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Found 2 results


    Title says it all, from my most recent successful sale, I decided to keep it going, I don't remember when I started incursions since starting last year, but at this point I have MILLIONS of CONCORD LP that I haven't used. There is a mailing list that the other incursion group, TDF, has sent out for implants, which is pretty much on point with what WTM does, which is more DPS, CAP AND WARP. ***FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE, WILL DELIVER ANYWHERE IN HIGH SEC, THAT IS NOT AN ISLAND OR TRIG VICTORY*** IMPLANT SLOT 6-10 SLOT 6- WARP (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, ESPECIALLY FOR LOGI) Eifyr and Co. 'Rogue' Warp Drive Speed WS-618 --- 18% Warp Speed *AUGUST 24, 2020* Jita Price: 556,600,000 --- my price: 525,000,000 SLOT 7- GUN TRACKING (EVERY BATTLESHIP) Eifyr and Co. 'Gunslinger' Motion Prediction MR-706 --- 6% Tracking *AUGUST 24, 2020* Jita Price: 698,500,000 --- my price: 650,000,000 SLOT 8- CAPACITOR (UNIVERSAL FOR EVERYONE) Inherent Implants 'Squire' Capacitor Management EM-806 --- 6% Ships Capacitor Capacity *AUGUST 24, 2020* Jita Price: 519,700,000 --- my price: 500,000,000 SLOT 9- DPS (EVERY BATTLESHIP) Inherent Implants 'Lancer' Gunnery RF-906 --- 6% turret rate of file (DOES NOT WORK FOR MISSILE LAUNCHERS, THEY HAVE A SEPARATE IMPLANT) *AUGUST 24, 2020* Jita Price: 507,500,00 --- my price: 485,000,000 SLOT 10- WILDCARD/ARMOR (BATTLESHIP VARIED) Inherent Implants 'Lancer' Large Energy Turret LE-1006 --- 6% LARGE Energy Laser Damage (nightmares/paladins) *AUGUST 24, 2020* Jita Price: 601,000,00 --- my price: 575,000,000 Zainou 'Deadeye' Large Hybrid Turret LH-1006 --- 6% LARGE Hybrid Turret Damage (vindi's) *AUGUST 24, 2020* Jita Price: 575,000,000 --- my price: 550,000,000 Eifyr and Co. 'Gunslinger' Large Projectile Turret LP-1006 --- 6% LARGE Projectile Turret damage (mach's) *AUGUST 24, 2020* Jita Price: 456,000,000 --- my price: 425,000,000 Inherent Implants 'Noble' Hull Upgrades HG-1006 --- 6% Armor Hitpoints (leshak's or fleets with tdf ) *AUGUST 24, 2020* Jita Price: 540,000,000 --- my price: 525,000,000 *** SO BASICALLY TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT, WHAT HIGH SEC STATION YOU WANT THE IMPLANTS, I WILL DELIVERY FOR FREE AND CREATE CONTRACT, FINAL PRICE IS "MY PRICE" UNLESS JITA PRICE CHANGES DRASTICALLY, YOU CAN MESSAGE OR PM IN GAME TOO- Helgrade ***
  2. Ideal Fleet Composition?

    New members often ask questions like, "What is the best ship I should train for incursions?" and, "Which is more desired, Basilisk or Scimitar?" and other such things. Even experienced pilots sometimes ask questions like, "Why don't we like ship XYZ?" and so on. FCs all have their own styles, and WTM accepts a great many less-than-ideal ships in the spirit of inclusiveness, so FCs almost never get to fly their "ideal" fleets. For all of us who are interested, though, and for all the new pilots who want to do their part to help, I am curious to know what FCs WISH their fleets could be. FC, what is your ideal fleet? When I first joined Warp To Me, I asked one day, and one FC said the following: "My ideal fleet is: 3 Basilisks (Logi 5) for 3 combat caps, 6 Scimitars with 3x tracking links each, 10 Sniper ships (Nightmares and Machariels), The rest Vindicators for damage output." (So, 21 Vindicators.) Since then, the booster functions have changed, so I imagine that last line is now 20 Vindicators plus one Command Ship for fleet boosts, but you get the idea. So, again - FCs, if you could count on all your pilots to bring what you want, what would your ideal fleet look like?