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Found 2 results

  1. I joined WTM as a Basi more than a month ago now, after a 3 year break from EVE, and I was a little surprised at first by the way capacitor broadcasts are handled, which is pretty different from what I was used to. After a month of doing it "the WTM way", I would like to propose here an other method I think is more efficient, reliable, and less time consuming. I think it could help lowering Basis workload and simply make the fleet a little bit more efficient. The current method (as far as I understand it and saw it applied) consist of calling the person we cap in BasiChat, by simply typing the first 3 letters of his name. That done, the other Basis know this cap broadcast is handled and they will take the next one. Once the ship we are capping broadcasts in position (or is full, when we pay attention to the amount of cap transferred) , we move to the next broadcast not already handled. A couple of inconvénients of this method are: Some broadcasts get missed (typically when there are more than 15 different broadcasts in a minute, the cap broadcast in the middle get missed as basis catch up with the more recent ones). It clutters BasiChat. Some Basis will cap someone who has already been capped by an other Basi a minute earlier. Not enough people properly broadcast in position. Not all pilots call their cap on time or at all. When there are many cap broadcasts, Basis will have a tendency of not feeding enough cap to each ships, (just 4 or 5 cycles sometimes), meaning that ship will inevitably broadcast for cap again a couple minutes later. Figuring out who broadcasted for cap, but not yet broadcasted in position; and has not yet been call out in BasiChat, can be pretty time consuming. Typing in BasiChat during a TCRC is often the last thing Basis have time for. The method I was taught and want to propose here is pretty simple : giving (at least) 3 cycles of cap to all cap broadcasts. In the details, every Basi will lock all cap broadcasts and serve them 3 cycles, and then move to the next cap broadcast. This insures that most ships will go from 30% capacitor to at least 70%, in just 15 seconds. In the case of 3 combat caps, it's a minimum of 3150 GJ, 4200 with 4 combat caps. (Hyperions have ~6700 GJ capacitor, Vindies ~7900). A bunch of advantages of this method: Less time consuming and easier to execute for Basis. (no more checking who already capped who, no more looking for in position broadcasts or tracking cap amount transferred) Faster processing of the cap broadcasts queue, just 15 seconds per ship. Gets most ships back to 70% cap in just 15 seconds, reduced risk of them broadcasting for cap again later on. Reduced risk of missed cap broadcasts. (Basis just lock them all and put them in queue) Declutters broadcast history. (no more "In position" broadcasts for cap) Declutters basi chat. (no more calling who caps who) I do not see any real drawback for this method compared to "the WTM way", but I will attempt to list a few here: (but I am probably biased anyway ^^) Amount of cap served it not tailored to the ship anymore (a 8k cap Vindy could want more cap than a 6.5k Hyperion). If only 2 combat caps are available , pilots will have to give 4 or 5 cycles instead of 3. It can use up more locks. The "3" cycles things is not set in stone, it could be 4 if you think it would match better with fleet needs. Feel free to ask questions or raise concerns, I probably missed a few things but that post seem long enough already. What are your thoughts?
  2. Usually the far ships are taken care of by the snipers, but this might mean a lack of DPS in tower bashes, or simply lack of fleet ship unity, which would sometimes cause lack of ships. As I see it, they are almost always 100 km away from the DPSes, which would mean if a special group of DPS would use MJDs to jump towards the far enemies it will replace snipers. After the group has been cleared they would jump back and continue with the rest of the fleet (since they do not have microwarpdrives they can jump the opposite direction, then warp directly to the anchor). They can be the new "snipers". With TCRCs a mobile depot could be placed at the end of the last site at the gate to the TCRC, where all the DPS could refit to MWDs and kill the dangerous enemy ships.