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    We are changing our standard initial meatshield for TCRC entry to be our Booster ship. AAA will enter with the rest of the fleet but on landing will STILL shoot the tower to consolidate aggro. This should reduce losses dramatically in TCRC's. Follow FC instructions while running!
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    Warp To Me’s Vanguard Guide General WTM Vanguards Tips The Minimum amount of pilots needed for a Vanguard fleet is 8 (11 preferred) Fleet composition should be approximately: - 2-3 Vindicators - 6-7 Snipers - 1-2 Scimitars - 1 Claymore The booster serves as the primary logi for the fleet, with any logi cruisers acting as backup. All Snipers also fit at least one remote shield rep to assist with heavy waves. Logi cruisers should minimize reps to avoid taking aggro, especially if flying solo. If you trust your booster and Scimi pilot, fleet can run with 1 Scimitar, otherwise bring 2 Scimitars. The Scimitars should be at least 3 minutes stable. The Basilisk is not suitable for VGs and therefore not accepted, due to lack of bonused tracking links, poor cap stability without a cap chain, and minimal fleet need for combat caps. When running a fleet, you are recommended to use all 3 shield boosts and the Web skirmish boosts. The Claymore is the only suitable booster for VGs. You have a choice of system you are going to run in, as there are 3-5 Vanguard systems in each Incursion focus. Ideally you want to choose a smaller system to minimize warp distance between sites. Other considerations may include other fleets in system, stations available, and sec status/gankers. In Vanguard sites there is no need for the fleet to move, burn, or anchor. The full fleet sits still (yes, even the Scimitars) and Sansha will burn into range or die to the Snipers. Gate is always green unless fleet needs to pause (for instance, bio break or to recruit more members). If someone needs to leave the fleet or go AFK, they should inform the FC during the site prior, not when fleet is in warp to the next site. All 3 Vanguard sites have variably-sized wave spawns, so site times vary. Generally, the fastest site is OTA > NMC > NCO. If your fleet is heavy on Vindicators/short-range DPS, you can prioritize NCO higher. Vanguards are much more frigate-heavy than Assault or Headquarters sites. It is important that Snipers rapidly kill frigates at range before they can burn in under their guns. Vindicators should watch enemy speed closely and spread webs thoroughly, one web per frigate as long as there are still unwebbed targets remaining. Override Transfer Array (OTA) The site consists of 3 waves, first and second spawning further out ~70 km, third closer in ~35 km. The most dangerous part of site is initial aggro of the third wave. This site is ideally run Sniper heavy with just 1-2 Vindicators. This site has 5 respawning Eysturs that progressively spawn in as fleet is landing. Wait for all 5 Eysturs to spawn before fleet drops drones to avoid drone aggro. Do not shoot the Eysturs, as they will only inevitably respawn and split the aggro or go for drones. This is the only site with respawning enemies and the only site with Deltoles. Remember this mantra: IF YOU SEE A DELTOLE ON GRID, DONT SHOOT THE EYSTURS! You can optionally Tag J Eysturs if necessary. Site can also be preloaded in a similar fashion to a TCRC; if you already see 5 Eysturs on grid, it's a preload and fleet can freely drop drones on landing. If sites are preloaded more than 10-15 minutes prior, the Eysturs may leave entirely and never return to site. Hacking: This site has a logistics tower that reps the Sansha, with reps slightly weaker than a Mara and tends to focus on frigates. However, the reps can optionally be turned off by hacking the Logistics Control Array, which spawns about 30km directly left of warp-in. Hacking is done by an alt, typically a fast frigate ideally with hacking rigs or hull bonuses (Venture is okay, Endurance or Astero is better). The hacking minigame is moderate difficulty and can be failed unlimited times without penalty. Once the hack is complete, tower reps will stop for approximately 6 minutes. If the site continues for more than 6 minutes after the initial hack, a new Control Array will spawn around the 2'o'clock position from the warp-in and can be rehacked, although this is rarely necessary. If you are not having someone hack, tag the Tamas to allow the Vindicators to focus fire and alpha through the reps. The hacker should wait until all the Eysturs are on grid before burning to the Control Array to avoid pulling split aggro. Tagging All waves: - Full fleet: Niarja - DPS: Tama - Snipers: Auga, then Deltole Call drones in and broadcast Align when only the Deltole of the third wave is left. Once all other enemies have died, the Eysturs will align, instantly stop, then quickly warp out. You are safe to warp as soon as you see them "stutter". In the event Eysturs have already left, slowly count to 3 after the Deltole dies, then warp out. It is not necessary to wait for the payout. In rare cases, you do not need to kill all the Tamas in 3rd wave. In this event, the remaining Tamas will also "stutter" and warp out with the Eysturs. When you see this, fleet may warp immediately. This occurrence is unpredictable, so you should instruct your pilots to lock all Tamas and expect to kill them before you can leave the site. Nation Mining Colony (NMC) The site consists of 3 waves of frigates and cruisers which spawn at range, first ~60 km, second and third ~70 km spawns. Site is finished when the dropper drops ore into the refinery. The most dangerous part of the site is the first wave with up to 5 Romis, both the initial aggro and the swaps if there is a large first wave. Subsequent waves are typically lighter but pay attention for the rare large spawn. Due to randomness in spawns, this site is the most flexible for fleet comp but in general run sniper heavy. Dropping ore: Before entering the site, confirm you have an alt for dropping ore. Typically this is a fast frigate, which may have a cloak and/or ore bay. Your dropper must have 255 Lyavite ore in a stack which will be consumed each site. Lyavite can be purchased off contracts (not the market), found in mining missions, or collected in dedicated NMC mining ops. At the end of the 3rd wave, the Nation Ore Refinery will spawn as a can in space near the asteroid colony just to the right of the tower. The dropper must drop the stack of Lyavite into the refinery, then several seconds later the site will complete. The dropper can come in early to cloak and keep at range 5km from the colony, or come in later during the 3rd wave and quickly burn into position 1km off the colony. It is crucial that the dropper is ready in position drops the ore as quickly as possible to maintain site efficiency. Tagging guide: All waves as follow: - Full fleet: Niarja - DPS: Tama, Eystur, Renyn, Schmael (keep Null loaded) - Snipers: Mara (only present in first wave), Auga, Romis For running under influence - if the first wave spawns 5 Romis, have Vindies focus fire on 1 Romi. Call drones in and Broadcast Align to the next site with roughly 2 Romis left in the third wave. Add the Lyavite Asteroid to your overview. When it disappears off the overview, warp the fleet. You will get paid in warp. The dropper may be in fleet as they do not get payout from dropping ore alone, but should not drop drones or shoot anything unless there is empty spots in fleet to sponge. Nation Commander Outpost (NCO) This site consists of 4 waves, all spawning ~35 km away. This tends to be the slowest site, and favors having more Vindicators/short-range DPS. All pilots should swap to close-range ammo and all links should be swapped to Tracking scripts. The most dangerous part of this site is the initial aggro in the 1st wave, and the aggro swap in the event it is a big wave. Subsequent waves are typically lighter but pay attention for the rare large spawn. In the 3rd wave, a unique enemy called the Sansha Nation Commander will spawn. This ship is akin to a stealth bomber, a small frigate with the EHP of a Tama but fires torpedoes that out-DPS any Sansha battleship. This should always be killed immediately when it spawns. Tagging - Full fleet: Niarja Note, Wave 3 only: Full fleet Sansha Nation Commander first, then Niarja - DPS: Tama, Eystur, Renyn, Schmael - Snipers: Auga, Romi - DDD: prioritizes Tama Call drones in and Broadcast Align to the next site when 4-5 frigates are left in the 4th wave, warp as soon as the last rat dies. Fittings Battleships When crossing over from HQ/AS fits: - Drop prop mod for a Sebo. - Reduce shield tank to one of the options below. - With the freed up slots, add application/utility modules appropriate to your ship type. All empty low slots should become Tracking Enhancers. - All tracking computers should have both Tracking and Optimal scripts available, depending on the site. - Drones must be Lights or Sentries. Medium or Heavy Drones are not permitted, due to poorly applying with the size, speed, and distance of enemies in VGs. Tank Standard Tank -1 x Multispectrum Shield Hardener II -Damage Control II -Passive EM T1 rig (Except Vargur) -Machariels should drop the Damage Control and add a second Multispectrum Shield Hardener II, due to their slot layout -Marauders (Paladin and Vargur) cannot use this setup, and must fit the Optimal tank Optimal Tank (any battleship) -1 x Pithum B-type (or higher) Multispectrum Shield Hardener -Passive EM (T1 rig or T2+ midslot) Utility Vindicators 1 Sensor Booster plus 3 webs. These should ideally be True Sansha / Dark Blood Webs (range is key) Ammo: Only Null and fation Antimatter Nightmares 3 x Sensor Boosters 3 x Tracking Computers - Optional for SSS role: Replace one Tracking Comp with a Target Painter Ammo: Standard HQ ammo types High Slots: - Standard Setup: 1 x Remote Capacitor Transfer (for emergencies), plus 1 x Large Remote Shield Boosters (or Medium Deadspace Remote Shield Booster) - Upgrade from the standard: 2 Medium Deadspace Remote Shield Boosters Machariels 1400mm Howitzer Artillery only Fit 2x Sensor Booster, rest tracking computers If you have fitting problems, drop an enhancer for a Reactor Control or Power Diagnostic System High Slots: 1 x Large Remote Shield Boosters or medium deadspace (for emergencies) Marauders (Vargur and Paladin) Fit 2x Sensor Booster, rest tracking computers Highslots: at least one Remote Shield Booster. Rest are dealer's choice (consider cap transmitter, armor rep) Booster and Scimitars These ships need to be able to lock at least 9 targets in order to lock all battleships up upon entry. Shield broadcasts are not to be expected in VGs, and the logi must watch the aggro and damage and apply reps appropriately. All fleet members should add everyone to their watchlists to monitor the aggro and apply emergency reps if required. Example Booster fit The booster tank must be deadspace to allow adequate cap stability and maximum utility mids. Example Scimitars fit The 5 link Scimitar is an option for trusted pilots only. As you have minimal tank and damage mitigation, pulling large amounts of aggro with excessive reps places you at extreme risk, so you must rep judiciously. Influence: no fitting changes for influence Template fleet MOTD Thanks to all those who helped put this together
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    Scouting Scouting, another essential part of incursions. You usually hear Fleet Commanders talk about them or asking for one. The use of alts for scouting can raise the ISK per hour tremendously, information is a powerful tool. This is a short guide though, as there is not much to say about scouting. Doing it good is important though, so here are some tips on how to scout. Bring a fast ship Something that can warp fast is the best. Something like a frigate works best, get those insta warps to the dockup! Astero is great, cloaky and fast. Interceptors Don't use a corvette! (It's still better than nothing, but slow nonetheless) How to scout The task is simple, tell the fleet commander who is in which site, how far along they are by scanning the site and idealy, you want to tell him/her when the new site spawns too. The tags you should be using are as follows: Tag X = The site occupied by WTM Tag G = The site is occupied by NGA (New Galaxy Age i.e. the Russians, a shield community) Tag D = The site is occupied by TDF (The Ditanian Fleet, i.e. the armor community) Tag C = Clear Tag A = Abandoned, a fleet that warped out of the site to go to another site, therefor abandoning it. (Only tag A if unknown fleet abandoned it) Now to know who is in the site, you should Dscan it and see who is in there and at what point of the site they are at. First you tag it, then you Dscan it. Some examples are for a TPPH, Auga and Outuni died in the first room, second room adds up and so does the third room. For a NRF, if or how many Outunis have died. This means they are on the 4th wave and are about to warp out. An extra could be if drones are out or not. Same goes for the TCRC. If all Deltoles and Outuni have died and drones are in, they are about to complete it. Only do this if you are an experienced Scouter, but you can also do a quick warp in (make sure they are on the tower) and see the state the tower is in. Without a shield, they are in armor. Quickly warp out again. Last but not least, site timing. A new site can spawn 7 minutes after a beacon despaws. Mark the time in fleet chat when any of the communities have finished a site, you can do the same if our fleet has finished a site. This is very important. Whenever we do a TPPH, the fleet commander can perfectly time a bounce. That's basically it really. Do your best and keep an eye on your own ship, dual boxing can be difficult some times. Have fun!
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    WTM Upgrade Policy What is the policy and what does this mean for me? WTM Incursions welcomes new pilots to come try out incursions with us, and we have provided several affordable options for entry-level battleships that let you get into fleet without breaking the bank. However, over time we ask that you invest in making yourself and the fleet more effective, which includes getting set up in a ship that is well-suited for incursion running. Our list of Optimal ships includes the Vindicator, Nightmare, Leshak, Machariel, and Logi. If you aren’t flying an optimal hull yet, then we ask that you upgrade to an optimal hull with a proper fit (which can be found on our fitting website) within 20 X-UPs OR 30 in-fleet hours. Based on average fleet earnings, this should give you more than enough income to fit up a ship as well as helping towards covering your monthly Plex costs. If you are already flying an optimal hull, thank you! We recommend that you continue to upgrade your ship with better damage mods, tank mods, and implants. Feel free to ask questions in WTM Incursions on how to become better! Why: We want to run incursion fleets the best we can and in order to that requires investment from you! Many veterans have already invested in themselves and in fleet without this policy, however, some pilots have decided that sandbagging is okay. It’s not! For this reason upgrading is a requirement. This all sounds great but I ___ (been busy) and haven't upgraded yet, can I still join fleet? Yes! You can still x-up with any ship that meets our fitting requirements. However, out of fairness the FC may skip over you if there is limited space in fleet and others waiting in line who are following the policy. We understand that life can take some crazy and unexpected turns so please speak to a member of Command Core if you feel that you have exceptional circumstances. Thanks for improving yourself, improving fleet, and for flying with us! See you in fleet!
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    DPS and Sniper waitlists have been super long as of late and Logi waitlist is very often empty or very short. We need Logi to run fleet and have had problems running some sites because we don't have enough. Logi is a relatively easy but important role and you don't have to wait on those long DPS and Sniper waitlists. Please train into Basis and Scimis and aim for good logi skills including Logistics cruiser 5 optimally. It's a long train but definitely worth it. Check our fitting site for fits. Thank you
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    I am experiencing the very same or at least similar issue. I had the waitlist open for weeks in my browser, closed everything today and re-opened the forum again. After signing in I tried to access the waitlist. In one browser I get after some rather unusual loading delay a 500 internal server error. When using a different browser I am successfully redirected to HTTP 302 to https://login.eveonline.com/oauth/authorize followed by a 200 https://login.eveonline.com/account/logon?ReturnUrl=[...] but after signing in with eveonline, when returnign to the WTM waitlist I get the very same 500 Internal Server Error, which makes me wondering if it is on CCP's or WTM'S side.
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    Yeah try to contact the FC ingame maybe, really tedious tho'... but ya know, if you make it worth the trouble...
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    Well apparently the forums run through cloudflare proxy and that is probably why you can use them fine. But yeah idk why you can't access our server directly, and I don't think there is anything I can do about it sadly. I'd suggest you maybe just try to join over more unconventional way, maybe contact currently running FC about your problem and he can just keep track of you. I don't know how command core would handle something like this case now a days :(. It might also happen that you country is simply having the servers our websites are on, on some banlist, which would not be too surprising. You can probably find that out if you do a traceroute of the website access, if you know how to do that. Through it won't help you in anyway, to know.
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    Any chance you could tell us what part of the world you are from (like USA/EU etc.) Nvm that, I can't find any connection/transfer errors in the webserver logs, which probably means the problem is somewhere on the way there, and with how we don't have any control over the hosts network nothing we can do anything about sadly. Maybe beryl knows something else, but I doubt there is anything we can do :(. Em I assume you are accessing forums just fine? Which is weird, since it is on the same server. So you can't open: https://wl.warptome.net/fits/ either?
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    Try VPN? Maybe you are using particular antivirus/firewall which are same for both devices, if so try to temporary disable them
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    Have you tried using a different browser?
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    I have a lot of rigged Incursion hulls, and they are all priced to sell. Charging somewhere between the Jita Buy and Jita sell price EXCLUDING RIGS for each of them (obviously the ones with crap rigs are closer to Jita buy, the good rigs push price up) [Machariel, Simulated Machariel Fitting] x 4 Large Projectile Burst Aerator II Large EM Shield Reinforcer I [Machariel, Simulated Machariel Fitting] Large Core Defense Field Extender I Large Core Defense Field Extender I Large Thermal Shield Reinforcer II [Machariel, Simulated Machariel Fitting] Large Core Defense Field Extender I Large Thermal Shield Reinforcer I Large Projectile Metastasis Adjuster I [Nightmare, Simulated Nightmare Fitting] x 2 Large Energy Burst Aerator II Large EM Shield Reinforcer I [Nightmare, Simulated Nightmare Fitting] Large Capacitor Control Circuit II Large Core Defense Field Extender I Large Thermal Shield Reinforcer II [Rokh, Simulated Rokh Fitting] Large Thermal Shield Reinforcer I Large Core Defense Field Extender I Large Core Defense Field Extender I [Vindicator, Simulated Vindicator Fitting] x 2 Large Hybrid Locus Coordinator II Large Thermal Shield Reinforcer II Large Core Defense Field Extender II [Vindicator, Simulated Vindicator Fitting] x 2 Large Hybrid Burst Aerator II Large EM Shield Reinforcer I [Vindicator, Simulated Vindicator Fitting] Large Thermal Shield Reinforcer II Large Core Defense Field Extender I Large Hybrid Locus Coordinator II [Basilisk, Simulated Basilisk Fitting] x 10 Medium Ancillary Current Router II Medium Core Defense Field Extender II [Basilisk, Simulated Basilisk Fitting] x 2 Medium Ancillary Current Router II Medium Ancillary Current Router II [Basilisk, Simulated Basilisk Fitting] x 4 Medium Core Defense Field Extender II Medium Core Defense Field Extender II [Scimitar, Simulated Scimitar Fitting] x 5 Medium Ancillary Current Router II Medium Capacitor Control Circuit II [Scimitar, Simulated Scimitar Fitting] x 2 Medium Capacitor Control Circuit II Medium Capacitor Control Circuit II [Scimitar, Simulated Scimitar Fitting] Medium Kinetic Shield Reinforcer II Medium Capacitor Control Circuit II [Vargur, Simulated Vargur Fitting] Large Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizer II Large Projectile Burst Aerator II I am selling quite a few armour ships and some non-incursion ships as well. PM for details if you want something specific that's not listed here. To buy any of this stuff, contact my market alt "Jebediah Ichosira" in game.
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    That's fine, you need to swap the PDS to a 4th Mag Stab. As was mentioned above, you also need to swap the railguns for blasters, at least Meta 4 (Modal Megas) You are not fast enough with an AB and will fall behind the fleet, you must fit a 500mn microwarpdrive. We recommend the Quad-Lif meta one (not T2), or better yet the relatively inexpensive Domination 500mn for even better cap stability. If you are short on cap, we have Basilisks that will feed you cap when you broadcast. You can definitely fit up the Rokh and give it a try to earn some money. I agree with the others and recommend a plan to swap it for a Hyperion when you can manage it, or better yet the Vindicator which is a real star in our fleets. I look forward to having you in fleet and your ongoing improvement!
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    also, please do not concern yourself with the ehp of your ship. Our fits are designed to survive. If you fit it the same as our fitting guide you will be accepted and safe.
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    Carlos failed to mention the other reason to avoid the Rokh: it's not fast enough to keep up. Rokhs spend a *lot* of time 50km behind everybody else wailing for capacitor, because even with prop mod on they're slower than the logi. Train the extra three days and get a Hyperion.
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    Hi Bubu Welcome to Warp To Me! Our fits, especially the beginner ones, are pretty strict. And when it comes to weapons systems, these are much more restrictive across the fits. The Rokh is designed as the entry level for those unable to fly a hyperion, or better yet a Vindicator. The weapon type reflects its position and role within the fleet. You are DPS, a close up brawler designed to be less than 5km from your targets as much as possible. This is achieved by careful positioning, led by anchors, and webbing the ships as they spawn with vindicators, which should be one of your end goals. With this in mind, the guns cannot be changed. I would also recommend you go to the hyperion rather than the rokh if you can. I feel this has a better upgrade path than the rokh when heading for a vindicator, and it does a better job all round as a starter ship. Can you fly this: [Hyperion, Hyperion Entry/Alpha] Modal Mega Neutron Particle Accelerator I Modal Mega Neutron Particle Accelerator I Modal Mega Neutron Particle Accelerator I Modal Mega Neutron Particle Accelerator I Modal Mega Neutron Particle Accelerator I Modal Mega Neutron Particle Accelerator I Heavy Knave Scoped Energy Nosferatu Multispectrum Shield Hardener II Multispectrum Shield Hardener II Large Shield Extender II Pithum C-Type EM Shield Amplifier 500MN Quad LiF Restrained Microwarpdrive Tracking Enhancer II Tracking Enhancer II Damage Control II Magnetic Field Stabilizer II Magnetic Field Stabilizer II Magnetic Field Stabilizer II Magnetic Field Stabilizer II Large EM Shield Reinforcer I Large Thermal Shield Reinforcer I Large Core Defense Field Extender I Caldari Navy Antimatter Charge L x1 Caldari Navy Tungsten Charge L x1 Nanite Repair Paste x50 Federation Navy Ogre x5 If so, I strongly recommend you start with that. I look forward to seeing you in our fleets. If you have any questions, let me know. Carlos
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    Hello all; Good Luck and Fortune to'ya. I am hoping Vindi Vets and DPS Vets add some of their wisdom on top of this, and please take the liberty to correct anything as they see prudent. I fell in love with WTM culture of newbro friendly, ISK faucets of fun: I started this thread to remark on some of the things i picked up and allow info to be spread to newbro's (including me'self) As DPS, whether your in an Optimal Ship, or a Starter: remember the fleet counts on us: being efficient in removing dangerous DPS tags from the field, as We are the Sword of the fleet. Our DPS targets are chosen with Wisdom behind it. The faster we Pop the Sansha, the faster our fleet will be in a safer state. I hope to stay on topic by sticking to Maneuvering, Web calls, and general info ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Maneuvering ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The VVV Anchor should always be on your watchlist, easy right? But what happens when FC calls tag 1+2 outini/auga/deltole and you have no anchor in the pocket? BURN BABY BURN! 'Keep At Range' on the primary/Tag1 (Turn on your MWD) You do not need to be attached by the hip especially at the beggining of a room (*exeption TCRC) remember almost all FC's want Focus fire 1-X so you will generally be in the same place as the anchor anyhow. As a Blaster ship, you must get close to the enemy Sansha to hit them effectively. So in every beggining of each room, You should be anchoring(K.A.R) on your DPS Tags. This insures optimal range, and maximum potential damage application. **Pay attention to how many DPS tags are left, as you Should be Keeping at Range on your VVV-Anchor when DPS tags are low, or when FC calls for DPS burn to anchor spots* This applies in 1st rooms where the sancha are already on field, tags are up, and DPS is warping in: What I do 1st (example TPPH turn left go fast) i am spam 'E+Click' on tag 1 and as soon as i see warp meter ~40% i hit my MWD to start the burn. Then start locking your tags, i find im already hitting max speed just as the rest of the tags come in -Just remember the closing rate is fast! don't Bump nor overshoot your target (~20k out kill your MWD) and keep spamming that keep at range so you do not 'bump the targets' If your not still burnin' you can actually start to "keep at range"(E+click) to Tag 2, IF T2 is within 10k and IF Tag one(T1) is webbed.. this will help you apply more dps to T1 as you slowboat to T2(tag two) Get familliar with the Keep at range mechanic, as you get more experienced you'll notice how to apply more efficient DPS, and help the fleet and you make more ISK/hr as well as BE safer. - Eve University has a great thread on Transversals, angular velocity, and general gun dynamics, as a blaster you could benefit greatly from checking it out <https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Turret_mechanics> --------- Sliding: aka "Using Momentum"------- So: In reference to landing in a pocket (aka Taking a Gate with FC's authorization) avoiding painful Mathimatical Calculations, what if i told you, that there is a way to use the warp speed you had to burn towards Sansha after you take an accelleration gate? Im not kiting you, it is possible. As you play, start to pay attention to your velocity Bar, especially while beginning to warping/ landing from warping. After awhile, you'll notice that the "Warp Bar" (The velocity bar that has WARPING shown across) enters warp at a certain point, (75%-90%) and exits warp, at about (40%) (Thats why we have you aligning full speed to quicken the warp) and although thats usuful, Im focusing on Landing from warp. * Id suggest to you to pay attention to when your ship Exits 'WARPING' (Aproximately 40% ) you'll notice it switches from saying "Warping" to the regular display (100m/s for example) ** This is the exact server tick/time that your ship is free to Move/aproach/keep at range, activate modules, lock targets, recieve links etc. if you desire it. And i would say you do! Why?? Because it allows you to carry that momentum! It is a lot easier for your ship to Burn to Max velocity from 100m/s vrs from a dead standstill. You "slide" from out of warp. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Webs------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Precall webs always. Every Situation 2 webs are needed when Sansha start their burn. Remember, you can limp away with 1 kneecap, if you lose 2 kneecaps? "You're goin' NoWheahr'!" In TPPH's, NRF's - when you Land&Slide, call Your Webs! You have all that time to burn towards them, so VVV will probably web tag_1, there are all the others out there, So call them! this will give plenty of time for your fellow pilots to grab the rest. So break the sansha's kneecaps and start shooting em in the face, the rest of the DPS train will come along following 1-> X, and they shall not have to travel far because you webbed that sansha down. [<3 Imelda <3] Webs help the whole fleet, especially DPS squad; in the pre-spawned pockets, down to when your VVV brings you to the next spawn, you want as many DPS targets webbed down as possible. - don't call webs after you web them imho -i would suggest precalling webs, it allows your fellow DPS to not waste time switching web targets wasting precious cooldown seconds. Be aware and know what will be in web range, and what will not. If your gonna lose a web on something, call it. WTM culture will not mind if you were mistaken, if you call "6 got away" it may allow another dps to try and catch it. Foshkey wrote an excellent article that includes pictures) regarding BS that need webs that are doing 100m/s or more. Dont forget if BS are webbed, go for them cruisers (Rommi's usually) as well, and help the HHH out. Remember when the FC calls for 'DPS burn your anchor spots' turn your MWD on and keep at range on your anchor (Be aware not to bump any objects (Tower, Rocks, etc), the fleet and your VVV needs Your blasters and webs ready and in range for the next wave.* again Spread those webs! Precall, and if there are no tags yet, STILL WEB. You can coordinate what you have webbed when the tag numbers appear. If you have a tag that is just outside web range, remember you can -Overheat your web- to reach out and stop them (To Sansha: "whear you Goin'?!!") And if your K.A.R on that one trying to get away, you should be within standard web range within 1-2 overheat cycles (so you dont damage your Mid slots too much) Remember to be shootin' some'thin ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Tips------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Unlock Tag J if FC/LM calls one on the field, make sure you are not shooting it. Vylaids DONT NEED WEBS (Fiona helped me know that) as the Vylaid has no Propulsion module. Put that web to good use on some'thin else If you are HHH: and Vylaide is your Primary: 1 web on Vylaid will help Heavy Drones apply damage bettah While your webbing, remember to keep focus fire on your DPS Tags 1-X Don't chase after Trigger Tags (tag 9's OR tag Z's (TPPH last room))when the rest of the dps targets are killed. You should be K.A.R on your anchor when there are 2-3dps tags left. Remember Shoot in order. In a TPPH Final Room, Tag 9's Or Z's Ostingales are the Trigger for the next wave. It is important that tags before the trigger are killed first. * If the final Osti's are killed before the rest, there is a good chance You and your Fellow DPS members will not be waiting in ambush for the Next Wave spawn. ---Split your Guns 4/4 and stagger them, you will not regret it. You will apply more DPS, get armor shots without trying, and not waste volleys when Sansha's Pop. You can do this by holding shift, and dragging and dropping your gun group modules to the next module slot. It will start 7/1 and the next it will be 6/2. Get it to 4/4 and you will notice a difference. And dont worrie! You can always regroup them on tower bashes if you like seeing full damage ;] Precall Your Webs! Remember to shut your MWD off when you are done manuevering. Tactical Overlay Helps me out in maneuvering around the field the Default hotkey is (Ctrl-D) You can also find a Press-button Bottom left of your Capacitor GUI. -- then use HoldQ+LClick, (1st Lclick is direction, second LeftClick is elevation.) Keep and mind: listen to your FC! If the FC calls full fleet Arnons + Outini, or DPS Auga Outini Deltole Start locking them! When FC calls primaries : lock the primaries and then lock the rest of your DPS tags when the numbers arive. Remember to keep focusing fire. Just be aware if you accidentally lock a sniper target to Unlock them. You want to help your DPS squad crush your targets. Hotkey for Unlocking a target (CTL+SHIFT : CLICK) No worries about burning to final tag when there is another spawn to come, as it is much more important to be in position for the next wave/Room. (Except the end of the NRF) Your 2 types of ammo will almost always be Long Range (NULL/Faction Tungston, or Short range(VOID/Faction Antimatter. Try to pay attention to how far your targets will be, and Load the Appropriate ammo for the Task at hand. Remember it takes 5 seconds to reload *Niki's simple ammo change rule: " i always tell ppl with blasters: -if its more than 15 km away, change to long range -if its less than 10 km away, change to short range (hopefully this will be the case most of the times) -if its between 10 and 15 km just keep shooting with whatever you have loaded currently. This is good to follow until you get so experienced that you can figure out the exceptions yourself." [<3Niki<3] \m/ Try grouping your guns in a 4/4 setup, and stagger them on your DPS tags (in order), this will allow maximum amount of DPS/less cool down Active Brawl. Imho it is Much more fun and engaging than simply latching onto your VVV and not letting go. Remember: You must listen to your FC, as some things change, and WTM commanders are trained to see things you dont, coukd it safety situation, or a more efficient way than S.O.P (All written things are subject to change of the current Voice FC ) I have a blast flying with WTM (pun intended) these are just tips i gathered from learning, they'are not manditory (exception: for DPS burn to your anchor spots, be with your VVV) But they certainly go a long way to helping fleet, as well as yourself to have fun, safe fleets. I apologize in advance for any typos, as this was done from mobile device. Good luck n Fortune, I shall see you in Fleet! --VVR P.S Whether you are a Hyperion, rohk, or vindi -* if you have blasters*- and have any questions or would like to know more feel free to message me me in game mail, or give me a poke on TS "Victor Victor Rothwulf" - Me' door is open if im around. And I will find the time. \m/ "Make them sansha's go No-whear!" \m/
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    Warp To Me Guía Para Novatos Special thanks to Prime Zero and Eguzki Ursi for helping us make this guide possible ! Introducción Bienvenidos al grupo de Incursiones Warp To Me! Estamos contentos de que estén interesados en participar en Incursiones con nosotros, pero como bien se imaginan, hay ciertas cosas de las cuales tienen que tener conocimiento antes de participar en nuestras flotas. Por favor lean detenidamente esta guía y verifiquen todo esté configurado correctamente antes de intentar entrar a una de nuestras flotas. Warp To Me es una comunidad que primordialmente habla Inglés. Es nuestra intención facilitarles su introducción a Incursiones con esta traducción. Es importante estén conscientes de que toda instrucción de los FCs será dada en Ingles, por lo tanto por su seguridad y la de la flota, deben como mínimo poder identificar ciertas palabras claves, tales como: Gate status Estado de la entrada Green Luz verde (es seguro entrar) Red Luz roja (no es seguro entrar) Broadcast Transmitir Shields Escudo Shoot Disparar Etc etc Canal Warp To Me Incursions Nuestro canal es la base principal de operaciones y el punto central de nuestra comunidad. Unirse al Canal Si actualmente no estás dentro del canal Warp to Me Incursions dentro del juego deben unirse! Para entrar a un canal nuevo, deben abrir el canales de chat (chat channels). Si actualmente no está en tu barra neocom, lo encontrarás entrando al Menú Neocon (la E gigante arriba de tu retrato), después navegando a Social, finalmente Canales de Chat (chat channels). Una vez abierto, simplemente escribe “Warp to Me Incursions” en el recuadro y selecciona Unirse (Join). Requisitos WTM Warp to Me Incursions mantiene un entorno amigable para gente nueva. Por lo tanto, les pedimos no hablar de política, religión u otros temas sensibles en nuestro canal. Si simplemente siguen nuestra Regla #1: NO SEAS UN PENDEJO, no tendrás problema alguno. Mensaje del Dia (MotD) El mensaje del Dia en canal de chat de Warp To Me Incursions es la fuente de mayoría de información que necesitaran. En la parte superior, encontrarán enlaces importantes para WTM. Les sugerimos unirse a nuestros foros hoy! Debajo de esas enlaces encontrarán el listado de los actuales líderes de WTM, incluyendo oficiales y fundadores activos. A continuación tenemos canales de chat auxiliares, uno para cada una de las naves óptimas para nuestras flotas, los cuales contienen fits e implantes recomendados. Si actualmente utilizas una de estas naves, te recomendamos unirte a su canal respectivo! Luego tenemos la ubicación actual de la flota. Incursion indica la constelación actual HQ indica el sistema HQ actual Dock-up indica la estación NPC a utilizar durante esta incursión. Cabe mencionar que esta estación es la más cercana al sistema HQ, la mayor parte del tiempo estando dentro del sistema HQ, pero en ocasiones a uno o dos saltos del sistema HQ cuando no hay más estaciones NPC cercanas. Status indica el estado actual de la flota. Cuando menciona Forming (formando) o Running (activa/corriendo), la flota está activamente en busca de pilotos! En el caso de perder de vista la información de cualquier MOTD, puedes refrescar seleccionando el icono del engrane (en la ventana del canal de chat) > oprime Reload MOTD (la primer opción). Configuraciones Antes de unirte a una flota de Warp To Me, debes cambiar algunas configuraciones. CSPA CSPA es un cargo obligatorio de ISK a cualquier piloto que intenta contactarte, ya sea por conversación privada, correo o invitación a flotas. El objetivo de CCP siendo prevenir spam a nuevos jugadores. Por default esta opción está puesta en 0 ISK (antes era 2,950 ISK), pero necesitamos que confirmes que este en 0 ISK. Comandantes de Flota (FC) no les invitaran al menos de que el cargo por CSPA este puesto en 0 isk en sus configuraciones. Etiquetas (Tags) Una forma eficiente que utilizan nuestros Comandantes de Flota (FC) son las etiquetas (tags) para mostrar a qué objetivo disparar. Por default la columna de etiquetas no está visible en el overview. Para agregar la columna, abre la configuración del overview (overview settings) y navega a la pestaña de columnas (columns). Selecciona la columna de Tag (Etiqueta) y arrastrala hasta la parte superior. Alternativamente, si no tienen un overview configurado para ver Sansha y los sitios de Incursiones, es altamente recomendable soliciten uno especialmente diseñado para Incursiones en el chat de Warp To Me Incursions o cree uno propio utilizando las configuraciones del overview: Naves Sansha están listadas bajo NPC > Pirate NPC Sitios de Incursion están listados bajo Celestial > Beacon Alertas de Audio (Audio Alerts) Altamente recomendamos configurar las alertas de audio (audio alerts) para su nave. No se debe confiar en estas alarmas completamente, pero pueden salvar tu nave en caso de que se distraigan durante mientras estando en la flota. Para configurar las alertas de audio (audio alerts) abre el menú de configuraciones en la esquina inferior, mano derecha de tu interfaz/capacitor (HUD) y selecciona “Configure Ship Health Alert Settings”. En este menú, ajusta la alerta de escudo a 95% (mayor a esto puede causar conflictos y no sonar) y la alerta de capacitor a 30%. Configuraciones de Transmisiones (Broadcast Settings) Antes de unirte a una de nuestras flotas existen ciertas configuraciones en la ventana de transmisiones de la flota (fleet broadcast window) cuales necesitan ser ajustadas. Para ajustar estas configuraciones debes estar en una flota. La forma más fácil es dar click derecho en su propio nombre en una ventana de chat y seleccionar “form fleet with...”. Esto creará una flota con solo tu como miembro. Una vez en una flota, selecciona configuraciones de flota (fleet settings) después configuraciones de transmisiones (broadcast settings). En este menú, confirma que las siguientes transmisiones estén seleccionadas: Need Capacitor, Target, Warp to, Align to, Need Shield, and In Position at. Estas mencionadas son lo mínimo, cualquier otra transmisión que deseen ver son opcionales. Observan en la parte derecha de las configuraciones de transmisiones existen menús cuadrados pequeños cuales se pueden utilizar para catalogar por color el historial de transmisiones. Cambiando el color de las transmisiones les permitirá fácilmente identificarlas en la pestaña de historial. Esto es especialmente importante en naves de logística o para fácilmente diferenciar entre transmisiones de align to y warp to. Continuando, en la ventana de la Flota, en la parte inferior verán una fila de botones de transmisión. Si no ven estos botones, opriman las dos flechas pequeñas en la parte inferior derecha. Estas deben mostrar flechas apuntando en las cuatro direcciones, y cuando pones tu cursor sobre ellas debe mostrar “Scope: Everyone”. Si no es el caso, oprimir con el botón izquierdo hasta que sea el caso. Finalmente, asegúrate de salir de tu propia flota cuando termine de ajustar las configuraciones. Nuestros FCs no podrán invitarte a flota mientras estás dentro de tu propia flota! Seguridad y Configuraciones de Duelos (Safety and Duel Settings) Pilotos en Warp To Me participan en una variedad de actividades mientras no vuelan con nosotros. Por tal razón es muy importante que nuestros pilotos se aseguren que en su configuración de seguridad (safety settings) siempre esté puesto en Verde (Green) en todo momento mientras en nuestras flotas. Ha habido muchas instancias donde a pilotos se les olvida verificar, accidentalmente agreden a un compañero de flota y pierden sus naves caras debido a CONCORD. Si tu seguro no está en Verde (Green), simplemente oprime el círculo en la parte superior izquierda de tu HUD y selecciona Enable Safety (Habilitar Seguro). También deben configurar para auto rechazar (auto-reject) invitaciones a duelos. Cuando entras en un duelo, a Logi no le es posible repararte debido a banderas y relojes de combate. Para evitar accidentalmente entrar en un duelo, pueden bloquear las invitaciones completamente. Del menú de configuraciones (accesado por la tecla Esc), en General Settings, a mediación en la parte izquierda encontrarán la sección de Duelos. Simplemente seleccionen la casilla para bloquear las invitaciones a duelos. Configuraciones de Drones (Drone Settings) Mientras participas en las flotas de Warp To Me, tus drones deben estar configurados como Pasivos y Focus Fire. Estarán asistiendo sus drones a otro piloto, y estas configuraciones ayudarán a este piloto en controlar tus drones. Comms (TS3) Flotas Warp to Me Incursions utilizan TeamSpeak 3 como el método principal de comunicación con la flota. Requerimos todo piloto tenga Teamspeak configurado antes de unirse a la flota, y estar conectado y poniendo atención al FC mientras participan en la flota. Por favor bajarlo aqui. (En inglés) Si tienes una discapacidad auditiva eres bienvenido a volar con nosotros! Por favor leer nuestra guía here. (En inglés) Información de Comms La dirección ip para el servidor teamspeak de Warp To Me se encuentra en la lista de espera (waitlist) después de que pequen su fit o en el MOTD del chat de la Flota. No importa si tiene micrófono, deben al menos poder escuchar al FC. Pilotos con sus bocinas/teamspeak apagado se les notificará. Para propósitos de identificación, confirmen su nombre en TeamSpeak coincida con su nombre en Eve, sin etiquetas de corporación o alianza. Si utilizan micrófono, debe estar configurado como "Push-to-Talk". Para hacer esto, entren en Settings > Options > Capture > Push-to-Talk. De aquí, para poder hablar deben mantener oprimida la tecla elegida en las opciones. La predeterminada es Ctrl. Por favor no apaguen sus bocinas mientras en el canal “join this”. La palabra clave “Check” es utilizada para cerrar la comunicación abierta en TeamSpeak. En otras palabras, dejen de hablar si escuchan “Check”. Debido a razones legales y propósitos de seguridad, no permitimos transmisiones o grabado de comms en cualquier forma. Para permiso y más información de transmisiones, por favor contacta a tu FC. Unirse a la Flota (Joining Fleet) Claro está, por leer esta guía, están buscando unirse a una de nuestras flotas! Siendo una de las partes más importantes de esta guía, hablaremos de conseguir una nave y como exactamente pueden entrar en una de nuestras flotas con esa nave! Naves y Equipo (Ships & Fittings) Para volar en nuestras flotas necesitan una nave equipada! No solo eso, pero una nave equipada que cumpla con nuestros requisitos mínimos. Estos requisitos y sugerencias de equipo (fit) pueden ser encontrados en nuestra página dedicada a equipo (fitting), la cual también siempre se encuentra en el MOTD de WTM chat. Para que un FC pueda enviarte una invitación, deben tener un fit válido que cumpla con los requisitos mínimos. En caso de no cumplir, el FC asistirá en hacer los cambios necesarios para poder cumplir con dichos requisitos. Sin embargo, de vez en cuando nuestros FCs cometen errores y permiten entrada a fits inválidos, cuales otros FCs identificaran en el futuro. Solo porque fuiste aceptado en el pasado, no significa que tu fit es correcto. Tengan en cuenta que nuestros Comandantes voluntarios están para ayudarte! Haz preguntas en el chat Warp To Me, Comandantes (y tal vez pilotos con experiencia) siempre están dispuestos a apoyar con preguntas referentes a tu fit u otros temas. Para más información por favor leer nuestras Reglas y Regulaciones o contacta a un Oficial o miembro de Liderazgo. Lista de Espera (Wait List Manager) WTM es una comunidad de sitios HQ, lo cual significa podemos tener un máximo de 40 pilotos en el campo (on-grid) antes de recibir una reducción en la paga. Esto ocasiona que a veces tenemos que pedirles esperen. WTM siempre ha, y continuará invitando en base al primero en llegar primero en entrar, dentro de las necesidades de la flota. La manera de cómo administramos los pilotos en espera es por medio de nuestro sitio Wait List Manager website. La liga a este sitio siempre se encuentra en el MOTD en el canal principal. Todas las invitaciones a la flota (con pocas excepciones) son realizadas por medio de la lista de espera, por lo tanto es importante saber cómo utilizarla! Al entrar al sitio, encontraras la forma de x-up (x-up form), y cuatro columnas bajo dicha forma: X-Up, Logi, DPS, y Sniper. X-Up son quienes han puesto su fit y están en espera de ser aprobados por el FC actual. Una vez aprobados, serán movidos a la columna respectiva (Logi, DPS, o Sniper). Cuando exista una vacante, será llenada por aquellos en la cima de estas tres columnas. Como X-Up (How to X-Up) Por favor asegúrense de no estar a más de 3 saltos de dock-up antes de entrar a la lista de espera Invitaciones pueden llegar rápido y no deseamos retrasar la flota teniendo que esperar a pilotos quienes están a muchos saltos de distancia "X-Up" es un término antiguo cual significa pegar tu fit para su aprobación e invitación potencial. Aquí está cómo hacerlo: En el cliente Eve, ve a la Ship Fitting Window. En la parte inferior izquierda hay un menú de Import & Export, luego selecciona Copy to Clipboard Ve al sitio de la Lista de Espera Si no ves la forma X-Up, oprime el botón verde de X-Up en la parte superior. En el campo de texto grande oprime Ctrl+V o dan un click derecho y selecciona Paste. Aquí puedes pegar varios fits! En caso de Logi, Selecciona tu nivel de Logistics Cruisers cuando te lo solicite. En caso de Rokh/Rattlesnake, selecciona tu nivel de Caldari Battleship cuando te lo solicite. Oprime Enter On Waitlist. Tu fit será agregado al final de la columna X-Up para ser aprobado. Una vez aprobado, serás movido al final de las columnas de espera: Logi, DPS, o Sniper, dependiente del papel que llene tu fit. Al ser invitados los pilotos en la cima de las columnas, serán quitados de la lisita, y esto te moverá hacia arriba. Una vez habiendo espacio en la flota, y estés en la cima, recibirás una invitación! Toma nota que tu invitación a la flota tiene validez por 60 segundos. La lista de espera tiene varias herramientas para notificarte de esta invitación, incluyendo notificaciones en TS3 y un tono de notificación que suena cuando eres invitado. Si se te pasa la invitación, no te preocupes! El FC te invitara de nuevo en la próxima ola de invitaciones. Sin embargo, si te pierdes de 3 invitaciones seguidas el FC puede retirarte de la lista de espera y tendrás que empezar de nuevo! Encontrando a la Flota en el Espacio (Finding the Fleet in Space) Para tu propia seguridad, nos aseguramos que todo piloto tenga conocimiento de lo elemental antes de unirse con la flota. Si es tu primera vez volando con WTM, por favor informarle al FC cuando seas invitado a la flota. Revisarán unos temas contigo y te indicarán a donde ir. Transmisiones (Broadcasting) Para poder comunicarte con la flota de una manera efectiva, debes aprender cómo transmitir (broadcast) correctamente. Además, debes poder ver las transmisiones de otros debido a que Comandantes las utilizan para comunicarse también. Enviar Transmisiones (Sending Broadcasts) Las tres transmisiones principales que debes conocer son: Escudo (Shield), Capacitor, y En Posición (In Position). Estos botones siempre estarán ubicados en la parte inferior de la ventana de la flota. Si no ves esta fila de botones, dale click a las dos flechas pequeñas en la parte inferior derecha de la ventana. Debes transmitir para Escudo (Shield), cuando Sansha te agreda Esto es indicado por casillas amarillas (yellow boxes) alrededor de los Iconos de Sansha Una perdida debido a no transmitir para escudo a tiempo, no califica para SRP. Debes transmitir para Capacitor si tu capacitor cae abajo de 30% o eres enfocado por los Outuni Mesens. Programamos una alarma para esto previamente en esta guía No transmitas para Capacitor si hay Outunis en el campo y tu no estas siendo enfocado por ellos. La persona quien, sí está siendo enfocada por ellos necesita Capacitor más que tú, debido a que los Outuni utilizan neutralizadores. Debes transmitir En posición (In Position) cuando ya no tengas la agresión de Sansha o cuando ya no requieras Capacitor Cuando Sansha cambie de casillas amarillas (yellow boxes) a casillas rojas (red box) y nuevamente a casillas amarillas (yellow boxes) Cuando tu capacitor esté a más de 70% Si transmitiste por ambos y ya no requieres uno, debes transmitir En posición (In Position), esperar un segundo y luego transmitir nuevamente por lo que sigas necesitando. Por ejemplo, si tienes la agresión de Outuni, transmites por ambos escudo y capacitor. Cuando los Outunis mueran, y tengas más de 70% capacitor, pero sigues teniendo agresión de otros Sansha, debes transmitir En posición (In Position), esperar un segundo, y luego transmitir para Escudo. Visualizando Transmisiones (Viewing Broadcasts) Debes siempre tener la pestaña de Historial (History) activa en tu ventana de la Flota para poder ver las transmisiones de la flota. Para comunicaciones del FC, hay dos transmisiones principales: Alinear a (Align to) y Warp to Transmisiones para Alinear son órdenes para alinear tu nave a un punto en el espacio. Da un click derecho en la transmisión y selecciona Align to. Transmisiones para Warp son órdenes para warpear tu nave a un punto en el espacio, la mayor parte del tiempo el próximo sitio. Da un click derecho en la transmisión y selecciona Warp to at 0. Debes esperar a que el FC de la orden verbal. Si piloteas una nave Logi, es obligatorio de que enfoques (lock) toda transmisión para escudo. Esto es fácilmente hecho al mantener oprimida la tecla para enfocar (lock) y dando un click en la transmisión. Para mayor información de Logi, lee nuestro Logi Rookie Guide. Broadcast Hotkeys Intentamos disuadir el uso de hotkeys debido a su falta de confiabilidad, mientras tanto los botones en la ventana de flota son 100% confiables, y absolutamente deseamos que todo nuevo piloto utilice los botones en la ventana de flota en vez de hotkeys. No obstante, si utilizas hotkeys bajo tu propio riesgo, incrementa su confiabilidad asegurándote que no tengas una ventana activa (dale un click en el espacio) antes de utilizar tu hotkey. Además, verifica que tu transmisión hay sido exitosa verificando el historial en la ventana de la flota. Si no ves tu transmisión, Logi tampoco la ve. Tengan en cuenta, utilizar este método no hace los hotkeys 100% confiable. Utilizar hotkeys no es pretexto por fracasar en transmitir a tiempo. Si se vuelve un problema, recomendamos utilicen los botones en la ventana de la flota para transmitir. Papeles (Roles) Todo integrante de la flota tiene su Papel, desde naves DPS a papeles más especializados como Anclas y FC. En esta sección cubriremos papeles básicos y especializados, su significado y papeles importantes para agregar a tu watchlist. Papeles Básicos (Basic Roles) Existen tres papeles básicos en nuestra flota en los cuales automáticamente serás agrupado en: Corto alcance (Short-range DPS), Largo alcance (Long-range Sniper), y Logística (Logistics Cruisers). Logi está bien definido, piloteas un Basilisk o Scimitar y mantienes la flota reparada. DPS y Snipers son la parte ofensiva de la flota, y son catalogados como tal basados en el tipo de armamento que utiliza cada nave. El orden de las etiquetas que enfocamos son basadas dependiendo si eres DPS o Sniper. Largo alcance (Long-range Sniper) Projectile Artillery Cannons y Beam Lasers Objetivos son las etiquetas de Letras: A, B, C, ..., H, I No le dispares a la etiqueta: J Mantén el rango AAA a 5,000m de distancia (Keep at Range) Short-range DPS Hybrid Blasters, Pulse Lasers, Drone Boats, y todo tipo de misiles Objetivos son las etiquetas de números: 1, 2, 3, ..., 9, X, Y, Z Mantén el rango VVV a 5,000m de distancia (Keep at Range) Logistics Cruisers Mantén al AAA en una órbita de 10km Lee nuestro Logi Rookie Guide Si ya no hay de tus etiquetas en el campo, entonces dispara a las otras. Por ejemplo, DPS dispara a números luego letras. Snipers dispara a letras luego números. Nunca dispares a la etiqueta J. Esta es utilizada para designar un objetivo, el cual, si muere, pondría a la flota en peligro. El disparar a la etiqueta J es una razón válida para ser retirado de la flota! AAA y VVV son papeles especializados asignados a miembros de la flota. Cómo ubicarlos será mencionado en la próxima sección. Papeles Especializados en la Flota (Specialized Fleet Roles) Ciertos pilotos dentro de la flota tienen papeles especializados. Estos papeles incluyen FC, LC, Anclas, Cuida Drones, MTAC y Boosters, y son asignados por el FC de la flota, pero comúnmente son voluntarios. Si te interesa participar en estos papeles, lee las guías y voluntaria té! Encontrarás las guías siguiente las siguientes ligas o en el chat de la flota. Siempre estamos dispuestos a enseñarles como realizar estos papeles, y si en un futuro desean ser Comandantes de Flotas O Logi Master, lo mejor que pueden hacer para llamar nuestra atención es participar en estos papeles cuando sea posible! FC: Comandante de la Flota / Fleet Commander – Da ordenes a la flota, pon atención! LC: Comandante de Logística / Logistics Commander – Responsable por la cadena de Cap de los Basi y en mantenerte vivo! AAA: Ancla para los Sniper y Logi – Si eres un Sniper, mantén a 5km. Si eres Logi, manten en orbita a 10km. VVV: Ancla DPS Corto-alcance – Si eres una nave DPS corto-alcance, mantén a 5km. Si no está presente HHH, asistir tus drones Pesados a esta persona. DDD: Drone Bunny - Asiste tus drones ligeros a esta persona. HHH: Heavy Drone Bunny - Asiste tus drones Medianos y Pesados a esta persona. MTAC: desarrolla una función especial en el sitio TCRC Drones Qué debes hacer con tus drones? Cubriremos eso en esta sección. Drones Ligeros serán asistidos al DDD Acolytes, Hobgoblins, Warriors etc. Drones Medianos y Pesados serán asistidos al HHH Ogres, Berserkers, Geckos, Hammerheads etc. Si tienes varios juegos de drones de tamaños distintos, usualmente mientras más ligeros es mejor, con la excepción de las torres. Puedes asistir tus drones dándole click derecho a tus drones en espacio local (local space) > Assist > Watchlist > [Nombre del piloto] Un piloto puede tener un máximo de 50 drones asistidos a él en cualquier momento dado. Si DDD o HHH están llenos, entonces asiste tus drones a VVV. Watchlist El watchlist en la flota es una herramienta importante para todo piloto. Para empezarla, dale un click derecho al nombre de tu ancla en el MOTD de la flota (bajo Papeles en la flota, AAA/VVV dependiendo si eres sniper o dps) después Fleet > Add to Watchlisit. Esto debe abrir la ventana Watchlist. De aquí, puedes arrastra los nombres de los demás pilotos que quieras agregar a la lista, y es recomendable mínimo tener a tu Ancla, drone bunny y FC en tu lista. Directo de esta lisita, fácilmente podrás dar un click derecho en el nombre > keep at range 5,000m o lo que sea que necesitas hacer con tu ancla. Además, cuando asistas tus drones, esto agregara un submenú llamado “Watchlist” para fácilmente asistir tus drones. Programa de Reemplazo de Naves (Ship Replacement Program) Warp To Me ofrece un Programa de Reemplazo de Naves (Ship Replacement Program (SRP)) a sus pilotos. SRP es como una póliza de seguro que cubre la perdida de tu nave si la pérdida no fue por tu culpa: 15 Millones - Hasta 6 Billones Ejemplos (pero no limitados a) de pérdidas cubiertas por SRP: Errores del FC (en ocasiones, cometen errores) Errores de Logi Ejemplos (pero no limitados a) de pérdidas no cubiertas por SRP: Fracasar en transmitir a tiempo Tomar una entrada sin permiso del FC (llamado "leeroying") Ser CONCORDed (Por favor asegúrense de tener su seguro en verde) Tener un killright o wardec (por favor atenderlo antes de unirse a la flota) Ganks son cubiertos mientras sigan las órdenes del FC. En resumen, si siguen las instrucciones del FC, y transmiten a tiempo, tu nave será cubierta por SRP. Tomen nota de que sus naves deben cumplir con los requisitos mínimos para ser cubiertas por SRP. Tu pago por SRP te cubre desde el momento que pagas hasta el próximo Down Time (DT-1100 hora del servidor). Puedes salirte de la flota y volver a integrarte las veces que gustes en este tiempo sin problema o necesidad de volver a pagar. Suena bien, verdad? Entonces como te inscribes? Simplemente envía la cantidad para la cobertura deseada (15 millones) a la corporación "WarpTo SRP". Encontrarán una liga a esta corporación en el MOTD de la flota. Esta es la única corporación oficial de WTM para propósitos de SRP y está la única en la cual puedes confiar. Si tienes duda, revisa el nombre del CEO, quien debe ser “Sparta Epic Cyno." WTM no se hace responsable por estafadores, sin embargo, si alguno aparece, por favor reportarlo a un Oficial de WTM o miembro de Liderazgo. [v4.1]
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    Very well written Victor. Good Job! I liked your idea for a brief summary of the tactics we use. It will be really useful for the new pilots. Here's something from me, specifically for the Vindicator pilots (my favorite ship) TPPH – Vindicator (DPS) First Room Be sure you got NULL loaded and <keep at range> is set to 5000m. After you land, turn left, turn on MWD, click Outuni Mesen or Ostingele Tectum and then click <keep at range>. NOTE: 1.Do not approach NPC’s at 0! Do not bump them! Turn off MWD when you get to 20km. 2.Don’t forget to broadcast for shields if you are yellow boxed and for capacitor if you got Ottuni. 3.Do not launch Heavy drones if FC say it. Lock Auga’s and start shooting them following tags. Launch your drones and assign them. Start locking Outuni Mesen and Ostingele’s. When Auga’s are down, swap to Void. When you reach webbing range of Outuni/Ostingele’s, start webbing and shooting them in order. Call what you webbing. If your target is already webbed/called, switch to next one. Approach them, shoot and kill them, following the FC order/tags. When last Ostingele left on grid, start approaching Acceleration gate. If there are still frigates on grid, start locking and webbing them. Swap ammo if needed. Approach the gate. Turn off MWD and align down the gate, when FC say it. Take the gate only when FC call it and swap to NULL. NOTE: 1.Use Q to align! Do not use gate for that! 2.Do not Leeroy gates! Second Room After you land, turn on MWD, click Deltole Tegmentum or Ostingele Tectum and then click <keep at range>. Lock Auga and start shooting it. Launch your drones and assign them. Start Locking Deltole, Ostingele’s and Romi’s. When you reach webbing range start webbing and shooting them (With VOID). Follow FC order/tag’s. If Romis are in your web range, web/call them. This will help HHH to kill them faster. Take the gate only when FC call it and swap to NULL. Third room Wave 1: After you land, turn on MWD, click Ostingele and <keep at range>. Start locking them. Launch your drones and assign them. Lock Romi’s also. Until you burning to your primary targets, you can web and shoot some Romi’s in range, while they still don’t have transversal velocity. When you reach webbing range, start webbing and shooting Ostingele’s (With VOID). Follow FC order/tag’s. Call your webs. Start burning to your next anchor point (Keep at range your VVV and don’t bump it) as soon as FC call it, or 2 BS left on field. Turn on your MWD and turn it off after two to three cycles, or when you get to 20km. from your anchor. Swap to NULL while you burning, if some targets left behind, out of your VOID range. Kill them. When you reach the spot, CTRL+SPACE to stop your ship (for better tracking). Reload Void and prepare for the next wave. NOTE: 1.Don’t forget to broadcast for shields if you are yellow boxed, and “In position” when they stop shooting you (yellow boxed again). 2.No web is needed if the target speed is 100 m/sec. or less. Wave 2: Lock Battleships and start webbing/shooting them following the FC order’s/tag’s. If Romi’s are tagged, web Romi and call it, before they run away. Use two webs per Romi. If target is already webbed/called, switch to next one. If they run away, use NULL to kill them. When last two BS left, anchor to VVV. He gonna move you to the spot 20k away of the tower. Reload VOID, CTRL+SPACE and wait for the next spawn. Wave 3: Lock Battleships and start webbing/shooting them following the FC order’s/tag’s. Check your drones for drone agro. When last two BS/Cruisers left on grid, start approaching the Battle tower. If there are still frigates on, start locking and webbing them. Kill what is left. Shoot tower. Send Drones to shoot tower. NOTE: 1.Don’t forget to broadcast for shields if you are yellow boxed and for capacitor if you got Ottuni. 2. Don’t web Vylade Dien. It has no propmod. 3. After tower bash, don’t forget to recall your drones, before you warp out. 4. There might be a different site tactics or target order for some or the all waves, at the discretion of the fleet FC!