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Found 1 result

  1. Hello all I'll start with my point then explain in detail. We need regular good scouts to clear sites read the title so you know what I mean. I had originally started thinking about this because I've been reading about General George Washington's spy network and I had also read Field Marshal Erwin Rommel's excellent "Infantry Attacks". Both works directly and indirectly teach how invaluable good intel is. It's a force multiplier. Now. There are times when we have scouts, very often Kirsi (thanks Kirsi!), sometimes others. Sometimes our scouts do it as alts or sometimes they do it "themselves". I've noticed we operate MUCH more efficiently when we have good scouts and the more the better. For example Bouncing and failed contests burn time and time is money(isk and LP). Now a contest where we have a fighting chance is FUN! Actually I enjoy them almost as much as TCRCs, provided we have a chance! If the contesting fleet vastly outguns us, its a waste. How do we know who or what we are facing? A good scout. The more we know about which "enemy" is in space, where he is, what he is doing and what he is doing it with, this gives our FC better information as to what sites to go for, who is likely to finish the site they are running first and move on to that juicy TCRC that just spawned before we can finish the site we are running. what dakka they can bring to a contest and other valuable and handy info. Scouts can also help keep track of when new spawn is due to pop up. Generally there seem to be no more than us and two other fleets up at a time so three scouts would seem ideal as a minimum. Plus we have more people who can "HOLD" sites for us after the Kundalini goes down. Thoughts and discussion welcome, naturally.