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  1. Old logi pilot wondering what’s up with the Basi?

    Yep, I can believe it. The extra damage would do it, and the period when the bastion mod duration was 30 seconds would make it extra enticing. And with all the bastioned marauders self-repping, I can see why fewer logi would be needed, too.
  2. Old logi pilot wondering what’s up with the Basi?

    Good catch. I consulted an old version of Pyfa and bastions did not have the doubled rate of fire originally. I think the 4x launchers at 2x damage each put marauders roughly on par with regular battleships otherwise.
  3. Old logi pilot wondering what’s up with the Basi?

    Ahhhhh - thank you for explaining that! I remembered the bastion duration being the barrier before, but when I went to look at the change I was surprised to see it's the same now as it was then.
  4. Old logi pilot wondering what’s up with the Basi?

    Wow. Thanks. Yep, that's a pretty radical change from before. Looks like marauders have pretty much entirely replaced Vindicators for preferred DPS, and total logi count is less. Used to be like 9 logi (3 combat caps plus scimitars), 10 snipers, and Vindicators for the rest. https://forums.warptome.net/topic/344-ideal-fleet-composition/?tab=comments#comment-2338
  5. Old logi pilot wondering what’s up with the Basi?

    Thanks all for explaining. I understand better now. Yeah, there didn’t used to be marauders, really. Bastion modules were prohibited. And we used to have a cap chain, and we used to accept Basilisk pilots with Logistics skill 4 (who needed two incoming cap transfers for stability), so I can see those changes calling for doctrine shift. Battleships do lock up pretty fast, agreed. The SigAmp and ReSebo were more for crisis situations where we had to save a Scimitar or something. The 12 locks and fast lock time were more of a luxury for crisis management than for normal, smooth fleet operation. Having lots of pre-locks is nice. Also tended to get jammed less often. I remember when ReSebos switched to the command ships. Basi pilots who had them could then just turn them on their cap buddies for those faster locks and jam prevention. On 3/3 Basis, I think command core might have flown those on rare occasions but not generally. With the cap chain, each (Logi 5) Basi had one combat cap instead of the 2 you get now. I imagine you now run fleets with a higher Scimi/Basi ratio than we used to have, so the net fleet change might be that in exchange for thinning the Basi tank in favor of cap stability, you can get adequate combat caps in fleet with fewer Basilisk hulls and can therefore field more Scimitars with tracking links and thereby run faster. I don’t know if it ends up working that way in practice, but I can see that being the theory, and it’s consistent with Tani’s post (thanks!). What does today’s fleet comp tend to look like?
  6. Hi all, Just checking in after a long, long break and I see the optimal Basilisk has changed a bunch, and so I’m wondering what led to those changes, whether it’s a CCP change to incursions or a fleet philosophy change or what. I used to fly an optimal Basilisk with a ReSebo, signal amplifier (12 locks and faster), and 35k EHP. It looks like there’s now no cap chain and the new Basis are cap stable (almost) but at the cost of the ReSebo, SigAmp, and half the tank. Curious why the doctrine change and how the new philosophy works. I’m not actually back yet, but it’d be good to fly again. Separately, it’s nice to see the Osprey got a little love. https://forums.warptome.net/topic/1887-nikis-capsprey-guide-for-hq-sites/ https://forums.warptome.net/topic/203-entry-level-logi-logistics-skill-is-zero/ Hoping things are going well in Incursionland, -T’vaar
  7. New Bro

    Haha - Skyler beat me to it!
  8. New Bro

    You personally do not have to reach 100k EHP and 70% resists (though we won't object if you can). Your fit, however, should be one that would have 100k EHP and 70% resists if all of your skills were Level 5. So if you stick it in a tool like Pyfa with a skill profile of "all 5" and it meets that standard, then it's good. The fits on the fitting website https://wl.warptome.net/fits/ meet the standard, so if you can fly one of them (and can use all the modules) you're fine to join fleet right away. I also advise everyone to read the bullets on the fitting website. Meta 4 guns are acceptable on a Rokh if you cannot yet use the T2 guns. Some other modules can also be meta 4, though not the tank modules. Tank modules can be upgraded to faction, though, if you are willing to spend the money to overcome problems with skills. Feel free to talk to us in game or in comms. We can probably get you flying much sooner than 5 weeks. See you soon!
  9. I honestly don't know what the channel was called, or whether they meant Elm Street or a different channel. Occasional prodding from the FC would likely help. It seems there are still a number of hurdles, though. Bruce mentioned asking NMs individually "in order till you find one that doesn't have a cap buddy and has the right cap transfer (meta4/T2) for you." I don't know how many private conversations it takes to find a cap buddy that way, but it sounds labor-intensive. The effort required represents some kind of barrier. Also, the fact that different pilots fit different cap transfers is a barrier. Also, the fact that not all pilots have good enough cap skills to make capping worthwhile is a barrier. Even if a pilot is willing to cap buddy and wants to find one, the effort involved in accomplishing it might just be too much. I'm just looking for some way to streamline it. It doesn't have to be a chat channel. For the sake of discussion, though, I could envision a channel that NMs and other relevant snipers join as soon as they join fleet. In that channel, they announce how many cap transfers they have, and what type. Something like: o/ 2x faction, or o/ 1x meta 4, or o/ 0x don't wanna, or o/ 0x bad skillz or whatever, and then that information is posted into an updated MOTD just like the logi channels, so that pilots know right away (a) who is willing, (b) who has compatible equipment, and (c) who does not already have a buddy (assuming MOTD is updated for this). If some kind of system like that is in place, then the FC can just tell pilots to join the forum/channel/whatever-it-is and announce themselves, and doesn't end up repeatedly harassing pilots who don't have the skills or have incompatible equipment or some such. At the same time, we make it easy for pilots to comply ("join and announce" is easy) while retaining their option to refuse to buddy up.
  10. I see. Having never flown a Nightmare, all I know about the channel is that I asked once if it would make sense to make one and was told that one already existed. I never heard about the judgment that it's a terrible idea. The way you describe finding a buddy makes sense. Despite that, there seem to be quite a few people (above) who wish more NMs were capping each other, which suggests something about our status quo is inadequate. If we actually want more NMs to cap than currently do, presumably we have to do something to inspire it. To your point, perhaps the solution is to recommend that NMs who want cap buddies be more forceful about individually asking other NM pilots, rather than asking the whole group in fleet.
  11. Perhaps we can do something to help make it easier for them to take the suggestion. My understanding is that we already have a channel for Nightmares to find cap buddies. We could put a link to that channel in the Fleet MOTD and suggest that Nightmares and other cap-relevant snipers join it. In the channel, the pilots can discuss who has how many cap transfers and what skills they need for them to be effective, and whether to bother capping or not with the skills and partners available. We will still have people who don't join the channel, and we'll still have people in the channel who never buddy up, but making it a higher-profile idea will get new pilots in the habit of thinking about it and learning about it. Making it more of a fleet norm might inspire greater compliance, even if we're perfectly accepting of pilots who elect not to.
  12. I agree the problem is more about pilot behavior than fitting. If we're serious about getting snipers to partner up, it might be enough to just institutionalize the expectation a bit. For instance, Basi pilots are expected to cap chain. New pilots are taught how to do it, the concept is explained to them, a chat channel is created that they are required to join, and there's an official role (LC) to oversee management and status of the cap chain. We could do the same for Snipers. We could teach new sniper pilots how to do it, explain the concept to them, create a chat channel that they are expected to join (SniperCap?), and create a role (Sniper Commander?) for assigning cap buddies and monitoring cap status (unless we'd rather leave it as another unsung hero like the role of "person who updates Scimi Links chat"). These aren't especially challenging steps to take, and once they're instituted, the momentum and inertia will maintain the practice. Eventually it could just be accepted that "this is just how things are done."
  13. other games???

    Public Service Announcement - The original Starcraft / Brood War has been remastered and is now available for free. https://starcraft.com/en-us/
  14. Ideal Fleet Composition?

    My suspicion is that everything after Spudzy's "lol rip real answer to the question" was genuine.
  15. What if............

    Given the planet's magnetic field, could you give yourself a boost by carrying a battery, wrapping yourself in wire, and flipping the switch as you start your descent? Thereby launching yourself through the planet-cannon?