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Found 2 results

  1. WTM Exchange Program

    I will like to trial an rigged hull exchange program should the next focus be not be an island. What will happen is that when the focus spawn, you may contract your rigged hull to Cass Lockheart at janice price and subsequently similar rigged hull will be contracted to the dockup system with the same janice price. If you contract your blinged stuff with it; I will reject that contract. Definition of rigged hull means t2 guns/logi reps + rigged hull (for marauders other highslot modules are currently accepted as long its not blinged (eg. peace reps) I will entertain only contracts originating from the previous focuses and not from any trade hubs because that means you are lazy. At the moment I have 1 kronos 1 vindi and 2 scimi available for exchange KRONOS - Ryoin Iwaira VINDI SCIMI (Clarification: This is my personal trial and its not related to WTM apart from the fact I'm an FC for them) The exchange contracts at the dockup system will be up within 24hr of the focus spawn
  2. Eliz Abyssal Shop 2.0

    Abyssal Radiation Sinks Modules will be updated once ESI pulled my assets EDIT: Done. Anything more than 24% will be given module link unless requested. Price negotiable 24.4% 24.8% 1.7b SOLD 23.7% SOLD