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Found 3 results

  1. ...but you realized that u never put the out this whole time
  2. Hello Fleetmates! FCs! VVVs! HHHs! MTACs and all the rest! First post for me and before I get to the topic at hand I want to say thank you to my fleetmates and FCs for making this new experience welcoming, fun and profitable! After having flown WTM for a bit over a month : The best "sites per hour" I've seen us do consistently is 5 The worse sites per hour I've seen us do consistently is about 3.24 In both cases with the same traditional WTM laid-back "lifestyle/playstyle" (which is a good thing) and often roughly the same fleet make-up in terms of types and numbers, if not necessarily players. Now obviously part of the equation is site spawns and competitors, neither of which we have control over, so I started thinking, what factors slow us down or speed us up? One answer is properly concentrating fire on tags, but that's a topic for a different post later. Here I want to look at drones and drone bunnies in a particular circumstance. From observation, what slows us down more than anything else clearing sites is eliminating destroyers and frigs during either room endgame or site endgame. Which makes perfect sense, since if we aren't Battleships, we're Logi. Naturally we mostly suck at hitting small targets, even with target painters helping. Now, while it makes sense to let the bunnies and overflow bunnies handle drones during the main engagements, concentration of fire and all that, it seems to me we might do better with a different tactic with available light drones when it comes to endgame mopping up. Consider this: Sure 50 lights will insta-pop any frig they go after. But wouldn't it be better to pop more frigs faster once we've finished the "heavy lifting" portions of the site or room? Basically leaving 50 light drones with a light drone bunny is overkill. One frig is dying in the same time that 4 or more could be killed. With my decent drone skills and experience outside WTM, 5 lights will always kill pretty much any frig within 4 volleys. 5 rarely. That means EVERY 4 WTM fleetmates who can engage with 5 drones will probably insta-pop 1 frig where, in the same time span, if those drones were left with the bunny only one frig would be down. Now, I'm not suggesting we complicate things by making frig killer wings. Too much like work! What I am suggesting that once it's down to frigs, FCs command that pilots retrieve their light drones from the bunnies and fire at will at the remaining frigs. Now, while sometimes this approach will lead sometimes to overkill since actual targets aren't assigned and maybe more than the optimal number of Bros may engage a frig(or dessie), let's not overwork our FCs or ourselves. I believe on average things will still work out better and faster for us all. The FCs instead of the usual "Recall drones, recall drones, drones in" command, could easily say something like "Recall light drones, light drones free fire" once we get down to mopping up. This, will increase our clear rate without disturbing our laidback style or burdening our hardworking FCs Thoughts, comments and discussions invited now!
  3. Raw discord post: ok, theory crafting question. Right now we only have HHH and DDD, but if only 50 drones can assign per person this is wrong ideal fleet would have lots of ogres and hammerheads out overwhelming HHH so large amounts of people are sandbagging by not drastically overwhelming the HHH we should also use logi to increase light drone dps and only have the 10x armor and 10x hull drones needed to do spot fixes slowly after a shield catch (shield drones would be more effective in emergencies anyways) So i think a little more micromanaging is called for on drone cloud control so we are not losing contests for this reason so 10x person per drone bunny with logi use equal 4x drone bunnies not 2 if were not filling 3, people are sandbagging also specify 4 logis to do armor;/hull and the rest hobgoblins maybe a set of 5x target painter drones and web drones on the DDD could help when they are evading webs and keeping range (Pacolipse/Jetcanplumber)