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  1. Suggestion

    Of course the obvious solution is maybe people using basic fleet discipline rather that Founders and FCs having to set up elaborate coms? Talking over FC and sperging during a fight setup is never acceptable. But in my mind unless a person is a constant crackhead on coms the mute button is only detrimental. They may just be the one to point out something important. Also some people that may irritate you to begin with may be new and have nervous chatter to try and get to know people and fit in. Understandably there will be one or two people in any situation that run the nerves raw and the only solution is a mute. But as i said basic fleet discipline is all it takes really.
  2. A quick thank you

    This weeks incursion was my first while playing Eve. i thought it was going to be an awkward experience full of elitists and asshats from what some had told me of anything to do with incursions. I'm glad i don't listen to people that often and judge things by personal experience. I want to thank The FCs and all the members that made the experience feel like i was coming home to an old corp. Very professional and calm crew running the show. I learned a lot and i earned a lot. I am looking forward to learning and earning a lot more. Definitely an experience that has me watching the chat to see the next incursion open. Thank you all.