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  1. Wait List Manager / Fits

    Thank you for all of your replies. Maybe I will try my luck speaking with the FC. Mac Ariel did you manage to access the waitlist now? If you ever find a fix, please share. Thanks
  2. Wait List Manager / Fits

    I have tried disabling anti-virus and switching off firewall but still the same. Forums is working fine which is, yeah, weird. I cant open both fits and waitlist manager. My timezone is GMT+4, Dubai. Ahhhhh man! I was very excited doing incursions, ughhhhh!!!
  3. Wait List Manager / Fits

    Hi, Yes i have. Even on other device the site is not loading. I assume that my internet connection has something to do with it, like maybe its blocking the website or something, maybe.
  4. Wait List Manager / Fits

    Hi, I'm new to Incursions and I have already followed all instructions except that I can't seem to open the fits and wait list manager. Its always giving me connection error. I have allowed the site through firewall and JavaScript also allowed. I'm not really technically inclined and this are just the suggestions I received going through this issue. Any help is greatly appreciated.