image). A simple way to lock is hold down your lock hotkey and click on the broadcasts. Once you have them locked you will perform a threat assessment. In normal circumstances, you will lock up the person taking damage and give them 2 shield reppers. Try to stagger your reppers by about a second. This will ensure a steady stream of reps landing on the target. Giving 2 reppers will ensure that the person taking aggro is getting enough shield without endangering your own ship due to aggro. Be ready to switch the reppers off of one target onto the next once the aggro switches. Site Details TPPH - 3 rooms. First room has an Outuni (Neuts). Second Room has low DPS. Third Room has 3 waves. Second wave has High DPS and Deltoles (Paints). Final wave has an Arnons (Jams) and Outunis (Neuts). NRF - Multiple waves. Relatively low DPS throughout until the final wave. Final wave has 1-3 Outunis and 1-3 Deltoles. Heavy Neuts and Paint with a very hard switch. TCRC - Very High DPS at the start of the site, including Outunis (Neut) and Deltoles (Paint). The Outuni victim will need cap, and afterwards, Deltole victim will need cap. The Delotes will hard switch onto a new target shortly after the Outunis are killed. Deltole Target Painters are very dangerous when applied to Logi. At the end of the site, Logi stay behind with FC until all other Battleships are off grid and FC will call for Logi to warp. [v2.3]
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    Implant Guide This guide will go over the Implant's we suggest at Warp To Me for the ships we use. It will go over Implant's for Skill Hardwiring(slots 6-10) which are most important for optimizing your clone and Attribute Enhancing(slots 1-5) which will add utility over regular learning Implants. Cybernetics You need this skill to use any of the implants below. We suggest training Cybernetics to V, this allows you to use 6% implants which can be purchased with the Concord LP we earn from running Incursions. These implants are purchased for 250m ISK and 250k LP at Concord Stations. Tips If you fly several ships, like a DPS and a Logistics ship, try getting implants that help both fits, such as Capacitor, Shield or Ship speed implants. Getting a whole set of attribute enhancing implants(slots 1-5) is worth more than just get 1 or 2 as the effects stack. If you are just starting with WTM and are short on ISK we suggest purchasing 3% implants as they only run about 20m ISK each at the major trade hubs, after running Incursions for a while you should have earned enough ISK and LP to purchase 6% implants at Concord LP stores. Attribute Enhancing Implant Sets We at WTM are a new bro friendly community and do not require specific Implant sets to meet doctrines. We do however suggest these implant sets as they greatly help out on fleet performance. High-Grade Ascendancy Set This set of implants is great of making you more ISK! You warp in site faster, you warp to structures faster, you warp from site to site faster, and you move focii faster. Getting these help you train skills faster as well as make ISK faster. The best investment you'll ever make. SLOT 1: High-grade Ascendancy Alpha Primary Effect: Boosts perception by 4. Secondary Effect: Gives a +1% Warp Speed bonus, 15% bonus for set SLOT 2: High-grade Ascendancy Beta Primary Effect: Boosts memory by 4. Secondary Effect: Gives a +2% Warp Speed bonus, 15% bonus for set SLOT 3: High-grade Ascendancy Gamma Primary Effect: Boosts willpower by 4. Secondary Effect: Gives a +3% Warp Speed bonus, 15% bonus for set SLOT 4: High-grade Ascendancy Delta Primary Effect: Boosts intelligence by 4. Secondary Effect: Gives a +4% Warp Speed bonus, 15% bonus for set SLOT 5: High-grade Ascendancy Epsilon Primary Effect: Boosts intelligence by 4. Secondary Effect: Gives a +5% Warp Speed bonus, 15% bonus for set SLOT 6: Eifyr and Co. 'Rogue' Warp Drive Speed WS-618 Effect: Gives a +18% Warp Speed bonus Genolution Set If you are a Logi only person and you really don't want to buy the above-mentioned set, then this is the implant set for you! Also even though each Implant has a different bonus, they do have a stacking bonus and running a full set boosts all bonus's to 4.25%. SLOT 1: Genolution Core Augmentation CA-1 Primary Effect: Boosts perception by 3. Secondary Effect: Gives a +1.5% powergrid and capacitor bonus, 50% bonus for set SLOT 2: Genolution Core Augmentation CA-4 Primary Effect: Boosts memory by 3. Secondary Effect: Gives a +1.5% ship agility and armor hit points bonus, 20% bonus for set SLOT 3: Genolution Core Augmentation CA-3 Primary Effect: Boosts willpower by 3. Secondary Effect: Gives a +1.5% ship velocity and shield capacity bonus, 30% bonus for set SLOT 4: Genolution Core Augmentation CA-2 Primary Effect: Boosts intelligence by 3. Secondary Effect: Gives a +1.5% CPU and capacitor recharge bonus, 40% bonus for set Skill Hardwiring Implants Hybrid ship Implants These are the Implants we suggest you run for a Hybrid ship or a lesser % equivalent you can afford. SLOT 7: Ogdin's Eye Coordination Enhancer Gives an increase to turret tracking speed of 6% SLOT 8: Inherent Implants 'Squire' Capacitor Management EM-806 Gives a capacitor capacity boost of 6% SLOT 9: Eifyr and Co. 'Gunslinger' Surgical Strike SS-906 Gives a boost to all turret damage by 6% Alternative: Inherent Implants 'Lancer' Gunnery RF-906 Gives a boost to all turret rate of fire by 6%(Higher DPS at the cost of increased capacitor and ammo usage) Bling: Pashan's Turret Customization Mindlink Est. Price 3-4B isk Gives a boost to all turret rate of fire by 7%(Higher DPS at the cost of increased capacitor and ammo usage) SLOT 10: Zainou 'Deadeye' Large Hybrid Turret LH-1006 Gives a boost to large hybrid turret damage by 6% Laser ship Implants These are the Implants we suggest you run for a Laser ship or a lesser % equivalent that you can afford. SLOT 7: Ogdin's Eye Coordination Enhancer Gives an increase to turret tracking speed of 6% SLOT 8: Inherent Implants 'Squire' Capacitor Management EM-806 Gives a capacitor capacity boost of 6% SLOT 9: Eifyr and Co. 'Gunslinger' Surgical Strike SS-906 Gives a boost to all turret damage by 6% Alternative: Inherent Implants 'Lancer' Gunnery RF-906 Gives a boost to all turret rate of fire by 6%(Higher DPS at the cost of increased capacitor and ammo usage) Bling: Pashan's Turret Customization Mindlink Est. Price 3-4B ISK Gives a boost to all turret rate of fire by 7%(Higher DPS at the cost of increased capacitor and ammo usage) SLOT 10: Inherent Implants 'Lancer' Large Energy Turret LE-1006 Gives a boost to large energy turret damage by 6% Bling: Pashan's Turret Handling Mindlink Est. Price 2b ISK Gives a boost to large energy turret damage by 7% Projectile ship Implants These are the Implants we suggest you run for a Projectile ship or a lesser % equivalent that you can afford. SLOT 7: Ogdin's Eye Coordination Enhancer Gives an increase to turret tracking speed of 6% SLOT 8: Inherent Implants 'Squire' Capacitor Management EM-806 Gives a capacitor capacity boost of 6% Alternative: Zor's Custom Navigation Hyper-Link Gives an increase to Afterburner & Microwarpdrive speed by +5% SLOT 9: Eifyr and Co. 'Gunslinger' Surgical Strike SS-906 Gives a boost to all turret damage by 6% Alternative: Inherent Implants 'Lancer' Gunnery RF-906 Gives a boost to all turret rate of fire by 6%(Higher DPS at the cost of increased ammo usage) Bling: Pashan's Turret Customization Mindlink Est. Price 3-4B isk Gives a boost to all turret rate of fire by 7%(Higher DPS at the cost of increased ammo usage) SLOT 10: Eifyr and Co. 'Gunslinger' Large Projectile Turret LP-1006 Gives a boost to large projectile turret damage by 6% Logistic ship Implants These are some of the implants logistic pilots should use. Primarily slot 8 capacitor implants as most logistics pilots will also be flying damage dealing ships which will benefit from increased capacitor stability. While scan resolution and shield capacity can also benefit a damage dealing ship, they are typically better off using a tracking implant. As for slots 9 & 10 you are better suited getting Implants that will bonus your damage dealing ship as there are no specific Implants that directly improve Logistic ships. - ALL BASILISKS SHOULD GET CAPACITOR IMPLANTS - Scimitars have the option to go for the alternative implants if they can maintain capacitor stability while running 3 reps, prop mod and tank modules. SLOT 7: Zainou 'Gypsy' Signature Analysis SA-706 Gives an increase to scan resolution by 6% Alternative: Zainou 'Gnome' Shield Management SM-706 Gives an increase to shield capacity by 6% Basilisk only Pilots: Inherent Implants 'Squire' Capacitor Emission Systems ES-706 Gives a 6% reduction in need of capacitor for modules that require the Capacitor Emission Systems skills SLOT 8: Inherent Implants 'Squire' Capacitor Management EM-806 Gives a capacitor capacity boost of 6% Alternative: Zor's Custom Navigation Hyper-Link Gives an increase to Afterburner & Microwarpdrive speed by +5% SLOT 9: SLOT 10: