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  1. How bored are you between spawns?

    Play other games , Path of exile , elite dangerous , warframe . Also have other eve online activities to do such as PVP and market trading . So not really bored .
  2. What is better for the fleet?

    You got to take the MTAC role , learn to lock the mara's up fast , assign your drones allways and listen to the FC . Being the best pilot you can be at all times IS doing it right .
  3. I´m the (really) new one

    Welcome , have fun , listen to the FC . WTM is a great place to fly and make isk
  4. Drone damage research

    Are you going to upgrade to a Mach soon ? you can use 4 Ogre as well then !
  5. Intro

    Having multiple ships in different regions , fit , ready to go , makes it a lot easier to move around from focus to focus even easier when you have jump clones setup as well . Welcome to WTM.
  6. TCRC Entry Manoeuver. A Suggestion.

    I think it is up to the FC to assess the situation on entrance and to make the call to orbit the booster if needed . The intial call for logi's to establish orbit on the AAA , prop mods on , give the AAA what he needs , is needed as this establishes a standard operating procedure for newer bro logi on a TCRC entrance to get used too , they say to themselves , right I know what to do here , once they have done a few entrance's . Why I say it is up to the FC , because where AAA ends up and where the aggro goes , two things the FC should be watching , so this is when the FC will make the call to orbit the booster . It comes down to listen to the FC calls , in regards to pilots range from the logi , if some vindis/leshaks/mtac burn too early , its not the logis fault , but this is up to FC situational awarness to pick this up and falls into the call , logi's orbit the booster . My point is the standard operating procedure , what the logis should be taught from the get go is to orbit the AAA at 10km with prop mod on allways , and to allways listen to the FC .
  7. TLDR Leshak Guide

    4th wave NRF , DPS Lite - go for last tagged otuni then last tagged osti / osti in reverse after that . ?? TCRC entrance 1 cycle towards otuni 2 into occult then burn after tag 1 otuni die ?? Lock AAA for possible armour rep if in range . On tower can lock other leshaks if you have armour reps and rep if needed , Watchlist your fellow leshaks . Just suggestion here , not trying to say better or preferred .
  8. Juan Carlos Minjita

    Hmm this dude seems well please to be born into warp to me community !
  9. Leshak Tactics

    I think the real skill in flying the Leshak is getting into occult range and that means managing your mwd cycles . Knowledge in the sites and spawn points , what you can kill before you have to be at the next spot .
  10. Leshak Tactics

    I do not understand the 22.7% bit , please help ? Anything green on ROF and damage multi would be an upgrade yes ?