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  1. How bored are you between spawns?

    Been actually going on stratops, sell LP, play ARAM on LoL, Deep Rock Galactic (it's awesome), Siege, For Honor.
  2. Cap Stable Vindi (Alpha only, probably heresy)

    Damage rig, Gist X MWD, two 6% cap implants, max cap skills. Had to broadcast for cap exactly once across 3 hours in fleet today.
  3. Honestly, I think that if it's not run by some neutral third party, it's just gonna get burned down. E.g. goons couldn't set it up, everyone else would smash it because it's waaaay too much free isk for any self-interested party to have, and the charity people have the whole charity thing going, a bunch of people pledged to defend it, and quite possibly chribba. Going against chribba is probably not the smartest thing for people to do...
  4. hi

    Foshkey! Welcome back. Edit:Carrier! Welcome back too!
  5. Blame Wacko...