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  1. Ideal Fleet Composition?

    New members often ask questions like, "What is the best ship I should train for incursions?" and, "Which is more desired, Basilisk or Scimitar?" and other such things. Even experienced pilots sometimes ask questions like, "Why don't we like ship XYZ?" and so on. FCs all have their own styles, and WTM accepts a great many less-than-ideal ships in the spirit of inclusiveness, so FCs almost never get to fly their "ideal" fleets. For all of us who are interested, though, and for all the new pilots who want to do their part to help, I am curious to know what FCs WISH their fleets could be. FC, what is your ideal fleet? When I first joined Warp To Me, I asked one day, and one FC said the following: "My ideal fleet is: 3 Basilisks (Logi 5) for 3 combat caps, 6 Scimitars with 3x tracking links each, 10 Sniper ships (Nightmares and Machariels), The rest Vindicators for damage output." (So, 21 Vindicators.) Since then, the booster functions have changed, so I imagine that last line is now 20 Vindicators plus one Command Ship for fleet boosts, but you get the idea. So, again - FCs, if you could count on all your pilots to bring what you want, what would your ideal fleet look like?