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  1. "De-Optimization" of Ships

    I won't say golem pilots are bad pilots; Its more of if you want to make the golem work in incursion context; 1) you need to know what to shoot/ where to anchor (shoot reverse order to maximise dps) 2) you need to change your golem fit to maximized its effectiveness (not allowed for line pilots) 3) you need to know take risk in tcrcs (aka bastion the entire site) 4) you are also limited to battleship targets in terms of effective application (nowadays the frigate/cruisers are the bottlenecks in terms of site times) If you happen to fly with @Venus Aeternum in a golem previously he does them perfectly; pulling aggro even over that badged kronos pilots in the entire site Henceforth if you don't maximise all the above points; you are basically a vindicator w/o webs (2.4k dps) instead of a paladin (3.2k) or kronos (4k) you could potentially be flying 5) Main purpose of Kronos is basically just DPS. Golem can TP while doing slightly lesser dps but do remember missile main weakness is the travel time. Sure the target painter can help blooming the sig but in current fleet status there are only 1 or 2 golems in fleet at any time. 2 TP wont help to vastly improve site times if i were to compare to webs in terms of utility. Missile trade application time for max damage application. Thats why by the time your first missile hit the the rats; its died and you wasted next 3 cycles of missile damage whereby the other marauders does instant application (thats why you shoot reverse order but you dont get the benefit of the fleet focus fire) That's why the a golem can bastion all the way in a tcrc if it jumps immediately once the ountuni is down; allowing the rest of the marauders to safely bastion until end of site. Given the missile travel time compared to instant application of other marauders; golems are further degraded in terms of contests given how fast rats die. That is why golem is not an end game marauder hull for incursion in this one focus situation. The initial implementation of the golem into WTM was to serve as a bridge for people who was already golem trained but doesn't want to fly the starters ships and allow them to transition to the other marauders much quickly namely Kronos, Paladin and Vargur. Hence that is why its was initially placed in DPS (Optimal) instead of Mar DPS. It was not meant to be an end-goal marauder class otherwise we would have lumped it in Mar DPS or Mar Sniper. The following link above was in the wtm in game channel MOTD from December until we did a recent change to streamline the wtm ships. However the new incoming patch might cause the golem to become more relevant but WTM CC will need to test them before deciding any changes to the golem. I hope you understand what i'm trying to bring across the reason why golem are bad for incursion and not saying golem are for bad pilots. Rather it requires a lot effort and knowledge in order to maximise their effectiveness; otherwise its just a bad platform to use for the end game incursions especially in 1 focus situation where we contest other communities basically every day
  2. WTM Exchange Program

    If it become a full fledged program I will probably charge 31.5m for doing the exchange
  3. WTM Exchange Program

    I will like to trial an rigged hull exchange program should the next focus be not be an island. What will happen is that when the focus spawn, you may contract your rigged hull to Cass Lockheart at janice price and subsequently similar rigged hull will be contracted to the dockup system with the same janice price. If you contract your blinged stuff with it; I will reject that contract. Definition of rigged hull means t2 guns/logi reps + rigged hull (for marauders other highslot modules are currently accepted as long its not blinged (eg. peace reps) https://janice.e-351.com/ I will entertain only contracts originating from the previous focuses and not from any trade hubs because that means you are lazy. At the moment I have 1 kronos 1 vindi and 2 scimi available for exchange KRONOS - Ryoin Iwaira VINDI SCIMI (Clarification: This is my personal trial and its not related to WTM apart from the fact I'm an FC for them) The exchange contracts at the dockup system will be up within 24hr of the focus spawn
  4. Eliz Abyssal Shop 3.0

    new gyros and heat sinks for sales
  5. Eliz Abyssal Shop 3.0

    Both heat sinks sold; stay tuned for more high quality abyssal modules
  6. Eliz Abyssal Shop 3.0

    Eliz Abyssal Shop 3.0 To start this thread rolling again I'm selling 2 cpu green 30% heat sinks BOTH SOLD
  7. Eliz Abyssal Shop 2.0

    Forum Moderator please lock or delete the thread thanks
  8. Eliz Abyssal Shop 2.0

    sorry sold out long ago
  9. Eliz Abyssal Shop 2.0

    WTS 30% heat sink 1.2b https://mutaplasmid.space/module/1035827927117/ Price negotiable
  10. Saturday Logi School

    To the 2 ppl who came for the logi school; thank you and hope to see u in future fleets soon
  11. Saturday Logi School

    Hi there Eliz here. I kindly ask for permission to hold a logi school on Saturday 1115 Eve Time (should the focus last that long.) I understand that should there be fleet forming at the said time; I will stand down the logi school after all isk is king. This logi school while do not require specific ships to attend but if you could bring your incursion ships or logi ships; that will be ideal to understand how sites being run from logi/dps/fc perspective.
  12. Scorpion Navy issue Useable?

    Can we get the topic locked since the question got answered; pretty please thanks
  13. Eliz Abyssal Shop 2.0

  14. Eliz Abyssal Shop 2.0

    WTS Abyssal Heat Sinks Sold individually or as a set for 2.5b (Will enable you to fit 2nd TE in WTM Paladin) https://mutaplasmid.space/module/1035635002956/ 500M https://mutaplasmid.space/module/1035393693493/ 700M https://mutaplasmid.space/module/1035826296807/ 700M https://mutaplasmid.space/module/1035822986471/ 700M SOLD OUT
  15. "Can I bring my Vargur?"

    We do accept a wide variety of ship hulls compared to TDF but we do expect you to upgrade to the optimal hulls as soon as possible. What the people in discussion asking you to invest in NM since you came from TDF; they assumed you already had the skills required to cross over easily and getting that optimal hull gives you more time on our upgrade policy. Secondly please read the vargur guide if you intend to fly that. As long as you follow the guide and don't greed an additional bastion cycle; you are mostly safe. When you get into the fleet in your machariel; see what the marauders do and make your judgement. Seeing is believing right? https://tinyurl.com/WTMVargur