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Found 1 result

  1. Raw discord post: ok, theory crafting question. Right now we only have HHH and DDD, but if only 50 drones can assign per person this is wrong ideal fleet would have lots of ogres and hammerheads out overwhelming HHH so large amounts of people are sandbagging by not drastically overwhelming the HHH we should also use logi to increase light drone dps and only have the 10x armor and 10x hull drones needed to do spot fixes slowly after a shield catch (shield drones would be more effective in emergencies anyways) So i think a little more micromanaging is called for on drone cloud control so we are not losing contests for this reason so 10x person per drone bunny with logi use equal 4x drone bunnies not 2 if were not filling 3, people are sandbagging also specify 4 logis to do armor;/hull and the rest hobgoblins maybe a set of 5x target painter drones and web drones on the DDD could help when they are evading webs and keeping range (Pacolipse/Jetcanplumber)