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  1. Anchoring Help

    Fleet MOTD has all the guides , in yellow and bold . Learn the spots , pay attention to where stuff spawns and be there when it does .
  2. What is the best logi, a scimi or a basi?

    Prove your worth as a logi pilot .
  3. Back to Incursions soon(ish)

    WTM run HQ fleet nearly all of the time so HQ would be the place to start . VG are most commonly run for influence grind , sometimes when HQ fleet is not up VG are run , and are not that different to the HQ fits . I would carry both , changing the rigs from HQ to VG is not really needed for the casual VG pilot . For the implants I would go Ascendancy with the WS-618 slot 6 instead of the omega
  4. LP concord

    Going to pile mine up on the lawn this winter and have a good old boon fire , do some marshmellow , maybe some steaks .
  5. Interested in Seeing What Others Play There is a bit happening in december in Path of Exile , looks like fun .
  6. Interested in Seeing What Others Play new 3 month league , free to play arpg .
  7. Scimitar Upgrades

    Fly casual to avoid aggro , the wrath of the empire , get to the shield generator !!!
  8. Interested in Seeing What Others Play

    DayZ PVE server with base building mods and a trader // Path of Exile , for about a month on fresh league // CS 1.6 in the evenings when the 1 server I play on is populated (3/4 full) // company of heroes , couple of times a month when I get invited to play .
  9. Serving cap broadcast, a better method?

    Usual rule is 3 cycles then move on in heavy cap situations , capping the player who has the outuni when applicable . Problem is WTM seems to be getting a few new basi pilots as well as new pilots in general , No one tells the new logi that they should combat cap all the time , which they should be . No reason not too . Cap the vindi's that are burning out to the osti's , cap the hyperions or that rohk/maelstrom on a burn . Should be capping something is the point here . If all 3 or 4 of the basi wait for broadcasts , that is when they get overwhelm'd and that is where the issues start . Basi just have to try and do the best they can when giving out cap , something they have to deal with and can get better with time in fleet , sometime the fleet doesnt relise , basi are people too , you know . Should really encourage the newer pilots to consider cap implants and a better MWD as a first upgrade to make everyone's experience a little better but I guess that is another post .
  10. How bored are you between spawns?

    Wolcen lords of mayhem is being released . Alt in a low sec pirate corp just log in and blap some people with no papers or permit . Path of Exile for some mapping and Delve'ing .
  11. How bored are you between spawns?

    Play other games , Path of exile , elite dangerous , warframe . Also have other eve online activities to do such as PVP and market trading . So not really bored .
  12. What is better for the fleet?

    You got to take the MTAC role , learn to lock the mara's up fast , assign your drones allways and listen to the FC . Being the best pilot you can be at all times IS doing it right .
  13. I´m the (really) new one

    Welcome , have fun , listen to the FC . WTM is a great place to fly and make isk
  14. Drone damage research

    Are you going to upgrade to a Mach soon ? you can use 4 Ogre as well then !