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  1. Oh, Hi! o7

    Will do my friend o7
  2. Oh, Hi! o7

    Your name is familiar but indeed. Thanks for the compliment and the feeling is mutual. o7
  3. Oh, Hi! o7

    Ah the battle for Niarja. (We still say CCP scripted us to lose that fight) That was a long...long fight... Thank you for your kind words and hope to fly along side you again! o7
  4. Oh, Hi! o7

    Hello all! Recently while mucking about in my little corner of space and talking with EDI (Edencom Defense Initiative) / Edencom I was wondering about content I haven't done much of or touched upon in Eve. There is no shortage of things to do in eve, fun or...not. I was playing around faction warfare when the Triglavian content started. I joined up with a ragtag group that grew quickly that most of you now know as EDI and in the end, I became the director, a title of which I still hold today. We are not AS active now with that content being on the backburner and CCP kinda shafted the whole thing but that's another story. Some of my line members and FC's suggested Incursions. So, I plopped into one of your entry fits and made my way up a few weeks ago to test things out. Being no stranger to fleet dynamics, I sat quietly, followed directions, listened to my newbro speech and VERY MUCH enjoyed the fleet and it was very well done. After about 3 fleets and me getting more chatty in the in-game channel I was recognized however heh and people seemed to be happy to see me in content again and made me feel very welcome. I cant say I have met a bad pilot/fc (yet ) with your group and this has been some fun content. I wanted to thank you all for accepting me into your community and if anyone needs anything, please dont hesitate to ask. I've enjoyed taking some fleet roles now and I'm considering working towards being a USTZ FC (as some of you have discussed in discord with me) once I feel more comfortable and get more hours under my belt in your fleet comps. Thank you again all. Fly safe everyone o7