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Found 9 results

  1. Hi all, Just checking in after a long, long break and I see the optimal Basilisk has changed a bunch, and so I’m wondering what led to those changes, whether it’s a CCP change to incursions or a fleet philosophy change or what. I used to fly an optimal Basilisk with a ReSebo, signal amplifier (12 locks and faster), and 35k EHP. It looks like there’s now no cap chain and the new Basis are cap stable (almost) but at the cost of the ReSebo, SigAmp, and half the tank. Curious why the doctrine change and how the new philosophy works. I’m not actually back yet, but it’d be good to fly again. Separately, it’s nice to see the Osprey got a little love. Hoping things are going well in Incursionland, -T’vaar
  2. What is the best logi, a scimi or a basi?

    What is the best logi, a scimi or a basi. I love both but recently the scimi is my preferred logi ship
  3. o7 friends, Corbyn Vox here returning after winning eve for a year or so. Decided last night I'll probably be spending my eve time with you fine people again, and was wondering the current state of WTM fleets and activity. Are waitlists still sorely lacking in logi? Is Logi V Basi still preferable to blingy scimis? If Logi isn't in heavy demand, which other hull tends to be lacking? How reliable are nightly fleets? Does anyone provide moving services between focuses, as that has tended to cause my drop off in activity? TIA and I look forward to x'ing up very soon!
  4. I joined WTM as a Basi more than a month ago now, after a 3 year break from EVE, and I was a little surprised at first by the way capacitor broadcasts are handled, which is pretty different from what I was used to. After a month of doing it "the WTM way", I would like to propose here an other method I think is more efficient, reliable, and less time consuming. I think it could help lowering Basis workload and simply make the fleet a little bit more efficient. The current method (as far as I understand it and saw it applied) consist of calling the person we cap in BasiChat, by simply typing the first 3 letters of his name. That done, the other Basis know this cap broadcast is handled and they will take the next one. Once the ship we are capping broadcasts in position (or is full, when we pay attention to the amount of cap transferred) , we move to the next broadcast not already handled. A couple of inconvénients of this method are: Some broadcasts get missed (typically when there are more than 15 different broadcasts in a minute, the cap broadcast in the middle get missed as basis catch up with the more recent ones). It clutters BasiChat. Some Basis will cap someone who has already been capped by an other Basi a minute earlier. Not enough people properly broadcast in position. Not all pilots call their cap on time or at all. When there are many cap broadcasts, Basis will have a tendency of not feeding enough cap to each ships, (just 4 or 5 cycles sometimes), meaning that ship will inevitably broadcast for cap again a couple minutes later. Figuring out who broadcasted for cap, but not yet broadcasted in position; and has not yet been call out in BasiChat, can be pretty time consuming. Typing in BasiChat during a TCRC is often the last thing Basis have time for. The method I was taught and want to propose here is pretty simple : giving (at least) 3 cycles of cap to all cap broadcasts. In the details, every Basi will lock all cap broadcasts and serve them 3 cycles, and then move to the next cap broadcast. This insures that most ships will go from 30% capacitor to at least 70%, in just 15 seconds. In the case of 3 combat caps, it's a minimum of 3150 GJ, 4200 with 4 combat caps. (Hyperions have ~6700 GJ capacitor, Vindies ~7900). A bunch of advantages of this method: Less time consuming and easier to execute for Basis. (no more checking who already capped who, no more looking for in position broadcasts or tracking cap amount transferred) Faster processing of the cap broadcasts queue, just 15 seconds per ship. Gets most ships back to 70% cap in just 15 seconds, reduced risk of them broadcasting for cap again later on. Reduced risk of missed cap broadcasts. (Basis just lock them all and put them in queue) Declutters broadcast history. (no more "In position" broadcasts for cap) Declutters basi chat. (no more calling who caps who) I do not see any real drawback for this method compared to "the WTM way", but I will attempt to list a few here: (but I am probably biased anyway ^^) Amount of cap served it not tailored to the ship anymore (a 8k cap Vindy could want more cap than a 6.5k Hyperion). If only 2 combat caps are available , pilots will have to give 4 or 5 cycles instead of 3. It can use up more locks. The "3" cycles things is not set in stone, it could be 4 if you think it would match better with fleet needs. Feel free to ask questions or raise concerns, I probably missed a few things but that post seem long enough already. What are your thoughts?
  5. \m/ <3 \m/ Hey WTM<3 I Found this, while trying to soak up wisdom from all sources. Here are some links : Part 1 and 2. I know these videos helped me out greatly, to improve muscle memory efficiency, and i have incorporated it into how I play. I am thankful for all the wisdom/tips that are already posted all over the forum, as well as what has been shared with me in WTM, so I started this thread to help NewBro's and anyone else who wants to become a Logend; my'self included. We love Logi's, and In My Humble Opinion its 2nd place fun only to Being a Vindi with 2 webs <3. "Logi's are Legends" I <3 Logi If you have Tips to share! share them below! Without Further Ado Part 1: Part 2:
  6. (Funfleet) Praxis Fits

    So, the Praxis lands tomorrow. I'll have a spare one to play with, so how about we get a fun fleet going next Sunday, with 39 Praxis and a FC inna Claymore. I am not that FC, and do not have a specific FC in mind, if a FC wants to volunteer, please do. The purpose of this thread to to play with Praxis fits, to see if we can get a viable fleet, and if we get enough people interested. Maybe we end up doing a few assaults, but it could be fun.
  7. If you're new, and you get in my logi wing, I'll say these things to you. Even if you've read this post, I'm gonna say them. Also, yes, that's how long it takes to say this stuff in voice; those speed runs through "Fox In Socks" finally paid off. -- Logi have four jobs: join your logi chat and do what they tell you, move, rep people who broadcast for shield, and basi's have to keep the cap chain going. Setting up As soon as you join fleet, hit the link in fleet MOTD to join basi-chat or scimi-chat. Say "Hi," give your Logistics Cruiser level and how many links/resebo's you have. Join and say hi even if you don't have any links, don't make me hunt you down and ask. Add AAA to your watchlist. If you're a basilisk, add your cap buddies. If your logi-chat gives you link or resebo targets, add them too. Make sure your fleet window's open. You'll need the "My Fleet" tab to find us for the first time, then switch to the "History" tab so you can see shield broadcasts. Move! The instant you land in a site, find your AAA in your watchlist and orbit him at 10km. Turn on your prop mod. Stay like this forever. First exception to this rule: In the first two rooms of a TPPH site, find the EXIT gate, and orbit that at 500m. When any battleship gets up next to the gate, switch your orbit to the battleship. Second exception: at times, the FC will send an "align" broadcast. Align and turn your prop mod OFF. This always happens at the end of a TCRC, and occasionally at other times. Rep people. Lock up every person who broadcasts for shield asap. Every last one, all of them, no exceptions. Use your judgement as to how much rep to drop on which people. Some folks just have a troll frigate nibbling them, some get the whole room. Try not to run all four reppers at once. It attracts aggro and makes you slow to help a new person when Sansha change targets. Stagger your reps. Don't drop several reppers on a person at once, do it like "REP one thousand REP two thousand REP". Cap chain Basilisks always cap up. Cap the person who's immediately above you in the user list of basi-chat; if you're the top of the list, cap the guy on the bottom. Basilisks ABOVE a basi with Logistics 4 also cap down. If the number next to your name in basi-chat MOTD is RED, you're above a L4 basi, use your second transmitter to cap them. Send cap to your cap buddies on gates! We hang eighty billion isk worth of battleships off that cap chain, testing it is important. Basilisks with a free cap transmitter send cap to fleet. Watch for cap broadcasts. If you have a free transmitter, type the first few letters of the guy's name in basi-chat, lock him, and start capping. If somebody types "FRED" just as you were planning to cap Fred, you can either find another cap target or just type "+" to say "I'm capping him too." If we get more cap broadcasts than we can handle at once, send each person three or four cycles of cap and move on to the next one. If you get neuted out or jammed, you can't send cap, and your friends have to deal with that. Tell basi-chat by typing "NNN" (for neuts) or "JJJ" (for jams.) Type "-NNN" or "-JJJ" when the effect ends. Some people also type "WWW" when they're webbed. If the basi you are capping gets neuted out, jammed, or blown up, deal with it by using your second cap transmitter to send cap to THEIR cap buddy. Sometimes this gets complicated and the LC has to tell people where to send their combat caps; when this happens, listen and do what they're telling you. Sites - Each site we do has a particular moment that gives the logi fits. Know them. TPPH - In the third room, on the third wave, there are three Arnons (which jam) and two Outunis (which neut). All combat caps go to the Outuni's target. NRF - The fourth and final wave contains 1-3 Outunis. All combat caps to the Outuni target! After 20-30 seconds, back off to two reps on the person getting hit, because in 45 seconds the entire room switches to a new target, all at once. TCRC - The instant you land, lock up AAA and start repping him. Two seconds later, we get attacked by Outunis, Deltoles (which do EVERYTHING) and Niarjas (jams). Aggro goes everywhere, half the fleet broadcasts for shields, and at least one basi gets neuted out or jammed. If a Scimitar takes aggro during this part, throw armor bots at them immediately, the room can alpha right through their shields and well into armor. Finish your coffee before we go in, please.
  8. Hey! Hope its right place to post. I will be joining wtm incursions channel as I heard I could ask questions there too I will have simi V optimal fit ready today as well as WTM Optimal - Scimitar Logistics V skills (minus nanite toothpaste, will get to those next, but plus some other taht are not listed and 5 in some that are listed as required at 4). I went over all guides on this forum concerning general stuff and logi. In That's Just How I Logi Onizuki mentioned some logi classes but I couldn't find any more info anywhere... how to get into those? I have never flown logi nor incursion, but I am fast study and I need to start somewhere, few people told me to try with wtm so... could someone please kick my butt in the right direction ?
  9. That's Just How I Logi

    Greetings, my name is Oni and I’m one of the LM’s with WTM. Thought I’d fill in this section of the forums by covering some of the things I do while I logi. This is a brief look at my view when in fleet. I’m going to point out various things as I discuss them. First I want to point out my Watch List. I have it set up in a way I feel makes my life easier with less thought. There is a lot in this but I tried to break it down as easily as I can. First pilot on my WL is always the AAA. Next I put my cap buddy/s then the cap chain in “reverse” order. By this I mean they are in the order I should cap people if a pilot/s is missing from grid, I just go down the WL until I either find a basi to cap or realize I’m the only basi on grid. After the cap chain I have the other logi pilots that are in fleet. After all the logi I put the FC, this serves to separate the logi pilots from any DPS pilots I may add as they get added. Next I want to talk about managing reps. Managing your reps and your locked targets is a key skill to develop as a logi. The key thing I want to cover is staggering multiple reps on the same target. As the picture above shows, I have two reps and a cap transfer on The Foshkey(scrubbing in a kronos) who is taking damage. Looking at the bottom where my reps are you can see the cycles of my reps are set about halfway through their time relative to each other. This means that i can pull one of the reps off The Foshkey and on to another pilot in ~2.9 seconds instead of the full 5.8 of cycle time. This also means that if The Foshkey is taking a lot of agro, the staggered reps will hold him at a higher shield level instead of bouncing full then back down while agro lands again. There are a few other finer points on how to logi, but these are the few I find to be the most useful. For more information please attend one of our Logi Schools or feel free to talk with one of our LM’s or Residents. FC’s also know things but they mostly shoot guns