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  1. if You are fc’ing scout your own fleet, with an alt? In a cloaky astero? Fc? I just wanted to post something. First time in a few months. Fresh T badge, pretty excited.
  2. DPS Wisdom, Tips and Tactics

    @Victor Victor Veritas very nice write up here, cool to see such care taken from someone not in command core. Good to see a "line pilot" that really gives a damn. Maybe it will be time soon for some other badges to add to your list :). Keep up the good work and its always a pleasure having you in fleet.
  3. Standard Rattlesnake - Alternative

    @Nazeth you should faction that thing out?
  4. The secret, hidden, superior Incursion ship! :D

    @Cpt Tirel why are you so obsessive over this? I ran the graphs yesterday on your geddon. The tracking is so bad, you would only be effective at shooting capital sized ships. Load multi freq and your dps drops to near starter BS numbers. If you are going to compare the nightmare, compare it with pulse lasers. It’s not comparable my friend.
  5. Returning up to speed.

    Welcome back dude.
  6. #SaveIma

  7. Alpha newbro seeks some help

    Roland, Send me a message in game please @zack pilot. We'll talk further. ZP