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Found 1 result

  1. Marauder Initiative

    This is the Cheaper Marauder Initiative. Marauder prices are stupidly high, because of industrial players inflating t2 mat prices twice in a row. This project aims to make it easier for incursion runners to get into a marauder by making those available at almost build cost. Project status: Running (click to see waitlist) How does it work: No upfront cost! Hull deliveries at Jita, unless i find a good, cheap and reliable logistic group to move things to dock-up for a correct price! Price calculated at contract creation. Price is Build Cost +5%, to fund a bigger stockpile of base materials. Contract is up 1week. Price Estimation (before +5%): Kronos: 1.113 B Paladin: 1.172 B Vargur: 1.183 B Golem: 1.256 B Price updated: 2021/06/24 Frequently Asked Questions! 1. How do I order a hull? Project is ran by J3di Master Yoda, and graciously hosted by Xoceac in his Incursion Supplies discord, in the #marauder-initiative channel, feel free to come take a look there. Everything will be run from discord, this topic is here for publicity sake. Check pinned messages in channel for more informations. 2. What happens if I don't accept the contract while it's up? Well first it's going to make me fukken sad to have 1+ Billion ISKs lying around like that doing nothing. And if you do not accept the contract while it's up, the hull will be contracted to the next person in line for that specific hull, and i'll bump you back to the bottom of the wait-list at least once. 3. How long can we expect to wait? Current estimate is 12 days for 4 hulls. See how much hulls at standard priority there are on the list and do the calculation. 4. Can I get multiple hulls/what does low priority means? You can ask multiple hulls, but additional ones are set to low priority. Low priority means it goes up the waitlist as normal, but build will only start if there are no standard priority hulls to be built. 5. It's my first hull but I'm still training. FC, what do? Ask for low prio and mention it is your first hull, and poke me again when you're done training to let me know I can remove the low prio flag. If you're already on top of the list by then, I'll start the build as soon as the current batch is done. 6. Can I ask to have my hull changed for another one? Sure! But if you were in the current building batch, I'll swap you in the next batch for someone that wanted the hull I was building for you. How do I contribute? Any donation is appreciated. If you want to donate ISK or materials (full list available here), please send to corp 'Marauder Initiative' (ticker is 'X.UP').