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  1. Returning player want to try Incursions

    Wow. I'm surprised you haven't received a reply here. Or maybe I shouldn't be surprised. Most of the social activity for WTM is happening on our Discord server now. I encourage you to come chat with us there.
  2. Coming back

    I grew up there. Live in the North Dallas area now.
  3. Old logi pilot wondering what’s up with the Basi?

    1 Claymore (primary command booster) 0-1 Claymore or Vulture (secondary command booster) 1-4 Basilisks (ideally 2) 0-5 Scimitars (ideally 2) 0-3 Lokis (ideally 2 with Savior implants) some Vindicators (ideally 2-3, but sometimes we have zero and sometimes we have ten) a bunch of Marauders (Kronos, Paladin, and Vargur) a few starter and intermediate battleships, depending on how many newbro pilots we have 0-2 Golems (if we have die hard missile pilots) If we have any armor doctrine ships: 1 Damnation/Eos/Astarte (with armor command boosts) 1-2 Nestors
  4. Coming back

    Where in Texas?
  5. Coming back

  6. Coming back

    WTM fleets tend to be USTZ fleets. Review the Discord #fleet-pings channel to see when we've been running. The Incursion focus is down at the moment; there will be a post in #incursion-status when it spawns. Read the Travel Safety guide: Review the guides in #guides-and-fleet-status channel.
  7. Returing player questions

    1. Generally, yes. The number of fleets per day is fewer because we have fewer players overall. And the recent CCP chat calamity has kinda put the brakes on fleets for a moment -- it turns out that it is very hard to run a fleet without fleet chat (whodathunkit?!) 2. Any of the three starter battleships would be appropriate for you (they're all DPS boats). If the skills for the weapon system were a factor (not for you) then I'd recommend the Hyperion since it is hybrids like the Vindicator for which you're aiming. 3. The upgrade points are: a. Intermediate or Optimal Hull 20 hrs. That means we want you in a Vindicator (an optimal hull) at that point. b. Tech II guns + Deadspace (X-type) MWD + Faction Damage Mods at 65 hrs c. Optimal Fits on either an Intermediate or Optimal Hull at 80 hrs. See fits page for optimal fits. 4. See above. Get out of the starter hull by 20 hrs. 5. Most of that communication would be via in-game or Discord messages.
  8. IT's The Great Giggity, Talidar!

    According to the waitlist (at this time) it is: 2022-10-30 00:30:00
  9. Trade Hubs and HQ Incursion Systems

    Here's my chart of Incursion constellations. (If it helps)
  10. WTS Mach/Vargur Abyssal mods & Vargur Hull

    I'm not especially interested in this (although I fly Vargur on occasion), but you might want to mention where those are located. Jita perhaps? Current focus (Agha)?
  11. Another new pilot with a bunch of questions

    Talking in Stations interview:
  12. Another new pilot with a bunch of questions

    Regarding moving (like from focus to a market hub, or from the last focus to the next focus), look for me (MDD Teller and MDD Feynman) in the WTM Incursions channel. I frequently have better travel routes than what autopilot offers. And these become increasingly more important the more expensive your ship becomes.
  13. What is the best logi, a scimi or a basi?

    Try overheating AB to burn towards an out-of-position Marauder who's drawn aggro. And you're the only logi even vaguely getting close to "in range". Pucker factor.
  14. Marauder Initiative

    MDD Teller used to be a T2 invention alt. I'm pretty sure I have what you need... The only issue is he's not at any given system much these days.
  15. Marauder Initiative

    What are the requirements that you have for builders?