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  1. Nightmare Cap Chain for Newbros

    So, one of you isn't anchoring right. If you KAR on the AAA at 5km, you would have to fly directly past the AAA somehow in order for this to happen. Any slight deviation from straight on would put you within 10km from your buddy. If you KAR your buddy at 5km... well I mean you can't really end up 10.1km away when anchoring then. As for this fit. I have been running a Target Painter and Tracking Enhancer for months and haven't had an issue when cap buddying with people other than people who are just new or forget to cap buddy. My fit is more cap hungry and I can still burn between anchors without having to maintain the cap chain while burning, so this is a weird issue to be having.
  2. A fun fleet, of sorts - Come One, Come All

    New WTM HQ fleet: In all seriousness, if you can get the wing warping portion down it should make it a bit smoother. I would recommend doing the actual warpout with 20 seconds left because you will inevitably have people not aligning, and 20 should catch the ones that forgot to turn their prop mod off as well. One of the big downsides to this is going to be the organization of the fleet itself. Adding logis to waitlists, finding people in the fleet comp for various reasons, etc. will be fairly annoying.
  3. Balancing optimizing with being new-pilot friendly

    @Hatefull I can assure you that anyone with that many hours and not upgrading stuff gets talked to by at least a few people. The problem is that many do not listen and/or do not upgrade. There are several I can think of right now that choose not to upgrade to optimal tank in order to get a second web, etc. and get called out on it at least once a focus and say they don't want to. There are even some that don't even do T2 guns with that many hours.
  4. WTM D&D

    I would probably be interested in this as well. I haven't done 5e before, just Pathfinder, Starfinder, and some really really old DnD.
  5. The best Christmas movie ever

    Basically... is the movie being set at Christmas important to the story? If so, then it is a Christmas movie. If you can change the movie to another time without it really affecting the plot, then it isn't really a Christmas movie, just takes place during Christmas. Die Hard is set during Christmas because the plan to rob the tower involves doing it during the Christmas party so that the building is mostly empty, except for executives and higher ups that can be used as hostages. Thus... Christmas movie!
  6. Interested in Seeing What Others Play

    I forgot about this thread... I was playing a ton of Destiny 2, but basically stopped the same time I picked Eve back up and started doing Incursions. Other than Eve, I don't play anything else a ton, though I do spend a lot of time trying random games or playing a bit of older ones for nostalgia. Xbox Game Pass and EA Play are fantastic for that. Moreso Xbox right now, as there has been a lack of new stuff being added to EA Play in the last few months. If anyone does/wants to do something like Risk of Rain 2, Satisfactory, Warframe, VR Multiplayer games, Blizzard games, etc., I am always down. I have a fairly large collection of stuff. Just usually don't play anything multiplayer unless someone else is playing as well. Most of the people I played multiplayer games with don't really play much anymore.
  7. Eliz Abyssal Shop 2.0

    I will buy the 4 in the last post, 24.4, 24.3, 24.0, 24.0
  8. Eliz Abyssal Shop 2.0

    I will buy the pack for 600, if you want to contract it to Necricia