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Found 3 results

  1. This Is Bhaaloween Fun Fleet

    It's that time of year, and we've got Bhaalgorns to play with. What better way to start things off with a fun fleet? The usual rules apply, battleships have to meet the usual tank standard (100k, 70% resists, DCU, passive EM). Logi should be logi, but it IS possible to make the Bhaalsilisk work. (I don't think we could handle more than one, maybe two. Oh god, it's horrible ) There may be some weirdly Bhaalgorn-themed handouts! I thiiiink... Saturday. November 3. From about 1700 EVE time to 2000, or whenever we run out of goats. Also, check this:
  2. Mardi Gras Fun Fleet

    Monday Feb 12 approx 0000 Server 6pm Central USTZ (subject to change) I will be hosting my first fun fleet after being recertified upon my return and thanks to mardi gras i cant get out of my apartment for 4.5d. What does this mean specificlly, if it meets tank you can fly it. Drake yes. HAC yes, assorted other stuff that meets tank yes subject to reasonable amount of stupidity. If you bring a normal acceptable WTM fit, srp will still apply, If you bring a fun ship you wallet tank it. If you would me like to pre approve your fit, fantastic drop me an eve mail with the fit. Of course per sandman fun fleet BYOB. Fleet will run until i pass out and or generally drink myself blind. Hope to see everyone there.
  3. FUN FLEET 24/7/2016

    Fun Fleet time Bring your own beer as well{BYOB} After the officer Meeting Going to post for 00:00 eve time but May start earlier Lots of fun and prizes Puterrrr