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  1. Abyssal Entropic Radiation Sink Shop

  2. Abyssal Entropic Radiation Sink Shop

    New Sinks Update 23% 400M https://mutaplasmid.space/module/1032247802052/ 23.1% 350M https://mutaplasmid.space/module/1032247801418/
  3. Abyssal Entropic Radiation Sink Shop

    New Sinks Update 24.3% 1B https://mutaplasmid.space/module/1031741137929/ 24.3% 1B https://mutaplasmid.space/module/1030869488498/
  4. Abyssal Entropic Radiation Sink Shop

    New Sink Update 23.7% 550M https://mutaplasmid.space/module/1032191390530/
  5. Leshak Tactics

    Note Lord numbers above are heated
  6. WTS Abyssal Mods For Incursion Fits

    1. 22.0% 2. 22.2% 3. 20.9% Napkin maths, have fun selling them
  7. Newbro's Request

    You can drag the wrecks to the MTU but that's all
  8. Abyssal Entropic Radiation Sink Shop

    https://mutaplasmid.space/module/1031327228704/ SOLD https://mutaplasmid.space/module/1031738926266/ SOLD https://mutaplasmid.space/module/1030988047530/ SOLD
  9. What is better for the fleet?

    You can meatshield TCRC in a mach as well
  10. What is better for the fleet?

    Welcome Commrade Chaos, I see you are enjoying yourself and I'm glad to hear that! First thing I will ask you to learn the ways of M-tac if you haven't as it is the most important ship in TCRC. Once you got the hang of M-tac, then you may consider training vindi Vindi is a DPS workhorse and its easier for you to cross-train from Mach.
  11. 100% Loot Drop Event

    That would also mean the loot fairy will 50% RNG since its caused by PVE and not PVP
  12. 100% Loot Drop Event

    Don't the wrecks get damaged by SB? If they get destroyed then the loot value becomes zero especially with several SB BS?
  13. 100% Loot Drop Event

    Suicide Ganking is PVP even thou its onesided
  14. TLDR Leshak Guide

    Updated to include corrections, implants and warp speed patch
  15. Leshak Tactics

    Ty Lord, I'm going to place my last hope on the HG Mimesis set then