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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all, Just checking in after a long, long break and I see the optimal Basilisk has changed a bunch, and so I’m wondering what led to those changes, whether it’s a CCP change to incursions or a fleet philosophy change or what. I used to fly an optimal Basilisk with a ReSebo, signal amplifier (12 locks and faster), and 35k EHP. It looks like there’s now no cap chain and the new Basis are cap stable (almost) but at the cost of the ReSebo, SigAmp, and half the tank. Curious why the doctrine change and how the new philosophy works. I’m not actually back yet, but it’d be good to fly again. Separately, it’s nice to see the Osprey got a little love. Hoping things are going well in Incursionland, -T’vaar
  2. o7 friends, Corbyn Vox here returning after winning eve for a year or so. Decided last night I'll probably be spending my eve time with you fine people again, and was wondering the current state of WTM fleets and activity. Are waitlists still sorely lacking in logi? Is Logi V Basi still preferable to blingy scimis? If Logi isn't in heavy demand, which other hull tends to be lacking? How reliable are nightly fleets? Does anyone provide moving services between focuses, as that has tended to cause my drop off in activity? TIA and I look forward to x'ing up very soon!
  3. Eliz Abyssal Shop 2.0

    Abyssal Radiation Sinks Modules will be updated once ESI pulled my assets EDIT: Done. Anything more than 24% will be given module link unless requested. Price negotiable 24.4% 24.8% 1.7b SOLD 23.7% SOLD
  4. This thread is intended to be a place to discuss Blobert's experiments with Basilisks in the first two rooms of TPPH sites. A few people were bringing these experiments up in Zane's agro thread, so I figured the experiments could use their own thread for some more detailed discussion (and to allow Zane's thread to maintain it's focus on agro). To be clear, the tactic discussed in here is experimental, and any basi pilots reading this thread should not make use of this tactic unless commanded to by their FC. For those who don't know what the experiment entails, the simple explanation is that Basilisks do not establish a cap-chain in the first two rooms of TPPH sites. Instead, both cap transfers are used to serve cap to the Outuni target, broadcasts and to any battleships that are lagging behind as they burn towards their targets and the out-gate. The standard cap-chain is re-established when the fleet arrives in the third room. To my knowledge, this tactic is only useful if all basi pilots in fleet are Logi V. My thoughts - I'm a fairly new basi pilot, but I have perfect cap skills and some cheap capacitor implants. I found the experiment easy to manage. I found I had enough capacitor to serve two cap targets, maintain hardeners and afterburner, and pulse a single rep. Having an extra capacitor transfer free provided extra flexibility with serving cap to pilots that were lagging behind the fleet due to late entrances to the room, and also to the vindis burning out to their targets. Cap broadcasts are relatively sparse in these first two rooms, so making use of the extra transfer requires the basilisk pilot to make some decisions on who would benefit most from some extra cap. The extra flexibility is great, but it comes with a price. I would caution that this tactic may cause some confusion with brand-new basi pilots. "Always cap-chain" is a much easier rule to follow than "Cap-Chain everywhere except the first two rooms of TPPHs". Furthermore, newer basi pilots are less likely to choose targets that would benefit from extra cap. Given the importance of the cap chain in ensuring fleet survival, this drawback is significant when flying with less experienced (or less attentive) basi pilots. As such, I would only recommend this tactic when flying with an experienced logi wing. They don't need to be grizzled veterens, but they should know enough about the site to have an understanding of who will need cap and why. Anyway, that's my opinion after trying out the experiment a few times. I think it has potential to speed up TPPH sites, but I am not convinced that it should be made the default TPPH strategy. I'm interested to hear what everyone else thinks.
  5. Just a heads-up on the Large 'Regard' Remote Capacitor Transmitter, now renamed to; Large Inductive Compact Remote Capacitor Transmitter. Large Inductive Compact Remote Capacitor Transmitter - Meta Level: 1(-3), Volume: 25(+20), CPU: 40, PG: 288(-32), Transfer Amount: 311(-13), Capacitor: 338, Range: 7500(-1500). NB; this means that the remote capacitor amount is reduced from 324 to 311 and with perfect skills the module now has an activation cost of 316,9 points so this must be changed to make sure the Basi is still stable.