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  1. abyssal ballistic control system

    what are the rest of its stats?
  2. Warp to Me 6th Anniversary

    @WalterHaut i am going to run a fleet in about 5-6 hours and get smashed and give stuff away should be fun.
  3. WTS Tatara BPO

    the bpo is ME 8 Te 14 looking for 31 bil atm
  4. Long Time No See

    Did you see how old this post is?
  5. Suggestion

    linked channel are very hard to do in ts and almost never work right. There is a way to do it with plugins for ts i can not recall the name atm I will post if i can find it.
  6. Warptome Banned?

    So our record on bans go back to 2016. So I cant tell you the reason but not an issue I will sort the unban you as soon as i am home from work if some one else get it before me. Have fun welcome back to EVE and Warp To Me.
  7. New Incursion Capsuleer !

    Welcome to Warp to me
  8. WaitList EVE Time Added

    @Bruce Warhead @Beryl Slanjava can we look at this?
  9. Doggo pics

    post dog pics in the topic!!!!!! We will start off with one of my dog
  10. Incursion Leshak

    I think we total could limit the number in fleet we only used to let one ddd loki in fleet we could limit it to like 2-3 leshaks. do to the way there they work i see no real issue with that weird ship weird rule. Now i have finished the skills I will try one this weekend.
  11. FC Can I bring my Paladin?

    Yes you can bring if paladin if you want its not the best as they they have said but you can bring it. as long as your fit our requirements of meets 70% resists and has 100k ehp and has passive em there is no reason it will not be allowed in fleet.
  12. Incursions! And me, new to Incursions.

    welcome to warp to me see you in fleet
  13. Yet another Newbro saying Hi

    welcome to warp to me see you in fleet
  14. newbro here

    Welcome to warp to me Either the Nightmare or the Vindi are great places to start. Just have fun and make some isk and try not to die
  15. i normal play fallout 4 or do stuff with my null sec corp