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  1. Scimi V Advanced with 4 Links

    Sounds like a good fit, sorry that our goals didn't line up more closely. -Izumi
  2. (Funfleet) Praxis Fits

    39 Praxis and a Claymore will die very quickly. You might consider bringing a couple logi to the party
  3. Scimi V Advanced with 4 Links

    Hi there, I'll try to respond in depth later, but briefly: no, your 4-link scimi will not be accepted today.
  4. Dual Logi Update

    Yes, or booster.
  5. Logi 4 Scimi Fitting

    Here's a sample budget fit that works without shiny or implants, with decent underlying skills: [Scimitar, L4 Link] Power Diagnostic System II Capacitor Power Relay II Capacitor Power Relay II Capacitor Power Relay II 10MN Afterburner II Adaptive Invulnerability Field II Adaptive Invulnerability Field II Medium Compact Pb-Acid Cap Battery Remote Tracking Computer II Large Remote Shield Booster II Large Remote Shield Booster II Large Remote Shield Booster II Large Remote Shield Booster II Medium Ancillary Current Router II Medium Capacitor Control Circuit II
  6. Logi 4 Scimi Fitting

    Hi there, Yes it is known that there are some setups that allow Logi 4 Scimi's to bring links, namely a battery. However, frequently it requires either shiny or implants, as your fits all feature. Feel free to bring any of the setups above, they meet tank requirements and stability we require. We may soon update the Logi 4 Scimi to a battery, lots of projects currently ongoing with logi at the moment. Thanks for the ideas!
  7. Nightmare fitting and use questions

    But... So overkill.. Likelihood of being out of range of single buddy is much lower and more manageable vs multi-person chain...
  8. Nightmare fitting and use questions

    I agree with Niki, it's up to you. If chaining one is good, chaining double is better, but it requires that your buddy has 2 as well. I highly recommend fitting at least one transfer. People vary on the second utility slot, be that another cap, tractor, armor/hull/shield rep... all of these help the fleet in some way. Tractor is less commonly used as we usually ask a mach to run MTAC, but you could always chuck a tractor and mobile depot into your cargo hold for when the need arises.
  9. Nightmare fitting and use questions

    Of note, you'll notice at the top of the sheet that it assumes you have 2 tracking comps running range scripts. Usually I see 3-comp setups, with 2 range and 1 tracking. And as for cap transfer, as Niki noted the cap emission skill makes it so you spend less cap than you send, to create energy from nowhere. Sent both ways, both partners gain cap. Thanks for actively thinking about how to contribute to our fleet! Look forward to seeing you on grid.
  10. Broadcast question

    Yes, they may keep you locked. If they go Redbox and start shooting at you again, you just rebroadcast, no sweat
  11. coming FLEET changes

    I mean, we have sent multiple groups to Sisi to test big upcoming changes in the past. It's just that (like cadre noted about above) this patch, while hopefully a nice quality of life improvement, doesn't substantially change how we run our day to day operations and thus doesn't need the energy and time spent on coordinating a test fleet.
  12. A few Logi questions.

    You can run whatever implants you like. Some people favor the speed of snakes. Personally I like the combination shields, speed, cap, and fitting of Geno's
  13. New Alpha State Dec 5th

    Either of those are equally viable starter options. Really only depends whether we need shortrange DPS vs snipers. This can be very random, but as a general answer we frequently need more of the short-range, so Rokh.
  14. New To WTM

    Congrats on Logi V! By far one of the best skills to get. Far more important than cap emission V is shield emission V. In almost every case, this will give you more for your time.
  15. New Alpha Fits????

    It's on the radar but some of us think we need a proper list of skills first. With meta/bling then yes definitely possible. I refer you to our prior thread here: https://forums.warptome.net/topic/609-question-about-shield-resistance-requirements/