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  1. TCRC Entry Manoeuver. A Suggestion.

    If you want to do something to change how logi behaves in a TCRC then burn towards the Shield Transfer Array. If logi orbits AAA or booster on entry then some logi will end up going backwards behind the beacon (or at least not burning ahead full speed). This is why I burn towards the STA for 10-20 seconds and then turn around and orbit AAA or booster after I have set my reps. Many fleet calls are not optimal commands but are just dumbed down so that the same kind of ship does the same kind of thing in all the sites. Preloading a TCRC does not increase its danger - it decreases it. In a preloaded TCRC, the aggro is all consolidated on 1 target and fleet comes in 10-15 seconds earlier so that's an additional 10 to 15 seconds you have to get your stuff sorted out before aggro switches. Aggro will not switch to logi unless the rest of the fleet is slow or the logi over reps. If I have a spare account free or a scout I always preload all TCRCs. Preloaded TCRCs are also faster. I don't know anyone in TDF or TVP who ganked anyone.
  2. TLDR Leshak Guide

    How to Leshak: 1. Become a l33t Vindi pilot. 2. Become a l33t Nightmare and Mach pilot. 3. While doing (1) and (2) train Precursor Battleship V and the skills for a Leshak to at least Mastery IV (pref with Gun spec V) 4. Buy a c10 billion isk Leshak with Officer DPS mods or Abyssals better than faction and Aug Drones or Geckos and a Mobile Depot to refit to TE / DDA and SeBo / MWD. Ideally you want an Officer gun too - that will cost another 5 to 10 billion. 5. Fly the ship. You will know what to do because you are already a l33t Sniper and DPS pilot and already know site mechanics, spawns and all the roles and where to go to be of max use.
  3. Fleet Efficiency - suggestions -

    The point of adding roles is that FC's would pick people who x-up for roles ahead of people who didn't in order to ensure roles were filled Now standby for a beating from the "newbro friendly" police. (not that this is not newbro friendly because anyone can x-up to LEARN a role).
  4. Drone DPS, Bunnies, and Sandbagging

    Lots to discuss here: 1. Armour, Hull and Shield bots: They are not there to save pilots. They are there to improve isk efficiency by allowing all ships to start the next site rather than bouncing for reps at a station. So no Shield bots are needed. If you don't catch someone in armor by the time the bots land then the bots will be applying immaterial levels of reps. Armor bots are useful to patch battleships over time. Hull are not needed as the Booster should have a large T2 Hull Repper fit. 2. Number of heavy drone bunnies: An optimal fleet needs 4 Drone Bunnies to do it right. There are two optimal fits - Geckos and Aug Ogres. Geckos are better at applied DPS against ships while Aug Ogres do more DPS on towers. Ideally you should have a Mobile Depot and switch from Geckos to Aug Ogres or Sentries for tower bashes (Note to self re 4000DPS Shack fits). The Optimal Vindi runs either 2 Geckos, 2 Hammerheads and 1 Light or 5 Aug Ogres. Machs and Shaks are optimally fit with 2 Geckos. Alternatively they have 4 Aug Ogres ie 4 Heavies. Nightmares are 1 Gecko, 1 Hammerhead and 3 Lights or Alternatively 3 Aug Ogres. Logi should be 5x Lights not bots as primary but that's not doctrine. A fleet with lots of drones might be: 18 Vindis + 6 Machs / Shaks + 9 Nightmares + 6 logi + 1 Booster. This is: 9 Gecko Vindis - 4 Heavies + 1 Light = 36 Heavy + 9 Light 9 Ogre Vindis - 5 Heavies = 45 Heavy 3 Gecko Machs - 2 Geckos = 6 Heavy 3 Ogre Machs - 4 Ogres = 12 Heavy 4 Gecko NMs - 2 Heavies + 3 Light = 8 Heavy + 12 Light 5 Ogre NMs - 4 Heavies = 20 Heavy 6 Logi - 5 Lights = 0 Heavy + 30 Light DPS = 81 Heavy + 9 Light = 90 Drones. Snipers = 46 Heavy + 12 Light = 58 Drones. Lights = 9 DPS + 12 Snipers + 30 Logi = 51 - these should go to the DDD and DDD is Full. In practice Logi brings Logi Drones not Lights so DDD can be near empty. So in the best case scenario DPS assigns Mediums and Heavies to the HHH and Snipers assign mediums and Heavies to SSS. All Lights go to DDD and overflow if any goes to VVV. DPS = 18x4 = 72 Heavies (Over by 22) assign to HHH and overflow goes to SSS the Special Sniper drone bunny. Snipers = 30 Heavies (Under by 20) assign to SSS. Ie Between SSS and HHH the DPS and Snipers have their drones fully allocated except for 2. Then you have Lights = 18 x 1 + 6 x 0 + 9 x 3 + Logi Lights = 36 + Logi which are assigned to DDD. Since Logi can field an additional 30 lights then you end up with a potential overflow of 36 + 30 + 2 - 50 = 18 of mostly light drones having to be assigned to the VVV. With this fleet comp SSS, HHH and DDD are all full and VVV has 2 heavies and 16 Lights. Overall, VVV is the worst DPS ship to have drones because their job is to be now where the DPS does not need to be until later. This is why the VVV is otherwise known as the professional sandbagger. But you don't need more than 2 heavy bunnies because you need these guys shooting cruisers and the very rare battleship that gets away. But then WTM allows much flexibility on drones and does not require people to bring the optimal configuration of drones for their ships. So …. this is just math. So Tl;Dr; If we want to get serious about drones: (a) Mandate 2 drone layouts per ship - Ogre and Gecko (b) Add in the SSS as a Sniper drone bunny (c) split heavy and light drone assignments between HHH and SSS. Use VVV in the last resort. 3. Support Drones: This is an interesting idea. I have no idea about the numbers so can't comment. I do know in an elite fleet when the DDD can benefit from Web links, 3 Scimi links and 2 SeBos you don't need them. But overall DDD's don't need drone DPS to kill frigates. So using painters and webbing drones may be more useful. If your drones eWar Sansha do they get aggro and instablapped? Also you can fix the too many painters by requiring 1 paint, 1 web, 3 lights per logi. If support drones make sense at all.
  5. Fleet Efficiency - suggestions -

    Pith B's are about saving you. Pith A's are about saving the next guy too. Don't be that guy, upgrade to Pith A's today. Since you can be held with 2 to 3 reppers from 6 Logi in a TCRC when you have Pith A's and since you can overheat then there is a low probability logi will be over repping you. When Logi does not over rep, logi does not get aggro and Logi has enough reps to handle hard switches.
  6. Fleet Efficiency - suggestions -

    The trick is to encourage people to upgrade without being punitive. The number of T2 invuln fits is what kills ships and stops 6 logi TCRCs etc. The other thing is too many people just stay with Pith B's which are enough to save them - but Pith A's save the next guy because the additional resists frees up reps for hard switches.
  7. A quick thank you

    Hey I'm as elitist* as they come but not an ass-hat. Everyone loves new guys! Look forward to seeing you in a Pith-A tanked >2200 DPS Vindicator or whatever else you may choose to undock in. *Depending on which of the multiple conflicting definitions of elitism you take.
  8. "www" and "nnn" in WTM-Basi

    +1 for less typing more flying - SSS and -SSS for stability checks is about the only thing worth putting in Basi chat post your logi level and Number of Sebos on joining.
  9. niki's take on the WTM Leshak

    Remember the Info Links - +48.5% Sensor Strength cuts down on the Jams!
  10. Dr Izumi Uchiya

  11. Friendly Tagging Suggestion

    VVV is tagged "Y" . the font makes it look like a V.
  12. Logi Tactics, Tips, and Tricks

    My approach has been: 1. Double click in space anywhere (preferably in the direction your AAA will anchor in future) and light prop mod. 2. Apply reps to those who need it; If in a Basi and Outunis are on grid provide cap over reps. 3. Set up the cap chain. 4. Set up orbit on AAA Reasons: 1. If you are a Basi and not moving then you are not lockable so your cap buddy can't cap you. 2. Your own tank comes first. That means moving > repping. And unless it is a TCRC you can't rely on the AAA being there / broken invuln. You don't want to be sitting still trying to lock things or look for an anchor. 3. A logi level 5 can coast cap for >40 seconds and apply good reps while not getting cap. The cap chain is over-rated. That means you are providing at least 1 rep and 1 cap to an outuni target irrespective of what is going on with the cap chain until the point where your AB is about to go off. Next comment on Staggered Reps: I go for unstaggered reps to start with. ie I don't want to wait half a cycle to start a repper on a hard switch just to get staggered reps (unless you know DPS is light). Most pilots reaction times and the cycle times of their reppers get randomised over time so with 6 logi there is staggering of reps among the fleet to some degree anyway. If reps have not caught - staggering doesn't matter and you want full reps (staggering only makes a difference if you rep to >100% and some reps are not applied). Once reps have caught and you see >70% Shield then you can set up the staggered rep. Most of the time when DPS stabilises I end up playing whack-a-mole with 0, 1 and occasionally 2 active reppers in a TCRC with 1 rep activating when I see red on a target and then immediately decycling (It's only in 6 logi TCRCs that logi needs to run 3 or 4 reppers continuously)
  13. [Idea] Cap Stable Basilisk; yah or nay?

    Question - if you are going to run Deadspace mediums, how does the Basi compare to a Loki or Tengu?