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  1. Old eve player

    Welcome! Logi pilots, especially with logi cruiser 5, are essential to the fleet and always in demand. Golem is also technically acceptable, but not the best for our purposes. It certainly won't be turned away, but the logi is definitely preferred. Hope to see you in fleet soon! Current info about location and fleet status can be found in "warp to me incursions" chat (without quotes of course)
  2. Low sec incursions

    At the moment, we only run highsec incursions because our fleets are not suited for it and it's considerably more dangerous. Presently we have no plans to change this.
  3. Fits for alpha players

    The guns can be meta 4 version, which alphas can use. And our fitting requirements assume all V skills, you can still fly with us if you're missing a few of the tank skills. If your ship meets requirements, and you can use all of the modules on your ship, you can join us (which alphas are capable of). While omega is better, you won't be turned away as an alpha, and we don't discriminate by fit or skills, only ship category (DPS, Logi, Sniper) and waiting time.
  4. New Alpha State Dec 5th

    Not really for different sites, but for the rokh fit in general, you need to switch the Capacitor rig for a Thermal Rig (Large Anti- Thermal Screen Reinforcer) if your caldari battleship level is less than 4 (which is where most, if not all alpha clones are probably at.) There's also influence fitting, which happens sometimes, you can find a guide here:
  5. Me, Inside the Moon

    one time i tried flying a drake into a moon and my game crashed
  6. Friendly Tagging Suggestion

    How would you tag VVV? There's no letter "V" tag as far as i know, and thats probably the most useful for one for line pilots to have visible considering how much DPS moves around in some sites.
  7. Logi School

    We should make a sticky thread or something so that anyone hosting a logi school could have it on display and potential students could notice it easily. I might come through just so i can get that blue cross badge
  8. Why I fly with WarpToMe

    Why do I fly with WTM? I first heard about incursions from a corpmate who wanted to build a dreadnought in our local c3 (He still shows up once in a while during late-night fleet, his name is Sudakon). I asked him where he had enough money for that kinda thing, and he gave me a link to WTM local. At the time i thought incursions were only for the rich and high-skilled, but he showed me his rokh fit, and I said ,"Well I can fly that". I quickly got my stuff together, got a small loan of 1 bil isk, and bought a hyperion and a skill injector. I finally got invited to fleet, and at first i was very difficult to work with. I wasn't disrespectful or anything, just straight up dumb. Didn't read the rookie guide, didn't broadcast on time, anchored on VVV during tcrc, and did other typical scrub things. But the FC's were patient with me and the isk was great, so i stuck around and got better. Upgraded to a vindi (still my all-time favorite ship), plexed myself and paid off my 1 bil loan, and learned more about the game and about incursions. I was flying with a corp that I liked, but they soon disbanded so i decided to travel with wtm full-time. Not long after I signed up for the training FC program. I was an fc with my old corp, and i decided to put those skills to use. It was only then that I began to appreciate the community for what it is. My fellow commanders, as well as the f1 warriors and logibro's, are some of the coolest and kindest people I've ever had the pleasure to fly with. My most memorable experience was when I lost my shiny vindicator to gankers, not long after I first became a T-badge. It just so happened that I had spent most of my money, and i had to plex in less than a week. Without an incursion ship, I was in danger of losing my subscription. Den Talidar heard of my plight, and swooped in to save the day, granting me a fully-fit vindicator (with faction mag stabs) worth well over 1 bil, as well as 500mil to cover the cost of my plex. When i offered to repay him, he simply said that becoming a full FC with WTM would be enough. I'm around a lot, usually lurking in the help channels or FCing from my fish tank (anyone who's flown with me will get that joke). In short, I fly with WTM because the community is like no other, and although we may have our issues you guys are really nice to me and we've got a great community with resources, inclusiveness, an extensive knowledge base, and most importantly fun! As I say to all the people I talk to in the help channels, hope to see you in fleet soon!