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Found 2 results

  1. What if............

    If I dug a hole straight through the middle of the earth, from England to Australia, assuming I didn’t get obliterated by the earth’s very hot core, and I jumped right down that hole. What would happen? A) Would I jump in an just fall out the other side and be in Australia in time for lunch with Auzzie captain and Imogene and digi? B) Fall to the middle and the gravity would make me bounce backwards and forwards like a pendulum so my fall would therefore be eternal? C) Or as i reach the midway point, each country would want me to fall to them, so i would be ripped in half and my legs would carry on to Australia and my top half would end up back in Britain for tea with mum? D) Lastly could I just land the mid-point and just sit there hovering in the middle of the earth because gravity is pushing me both ways, so i would be suspended in the hole just no going anywhere?
  2. NEW Badge idea(s)

    So after experiencing the aggro usurping power of the Barghest that can extend out to 74 km, and seeing the on paper extreme dps of the rattle, and being a missile lover at heart, AND already having fun with the badge system presented by WTM, I have the following suggestion: New Badge: Black Sheep (disappoint your parents but also surpass their expectations by flying a Torpedo Barghest, and possibly Rattlesnake, with T2 launchers and faction Ballistic Control Systems). Alternative Badge names: Nuker. Nuclear Launch Detected. Barg Lives Matter. Splatula. Ground Zero. First Strike. Final Solution. Master Race. Post your ideas here!