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Found 2 results

  1. Eliz Abyssal Shop

    SOLD 24.1% 800M 24.3% 1B 24.9% 1.5B 24.4% 900M 24.1% 700M 24.7 1.2B 24.6 1.2B 24.7 1.2B 24.3 800M 24.7 1.1B 24.6 1B Re-organised my WTS thread to include future tasty mods other than entropic sinks Updated with other mods in below post Price check for T2, faction and officer sinks is on 15/05/2020
  2. Just a heads-up on the Large 'Regard' Remote Capacitor Transmitter, now renamed to; Large Inductive Compact Remote Capacitor Transmitter. Large Inductive Compact Remote Capacitor Transmitter - Meta Level: 1(-3), Volume: 25(+20), CPU: 40, PG: 288(-32), Transfer Amount: 311(-13), Capacitor: 338, Range: 7500(-1500). NB; this means that the remote capacitor amount is reduced from 324 to 311 and with perfect skills the module now has an activation cost of 316,9 points so this must be changed to make sure the Basi is still stable.